Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking the responsibility of our mistakes

Those who lack the sense of responsibility argue with you if you point out their mistakes. They feel angry and hurt and eventually deny their failure and mistakes. No one can help such people.
A responsible person will beg you to show him his mistakes because he knows that it is only through correcting his mistakes that he will be able to exercise his sense of responsibility more efficiently.

Irresponsible people insist that their mistakes originate from you or from others, if they can even see the mistakes at all. They cannot correct themselves and therefore always remain mediocre and resentful.

If you do not accept your failures or mistakes with humility and joy, and if you reject those who point out your mistakes to you, something very serious happens to your mind. Every time you make a mistake, your mind will accept it as if it was not an important mistake. Eventually your mind will develop a system of rationalization and the making of excuses and tell you, "It is okay; there is no problem." When your mind programs itself in this way, it eventually leads you to disaster. Because your mistakes are not corrected, they increase and cause you failure.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The sense of responsibility in society, p.17

If you feel abandoned, it means you, yourself, no longer love

When you love someone, it is God that loves them through you. So, by loving them, you experience the love of God. That is why the act of loving can be just as fulfilling as that of being loved, in fact, even more so.

You have certainly already felt this love. It visited you, but then it went away. and that is how it will always be until love finds a permanent dwelling place and nourishment within you. For it eats a great deal! So, next time it comes to visit, try to reflect on the circumstances of its coming, so you are able to summon it again, for it is you, consciously or not, who provide the favourable conditions it needs.

Love enters where there is purity, the purity symbolized by the transparency of a crystal, and if it finds impurity it leaves again. So you see, this is a very serious question; think about it instead of complaining of being alone and abandoned. You can never lose the love that lives within you. If you feel abandoned, it means you, yourself, no longer love.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Thursday, May 27, 2010


People think that talking openly about their bad intentions, feelings, or actions is an act of sincerity. But sincerity is a virtue. How can you be a thief and in the meantime be an honest person? Sincerity is related to the expression of your inner beauty, not to hiding your responses or reactions to other people's thoughts, feelings, and actions. A sincere person is one who shines his light without hindering it or hiding it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Aura, Shield of Protection & Glory

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Identifying with an illness

Someone says: 'As you can see, I'm sick; there are no two ways about it.' But what he doesn't know is that by affirming his illness in this way he reinforces it. Although the illness affects only one part of his body, he identifies with it and in his mind allows it to take over the entire terrain.

So what should you do instead? When you are sick, even if you are dying, you must say: 'It is true that my body is sick, but I myself - a child of God, a divine spark - cannot be sick.' And this conviction puts you above your illness: you do not identify with your body but with your spirit, which lives in light and eternity.

When you decide to put this law of the supremacy of the spirit to work in your life, you first effect changes in the realm of thought. These changes then influence the realm of feelings and sensations, finally crystallizing on the physical plane where things become organized and clear.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Effects of thought

Thought energy not only affects the minds and thoughts of other people, but it also affects the atmosphere, the elements found in the atmosphere, and the energy currents active there. This means that the composition of the elements of the air changes due to human thoughts.

Thought affects the cloud formation and the ionization of the air. It affects magnetic polarization, lightning, thunder, and rain. It causes earthquakes or creates stabilization. It causes epidemics and natural calamities if it is massive and negative.


Our thoughts can carry great currents of beauty, lofty images of heroism and nobility, and strong waves of healing energy into space. These thoughts are drawn in by creative people, by people of pure heart and goodwill, and used by them to change themselves and their environment and bring in a better life on this planet. Every human being can add his share to this accumulation of good thoughts and serve the Common Good.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought and the Glory of Thinking, p.61

God is always ready to give you all that you want

God gives you whatever you pray for, so take care. Ask for the right things. Not knowing what we should ask, we are asking Him for something when we really want something else. In this process, we are getting ourselves into difficulties.

God is always ready to give you all that you want, but you do not seem to know what is good for you and what you really want. Since you do not know what you should want and under what circumstances, it is better and easier to surrender yourself completely to God and simply ask for His grace.

-Sai Baba

Monday, May 10, 2010

The walking dead

Brotherhood, 561. It will be asked, Can so-called living corpses wander about on Earth for a long time? For long periods, depending upon their animal attraction to the physical world. Psychic energy will leave them, their radiations will become negligible, and a small apparatus will reveal the signs of death.

These walking corpses easily fall under the influence of strangers. They repeat empty words of their bygone days, convincing no one. Physicians may vainly examine their aorta, pointing to a valvular disease of the heart.

These corpses are sometimes sensed by certain animals. Often these corpses remain as heads of big enterprises, nevertheless their dead husks permeate everything therein. The walking dead are strongly attached to life, for they do not understand the change of condition. They fear death.

-Agni Yoga

Friday, May 07, 2010

No energy from Space can put us into the right direction

People think that cycles, new configurations of zodiacal signs and stars bring benevolent changes to humanity. This is a great mistake. No energy from Space can put us into the right direction. On the contrary, it stimulates our beingness at whatever level we may be. And because we are focused mostly in our subconscious mind, we live the same tragic life over and over again as centuries come and go.

New cycles, new configurations of stars, new education, and new Teachings can change us only when we respond to them with our conscious mind. Unless we are focused in our conscious mind, we will not benefit from new energies. On the contrary, even with all our sophisticated civilization, we will sink more and more into savagery.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Subconscious Mind and the Chalice, p.30

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Astral magnetism

The force of kundalini flows as a river through men and women. Sexual intercourse gives that river an outlet, creates a channel, a psychic-astral tube between their muladhara chakras. After the first intercourse, awareness is turned outward into the external world and the man or woman is more vulnerable to the forces of desire. The ramification of the intellect can now be experienced more than ever before. If the force is contained within the marriage covenant, with blessings from the Devaloka and Sivaloka, rays similar to the astral tube established between the couple are established between each of them through the higher chakras with the Mahadevas and their devas. A holy state of matrimony has been entered into.

Dancing with Siva, Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism states: "When a young virgin man and woman marry and share physical intimacy with each other, their union is very strong and their marriage stable. This is due to the subtle, psychic forces of the human nerve system. Their psychic forces, or nadis, grow together, and they form a one body and a one mind. This is the truest marriage and the strongest, seldom ending in separation or divorce. Conversely, if the man or woman has had intercourse before the marriage, the emotional/psychic closeness of the marriage will suffer, and this in proportion to the extent of promiscuity."

The higher rays and lower astral-psychic tubes that are created between husband and wife can contain the forces of desire within them. They also control the instinctive curiosities of the intellect, allowing its full power to manifest and create a productive and abundant life for the family which has continuity and consistency. A life of dharma can be lived.

The release of the sacred seed into the woman during sexual intercourse establishes, through the first chakra, a connecting psychic astral tube which can be clearly seen on the astral plane. It is through this psychic tube that desires, feelings and even telepathic messages can be passed from one to another. This connecting tube is generally about six inches in diameter.

Nowadays, because of promiscuity, masses of people are connected one to another in this way. A great bed of astral matter envelops them as they go from one partner to another. This causes the forces of intense fear to persist. From an inner perspective, their soul bodies are obscured by this astral matter, and it is most difficult for those living in the Devaloka to contact anyone on the Earth plane who is thus involved. Such individuals must fend for themselves, with little or no protection from the Devaloka or the Sivaloka, as do the animals, who do not have benefit of the intellect to guide their actions.

Any two people touching in other ways--kissing, embracing--also establishes a temporary connecting link of astral matter which penetrates their auras and completely covers their forms. This is sometimes called the great magnetism, for it appears in the Second World as a psychic mass connecting the two of them as wide as the length of their bodies. This astral matter is created from the diverse expulsion of emotional energies, blending their auras together. The psychic connection is magnetic enough to repeatedly pull them back together or cause emotional pain if they are separated. But unless the encounter is repeated, the astral matter will wear away in three or four days, a month at the most. In this way, touching or caressing someone causes an abundant release of magnetic force to occur.

-Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Before practising meditation, you should first put your psychic being in order

It is possible to enter the spiritual world by several routes. Meditation is one of them, but it requires preparation. Those who start meditating without having acquired a certain inner discipline, that is, control over their thoughts, feelings and desires, begin by wandering in the lower regions of the astral plane, and on their way they stir up all kinds of dark layers inhabited by entities often hostile to humans. What they experience then is known as delirium or phantasmagoria, but not meditation.

So before practising meditation, you should first put your psychic being in order; otherwise, even this most useful and profitable of exercises can become very dangerous.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The reason for the present beastly and demonic tendencies in our minds is the food we consume

Food is God - Do not waste food.

Firstly, consider the food we consume. Eat only what you need to eat. Do not be greedy. Do not take more than you can eat and waste the rest, because wasting food is a great sin. The surplus food can feed another stomach. Do not waste food, because food is God, life is God, and man is born from food.

Food is the main source of man's life, body, mind and character. The gross part of the food, which is the major portion of the food consumed by the body, is thrown out as waste matter. A minute amount of the food, which is the subtle part, is assimilated by the body and flows as blood. And a minuscule amount, which is the subtlest part of the food, makes up the mind. Therefore, the mind is the reflection of the food consumed. The reason for the present beastly and demonic tendencies in our minds is the food we consume.

A large part of the water we drink is expelled as urine. A minute part of the water consumed becomes the life force (prana). Therefore, the nature of the food and water that we take in decides our character. Only by controlling the quality of our food and water can we attain Divinity. This is why food is said to be God. Hence, to waste food is to waste God. Do not waste food. Eat only what you need, and be sure that what you eat is Sathwic. Give any surplus food to those in need.

-Sai Baba

The highest utility of human existence

In every mind, utility is conditioned by its own peculiar wants. To men, therefore, who never rise higher than eating, drinking, begetting progeny, and dying, the only gain is in sense-enjoyments; and they must wait and go through many more births and reincarnations to learn to feel even the faintest necessity for anything higher.

But those to whom the eternal interests of the soul are of much higher value than the fleeting interests of this mundane life, to whom the gratification of the senses is but like thoughtless play of the baby, to them, God and the love of God form the highest and the only utility of human existence.

-Swami Vivekananda
Source: The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda