Sunday, August 09, 2020

You must try to reject those suggestive thoughtforms...

 You must try to reject those suggestive thoughtforms which try to

1.defeat you, suggesting for example that you are good for nothing, stupid, lazy, etc.

2.create a thoughtform of hopelessness, suggesting for example that your sickness is fatal; you will never recover; you are always sick; there is no cure for it, etc.

3.create discouragement in you, suggesting for example that you cannot graduate from college, you cannot achieve something great, you cannot be successful, etc.

Unfortunately, our parents and friends pour such kinds of suggestions into our auras with their love.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Sound and music lead nations toward victory or defeat

If the history of humanity is read carefully, it will be evident that the regeneration or destruction of a nation is based on SOUND in certain music and in certain ways of singing. A man or a group can either cause deterioration in the construction of a nation or inject regenerative energy into its veins. Sometimes degeneration and depression take a few decades to develop. They proceed as the influence of lower music increases in volume with an increase in the number of listeners.

Sound and music lead nations toward victory or defeat.

The new generation has a choice. The new generation will be the leaders of the nation in the near future. They will carry within themselves the constructive or destructive effects of the music or songs they were fond of.

Increasing crime is the result of certain kinds of music. One cannot stop these crimes by creating laws and increasing the police force. Such measures will not be effective as long as destructive music is continuously playing everywhere. The only solution is to increase the right music and make it so popular that the destructive music retreats and fades away.

Many tests can differentiate good music from bad. The tests for music or song can be based on the reactions of


3.small children

4.emotions drive

6.the mind

Music must be observed by its results. For example, if it is good music, it increases





5.improvement in social life

7.scholastic achievement

8.relationships with family







16.sense of beauty


If reearch is done on these 24 items, the quality of the music or song will reveal itself. This research must be carried on over at least a one-year period.

Many children will find a better way of living if the source of their music is changed. Many teenagers will earn higher grades if they listen to different kinds of music. Many young adults will be healthier if they change the music to which they are listening. Many elderly people will live longer and happier lives if they choose lofty music.

-Torkom Saraydarian

The Creative Fire

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

"There is nothing as great as a kiss with pure lips", poem by Torkom Saraydarian

Please, please, do not kiss me with your lips.

There are sediments on your lips
of lies, of hate, of revenge and curses and vanity.

Your lips are polluted by the fumes
you exhaust through your mouth.

Please do not kiss my cheeks, my lips.
The petals of roses my dry under the heat of your lips.

The other day your mouth smelled of liquor, cigarettes, drugs.
Your mouth smelled of revenge, irritation, hatred, and lust.

Please do not kiss me and dump yourself in me.

I would love to help you not by letting you kiss me
but by making you purify your mouth.
There is nothing as great as a kiss with pure lips.

Lips are doors to our hearts. Lips are doors to our souls.
Let us keep the doors open and clean.
Through these open and clean doors
we will meet each other,
we will fuse with each other,
blend our essences with each other,
and forget all the rest in the world.

But please don't kiss me
unless your lips are clean.

-Torkom Saraydarian
From My Heart

Music carries the frequency of our consciousness

Music carries the quality of the composer plus the quality of the musician or singer performing it.

This is a point which has not been brought to the public's attention. Through music and singing, one transmits his own glamors, illusions, hatred, anger, fears, mental and emotional disorders and turbulences; or he transmits beauty, joy, healing, power, serenity, magnanimity, and bliss. Millions are influenced by music. Singing can pollute the minds and hearts of millions if the composer is a man wallowing in the mud of his own psychological mess -- insanity, lust, and animal urges and drives. And if the singer is an advanced artist, he will cause greater damage. Through his higher levels of achievement he will amplify the glamors and vanities of the composer and transmit them to the audience. This is how the prostitution of talents begins.

Thus, if he is criminal, a musician leads people into crimes with his songs. He leads them into dishonest acts if he is dishonest with himself. The voice carries the force of what the singer is, not of what he sings.

Each human voice is the manifestation of the hidden character of that man. It is not our words that affect people so much but the tonality, the frequency, the subtle electricity of our voice.

It is the same with music. Music carries the frequency of our consciousness. Thus we affect millions of people, sublimating them or polluting them through what we really are. The level of the composer may draw the consciousness of the listener to his own level, thus causing either a sublimation or a retrogression.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Creative Fire

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Gratitude creates right human relations

Gratitude creates right human relations. Right human relations are established when you start appreciating others and being grateful to them. With gratitude you relate to others in beauty. You can even raise the consciousness of others by relating to them in gratitude.

Gratitude increases in others the beauty and the willingness to give and opens in them new channels to manifest their own spiritual gifts. For example, if someone helps you and you do not appreciate their help, eventually they will stop helping you. This is human nature. But if you say "thank you" and express your gratitude, that person will give more of himself.

Sincerity must always stand behind your gratitude. Expressing gratitude without sincerity is like writing checks without having the money in the bank to cover them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Friday, July 24, 2020

Before we pass away certain preparations must be done

Before one passes away it will be better for him if he cleans all his debts and bad feelings with people, makes peace with them, and creates good relations and friendship. We must not carry our animosities into the subjective world, and, as much as possible, things must be corrected here on the objective plane.

It is also very important to watch our responsibilities and not pass away before we met our responsibilities toward all those who are close to us.

When the heart is purified, the angels will receive you in the Subtle World and decorate your path with flowers and music.

It is also very beneficial to resolve tensions and problems existing between you and others, dead or alive, before you enter the Subtle World. Thoughts of people, alive or dead, strongly affect your life in the Subtle World. If they are full of a benevolent spirit and love, you will have less obstacles on your path in the Subtle World. This is why it is more beneficial to have friends with you than to have those whom you hurt.

Of course, you will have your enemies in the objective and subjective worlds, but they will not be able to hurt you or even affect you if they were not hurt by you in a real sense. One can create an enemy even be being beautiful, successful, and righteous. Such enemies can only strengthen your energies and help you climb higher.

But if you have people around you whom you used for your selfish ends and hurt, or whose evolution you blocked and whom you eventually made your enemies, their thoughts will affect you and you need to clear your account with them before you can travel at full speed.

This is why the Teaching tells us that before we pass away certain preparations must be done. In certain countries or traditions when people pass age fifty-five or sixty, they withdraw from life and pass the rest of their life in the mountains, in monasteries, in meditation and contemplation, or in dedicating their life to a voluntary service for people. They think that by living a life of meditation and service they pay back all known and unknown debts that they had toward a certain number of people. If such people are wealthy, they often distribute a major part of their wealth to their families, friends, and strangers and systematically enter a life of discipline, renunciation, silence, or dedicated service.

One can see the deep wisdom behind such disciplines which promise that person a better condition in the subjective world.

When the conditions in the subjective world are right, man will not lose time there and he will gather a great amount of wisdom and make better decisions for his future life on earth.

We are told that the path of those who dedicated their lives for humanity and spread love, joy, blessings, wisdom, and beauty is decorated with aromatic flowers, lights, and music. Such individuals pass into higher levels of the astral plane and enjoy great beauties there.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thought accumulates in articles, in auras, and in space

Thought accumulates in articles, in auras, and in space. If it is good, it brings durability to articles, growth to seeds and trees, and health to human beings and animals.

If it is bad or evil, it hurts, harms, and wounds the articles and prevents life in them; it stops growth and makes them break, dry up, and die.

If it enters the aura, it conditions the function of the centers, glands, and nervous system and conditions the health, happiness, beauty, and long life of the subject. If it is bad, it brings sickness, unhappiness, ugliness, trouble, and a short life.

One of the reasons that Masters want to remain isolated is to avoid being bombarded by human thought.

Thought accumulates in space and becomes a cause for crime and destruction, or a center of light and inspiration. People of goodwill, culture, and beauty receive inspiration from the latter accumulations. People of the dark path receive their inspiration from evil accumulations and use them for destruction and crime.

Once a man thinks, his thoughts already become the property of space in the subjective and objective worlds. Thoughts can be carried out by thinking, words, voice, gestures, letters, books, and arts.

Thought is common property. Everyone shares every thought, good or bad. This is why one must think with a pure sense of responsibility.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Sunday, July 19, 2020

What are the Archetypes?

Archetypes are those archetypal thoughtforms created by the Divine Mind operating in the Cosmic Mental Plane. The Cosmic Mental Plane is fiery electricity in which exists what we call beauty. The Divine Mind contemplated and created these Archetypes which are saturated with harmony, symphony, and unimaginable beauty. Thus the Great Architect visualizes and builds the Archetype of a man, and then He projects that image into Space.

The image passes through many planes and meets many forces and elements and eventually becomes a "monkey-like" man. But in that "monkey-man" the seed of the Archetype exists. And he goes back "home," age after age, until he becomes exactly that which the Great Architect visualized for him.

We are told that the most exalted beauty on the earthly plane is a muddy shadow of an Archetype.

We have heard that God created man in His image. This is a mysterious statement. The reality is that the Cosmic Mind created man in the image of the Archetype. This image is in the human being, and the human being will never be satisfied on the pathway to achievement and becomingness until he reaches the measure of his Archetype, the measure of his future. The perfect man in heaven is the man who became like his Archetype or became his Self on the Cosmic Mental Plane.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & and the Glory of Thinking

Mental traps

It is as bad to be a prisoner in the mental or astral sphere as it is to be a physical plane prisoner. Most intellectuals live in the caves of the lower strata of the mental plane, chained with their dogmas, doctrines, scientific formulas, political viewpoints, and religious fanaticism. They do not even enjoy the summits of the Himalayas and the splendid colors and sacred symphonies of the higher mental plane.&

Those who are stuck to their mental life, and live in their philosophy, science, and politics only, will be stuck in the mental world like prisoners until they make a breakthrough into the sphere of integration and harmony.

One of them came to me and said, "I invented this and that and made lots of money, but I feel I have failed in my life. I am frustrated and depressed, and I can't even see any meaning in these intellectual games..."

We call such intellects "trapped fools."

Mental traps are more difficult to destroy than any other traps. So-called theology and religious fanaticism are nothing else but mental traps. Christ warned His followers and advised them to exercise love and tolerance, but the intellectual trap, with the claws of pride, got them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Reading the Teaching of Great Ones creates a magnetic field in our aura

Reading the Teaching of Great Ones creates a magnetic field in our aura. This is not mysticism but science. When our thoughts are electrically fused with the thoughts, visions, and revelations of a Great One, a current of energy from the sphere of His thought is created and accumulated in our aura, purifying, transforming, and sublimating it, and expanding the field of its radiation.

It does not matter when His words were pronounced. Higher thoughts of the Great Ones are like an electrical network which persists for ages around the globe. One can tune in or key in with such an electrical sphere just by reading Their words with concentration, with faith, and with heart. As one focuses his whole being in greater concentration within the ideas of the words, greater becomes the flow of energy into his aura.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Thursday, July 16, 2020

If you want to be healthy...

If you want to be healthy, do not do things against the laws of health. This is such a simple statement. Observe the laws of health on physical, emotional, and mental levels.

Momentary, short-range happiness and good feelings do not mean health. You can be healthy for one day but sick for months. You can be healthy for a year but sick for the rest of your life. You can be healthy for one life but sick for many, many lives. The seeds of sickness germinate in different lives, in different climates and conditions, so do not be happy that you have escaped pain and suffering in living a life against the laws of health.

