Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is the Ageless Wisdom?

The Ageless Wisdom is the accumulated efforts of all human beings from the earliest times until now to bring light, love, and energy into the human psychology. It is an effort to uplift humanity with the light of understanding, an effort guided by the direction of Cosmic Will.

The Ageless Wisdom is not a single book, doctrine, or Teaching. It is the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the ages. There is no one book. It is like an iceberg; you can see a little on the outside but the greater depth is hidden in the ocean.

Sources of the Ageless Wisdom come from such Teachers as Hermes, Socrates, Christ, Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, and so on. What is written about these Great Ones was greatly distorted because the people who wrote the scriptures could only present the level of the wisdom as they interpreted and understood it. They could not give  us more than what they understood from their level. A child who hears Einstein speak will interpret what he hears at his level. Our holy books are written in a similar manner.

The whole recordings of what these Great Ones taught is found in the Subtle Worlds. Here we have the distorted teaching, but this is not true in the Subtle Worlds. In the Ashrams, They listen to the “lecture tapes” of what Lord Buddha, Christ, and Krishna gave. Comparing these “tapes” to what we are taught at this level is a shocking revelation of how much the human mind can distort.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Ashrams, p.43

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Compassion for a healthy heart

If you have any heart trouble, concentrate on compassion. In addition to meditating on it, exercise and demonstrate it. Heart disease will evaporate. Increase your compassion more and more deeply. First, study what compassion is. It took me twenty years to really penetrate into certain layers of the meaning of compassion. First I went to all the Buddhist books I could find. In my childhood, I had heard that Buddha was called “The Lord of Compassion.” Then I explored the writings of the Christian fathers, especially the Russian Christian fathers. Here and there I found out what compassion is. Christ is not a man. He IS compassion. When you start studying and actualizing compassion, your heart will be so healthy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Friday, May 23, 2014

In saving others, you are saving yourself

As long as we do not save ourselves in others, we are not saved. The Christian concept, unfortunately, emphasizes strongly the need to save yourself. You can’t save yourself, but you can save yourself in others. This is why we pray for others and send love to them. This is our duty because part of us is paralyzed in them.

In saving others, you enter into the path of saving yourself. Others are important, not you. We do not yet understand this concept. Why did Christ, millions of Buddhas, the Holy Mother, and Great Ones come? They came because parts of Their True Self were paralyzed within us. They wanted to redeem, to release them.

Give to others that which you do not have.

Let’s say that you have a family member who says, “I want to be joyful.” That person cannot be joyful in that family or that group unless her first intention is to make other family members joyful. Once she starts doing this, she will be joyful.

Our whole civilization is based on our egos – me, me, me, me, ours, ours, ours. We are going to shift this attitude. Your neighbor is more important than you are. The well-being, the sanity, and the health of your neighbor must be protected so that you remain healthy also.

Everyone is thinking about himself – “my country, my lands, my power, my weapons, mine, mine, mine.” We have come to a place where “mine” doesn’t’ work anymore. In reality, there is no mine and yours. Everything is ours.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is meditation? How do we do meditation?

Meditation is pure thinking in the light of the Common Good. It is the ability to contact great visions and great ideas and formulate them to improve society, the planet, and all of life. Meditation is an effort to penetrate into the world of ideas and receive inspiration, enthusiasm, and joy. It is an effort to contact great principles and laws in the Universe and make them practical so that people improve their lives.

We must improve our life through meditation. Meditation makes us think.

People work through push buttons because of their posthypnotic suggestions, complexes, inner commands and fears, and so on. To be mechanical means to be a danger for others. A mechanical man does not use his mind and meets his problems in a wrong way. Improvement is only possible when a man stops being mechanical and starts to think.

Meditation helps you to be your own self, an independent, free person. It helps you to think, to discriminate, to observe, and to act by your own free will. Those who meditate develop discrimination, observation, and the eye that can see.

How do we do meditation? Early in the morning get up and wash yourself. Then sit in a corner and relax. Close your eyes and choose a seed thought. A seed thought means a sentence or a word upon which you want to think. After you choose your seed thought, try to think about it. For example, take the following seed thought:

“How can I improve my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life?”

Now, you have a serious question and you are going to try to answer it. When you start answering the question, you are thinking. For example, when you start to answer you think, “To improve my physical life, I must dress cleanly and simply, wash my body everyday, eat better food, drink better liquids, sleep well, and so on.”

Do not hurry in answering. Then stop and question your answers. For example, “Why to wash? Why to sleep better? Why to eat better? Why to speak better? Why to behave better? Why to control my tongue?” When you answer your own questions, then go to the next level:

“How can I improve my emotional life?”

Start doing the same thing. Try to answer in detail and then question your answers. The same thing, do for the next question:

“How can I improve my mental and spiritual life?”

After fifteen minutes is over, stop and take some paper and write the ideas or thoughts you had. Then say a prayer and go to your daily work.

This is the foundation, and if you do as it is suggested here you will see a great improvement in your health, in your relationships, in your business or office, in your creativity, and in your thinking.

Wrong meditation is very dangerous for it creates imbalance, insanity, a diffused state of mind, irresponsibility, and inertia.

Right meditation makes you saner, more successful, more prosperous, and much healthier. Meditations improves your life without pressure and confusion. Ideas are sources of energy that strengthen your system.

Meditation goes in three steps:

a. First learn how to think.

b. Then make yourself somebody so that you can contribute to the welfare of humanity.

c. Then try to contact the presence of God in the Universe and in each man and bring it forth.

Meditation helps you make a breakthrough to contact a reality beyond the five senses of your body.

