Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The human soul from the moment of conception is attached to the embryo through the life-thread and slowly penetrates into the body as the embryo grows. At the fourth month, the human soul finally anchors and focuses itself in the pineal body of the embryo. This is why abortion is a crime against the human soul.

We are told that when the embryo is destroyed and its life-thread cut by abortion, the incarnating human soul either tries to obsess the mother and create psychological disturbances in her or wanders in the etheric plane for many years unable to proceed on the path of his evolution. Such souls when incarnated again, have a deep-seated phobia of death which runs, like a thread, throughout their life.

In this modern world a married or single woman can find many excuses for having an abortion, such as the financial situation, or they have too many children already, or a child will interfere with their careers, and so on. But why must the child be the victim? Why are all these points and excuses not considered and taken care of before conception? A child must not suffer death because of the carelessness of his or her mother. And there will always be some couple or some individual who will welcome the child into their home.

Can you imagine if a child has the possibility to take the mother to court for killing him!

-Torkom Saraydarian
Woman, Torch of the Future

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The esoteric definition of the term "future"

Those who really think about the future and about their future achievements literally bring into their sphere of their consciousness the fire of their Spirit. They create a fire in their own soul.
The common meaning of the term “future” is thought of as “tomorrow” or “a few million years later.” In esotericism, however, “future” means “the presence of the Spark in our soul, the One Who is everlasting, the One Who is infinite.” When one contacts this Spark through his effort, striving, vision, thinking, speaking, concentration, labor, or service, he brings that light into formation and plants it in his own sphere of mind and brain. He becomes the future because he has now identified himself with a part of himself that is everlasting.
-Torkom Saraydarian 
Spiritual Regeneration