Monday, September 30, 2013


Consider nationalism. Let us say that a young man is a citizen of a particular country. If he is put in the same grinder for five hundred years he will say, "This is my nation" when he emerges. You can say to him, "You are now an esoteric student; now you are a disciple, an initiate. Think in terms of one humanity. Forget about your race and your nation. Be part of one humanity." But at the end, when he is dying he will say, "Bury me in my national cemetery." You could not make him universal; you could not give him Cosmic consciousness. You could not destroy the tumor that tradition, religion, or nationalism instilled like a capsule in his mind. This is the way that evil forces perpetuate separatism, war, revenge, and destruction.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The dark forces try to destroy your conscience

When a person severs his relationship with his Solar Angel, he cuts his communication with his conscience. If you sell your conscience, you cannot operate as a soul anymore. You become a machine in the hands of the dark forces.

The conscience is the presence of the Solar Angel within you. The dark forces make great efforts to impress your mind not to pay attention to your heart, to your feelings, or to your conscience. They say, “Just do it. Why should it bother you? It is only ten cents that you stole. It is not a big deal. You made that girl pregnant and then you deserted her. What’s wrong with that? Everyone does it. You became angry with your wife and said terrible things to her. These things happen every day. You gossiped? Well, why are you bothered about that? Everybody gossips.” These are subtle examples of how they operate.

Through such methods, the dark forces begin destroying your conscience so that you no longer have any contact with it. They attempt to close off your conscience so that you do not feel bad about having negative thoughts, feelings, speech, and motives. They say, “Don’t feel bad about your actions. You did it, and now it’s finished.” They may even lead you to a psychologist or psychiatrist who eventually takes your conscience away from you, someone who will say, “You did it; it is finished and gone. Why worry or feel guilty?” You eventually become a zombie who thinks all of his sins have no impact or that they have been forgiven. Or a person goes to a priest and asks that his sins be forgiven, and the priest gives him absolution by saying, “All the sins on earth and in heaven are now forgiven you.” Why not tell the person, “You did it wrong; don’t do it again. I am glad that you are worrying and in a panic about it.” This is the action of light. The other that hides and covers your conscience is the action of darkness.

One must really suffer with his conscience without exaggerating the situation. Through exaggeration, the dark forces totally destroy your conscience by making it overly sensitive. For instance, you think that with every little mistake you make you are going to end up in hell. This can lead to insanity because you are in a panic and think that you are condemned to hell from then on. I visited a mental hospital and talked with two Christian girls who had been committed. One of them said, “I am going to burn in hell because I kissed a boy. My priest told me I was going to hell.” The other girl kept repeating, “I have lost my soul; I have lost my soul.” “Where did you lose it?” I said to her. “You are here, talking with me. You are the soul, understand?” Evil forces can magnify your mistakes and sins in a way that you lose your mind.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Groups which are on the way to disintegration

When a group or organization is stuck in an "old age," Masters drop it after a few warnings. That organization becomes a hindrance for thousands of people for many years.

If you look at the groups which are on the way to disintegration, you will understand how Masters withdrew Their attention and, for a few years, these groups became obstacles on the path of advancement. Not only did They withdraw Their attention from churches or other organizations but also from religions because the hardest thing for a religion is change. We have so many religions on the path of decay with social consequences.

Masters can help build new groups and new organizations if They have people who are keeping in step with the Hierarchy.

The Hierarchy is an advancing light, whether humanity advances or not. They do Their best to help humanity, but if Their help is not assimilated, they leave humanity alone - which sometimes is the greatest disaster for humanity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Eyes of Hierarchy

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Do not take the joy of others

Dark forces fight against joy. They hate joy, but they inspire hilarity in people. Hilarity is senseless and purposeless happiness. They hate joy because joy is Divine essence. Joy is from God. When Christ says, “I give My joy to you, “ He is sharing His Divine blessings. Satan hates this. He wants people to be sick, depressed, beaten, angry, hateful, jealous, revengeful. He wants people to criticize each other, to separate from each other, to always sit on the fence, so to speak. This is what Satan wants. So whenever you see that you are taking joy from a person, you are under the influence of the dark forces.

Joy is not happiness. Joy is Divine satisfaction; it is beauty. For example, I was listening to two men talking at the dinner table. The older man, who was eighty, was telling the younger man, “You know the God you believe in does not exist. There is no God. There is matter, there is pain and suffering; there is death. That is all there is.” The young man looked at him and said, “Do you really think so?” “Yes, my son,” he said, “this is life. Believe what I am telling you.” The older man took away the joy, the subtle joy of the young man’s awareness that God exists. Do not take the joy of others and destroy them.

Another example is when a young girl says, “I want to be really pure when I marry,” and a so-called friend says, “You are stupid. I was fourteen when I had sex with many boys and became pregnant. It is so delightful.” The girl replies, “No, I don’t want to do that.” See how the friend is taking the joy of purity from the young girl?

In still another illustration, a young man in the army says, “I don’t want to kill people,” but his commander says, “You must kill. Here is the science of killing.” Eventually the soldier becomes a professional criminal, even though originally he did not want to kill.

Do not take the joy from people if they have joy. On the contrary, increase the real joy in others, not their superficial or cosmetic joy. Taking the joy of people is like extinguishing a fire by pouring water on it. Increase the joy of other people. When you take the joy of others, your joy will be taken from you and dark forces will replace it with their gloom.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces