Thursday, December 18, 2008

The future of Music

In the future, thinkers will found out how music can create certain illnesses and diseases in certain parts of the body. They will be able to trace the source of illness to the music the person listened to for years, or throughout his life.

Our body is built on the principle of sound expressed as notes, as vibration, as frequency. Flowers, bushes, and trees are built on the same principle. The sound waves create either harmony or disturbances in them. For example, because you were hearing certain kinds of music, you developed liver problems or kidney problems or heart problems or skin problems. Or because of the music you heard, you have the best health possible.

People worry only about nuclear radiation, but they never thing that music is a form of radiation. Sound bombards the body, the brain and the glands and creates certain effects.

The notes in music are chemical elements of sound. A good musician us a good chemist who knows when to use what element and in what proportion. These chemical compounds can change the elements in your body by increasing, decreasing, or totally eliminating them. These chemical changes in your body create changes in your psychology, behavior, relationship, thinking, feeling, talking and so on.

When you are listening to music, you must know that you are absorbing chemical elements into your system. We do not yet have the apparatus to convince the "blind" about these facts, but steady observation and experiences with music will not leave any doubt in people's mind about chemical changes.

Sound controls the function of cells and neurons, and the chemical reactions and secretions of the glands. Eventually scientists will prove that both the mentally impaired and the genius are the products of age long bombardment by certain music.

It is recommended that you do not play music while you sleep. It may stimulate your brain and create associative disturbances. It may also keep you on lower planes and not let you engage in your higher responsibilities.

In the future, a kind of music will be composed that can be used to assist your withdrawal from the body and to raise yourself into higher spheres. Such music will be composed by those who are knowledgeable about astral, mental and spatial music.

The location where you listen to music is very important. It must fit the music and also your goal in listening to the music. The location must be restful, comfortable, beautiful, and quiet. You can also light candles. You can listen to music near the sound of waterfalls, rivers, oceans or wind in the trees. Play the music softly.

-Torkom Saraydarian

excerpts from the book "The Creative Sound: Sacred Music, Dance and Song".

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