One must be guided from childhood to observe the laws of health, and one must know that the laws of health, when observed, help you forever in eternity. One must make the world beautiful to enjoy it in the next life, as one makes his home beautiful to enjoy it in this life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Monday, July 13, 2020

Death is not an escape

Some people believe that when one passes away, he either leaves all his troubles behind and enters into the peace of paradise or he enters into an everlasting suffering. Such an assumption is not in accord with reality. Man leaves his physical body, but he still has his astral and mental bodies, plus all his memories of many lives if he is advanced.

Our astral body is sometimes the cause of all suffering tasted through our physical body. And very often it is the mental body and our thoughts that lead our physical existence into paths of suffering, pain, and karmic involvements and complications, The physical life reflects all that exists in the subtle planes, but, if the reflecting agent is taken away, it does not mean that the originating source of the reflection does not still exist. We carry with us all our troubles into the Subtle World; or, it is even better to say, we become aware of them in the Subtle World.

Thus we can say that death is not an escape, as if all your bills are paid, all your problems are solved, and suddenly you enter into the Subtle World as a new being. It is human imagination that created the concept of beginning and end. There is only one reality, which can be termed CONTINUITY.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Sunday, July 05, 2020

TWO SOULS (poem)

Two human souls are attracted to each other
by two Angels Who, like fiery magnets, shine above them.

When two Angels, age-long friends from former solar systems, meet each other,
They like to bring the souls They guide closer to each other.

This is why in one glance people love each other.

This is why an insignificant meeting reveals the hidden love within two hearts.
This is why in mysterious ways people meet each other.

As in human life so in the life of the Angels,
There is love, there is Cosmic attraction, there is purpose, there is labor to be performed...

Their work prospers and expands if the two souls They guide
are in mutual understanding and dedicated to a great goal, to a great service for humanity.

This is why a family is sacred, a friendship is sacred, a nest is sacred.

The Angels work hard to impress upon two souls to be loyal and keep their lives pure.
Each conflict between the souls, each misunderstanding, separation or divorce
is like a dagger in the hearts of the Angels.

Each union, each joy, each bliss between the souls,
is a bonfire of exaltation for the Angels.

The duty of each human soul is to climb the ladder of the physical, emotional, and mental planes
and recognize each other as souls.

After they know each other as souls,
they will be all-beauty in all their manifestations.

The sacred labor of a soul is to evoke the beauty hidden in the other soul,
to give wings to the other soul.

Every love and marriage starts only for this sacred labor...
But how many souls can attain it?

The infusion with the Angel will not take place
until a human soul is able to fuse with another soul.

When two souls sound as one note,
they attract the field of energy of the Angels, which fuses with them.

Thus the fire of the two Angels makes possible
the fiery blossom of the spirit within the core of two souls.

First the souls attract each other by mutual physical affinity.
Then emotional ties are woven. Later the mental waves dance with each other.
In deeper and deeper unity people dedicate their lives to each other
to be able to serve humanity as one soul.

Still, in advanced conditions souls fuse with each other
to serve the Plan of Great Ones and manifest the One will
through their unified field of energy.

Blessed are unions, fiery friendships, heroic dedications
in the name of sacrificial service for the One Life.

Those who can fuse with the beauty and power of their Angels
will be the carriers of fire and beauty on the path of humanity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
From My Heart

Thursday, July 02, 2020

People from the Fiery World can descend and perform miraculous operations

People from the Fiery World can descend into the astral and physical worlds and perform many miraculous operations on the human body. They can even stop machines and cars, if they see great dangers in them, or transport various objects from great distances.

It is also reported that they can catch bombs and place them safely on earth before they explode. There is a group of astral servers who are organized to minimize the dangers of the war games which humanity plays so seriously and with great hatred and animosity.

Some advanced Initiates can use Their astral hands to move objects or write a letter in front of an audience. People think this is magic, or that it is performed by unseen forces. In reality, man can use his invisible astral hands and perform many actions.

The astral hands can penetrate into the body without damaging the body and perform a certain kind of surgery. To do this, higher clairvoyance and complete control over the astral hands and fingers are needed. Such people appear as if they were motionless, but their astral hands are in action.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Do not allow your objects of worship to be disgraced

People grow and develop and reach heights through their worship, adoration, appreciation, and devotion.  The objects that are sacred to them, the objects that elevate and uplift them must not be attacked, dishonored, or disgraced. Such objects create a focus of feeling, a vortex of thought, and a whirlpool of psychic energy which is needed for the work of transformation.

Thus, you must be alert and awake that people do not dare disgrace and dishonor your popular or religious images in any way, for any reason, because nations and groups advance by the hero which they hold in their hearts. To destroy their heroes is to destroy their hearts.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Mystery of Self-Image

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Living in harmony with the etheric body of the planet

In the etheric body of the planet there is a pattern of right actions. If you do any pattern of right actions, that energy flows to you, sublimates you, and transforms your whole body. Right actions are as important as right speech. Dirty joking, silly, stupid talk destroys your physical-etheric body. People can have fun making jokes, telling stories, but they do not know what they are doing to themselves. Immediately it comes to your head center or throat center and devastates a few screws there, a few springs, and your radio or machine is not working. That is why we are not healthy.

We eat, we do many things to be healthy physically, but in the meantime we do the opposite of it and we destroy ourselves. So use right action, right speech, right service, and intelligent organization of your life so that your life follows in patterns that are in the etheric body of the planet. It is very beautiful.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Inner Potentials

Monday, June 22, 2020

Manipulation increases our karmic deficit

The deepest pain that we feel when we awaken spiritually is when we remember how and when we manipulated others. Every act of manipulation increases our karmic deficit.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Inner Potentials

Friday, June 19, 2020

Children and the Subtle World

More and more children are conscious about the Subtle World. Some of them are able to see subtle forms. When they find mockery and indifference from adults, they slowly suppress their visions.

From a young age children must be told about the Subtle World, the human soul, and the immortality of the soul. Death must be presented as it is in reality: leaving the body and becoming aware of another dimension which is more free and beautiful, providing a good life was lived on earth.

They must learn from a young age about the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation because these are two fundamental laws which will make their life much more beautiful, orderly, and constructive.

We will try always to do our best when we know about the Law of Karma. We will always strive to live a better life in order to have a better incarnation. The Law of Reincarnation will plant in us the hope of the future; it will expand our horizon and make us understand the events occurring on earth.

Children rarely learn from the civil laws. Given any opportunity, or if they think they can escape from the consequences of their misdeeds, they will repeat their mistakes.

The Laws of Karma and Reincarnation will not be taught to them as laws of punishment and retribution, but as laws which execute justice in all aspects of life and open all gates of opportunity for them to strive for a better life. The Law of Karma and Reincarnation will not only change the behavior of a child but will also transform his consciousness and his being. When a law is part of one's consciousness, he does not need reinforcement because he will always act according to what his consciousness suggests, according to the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation.

Children must know that whatever they think, speak, and do are just like seeds planted in the ground: the flowers or fruits of the particular seeds will correspond exactly to those seeds. If they think good things for themselves and for others, good things will come to them. They will know that all that is beautiful is so because someone thought in beauty, spoke in beauty, and acted in beauty. If we want to have a beautiful life in the future, we must plant seeds for it.

All these ideas can be given to children in the form of stories, movies, and fairy tales, instead of filling their minds with the images of crimes and violence.

Children have more impressions from the Subtle Worlds than adults. When people speak to them about the Subtle Worlds, these impressions will awaken and prepare them to accept the information. They will accept the stories of the Subtle Worlds, not because their reasoning and logic is as yet undeveloped but because they unconsciously remember certain events from the Subtle Worlds. They will love to listen to stories about it.

Children love fairy tales because fairy tales are the things which remind them most closely of the Subtle Worlds. Some adults may reject such stories or information, not because they do not have subjective memories but because their logic and reasoning have petrified their consciousness.

Children love dreams. They love visions. They love the future. They love the future because, in reality, they know that they have a future. Those who remember or feel or are impressed by the memory of the Subtle World know that that was their future; that they once again will have a future when they pass away -- a future in the Subtle Worlds and a future on earth.

Children must be encouraged to speak about their experiences or their memories of the Subtle World. The dreams, visions, and psychic experiences of children will open a new road of research into psychic realms, and much guidance can be given to children if they are free to talk about their experiences. From childhood the ties with the Subtle World must be strengthened.

It is imperative, especially at this time, to teach children about the journey of the soul toward the Subtle World and the Fiery World, and as much as possible to give them the general ideas given by the Sages in all ages.

Also, a child's life and consciousness will be balanced by the reality of physical life. Such things as sports activities, domestic work, gardening, the study of natural history and world events, the construction of various items, and work on mechanical devices keep the minds of children balanced. We must remember that children must meet life realistically and keep contacts with the Subtle World in the same realistic spirit.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The energy of blessing

Bliss or blessing, is nothing else but the flow of energy coming from your Core. Every human being has this reservoir of energy we call blessing because each of us is a Spark of God. The energy of the Almighty One Who created the whole of the Universe and Cosmos is within each of us.

This energy of blessing flows through certain people more than others. Their secret is that they use it, and others do not use it. Why is it that some people do not use this energy? Instead of blessing people and events, instead of looking life from the viewpoint of blessing, they curse it. They create attitudes and actions that separate, distort, destroy, and stop the flow of energies of blessing. The electricity of the energy of bliss is cut by hatred, fear, anger, jealousy, revenge, slander, and gossip. Negative thinking and hopelessness stop the flow of electricity. And because 80% of humanity is in these negative attitudes, emotions, and states of consciousness, they do not let the current of divine energy flow out of them.

We all should try to control ourselves so that we can increase the energy of blessing in our lives. What are you going to bless? For example, you can make the experiment of blessing your flowers. People have made this test by blessing several pots of flowering plants and leaving several other pots unblessed. The blessed plants grew strong and opened their flowers while the others were still in bud.

You can bless your flowers, trees, and even your money. Bless any money that is given to you either mentally or with your hands, and you will see the difference. You can bless your clothing and your food. Before you drink a cup of water, bless it. Before you use your bed, before you take any piece of furniture into your home, you can bless it. And before you shake hands with someone, bless their hands.

Why should we do this? People and things are loaded with negative emotions and negative electricity, especially money! So much irritation, so much hatred, revenge, negative emotions and thoughts are attached to money that you must not put it in your pocket unless it is first blessed.

These things are very simple. But if you do them you will see that an energy begins to flow through you, through your hands. Energy flows through the palms, especially, because there are two centers there. Clairvoyants can see a bluish light radiating from the palms of someone who is doing a blessing.

In ancient times the blessing of children was considered to be very important, and children would even fight among themselves about who would receive father's blessing. And a marriage that is blessed is a different marriage from one that is not. Fathers and mothers must bless their children every day. They must put their hands on their head and make a great wish, "Today until you come back you will be healthy, happy, creative, strong, courageous, and daring. You will be a beautiful boy, a beautiful girl." But we do not do that. We are too busy to bless our children.

That blessing slowly, slowly penetrates into our children because they receive five percent, six percent, ten percent, two hundred percent. Eventually it becomes their nature. It establishes itself within their nature. The boy or the girl who is receiving this blessing energy becomes a different student, a different man or woman in the world. But it happens gradually, slowly, not at once, because bliss energy is really energy, is a very high frequency, and it cannot be assimilated immediately. It takes time and penetrates into our nature slowly, slowly.