Meditation makes you successful. If an individual meditates, he makes his life successful. When a family meditates, the life of the family becomes successful.

Meditation makes us improve our lives. If you improve a man or a woman you improve the family. If you improve a family, you improve the nation. If you improve the nation you improve humanity, but the foundation is to improve the individual first.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Every planet is inhabited

It is strange to hear scientists say that there is life only on our planet, in this solar system. Science does not know what life is.

All manifested and unmanifested existence is Life, is a life, is the Life. How can one limit the Life by referring to human forms, or to any one particular form.

Life exists without physical form. It exists in etheric, astral, and mental forms, even in higher forms. Emotions are life forms; thoughtforms are life forms. Love is a life form.

Every planet is inhabited by life forms in various planes – etheric, astral, mental, and higher. When our eyes and instruments can detect nothing, we say nothing exists. But even “nothing” is full of life.

There is no planet on which life is not developing. Planets are schools or classrooms. All are inhabited by life forms, in different densities. There are etheric schools, mental colleges, intuitional universities, and life forms are in the process of learning.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Creative Fire

Friday, May 16, 2014

We carry a great load of luggage with us to the astral world

Some people think that when man dies, he enters a different sphere where he knows all that one can know. This is a great error. Man is the same after he dies, and in addition he has a great amount of sorrow and confusion. In the astral plane, you also see the mess that you created while you were in the physical body through your hatred, anger, fears, gossip, slander, and crimes. All secret emotions, feelings, and desires take shape there, and when you go there you can see what kind of a condition you created for yourself.

We carry a great load of luggage with us to the astral world. A great percentage of this luggage is related to our worries, to our loved ones, and to our possessions, We also have lots of fear because of our transgressions, as well as a great amount of hatred, anger, remorse, slander, and so on. This luggage is tripled if we were victims of various kinds of crimes.

After we arrive in the astral plane with our luggage, we display it there and keep ourselves busy around the clock with the loads we brought from the physical world. Those who are free of luggage travel freely and soon enter the mental plane.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thoughts and Chemistry

In the atmosphere there are many chemical elements, but one must not be surprised to learn that thought brings other chemical ingredients into the atmosphere. Each thought emanates a special kind of chemical element or affects the existing chemical elements and changes them into a new kind of chemical element. These new elements are the products of thought. Some of them are very beneficial elements. Some of them are extremely destructive. Both kinds of elements stay a long time in the atmosphere or create various influences upon all life-forms.

Thoughts directed to the Common Good, toward perfection and progressive unfoldments; thoughts dedicated to bringing man closer to the source of beauty emanate those chemical elements which heal, enlighten, and strengthen the human being. Those thoughts which are charged with separatism, exploitation, and hatred emanate poisonous fumes.

The chemical emanations of our lofty thoughts stay with our pens, pencils, typewriters, books, and many other objects we use. They stay for a long time and cause improvement in the chemistry of the objects and in the chemistry of those who touch them and use them. The chemistry of thoughts stays within the building we lived in and affects the chemistry of the auras of those who visit us or who live there after us.

This is why the Teaching strongly advises us to emanate fragrance and beauty through our thoughts, rather than poisonous fumes and ugliness through them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought and the Glory of Thinking

Sunday, May 11, 2014

God is beauty

God is beauty. When you try to be beautiful, His presence increases within you. God abides in beauty. Make your environment beautiful. Even our prisons must be beautiful, for criminals are those people who have never tasted beauty. Show them great ballets, symphonies, dramas, operas, movies, and they will change. The greatest transformer is beauty.

God is beauty. There is no ugliness in Him. Ugliness is artificial. It is the result of wrong thinking, wrong feelings, wrong actions. It is a disease. It is a distortion. It is created by man. The essence of life is beauty. Beauty is light, love, and power. All these three are united in beauty.

Ugliness is not a principle for it has no root. It exists now, but it will disappear as the man walks on the path of perfection. Things are beautiful when they lead you to sanity, health, prosperity, and righteousness and put you on the path of improvement and perfection.

Beauty transforms, sublimates, and expands your consciousness. There is rhythm, geometry, arithmetic, balance, equilibrium, inclusiveness, harmony, engineering, and freedom in beauty.

You are going to be beautiful in your home, your body, your words, your dress, your expressions, your thoughts... Try to make all these more and more beautiful.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Friday, May 09, 2014

Reaction to the Teaching

For example, the Teaching suggests that we not eat meat, drink alcohol, or smoke. When you decide to abstain from these things, your friends and family will probably wonder if you have lost your mind. This creates family and social problems, and sometimes in changing yourself you may lose your family, friends, and job. Thus we can see that the Teaching not only creates reactions from your lower self, from your habits, from your crystallized emotions, beliefs, traditions, and religions but also from your environment and everyone in it!

For an advanced human being, his family, group or society becomes like his lower self. Just as his lower self reacts to the Teaching, similarly and for almost the same reasons his family, group, and society attack and react to him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Ageless Wisdom, p.62

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Initiation into Beauty

Man must be gradually initiated into beauty, for beauty exists only when man develops senses to recognize and appreciate beauty.

The imposition of beauty may create many undesirable reactions. Forced beauty irritates those who have no mechanism to receive, assimilate, or express it. This irritation turns into fear and hatred. Persecution of great Masters of Wisdom and of the Arts and Knowledge, originates from such facts.

That is why the sense of beauty must be cultivated from an early age, gradually, and with great watchfulness so that the spirit of beauty is rooted and properly nourished in the hearts of the children of the world.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy