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Glossary of spiritual terms

Ageless Wisdom: The sum total of the Teachings given by great Spiritual Teachers throughout time. Also referred to as the Ancient Wisdom, the Teaching, the Ancient Teaching.

Akashic Records: Existing in the Higher Cosmic Ethers, the Akashic Records are living records of all experiences and activities that have ocurred in the past, present, and future of this planet and everything in it.

Angelic Kingdom: Refers to beings following different line of evolution than the human family.

Antahkarana: The path, or bridge, between the higher and lower mind, serving as a medium of communication between the two. It is built by the aspirant himself. It is threefold: the consciousness thread, anchored in the brain; the life thread, anchored in the heart; and the creative thread anchored in the throat. More commonly called the Rainbow Bridge.

Arhats: Ancient term designating Fourth Degree Initiates.

Aryan: Refers to the present period of the development of the human race. The Ageless Wisdom divides human development into seven sections, called Root Races. From ancient times to the present, They have been called: Polarian Race, Hyperborian Race, Lemurian Race, Atlantean Race, Aryan Race, Sixth Root Race, and Seventh Rooth Race. The latter two are the future states of human development. (For more information, see Psyche and Psychism by Torkom Saraydarian.)

Ashram: Sanskrit word. Refers to the gather of disciples and aspirants which the Master collects for instruction. There are seven major Ashrams, each corresponsing to one of the Rays, each forming groups or foci of energy.

Astral body: The vehicle composed of astral substance, that in which the emotional aspect of humanity expresses itself. Also known as the subtle body and the emotional body.

Astral plane: The sixth plane of the Cosmic Physical Plane, in which the emotional processes are carried on. Sometimes called the astral or emotional world. Also known as the Subtle World or the Astral Realm or the Emotional Realm.

Atlantis: (Atlantean Epoch). The continent that was submerged in the Atlantis Ocean, according to the occult teaching and Plato. Atlantis was the home of the Fourth Root Race, whom we now call the Atlanteans.

Aura: The sum-total of all emanations from all the vehicles of any living thing.

Black Lodge: See Dark Forces.

Chakra: Energy vortex found in each vehicle, relating to a particular part of the human body. There are seven primary chakras starting from the top of the head: (1) crown, (2) brow, (3) throat, (4) heart, (5) navel, (6) generative organs, (7) base of spine.

Chalice: See Lotus.

Clairaudience: The ability to hear beyond the audible range of vibrations, and also the power to hear astrally, mentally, and intuitively.

Clairvoyance: The ability to see beyond the visible range of vibrations, and also the power to see astrally, mentally, and intuitively.

Core: The essence or spark of God within each being; the Monad.

Cosmic Ethers: The highest four levels of the human constitution are called (from 4 to 1) the Intuitional Plane (Forth Cosmic Ether), the Atmic Plane (Third Cosmic Ether), the Monadic Plane (Second Cosmic Ether), and the Divine Plane (First Cosmic Ether).

Cosmic Heart: See Cosmic Magnet.

Cosmic Magnet: The invisible center of the Universe.

Cosmic Physical Plane: Refers to the totality of the seven subplanes of manifestation, from highest to lowest: Divine, Monadic, Atmic, Intuitive or Buddhic, Mental, Emotional or Astral, and Physical. Each with seven subdivisions, totaling 49 planes of manifestation.

Cosmic Self: That great Entity which pervades and sustains all things on all levels of existence.

Dark Forces: Conscious agents of evil or materialism operating through the elements of disunity, hate, and separativeness.

Deva: See Angelic Kingdom.

Disciple: A person who tries to discipline and master his threefold personality, and manifests efficiency in the field where he works and serves.

Divine Plan: See Plan.

Divine Self: See Monad.

Ectoplasm: The combined emanations of the lymph glands and the human aura. It functions as the communication line between the physical body and the subtle body.

Ego: The human soul identified with the lower vehicles (physical, emotional, and mental) and their false values.

Emotional Body: See also Emotional Plane.

Etheric Body: The counterpart of the dense physical body, pervading and sustaining it. Formed by matter of the four etheric subplanes. The blueprint on which the physical body is based.

Fiery World: Refers to the Mental Plane or above. See Higher Worlds.

Great Ones: Beings who have taken the Fifth Initiation or beyond.

Guardian Angel: See Solar Angel.

Hierarchy: The spiritual Hierarchy, whoso members have triumphed over matter and have comple control of the personality, or lower self. Its members are known as Masters of Wisdom Who are custodians of the Plan for humanity and al kingdoms evolving within the sphere of Earth. It is the Hierarchy that translates the Purpose of the Planetary Logos into a Plan for all kingdoms of the planet.

Higher Centers: Refers to the crown, brow, throat and heart centers or chakras, as well as to the centers in the higher bodies.

Higher Realms: See Higher Worlds.

Higher Self: Refers to the Solar Angel or Transpersonal Self. See also Self.

Higher Spheres: See Higher Worlds.

Higher Worlds: Those planes of existence that are of a finer vibration of matter than the physical plane. Generally refers to the higher mental plane and above.

Initiate: A person who has taken an initiation. See also Initiation.

Initiation: The result of the steady progress of a person toward his life’s goal, achieved through service and sacrifice, and manifested as an expansion of one’s consciousness. It represents a point of achievement marked by a level of enlightenment and awareness. There are total of nine Initiations that the developing human soul must experience in order to reach the Cosmic Heart.

Inner Guide: See Soul.

Inner Presence: The Solar Angel. See Soul.

Karma, Law of : The Law of Cause and Effect or attraction and repulsion. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Lemurian Epoch: A modern term first used by some naturalists and now adopted by Theosophists to indicate an era dealing with the period of the continent Lemuria, which preceded Atlantis. The Third Root Race.

Logos, Solar: The Core of the whole Solar System and all that exists in the Solar System. His purpose is to integrate, correlate and synchronize all Centers using His Light, Love, Power – like an electrical energy – to circulate within each atom through all Centers, thus revealing the Purpose for existence and challenging all forms to strive toward the highest form of cooperation.

Logos, Planetary: The Soul of the planet. The planet is His dense physical body to provide nourishment for all living forms.

Lotus: Also known as the Chalice. Found in the second and third mental plane (from the top). Formed by twelve different petals of energy: three love petals, three knowledge petals, three sacrifice petals. The innermost three petals remain folded over ages. They are the dynamic sources of these outer petals. The Lotus contains the essence of all of a person’s achievements, true knowledge, and service. It is the dwelling place of the Solar Angel.

Lower Psychism: The ability to perceive subtle aspects of existence with the aid of the lower centers in the human body. Mediums, channels, etc are considered lower psychics.

Lower self: The personality vehicles of the human soul. See also the self.

Masters: Individuals Who had the privilege to master their physical, emotional, mental, and Intuitional bodies.

Maya: A counterpart of illusions and glamors on the etheric plane. It results in the inability of the physical, emotional and mental bodies to respond clearly to incoming impressions.

Meditation: Techniques to penetrate the mind of the planet and develop creative abilities to manifest that mind in the life of humanity.

Mediumistic: A tendency of certain individuals to astral phenomena and its perception thereof. Mediumistic people can, without guidance, fall into various dangers and traps associated with the astral plane.

Mental Body: The vehicle composed of the substance of the mental plane in which humanity expresses itself through thought.

Mental Plane: There are seven planes through which a human being travels and which make up human consciousness. From the lowest level upward, they are called: Physical, Emotional or Astral, Mental, Intuitional or Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, Divine. The Mental Plane itself is divided into seven levels. The first three from the bottom are numbers seven, six and five, which form the Lower Mental Plane. Number four is the middle mind or link. Numbers three, two, and one form the Higher Mental Plane.

Mental Unit: A mental mechanism in the 4th level of the mental plane which is formed of four kinds of forces, and relates man to the sources of these four sources through its four spirillae.

Monad: See Self.

Nirvana: The plane of consciousness known as the Atmic Plane.

Occultism: Term used to designate the Ageless Wisdom and its study. See Ageless Wisdom.

One Self: The universal Life Soul pervading all existence.

Permanent Atoms: Each body of a human being has one permanent atom which is the archetype for the construction and constitution of that vehicle.

Personality: Totality of physical, emotional, and mental bodies of man.

Petals: See Lotus.

Plan: The formulation of the Purpose of the Planetary Logos into a workable program – a Plan – by the Planetary Hierarchy for all kingdoms of nature.

Purpose: That which the Solar Logos is intended to achieve at the end of the evolution of the Solar System. The Plan is the formulation of this Purpose for our planet only.

Race: The Ageless Wisdom divides human development into seven sections, called Root Races. From ancient times to the present, they have been called: Polarian Race, Hyperborean Race, Lemurian Race, Atlantean Race, Aryan Race, Sixth Root Race, Seventh Root Race. The latter two are the future states of human development.

self: The small “s” self is the sumtotal of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies of man. Commonly called the ‘lower self’ or personality.

Self: The capital “S” Self is another term used to refer to the Core of the human being. The true Self is the developing, unfolding human soul who is trying to liberate himself, go back to his Father, and become his true Self.

Seven Fields of Human Endeavor: The expression of the Seven Rays in human evolution, each corresponding to a specific Ray. They are: Politics, Education and Psychology, Philosophy, Arts, Science, Religion, Economics and Finance.

Seven Rays: These are the seven primary Rays through which everything exists. They are pure energy, vibrating to a specific frequency and condensing from plane to plane, from manifestation to manifestation. The three primary Rays or Rays of Aspect are: The First Ray of Power, Will and Purpose; The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom; The Third Ray of Active, Creative Intelligence. There are four Rays of Attribute: The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict; The Fifth Ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge; The Sixth Ray of Idealism or Devotion; The Seventh Ray of Synthesis or Ceremonial Order. These Rays indicate qualities that pertain to the seven fields of human endeavor or expression.

Shamballa: Known as the White Island, it exists in etheric matter and is located in the Gobi desert. Shamballa is the dwelling place of the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, and is the place where “the Will of God is known”.

Solar Angels: Very advanced beings who sacrificed their life, descending from Higher Worlds to help the evolution of humanity, and guide its steps toward initiation. This happened on our planet at the middle of the Lemurian period. They are also called Guardian Angels, or Flames.

soul: The small “s” soul is the human psyche, the Spark, traveling on the path of evolution having three powers: will-power, attraction, and intelligence to guide its development. Also known as the evolving human soul.

Soul: Also known as the Solar Angel.

Soul Awareness: The human soul’s awareness of the Solar Angel or the awareness of the human soul in the Intuitional Plane.

Spark: Human Monad fallen into matter.

Spiritual Triad: The field of awareness of the human soul. This field comes into being when the magnetic fields of the Mental Permanent Atom, the Buddhic Permanent Atom, and the Atmic Permanent Atom fuse and blend.

Subtle World: Refers to the Astral or Emotional plane.

Three-fold personality: The three vehicles of man. The combined forces and vehicles in which the evolving human soul expresses himself and gains experience during incarnation. These vehicles are the physical body, the emotional or astral body, and the mental body.

Transpersonal Self: The Solar Angel, the Inner Guide.

Treasure House: Symbolic term for the Chalice. Also called the Treasury.

Upanishads: Mystical treatises forming the Veda, said to date approximately from the Sixth Century, B.C. The Upanishads are said to be the source of all six systems of Hindu philosophy.

Vedas: Consists of four collections of writings: the Rig-Veda, the Sama-Veda, the Yajur-Veda, and the Atharva-Veda. The Vedas are the Divine Revelation of the scriptures of the Hindus, from the root viv, “to know” or “divine knowledge”.

-Torkom Saraydarian

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