Then you must bless, of course, your food. We are now used to fast foods. We go and swallow it without blessings. But blessings are very important for the food because the food is prepared by so many people who have icky feelings, icky thoughts, icky attitudes, and all our actions are nothing else but electrical. This emotion is electrical, this mind is electrical, this action is electrical. When we deal with the food with hatred, jealousy, revenge, fear, anger, irritation, the food assimilates this pollution. The food assimilates our bad thoughts. If the plates are very beautiful, the decorations are very beautiful and we start eating without blessings, we eat the feelings, the thoughts of those people who prepared that food.

You are going to bless your wife, your husband every morning. You are going to bless the babies who are not born yet so that they come with that blessing.

Is it possible to live as a unit of blessing? How can we bless people? First of all, your presence must be a blessing. A healthy, creative, talented, and compassionate human being is a blessing to others. People who have energy, time, and money to sacrifice for the progress of others are a blessing. You can be a blessing for others through your donations to beneficial institutions and individuals, through your creative work, and through sharing what you know. An enlightened man is a great blessing to those who come in contact with him. He teaches you and his smile is a blessing.

It is not only your hands which can transmit blessings, but also your eyes and your presence as a whole. Your voice can be a blessing or an irritation to other people, depending on what it carries. Some people's voice make you want to instantly escape because there is no blessing of any kind in their voices. There is only hatred, separatism, jealousy, and fear.

Your smile, walk, manners, your whole beingness and expressions can bless people because every action is a fountain manifesting your innermost energy reservoir. Whatever you do, you are spreading energy. So you are going to become a blessing in the world -- because as you become a blessing, you are blessed. You give blessings to receive more blessings.

Are you able to see the blessings that you do have? Or do you say, "I don't have this, I don't have that. It is raining, it is snowing, and I want a pair of shoes that I can't buy. We find a million things to complain about. The first step to destroy your magnetism and electricity is to complain, because that means you are not grateful to God or to the Universe that has given you everything.

Blessing is very nice. Instead of becoming every morning sour and hateful and angry, you bless everything and you become a blessing. That is the goal of every human being.

Blessing energy changes the genes. That is one of the mysteries not yet revealed to physicians. Blessing changes the character of the genes and replaces them with healthier and supernatural genes.

Blessing creates in the blood those agents which go and attack degenerating cells and replace them with generating cells.

Blessing energy must be deeply investigated by science to find how blessings can be used in many difficult cases. Be blessed. Bless others.


Q: How are blessings done?

A: If you are blessing with your hand, you visualize a light in your palm that is flaming into the head of that person. The head center is charged. This is to give energy.

You can heal by transmitting energy into the forehead.

If you are blessing with your voice, you whisper, and send the blessing through your voice.

If you are blessing with your thought, you imagine the subject and surround him with violet energy.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

What is resurrection?

When man descended into matter and matter and matter and matter and matter, eventually he became the matter. What is resurrection? It is just the reverse. Man is going eventually to awaken and say, "I am sick of this condition." Don't you say that about your body? "I'm sick of this!" I was saying it this week. I was so sick, cold and coughing, sneezing. I said, "I am sick of this body!" Eventually when you get sick, the science of resurrection starts. Why? Because sickness creates the observation that you are not body, and you do not like the body. Immediately when you say, "I do not like you, I do not like what you are," you are separating yourself from your body. You are becoming a little more spirit than the body. That is why this life created sickness.

We do not like our emotions. Many times we say, "Why did we become angry, why did we hate, why were we jealous, why were we mixed up?" Well, it is because we were identified, and once we do not like what we were, we again pull ourselves out from that condition. Look what is happening. You are resurrecting yourself.

Then we come back and say, "Why did I think that way? Why did I organize that way? Why was my plan like that, so that it brought to me suffering and pain and anxiety? I do not like my thinking, my planning, my way of making judgments. I do not like them." Immediately you say, "I do not like what I thought," you are separating yourself from your thought, and you are looking at it. Immediately you gain the position of observer, you become resurrected.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.4