Sunday, December 28, 2014

If knowledge increases without beingess, all knowledge is used for egotistical and destructive ends

Graduates of colleges and universities must exemplify a life of Nobility, Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom and not greed, hatred, fear, anger, and the spirit of materialism and exploitation in various forms.

You can find criminals in the slums of the world, but you can also find similar criminals in high positions with more subtle techniques and with a greater range of destruction and harm. The cause of all this is knowledge. If knowledge increases without beingess, all knowledge is used for egotistical and destructive ends. Knowledge without change in beingness causes the person to express his lower desires, urges and drives more powerfully and with greater success, increasing his glamors and illusions – and you have chaos.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Creative Fire

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All space is full of living entities

Scientists of the world think that if any life form exists on any globe in the Universe, it should be tangible and visible. This is not true. Globes, stars, and galaxies exist in different systems. For example, there are etheric beings, there are astral beings, there are mental beings, and even intuitional beings and more. Their bodies are different.

Many years ago we could not see what we are seeing now without our microscopes and telescopes. Hundreds of years later we will see so much more that our present telescopes and microscopes will become obsolete devices to us.

All space is full of living entities, microscopic and telescopic – but the present scientists have closed their imaginations.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Monday, December 22, 2014

Methods of unfolding the chakras

Each chakra is related to one of the levels of consciousness. As flowers bloom when the spring comes, so the chakras bloom when the light of the consciousness expands.

We see that in every age people tried to introduce methods to unfold the chakras

1. by artificial means
2. by meditating upon them
3. through the process of meditation, purification, and expansion of consciousness
4. through initiations

The first two methods are considered very dangerous by certain Teachers. The third method is the safest method. The fourth method is exercised only by the Great Master, to meet certain planetary crises and prepare a certain number of people to handle the danger accumulating upon the planet.

The third, safest method is recommended in Ashrams and in true esoteric schools.

The artificial methods are hatha yoga, breathing exercises, certain exercises of will, and concentration upon the chakras. In far eastern countries, these are exercised with only failing results; but in western countries, because of our chaotic and polluted environment, such methods have very destructive effects.

Those who want to develop their chakras safely must lay a good foundation. When one carefully lives according to such a foundation, the rest will be easy. This foundation is build by

1. purity of life – physical, moral, and mental
2. sacrificial service – service to spread Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom
3. fearlessness – which is a state of consciousness not identified with material values
4. striving toward perfection – with one’s deeds, words, expressions, creativity, thought, and communication.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1, p.98

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How do you know when you are in joy?

Question: How do you know when you are in joy?

Answer: If you are in joy, you have physical energy. If you have joy, you always tend to be harmonious and cooperative. If you are in joy, you are creative. If these three signs are not present, you don’t have joy. When you do not have joy, you don’t have the spirit of creativity. Joy makes you fearless. If you have fears, you don’t have joy. This is very practical, not philosophical or psychological. If you have fear, you don’t have joy. When joy comes, all fear disappears. Practically observe yourself and you will discover whether or not you have joy.

For example, tape a paper with a few sentences on a wall and then try to read them from as far away as possible. When you are in joy, you can read the words from a greater distance than when you are hateful, miserable, or depressed. This means that joy affects even our organs and senses. Why not dwell on these facts and create a great science instead of creating nuclear weapons? Such a science would be far more powerful than any nuclear weapon.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss, p.313

Friday, December 19, 2014

"The pill that I recommend is gratitude"

Without gratitude, one cannot have joy. When you see people who are depressed, negative, and destructive, you find that they do not have gratitude in their heart. Gratitude to what? Gratitude to everything! Be grateful even to those who are harming you, slandering, and gossiping about you. They are revealing those spots in your nature that need improvement. They are doing a great service free of charge.

Be grateful for your wife, your husband, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your group, your Teaching, your vision, life, trees, and mountains.

When you are angry, hateful, jealous, or revengeful, sit for a few minutes and think about gratitude and be grateful. You will see that all the negative clouds will disappear.

I once visited a man in a hospital. He was very sick and psychologically sour. He said that he hated everything including the sun. I asked myself, “How can this person be healed?” I spoke with psychiatrists and other physicians, asking them what was really bothering him. They said, “We don’t know, but we are trying to heal him.”

I spoke with the man for half an hour, telling him, “There is one pill that I can give you that will help.” “Give it, give it”, he said. “It is easy to give, but it is very difficult to swallow. Your illness is called lack of gratitude. The pill that I recommend is gratitude. Is there someone or something in your life that you can feel gratitude for?” “To hell with all of this,” he said.

See how his sickness was reacting? Finally, I found a few ways in which he could feel grateful in gradually larger and larger ways, until we came to his sickness. He was also going to be grateful for his sickness. “Well, that is going to be difficult,” he said. The next day, he was dismissed from the hospital because he had recovered.

Gratitude puts fuel in the most healing substance within you, which his joy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What is evening review?

Evening review is like going over your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions and retaping points that were not acceptable to your soul.
A musician records his music and goes over it and corrects the tape. He casts away all that is not proper in the music and thus cleans the tape of all defects. This is what evening review does. It cleans your recording and does not let anything unacceptable stay there to contaminate the rest.
What is evening review? Every night seclude yourself for fifteen to thirty minutes and review your life during the day, starting from the moment you awakened. You progress minute by minute, checking your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions in a progressive way until you reach the moment of your review. Then you retape or record, eliminating all that is not acceptable by the light of your soul and replacing it with thoughts, emotions, actions, or words that are acceptable in the light of your soul. Thus you clean the chain of events from your recording.
For example, you acted in an angry, illogical, and rude manner at 10:00 am. Change the recoding. In your evening review, act in a very pleasant manner, with logic and reasoning. Be graceful. Now you have a new recording, and you will not take with you the old tape when you go to sleep. Instead you will have with you the newly edited tape. This will not only invigorate your nadis but will also destroy the seeds of future complications.
Suppose you were acting in vanity and ego and deceived someone. Now, at the evening review, you react and act without vanity, without ego, without deception, but are noble and honest in that event. During these times you prepare a bright future for yourself and cat out causes that will damage your nadis.
Sometimes you will see situations that make you hate yourself. This is not necessary. Approach the day’s events with indifference and correct them. In the evening review if you are totally satisfied with yourself you are blind or afraid. See deep into yourself. See motives, see intentions, and bring them out and change them.
Accepting yourself as you are leads you to future oral and spiritual bankruptcy.
With this method you become your own guide, and your soul light increases in your consciousness and makes you ever alert.
Knowledge, degrees, and positions destroy your future if you do not guide yourself with the light of your reason and logic and by the light of your soul.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Many people in the world are permanently damaged by breathing exercises

We do not need breathing exercises or other methods to raise our kundalini because they can have very serious consequences in our present and future lives.

Often Masters prepare some of Their disciples through forced discipline to meet a great need in the world. But They watch the disciples every minute and record the effects of the disciplines on their centers and bodies. They protect them every minute to prepare them for a special mission.

Many people in the world are permanently damaged by breathing exercises, kundalini exercises, and laya-yoga.

Once a 42 years old lady came to the office complaining that she was burning all over her body. She was following the teachings of a man who was telling her to do certain breathing exercises. In such cases the best thing to do is to stop these exercises and retreat in nature for at least six months.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The heart is always constructive

Everything that comes from your heart, from your real heart is authentic, is beautiful, is correct. But most of the time you confuse the heart with your sex, with your stomach, with your solar plexus, with your hate, with your jealousy. You say, "My heart says I must be jealous." It does not. There is a difference.

What is the heart? The heart is always constructive and thinks about the safety and future of people, but other factors do not care about the safety, best interests, and future of other people. That is how you can immediately discriminate if it is coming from your heart or if it is coming from different locations of your body!

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.1

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to handle attacks

Always try to handle any attack from the soul level to prevent irritation. For example, if somebody did something, do not react mechanically. If somebody hits you, do not hit him. If somebody says a nasty word to you, do not repeat it. If somebody thinks evil of you, do not react. If you are caught in a mechanical action and reaction you become a machine, but if you stop one minute and take your mind to the soul level and look deeply and quietly and intelligently, then you can overcome the arrows that are thrown at you. Do not tolerate people to pierce your aura. Withdraw into your Self. This is a very, very important technique.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another health hazard is to promise people things you cannot fulfill

Another health hazard is to promise people things you cannot fulfill. Avoid making promises if you can, but if you do make a promise, try to stand behind your promise. A false promise or an unfulfilled promise creates disturbances in your emotional and mental bodies and affects your etheric centers and physical health.

On the other hand, you can be bombarded by negative forces coming from those who felt angry when you did not meet your promise. Negative forces create imbalance in your aura.

There is also self-promise. You need not promise things for yourself, though you must try to improve yourself as much as you can.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Intelligence, love and willpower must be balanced with each other

Your intelligence, your love, your willpower must be balanced with each other. For example, if you have will, but do not have wisdom and do not have intelligence, you are a destructive, chaotic force. If you are intelligent but you do not have love and will, you are selfish. If you have love but not intelligence, you are a follower. That is why you are going to balance your nature, and the birds are the symbol of the balance.

You have the wing of intelligence and the wing of love-wisdom and the bird’s body and tail correspond to your willpower. You have perfect balance in action with these three.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.187


The more you appreciate a person, the more you unfold the treasures he has to offer.

Appreciation in family relationships works miracles. A family turns into a garden of flowers when the members learn how to appreciate each other.

In most families members criticize, hurt, wound, and belittle each other. Such families do not produce good fruit. Such families do not give to humanity creative, constructive, selfless, loving people. Most criminals came from families who hated each other and saw only ugliness within each other. Appreciation is the first move toward positive and creative living.

Appreciation works also in offices. A company, also a nation, loses many contributing and creative people, loses time, energy, and money by keeping only those who are critical, aggressive, even destructive to each other. The prosperity of the officers, companies, and organizations can be secured only by increasing the numbers of those people who are appreciative of each other, who appreciate each good deed done with a good heart and with a good mind.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.1

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Admiration is the art of seeing positive values in others and objects. The modern media is directed to see the negative and broadcast the negative. This is the method that tries to destroy the admirable. It makes people be occupied with trash and develop anger, fear, and hatred.

A society degenerates if

1. Admirable things are not presented to it.
2. Admirable values are not recognized in it
3. All they see is crime, ugliness, and degeneration.

Those people who continue to criticize, belittle, try to find fault, are judgmental and disapproving sooner or later become exactly like their victim and their spiritual growth stops.

Search for people to admire.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.1

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

You are equal to your criticism

Every time you are negative, every time you are criticizing to belittle someone, in your mind you are making a picture of your criticism and you are equal to your criticism and belittlement. That is why Buddha, when He saw His disciples being negative and critical, He would call them and say, “Leave the Brotherhood because you did not learn yet how to admire people.”

People are negative. Have you seen these negative people who absorb and suck all your energy around you? Even imitation must be avoided, the imitation of negativity to please other people or to make a joke about it. Even that has significance.

Can you develop that superior quality of bypassing all the limitations of other people’s personality and see their God? Then you are clairvoyant. That is clairvoyance. It is not seeing shadows and past lives and crazy things. Clairvoyance is seeing exactly the God that is living within you and everyone. Exactly from that root emerges the secret of forgiveness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.1

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The demonisation of religion

Part of the fake new age religion is, hypocritically, the demonisation of religion. Why the big hate on religion? Mao Tse Tung and Lenin tried to stamp out religion, but only fostered brutality. Religion is an ancient, vast, rich, vital, perennial and irrepressible field of human culture, and absolutely indispensable to individual and collective progress.

Everything in culture that relates to God, transcendence, spirituality, etc. is religion. All religious teachers have advised, recommended, and instituted activities that people do together to promote their spiritual growth, except for Lao Tzu, who is probably a mythic figure. The current anti-religious notions are foolish and irrational. An effort is made to distinguish between religion and spirituality, but the two are merely two words for the same thing.

Even writing or talking with others about the self, introspection, self inquiry, meditation, etc. is a religious activity. Even meditating or contemplating spiritual ideas is part of religion. Religion includes writing and reading religious books, giving or attending religious lectures, discussing or debating spirituality, rituals, charity, religious music, building, maintaining, admiring, analyzing and visiting spiritual architecture, celebrating spiritual holidays, spiritually inspired art, going on spiritual pilgrimage, undertaking austerities or tapas, and a million other things. The Spanish Inquisition, the Christian Crusades, and the Christian inspired global colonial genocide and slavery, are not the sum total of the rich legacy of human religious traditions and practices.

-Merlin Saint Germain

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happiness, Joy & Bliss

In happiness, it is the physical and emotional elementals that feel complete. When a person's consciousness enters the analytical mind, he loses the sense of a feeling of completeness because he begins to see how much there is yet to satisfy his urges, drives, and desires. He then loses a part of his happiness.

Joy begins when a person's consciousness penetrates into the higher mind. The higher mind sees things in holistic concepts and gradually impresses the physical and astral bodies with the feeling of completeness -- because every bit, every experience of happiness, every want or desire already exists within them. They can enjoy all the happiness of the world by eating one apple, or all the happiness of joy of sex and friendship with one partner. Thus, the higher mind not only restores happiness to the lower bodies but also makes a person realize joy.

The state of bliss develops slowly when the consciousness makes a breakthrough into the Intuitional Plane, where feelings of completeness begin in all-inclusiveness. The flow of bliss continually feeds a person's joy and happiness, supplying him with psychic energy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Thursday, September 18, 2014

When you trust someone, you put a magnetic light in his soul

When we trust someone, we create a future striving in them. Actually, we ruin each other by not having faith, confidence and trust in each other. This is a psychological secret. Families ruin each other when they say to each other, “I do not have faith in you.”

When you do not trust someone, you kill the blooming flower in him. But when you trust him, you put a magnetic light in his soul. That magnetic light will never die but always increase. This is the secret of the Great Ones.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Challenge for Discipleship

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Ageless Wisdom never encourages people to discover or to be occupied with their past lives

The Ageless Wisdom never encourages people to discover or to be occupied with their past lives, but rather it encourages them to look to future possibilities and strive toward a glorious future.

The reason for this is that what we think as of our past lives are mostly

1. Fabrications of our desires, wishes and dreams
2. Dramatizations of our thoughtforms.
3. The mixture of events reflected in our astral mirror.
4. Subconscious discharges
5. Identification with thoughtforms created by masses.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Suboconscious Mind and the Chalice

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two ways of doing business

There are two ways of doing business. One is to earn money to live a comfortable life and forget about other human beings with their sufferings. The other way is to use your business as a means of performing true service for everybody. That way you will have money and, at the same time, help others. Money cannot give deep gratification to your soul until you use it to help others.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Losing objects

People continuously lose objects, misplace objects, and then spend so much time finding those objects. This not only wastes their time and energy but also causes irritation and many other inconveniences.

The time we lose searching for objects can be used for creative labor. Moreover, searching for objects creates a tension on our brain cells and our nervous system, and it gives us continuous irritation when we cannot locate the lost objects.

Whenever you are engaged in placing something somewhere, never do it in a state of absentmindedness. Be conscious in your actions. If you consciously put something somewhere, you will never forget it. Most of the time, seventy-five percent of our mind is “not there.” That is why we do not know where we put the things we are looking for.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, pp.157-158

Monday, August 25, 2014

Another technique of the dark forces that is very prevalent these days

Another technique [of the dark forces] that is very prevalent these days is called a “you know, you are” technique. Dark forces, seeing that in the future you can be a leader of light, slowly inject into your aura the feeling that you do not need to study, learn, search. “You know already; why waste time,” as if you had more important things to do! They also suggest that you do not need to work on yourself because “you ARE already...” Years pass and you remain ignorant, and your beingness remains the same. You become an obstacle on your own path and on the path of others.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces, p.149

Sunday, August 24, 2014


A retired doctor came to a village where people were suffering with various diseases. He went to the city and bought hundreds of dollars worth of medicine and began to take care of them. On Sundays, he gave lectures to them on various health issues. One day an old lady asked him, “Why don’t you go rest in your home and enjoy yourself? You are working too hard in the village and you are not making a single cent.” “You are mistaken,” the doctor replied. “I cannot stay here and remain healthy if I do not educate these people and heal them.”

Even if we serve people for our own interest, it is beneficial. Only by serving people can we eventually learn to forget ourselves in the performance of service.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Stories, p.109

Thursday, August 21, 2014

All creative people are inspired by the love of a woman or a man

All creative people are inspired by the love of a woman or a man whom they love and who loves them. If the love does not continue with one person and frequently changes to different people and turns into a pursuit of sexual satisfaction, the sphere of love cannot be formed and higher creativity cannot take place.

In the East when they see a great, creative man they say, “Someone loves him deeply.” It is important that leaders, teachers, and elevated artists are surrounded with a sphere of love to render a better and deeper creative service for others. Love provides substance to their creative thought so that it can take form and manifest on earth.

Thought-creativity degenerates and even turns into hostile currents toward life as a whole when a creative person or a creative leader destroys the formation of the sphere of love of one person and tries to build another sphere with a new arrangement. Disintegrated love-spheres are as dangerous as decomposing food in your environment.

Life passes and the child-minded people run after the satisfaction of their sex, without forming a permanent relation and building their love-sphere which, in the future, would be the source of inspiration for both parties.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Chaos is formed by those energy currents that are not yet under the control of a center. These energies, being loose, without plan and purpose, often are used by dark forces to create chaotic conditions on the physical, emotional, and mental planes of humanity. These chaotic conditions are often disturbing and preventing the impressions sent from Higher Sources to our planet.

Chaos increases when people act without a purpose or a plan and melt in the chaos, losing the purpose of their life. People often become a part of chaos when they lose their inner direction. Chaos increases also when planets, systems, or even galaxies are left without their souls, thus decaying in the currents of chaos.

Does not chaos operate under the Law of God, as it is from chaos that Cosmos emerges? The scientists think that Cosmos emerges from chaos. However it is not from the chaos that Cosmos emerges, as the baby does not emerge from a chaos.

If the scientists do more study on the formation of a body – atom, man, globe, solar system – they will see that first there is a perfect Archetype and the forces of the Archetype gradually condense it, plane after plane, phase after phase, until it is materialized. The curious thing is that every phase of descent of the Archetype into more condensation is a Cosmos more beautiful than the last condensation.

So the gestation period cannot be called a chaotic period. Chaos is not a state of gestation, evolution, or even involution. Then what is chaos? Chaos is an abortive phenomenon, a process of degeneration, conflict, unpurposefulness, goallessness, and planlessness, when forces are let loose to annihilate each other because of their choices.

Every atom, man, globe, solar system, and so on has its own choice, its own form of choice tolerated by the Omnipotent Architect of the Universe. Some of the forces in chaos decide to enter into the labor of evolution of a Cosmos, some not. In timelessness this continues without beginning or end.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.145-147

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

All forces must be organized for the reappearance of Christ

There is a great service, a world service. It is the reappearance of Christ. All forces must be organized in that direction. If you are not doing it, if you are caught in any other group in which there is no Christ and His reappearance, you are wasting your time and the time of others because you are preventing others from penetrating into the real core of the Teaching. If you are not hooked with the Christ spirit, you are losing your time. All the books you are reading, all the teachings you are giving that are not based in the reappearance of Christ and in the Hierarchical evolution and synthesis are all empty. They are wasting time, energy, and matter.

This is so important to know because many of you, thousands of people, are wasting their time on this yoga, that yoga, this and that. You don't need that! You need to develop the sense of direction, the sense of universality, the sense of synthesis, and to come in contact with the presence of Christ. You don't need any teaching at all! It is the sublimation, transformation, transfiguration of your life that you need, but you don't do this because the dark forces have organized "chocolates" and in the chocolates there is poison. You don't see that poison but I see that poison. You have millions of "White Brotherhoods", millions of "Teachers" and "Christs" and "St. Pauls" and "Napoleons" and "Marie Antoinettes."

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Teaching of Christ vol.3, p.347)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The purpose of religions

Religions are set forth in order that people enjoy the benefits of leading a moral life. Religion is a meritorious system that unifies body, mind and intellect. Integrity or wholesomeness of conduct is morality. Morality is also called as Righteousness (Dharma). Practice of morality alone can help the world attain greater levels of prosperity. All religions have the same goal and establish the same truth. Their fundamental duty is to transform a human being into a divine being. Religion brings out the inner transformation in a human being. It aims at developing self-confidence to lead a good life. All religions are built on the secure foundation of morality. If morality deteriorates, not just religions, but humanity as a whole deteriorates. Every individual must practice being good and lead a moral life. Attainment of wealth and prosperity is possible by practicing moral values.

-Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Somebody Does Not Leave You

One day a woman was crying and crying. I asked, “What happened?” “My husband is going with other girls.” “I would never have imagined that,” I said, “but Somebody did not leave you.” “Who? Everybody I went with left me.” I said, “Do you know that God never left you? Think about it.”

It is so beautiful to have the psychological attitude in life that there is Someone you can really have faith in, and that He is going to stand there no matter who or what you are and protect you.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hypnotism and anesthesia

Self-hypnotism is as bad as an kind of hypnotism. I remember once shouting to a group of psychiatrists about this self-hypnosis concept. Stay awake. The whole life is hypnotizing you. When you watch television, you are being hypnotized. All advertisements are hypnotic. We want to awaken. Almost the entire humanity is “cattle.” There are a few so-called awakened people. Those who exploit others are hypnotized people.

For example, tomorrow a few doctors will gather and say, “There is a new illness.” Immediately, millions of people will rush to the hospitals and certain people will make billions of dollars. We have become hypnotized cattle. The headlines in newspapers, radio, and television can say anything they want. No one objects or questions them. We have become cattle, nothing else! The prime duty of leadership is to awaken people, instead of keeping you ignorant and using you.

Question: What about anesthesia and hypnosis?

Answer: Anesthesia is better than hypnotism. It is more physical and tangible. You can also clean most of its ill effects. But when you are hypnotized, it is very difficult to find and remove. For example, a very pretty girl is sitting in the dentist’s chair as he is hypnotizing her for a tooth extraction. While he is removing her teeth, his is thinking, “Wow! What a beautiful girl this is. Maybe I will kiss her a little.” Then he starts imagining, “I can take her somewhere...” These thoughts will immediately go into her. After her tooth is removed, the girl will be crazy for the dentist because she is hypnotized. In addition to your words, your emotions, your thoughts, and your ideas are also planted in the hypnotized person.

When a person is under anesthesia, total silence should be enforced. Even if your child falls and cuts his nose and runs to you screaming, don’t speak to him. Just hold him next to your heart. If you talk, you are hypnotizing him. There is less risk under anesthesia than with hypnotism. When a person is under the influence of an anesthetic, his thoughts and emotions are not buried into him, but in hypnotism they are.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Almost all discoveries on earth are reflections of the discoveries in the Subtle World

Almost all discoveries on earth are reflections of the discoveries in the Subtle World. The Subtle World is far more advanced in scientific discoveries than our earth. When the formulas and the designs of the machinery of the Subtle World pass through the atmosphere of the earth and through the human brain, much is lost, and sometimes only a distorted reflection remains. This is why it is so important that our scientists develop continuity of consciousness so that they can see the prototypes of their discoveries in subtle planes and make needed changes and adjustments in their discoveries.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Evil in its many forms must be recognized as a hindrance on the path of evolution

The evil people in our life are not alone. They are the servants of a huge army and receive energy and power from that army. Essentially they are spirit but blinded by matter and material values.

They want:

- more land
- more power over others
- more money
- more possessions
- more luxury
- more dominance to use their separative will
- more deception to avoid light and reality
- more pretense to hide themselves
- more crimes to avoid opposition
- more sensuality, making them insensitive to reason and logic.

Evil walks through all these tunnels and lives in the darkness of its ignorance.

Ignorance is the inability to see progress, to be part of the spiritualization process. That is why ignorance so violently hates any kind of spiritual phenomena. It hurts their ignorance.

Ignorance is not lack of certain knowledge or information. Ignorance is the inability to see the reality of evolution, the reality of a breakthrough into light.

When ignorance continues for many incarnations, there comes another evil that is insensitive, indifferent to any spiritual values, virtues, or aspiration. The spirit is buried deep in matter, and the person is approaching the moment when he will lose his soul and turn into matter.

Such people, or other disintegrating bodies, promote evil. They stimulate material tendencies, separatism, self-interest, vices, and manifold low desires. Every disintegrating form has a similar effect in its environment.

Not only for man but there are also huge constellations in space in the process of decay. Their bodies have a malefic influence upon global and systemic bodies – man included.

Evil in its many forms must be recognized as a hindrance on the path of human evolution.

At this time there is an organized evil in our planet supported by ancient evil. They have their hierarchy, their commanders, soldiers, and followers. They have their purpose, their plan, and multidimensional methods to penetrate every layer of society.

Evil is an organized army that is interested in material value, in making man and woman the slaves of material values. Their intention is to stop the evolutionary process and turn it into involution.

Those who love humanity must be prepared to fight eternally against this force. Every initiate, every disciple under the Hierarchy of light is a warrior.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something is important and has value and meaning only in relation to something else

We want to be someone in order to serve people. Even if you become a god, who cares what you are if the world is not profiting from you? If you are developing without serving others, it is egocentric, a totally selfish development that needs thousands of hammers to break and bring out your essence. Something is important and has value and meaning only in relation to something else. Nothing is meaningful and has value unless it is related to something else. Your meaning will be greater when you have higher and more extended relationships.

You are a poet and your wife knows that you are a poet. So what! If the group knows you are a poet, and if the worlds knows, wow! If the whole existence knows, you have a value equal to the whole existence. But if you are alone and isolated, no one cares what you are.

In life there is a principle that urges us to go toward group formations. Everyone is sane at home, but be on a difficult committee and your true sense will express itself. On the mountain top you can be a very great Master, but when you work in the State Department, you will see what will happen. You are a good lawyer at home, but how are you in the courtroom? It is in relation to something that you gain your value.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Monday, July 14, 2014

Right and wrong

People created a philosophy which says that there is no right or wrong. This is a great mistake. Things that are harmful for your body are wrong. Things that are beneficial for your body are right. Things that create agitation and poison in your emotional body are wrong. Things that create peace, love, calmness, and aspiration in your emotional body are right.

Things that make you crazy, insane, and illogical are wrong. Things that give your mind serenity, the power of discernment, clarity, and creativity are right. Things that lead you into ugliness are wrong. Things that lead you into beauty are right.

Your progress on the path depends on your discrimination between right and wrong.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Friday, July 11, 2014

The need for good sleep

The physical body is kept healthy if you sleep between ten p.m. and five a.m. This is so important and people in America are mixed up. Their night is day. Their day is night. They watch very stupid, rascal films until three o’clock, and with all that imagination they go and sleep.
What happens? Their soul goes exactly to those obnoxious places that were on the television. Instead of going to Higher Worlds, classes, Ashrams, learning wisdom and regenerating their nervous system, they go to cabarets, to places of murder and violence. Then the next morning they say, “I feel so weak,” and they are so sour, negative. Especially if they are bosses, judges, you have problems with them because their mental and emotional bodies do not act right because their bodies are weird.
Only pure energy will make them think with reason and logic. When their energy is taken, their reason and logic are totally upside down. That is why the Chinese say, “When you are going to give an order to the armies, you must have a good night’s sleep.” After sleep you will be able to do the right thing.
If you intend to divorce, or have other problems, be careful that you do not immediately make decisions. Sleep on it, but do not sleep with pills. Do not sleep with alcohol. It is the worst thing you are doing to your body. To sleep with alcohol means to commit suicide. To sleep with drugs means double suicide. You are killing the future temple that is going to be built in our soul by using drugs. This is a very bad lesson for those people who use drugs. They do not know what they are doing for their future.
Sleep is very important and really is best between ten and five. Go to sleep. It is so beautiful to sleep. A poet wrote that sleep is a waste of time. He was so stupid. On the contrary, sleep is the accumulation of the most priceless gold in your life because it is in the sleep you are cured, you are energized, you are enlightened, and the devas and angels come and take away all the trash you have. Sometimes if you sleep until early morning you are refreshed in spite of all your problems. Try to sleep well.
To sleep well you are not going to eat after sunset. It is very bad for people because they eat until the last moment before they are going to put their head on the pillow. “What about this pie?” You are not going to eat after sunset, no matter what, if you want to have healthy bodies. You are not going to load the bodies.
The other day a seven year old boy told me he always shouts in his sleep. Sometimes he walks in his sleep and sometimes he beats his pillow. His mother told me that he was watching violent movies on television from eight to ten p.m. How can he sleep if all that he sees is accumulated in his mind as posthypnotic suggestions? The suggestions are going to have to release themselves, so they manifest at midnight during his sleep because he cannot yet do those things in his waking states of consciousness. He imitates them in his sleep.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Thursday, July 10, 2014

High standards

Higher standards bring right human relations. They are more pro-survival and more inclusive. They bring greater harmony between people and better health to all. Higher standards inspire us to sacrificially serve, to become self-forgetful, cooperative, economical, harmless, and to develop a deeper sense of responsibility and dedication.

A lack of standards or low standards result in greater sickness, insanity, irresponsibility, selfishness, destruction, ill will, waste and separatism.

Contemporary life has set a big network of traps for people. Pleasures are easy to obtain through drugs, marijuana, alcohol and cheap sex. There are countless opportunities to hate and separate. Greed is pumped continuously into our veins. Through such methods, our high standards weaken and our consciousness diminishes.

One of these traps is self-interest. As one becomes more interested in himself, he slowly loses his higher standards and prepares himself for future failure. The consciousness of a whole nation declines when certain people introduce low level standards into it.

The leaders of the future must be very careful that moral, religious, political, educational, and cultural standards do not fall to lower levels because of the efforts of those who either lack standards entirely or who have low standards. Such a decline will lower the consciousness of humanity and prepare the way for many problems and difficulties.

Our standards are often tested in the astral and mental worlds. For example, you may not tell lies on the physical plane, but in your dreams you lie. This shows that your consciousness in the astral plane does not yet uphold the standards held by your waking consciousness.

Sometimes people outwardly act according to moral codes, but in their imagination they violate all  moral codes.

Our standards are also tested in various times in our life. People often use their standards under the pressure of fear or the law, but they forget about them on other occasions. Such behavior shows that the consciousness is not yet stabilized in its standards.

High standards are very precious and  can help the human soul as pillars of light in his subjective journey or when he passes away.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The most important science is the inner science

The most important science is the inner science. We are sending men to the moon, but people are still suffering on earth. Man knows very little about himself. He is doing everything mechanically. We are painful, sorrowful, and miserable beings inside. We have not yet learned this inner science. What can we do to make ourselves sincerely happy? What is the goal of life? It is to make yourself and others extremely happy, joyful, and blissful. But we are not doing this. We are accumulating and building. We are crazy about science. What has science done for us? Humanity cannot see what science has done. We don’t have a healthy planet now. You don’t have safe water to drink and clean air to breathe. Cancer and other diseases are spreading and we are still saying, “Science.” To hell with such a science. You can’t do without it now. You are finished, trapped. Science is going to undo what they did, with science.

Why is science altering the chromosomes and working with genetic engineering? They have learned how to use the “computer”, and now they are playing with it. They don’t know what disasters are ahead. There is no greater science than the science of cooperating with Nature. You should not change Nature. We must be humble and learn to cooperate.

Learn what is going on in Nature, but don’t play with it, as science is doing today. Like a mid-wife, you can cooperate with Nature and help it give birth to its secret.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Friday, July 04, 2014

The accumulation of knowledge is not the same as the expansion of consciousness

People often think that the accumulation of knowledge is equal to the expansion of consciousness. This is not true. One can be a highly trained scientist but have a very small consciousness if his heart is not in harmony with the use of his knowledge and if his knowledge does not bring blessings for humanity. The accumulation of knowledge is just like the accumulation of jewels or other articles; the accumulation of such objects does not mean that the person is growing in his consciousness.

When knowledge increases but the consciousness remains the same, the person enters the zone of self-destruction. Nothing good comes from a person of limited consciousness, even if he carries a tremendous load of information in his brain.

A show of interest is the first sign of expansion of consciousness, yet we often pay little attention to the world. Whenever a person lacks interest, his consciousness remains stagnant. As our interest grows and expands into many fields, our consciousness expands proportionately

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Healing the Fruit Tree

Fruits and vegetables have a very sensitive system of communication with the Higher Worlds. They not only gather chemicals from the earth as they grow, but they also draw energy from the stars.

One day a lady told me that a certain tree in her yard had not given fruit for many years. I said, “It must be angry. Let’s talk to it.” Ten or fifteen people went and hugged the tree. Then we said to the tree, “If something bad was done to you, please excuse it, and we will pray for you.” We told the tree that we loved it and that it was so beautiful. We shook hands with it. The next year it produced an abundance of delicious fruit!

-Torkom Saraydarian

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Etheric body and immune system

Most people think that the immune system is destroyed because of viruses and germs. Those have been with us for millions of years. The immune system is destroyed because our vitality is gone. Why is our vitality gone? There is pollution in the earth, in the air, in the oceans, everywhere, and we are doing wrong things with our sex, and using drugs, marijuana, hashish, and so on. The etheric body is weakened, and weakened in such a way that it has no protection. You are going to protect your etheric body by living a clean life and living in clean places, if you can find them.

You are going to develop virtues and render service if you want to develop your etheric body. The etheric body is damaged when you use alcohol, marijuana, and drugs and also when dealing in prostitution. Avoid as much as you can electrical instruments. If you want to commit suicide, sleep under an electric blanket. Through all these you really destroy your etheric body, and then your immune system is destroyed.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The mystic and the scientist must join within you

Sometimes the mystics do not have a scientific education, but they can do things scientists cannot do. They can know things no one knows because they have direct access to the God within. On the other hand, scientists try to build millions and millions of ladders to reach where the mystics have already reached. Am I encouraging you to be a mystic? No. Actually, the mystic and the scientist must join within each of you to make you perfect. The mystic knows, but cannot explain it. He can do it, but cannot teach it. The occult scientist knows how to do it and how to teach others.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why is humanity so slow in progressing?

Question: Why is humanity so slow in progressing?
Answer: Most people are like monkeys. Whatever someone does, they exactly imitate. You lose control of your physical, emotional, and mental expressions, and you do as others do. Society has a name for it. It is called being sociable. I was in a meeting in the Far East with very dignified politicians. When five or six of them came together, the only thing they talked about was how they have sex with their wives. That is how the society’s consciousness absorbs you, sucks you in, and you lose your consciousness. Many, many times I noticed that individually people are dignified and beautiful, but immediately when they are in the company of others, they lose their identity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.41

Friday, June 20, 2014

There are two kinds of psychism

There are two kinds of psychism. One is lower psychism. The other is higher psychism. Lower psychism is related to the astral and lower mental planes. It is related to self-interest, matter, position, possessions, greed, aggressiveness, separatism, sex, negative emotions, domination, and control.
Higher psychism is related to the higher mind, intuition, and atmic awareness. Its source is the Spiritual Triad. It is related to the Hierarchical Plan, to the Divine Purpose, to the Common Good of humanity, to the law of evolution, and to karma. It is related to Cosmic Centers, such as Sirius, Pleiades, and the Great Bear.
The purpose of higher psychism is to lead humanity toward perfection. its devices or equipments are mental, intuitional and atmic senses. Its intention is to establish the Will of God on earth. The higher psychic is selfless and lives a life of sacrificial service. His ego and vanity are totally nonexistent.
Higher psychism is never related to so-called spirits, astral entities, corpses, or astral guides. The higher psychic is related to higher etheric centers, such as the Hierarchy, Shamballa, and other centers in space that are treasuries of Cosmic Wisdom. His whole existence is based upon sacrificial service for all living forms.
The consciousness or awareness of a higher psychic functions in the abstract mind, in the Intuitional, Atmic, even in higher Planes. This is why his communication is relatively pure.
A lower psychic functions in the etheric, astral, and lower mental planes, and his communications are conditioned by the pollution found in these three planes. Most of the time all contacts of lower psychics are distorted or fabricated. Because of such a work carried on by the lower psychic, the dark forces show great interest in him. Eventually they possess him and use him against the law of evolution. This is the greatest danger awaiting a medium, a channel, and a lower psychic. 

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.26

Thursday, June 19, 2014

God is in everything

When Saint Francis of Assisi was talking to the birds and giving a sermon to them, people asked him, “What are you doing?” He said, “Well, I am talking to the birds so that they progress on the spiritual path.” They said, “This man is crazy.” Then there was another great Saint who used to go and sit near the trees and talk to them. He would say, “Look, you are eventually going to be like this, this.” See, he was talking to them.

These great Saints were imagining and realizing that God is in everything, that He is aware in everything. The chair you are sitting on now is aware of what you are. Your clothes are aware because God is there also. Can you tell me where God is not? You cannot. That is the mystery.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Stories, p.38

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

People with grey consciousness

Between those who have a pure, clean consciousness and those who have a dark consciousness, there are those who have a grey consciousness. These are the people who use the fruits of labor of both parties for their own separative interests. They are the lukewarm people whose karma is more awful than the karma of dark ones.

Those with grey consciousness are the most dangerous people in the world. They pretend that they serve the clean ones and in the meantime serve the dark ones. They penetrate both parties and become a factor of infection, a factor of contamination. It is these people who are mostly responsible for the degeneration of morals, the degeneration of life on all levels of society.

The dark ones and grey ones steal the messages coming from higher centers, if the opportunity is given to them, and distort them in such a way that sometimes even the followers of the right path are deceived. Some of these grey ones work in religious institutions and under various groups and movements. Their motive is to mislead.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.25

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Law of Amplification

There is a law that is called the Law of Amplification. This law operates when people receive the news, information, knowledge, or instructions and think, meditate, and talk about it.

Thus the thoughtform given by an initial source is amplified and strengthened and made a strong entity, whether it is on positive or negative lines.

Dark forces use this law through movies, theatrical performances, and media to amplify their thoughts and plans and make them heard by as many people as possible to create destruction, hatred, or cleavages, and to lead people into violence and dark vices.

Once the thoughtform is heavily built, the builders of the massive thoughtform become slaves of that thoughtform, and they themselves act as broadcasting stations to that thoughtform.

For example, some group brings the idea that nation A and nation B are going to enter into a war. All those who listen to this idea, this news, are used as amplifiers and broadcasters of the news. If enough people believe the idea, you will see both A and B nations begin preparation for war. Of course, this will accelerate the growth of the thoughtform until the war starts with terrible consequences.

To stop the amplification of such thoughtforms, the disciples and servers in the world must destroy such thoughtforms with consciously prepared plans and create a balance between negative and positive ideas, finally defeating the negative thoughtforms.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.19

Friday, June 13, 2014

Separation from one's vices does not mean to create cleavages

There are teachers who use a technique to create separation in order to purify certain pseudo forms of togetherness. For example, if a person is identified with his vices and crimes, you must separate that person from his crimes, from his vices. The more you help a person to detach himself from his vices, glamors, maya, and illusions, the more you bring that man together.

This is what most oriental teachers do. They sometimes devastate your false togetherness to bring all those parts closer that can create real togetherness. Unless the false parts fall, the real parts cannot come together.

We must understand that taking the decayed parts out of our unit is not similar to creating cleavages. Cleavages come into being when parts of our mind, emotions, and body begin to lose their vision, their integrity, and act against each other.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.3, p.74


Those who fuse their personalities through hugging find it difficult not to identify with each other's vices and weaknesses. Sometimes even astral entities are exchanged, and possession occurs through hugging. It is known that some entities force an agent to hug another person to inject certain pollutions or certain criminal tendencies into him. We need to learn to communicate with people through inspiring ideas, visions, and teaching instead of sometimes heavily perfumed hugs. To express our love and appreciation, even a sincere smile is enough. However, a hug can be appropriate to your family members or close co-workers and friends, especially when they need your energy to overcome a difficulty or to continue to strive.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.3

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Before sleep, contemplate the joyful moments of that day

I would suggest that every evening, if you can find a way to escape from your television and subliminal trash, you take ten or fifteen minutes to contemplate the joyful moments of that day. Go over them, energize them, expand them, charge them, and link them with each other. Then you will reach that moment where you can say, “Look, I am really joyful. My hands and legs are not broken. My eyes and ears are still functioning and I am healthy. I have a good husband or a good wife and nice friends. How beautiful my life is. Thank God.” Do this and go to sleep. In the morning, you will see how beautiful you are. But we don’t do this. We enter sleep with images of bombings, destruction, financial chaos, and so on. This enters your glands and the next moment you are sick. At the end of your day you are going to think, “Whatever I have, I am going to leave one day.” You cannot take a single day with you. Take it a little easy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is the Ageless Wisdom?

The Ageless Wisdom is the accumulated efforts of all human beings from the earliest times until now to bring light, love, and energy into the human psychology. It is an effort to uplift humanity with the light of understanding, an effort guided by the direction of Cosmic Will.

The Ageless Wisdom is not a single book, doctrine, or Teaching. It is the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the ages. There is no one book. It is like an iceberg; you can see a little on the outside but the greater depth is hidden in the ocean.

Sources of the Ageless Wisdom come from such Teachers as Hermes, Socrates, Christ, Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, and so on. What is written about these Great Ones was greatly distorted because the people who wrote the scriptures could only present the level of the wisdom as they interpreted and understood it. They could not give  us more than what they understood from their level. A child who hears Einstein speak will interpret what he hears at his level. Our holy books are written in a similar manner.

The whole recordings of what these Great Ones taught is found in the Subtle Worlds. Here we have the distorted teaching, but this is not true in the Subtle Worlds. In the Ashrams, They listen to the “lecture tapes” of what Lord Buddha, Christ, and Krishna gave. Comparing these “tapes” to what we are taught at this level is a shocking revelation of how much the human mind can distort.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Ashrams, p.43

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Compassion for a healthy heart

If you have any heart trouble, concentrate on compassion. In addition to meditating on it, exercise and demonstrate it. Heart disease will evaporate. Increase your compassion more and more deeply. First, study what compassion is. It took me twenty years to really penetrate into certain layers of the meaning of compassion. First I went to all the Buddhist books I could find. In my childhood, I had heard that Buddha was called “The Lord of Compassion.” Then I explored the writings of the Christian fathers, especially the Russian Christian fathers. Here and there I found out what compassion is. Christ is not a man. He IS compassion. When you start studying and actualizing compassion, your heart will be so healthy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Friday, May 23, 2014

In saving others, you are saving yourself

As long as we do not save ourselves in others, we are not saved. The Christian concept, unfortunately, emphasizes strongly the need to save yourself. You can’t save yourself, but you can save yourself in others. This is why we pray for others and send love to them. This is our duty because part of us is paralyzed in them.

In saving others, you enter into the path of saving yourself. Others are important, not you. We do not yet understand this concept. Why did Christ, millions of Buddhas, the Holy Mother, and Great Ones come? They came because parts of Their True Self were paralyzed within us. They wanted to redeem, to release them.

Give to others that which you do not have.

Let’s say that you have a family member who says, “I want to be joyful.” That person cannot be joyful in that family or that group unless her first intention is to make other family members joyful. Once she starts doing this, she will be joyful.

Our whole civilization is based on our egos – me, me, me, me, ours, ours, ours. We are going to shift this attitude. Your neighbor is more important than you are. The well-being, the sanity, and the health of your neighbor must be protected so that you remain healthy also.

Everyone is thinking about himself – “my country, my lands, my power, my weapons, mine, mine, mine.” We have come to a place where “mine” doesn’t’ work anymore. In reality, there is no mine and yours. Everything is ours.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is meditation? How do we do meditation?

Meditation is pure thinking in the light of the Common Good. It is the ability to contact great visions and great ideas and formulate them to improve society, the planet, and all of life. Meditation is an effort to penetrate into the world of ideas and receive inspiration, enthusiasm, and joy. It is an effort to contact great principles and laws in the Universe and make them practical so that people improve their lives.

We must improve our life through meditation. Meditation makes us think.

People work through push buttons because of their posthypnotic suggestions, complexes, inner commands and fears, and so on. To be mechanical means to be a danger for others. A mechanical man does not use his mind and meets his problems in a wrong way. Improvement is only possible when a man stops being mechanical and starts to think.

Meditation helps you to be your own self, an independent, free person. It helps you to think, to discriminate, to observe, and to act by your own free will. Those who meditate develop discrimination, observation, and the eye that can see.

How do we do meditation? Early in the morning get up and wash yourself. Then sit in a corner and relax. Close your eyes and choose a seed thought. A seed thought means a sentence or a word upon which you want to think. After you choose your seed thought, try to think about it. For example, take the following seed thought:

“How can I improve my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life?”

Now, you have a serious question and you are going to try to answer it. When you start answering the question, you are thinking. For example, when you start to answer you think, “To improve my physical life, I must dress cleanly and simply, wash my body everyday, eat better food, drink better liquids, sleep well, and so on.”

Do not hurry in answering. Then stop and question your answers. For example, “Why to wash? Why to sleep better? Why to eat better? Why to speak better? Why to behave better? Why to control my tongue?” When you answer your own questions, then go to the next level:

“How can I improve my emotional life?”

Start doing the same thing. Try to answer in detail and then question your answers. The same thing, do for the next question:

“How can I improve my mental and spiritual life?”

After fifteen minutes is over, stop and take some paper and write the ideas or thoughts you had. Then say a prayer and go to your daily work.

This is the foundation, and if you do as it is suggested here you will see a great improvement in your health, in your relationships, in your business or office, in your creativity, and in your thinking.

Wrong meditation is very dangerous for it creates imbalance, insanity, a diffused state of mind, irresponsibility, and inertia.

Right meditation makes you saner, more successful, more prosperous, and much healthier. Meditations improves your life without pressure and confusion. Ideas are sources of energy that strengthen your system.

Meditation goes in three steps:

a. First learn how to think.

b. Then make yourself somebody so that you can contribute to the welfare of humanity.

c. Then try to contact the presence of God in the Universe and in each man and bring it forth.

Meditation helps you make a breakthrough to contact a reality beyond the five senses of your body.

Meditation makes you successful. If an individual meditates, he makes his life successful. When a family meditates, the life of the family becomes successful.

Meditation makes us improve our lives. If you improve a man or a woman you improve the family. If you improve a family, you improve the nation. If you improve the nation you improve humanity, but the foundation is to improve the individual first.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Every planet is inhabited

It is strange to hear scientists say that there is life only on our planet, in this solar system. Science does not know what life is.

All manifested and unmanifested existence is Life, is a life, is the Life. How can one limit the Life by referring to human forms, or to any one particular form.

Life exists without physical form. It exists in etheric, astral, and mental forms, even in higher forms. Emotions are life forms; thoughtforms are life forms. Love is a life form.

Every planet is inhabited by life forms in various planes – etheric, astral, mental, and higher. When our eyes and instruments can detect nothing, we say nothing exists. But even “nothing” is full of life.

There is no planet on which life is not developing. Planets are schools or classrooms. All are inhabited by life forms, in different densities. There are etheric schools, mental colleges, intuitional universities, and life forms are in the process of learning.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Creative Fire

Friday, May 16, 2014

We carry a great load of luggage with us to the astral world

Some people think that when man dies, he enters a different sphere where he knows all that one can know. This is a great error. Man is the same after he dies, and in addition he has a great amount of sorrow and confusion. In the astral plane, you also see the mess that you created while you were in the physical body through your hatred, anger, fears, gossip, slander, and crimes. All secret emotions, feelings, and desires take shape there, and when you go there you can see what kind of a condition you created for yourself.

We carry a great load of luggage with us to the astral world. A great percentage of this luggage is related to our worries, to our loved ones, and to our possessions, We also have lots of fear because of our transgressions, as well as a great amount of hatred, anger, remorse, slander, and so on. This luggage is tripled if we were victims of various kinds of crimes.

After we arrive in the astral plane with our luggage, we display it there and keep ourselves busy around the clock with the loads we brought from the physical world. Those who are free of luggage travel freely and soon enter the mental plane.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thoughts and Chemistry

In the atmosphere there are many chemical elements, but one must not be surprised to learn that thought brings other chemical ingredients into the atmosphere. Each thought emanates a special kind of chemical element or affects the existing chemical elements and changes them into a new kind of chemical element. These new elements are the products of thought. Some of them are very beneficial elements. Some of them are extremely destructive. Both kinds of elements stay a long time in the atmosphere or create various influences upon all life-forms.

Thoughts directed to the Common Good, toward perfection and progressive unfoldments; thoughts dedicated to bringing man closer to the source of beauty emanate those chemical elements which heal, enlighten, and strengthen the human being. Those thoughts which are charged with separatism, exploitation, and hatred emanate poisonous fumes.

The chemical emanations of our lofty thoughts stay with our pens, pencils, typewriters, books, and many other objects we use. They stay for a long time and cause improvement in the chemistry of the objects and in the chemistry of those who touch them and use them. The chemistry of thoughts stays within the building we lived in and affects the chemistry of the auras of those who visit us or who live there after us.

This is why the Teaching strongly advises us to emanate fragrance and beauty through our thoughts, rather than poisonous fumes and ugliness through them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought and the Glory of Thinking

Sunday, May 11, 2014

God is beauty

God is beauty. When you try to be beautiful, His presence increases within you. God abides in beauty. Make your environment beautiful. Even our prisons must be beautiful, for criminals are those people who have never tasted beauty. Show them great ballets, symphonies, dramas, operas, movies, and they will change. The greatest transformer is beauty.

God is beauty. There is no ugliness in Him. Ugliness is artificial. It is the result of wrong thinking, wrong feelings, wrong actions. It is a disease. It is a distortion. It is created by man. The essence of life is beauty. Beauty is light, love, and power. All these three are united in beauty.

Ugliness is not a principle for it has no root. It exists now, but it will disappear as the man walks on the path of perfection. Things are beautiful when they lead you to sanity, health, prosperity, and righteousness and put you on the path of improvement and perfection.

Beauty transforms, sublimates, and expands your consciousness. There is rhythm, geometry, arithmetic, balance, equilibrium, inclusiveness, harmony, engineering, and freedom in beauty.

You are going to be beautiful in your home, your body, your words, your dress, your expressions, your thoughts... Try to make all these more and more beautiful.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Friday, May 09, 2014

Reaction to the Teaching

For example, the Teaching suggests that we not eat meat, drink alcohol, or smoke. When you decide to abstain from these things, your friends and family will probably wonder if you have lost your mind. This creates family and social problems, and sometimes in changing yourself you may lose your family, friends, and job. Thus we can see that the Teaching not only creates reactions from your lower self, from your habits, from your crystallized emotions, beliefs, traditions, and religions but also from your environment and everyone in it!

For an advanced human being, his family, group or society becomes like his lower self. Just as his lower self reacts to the Teaching, similarly and for almost the same reasons his family, group, and society attack and react to him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Ageless Wisdom, p.62

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Initiation into Beauty

Man must be gradually initiated into beauty, for beauty exists only when man develops senses to recognize and appreciate beauty.

The imposition of beauty may create many undesirable reactions. Forced beauty irritates those who have no mechanism to receive, assimilate, or express it. This irritation turns into fear and hatred. Persecution of great Masters of Wisdom and of the Arts and Knowledge, originates from such facts.

That is why the sense of beauty must be cultivated from an early age, gradually, and with great watchfulness so that the spirit of beauty is rooted and properly nourished in the hearts of the children of the world.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two kinds of comas

We are told that there are two kinds of comas:

1. There is a coma in which an opportunity is given to the physical life by the Soul to repair its mechanism and restore health. The unconscious state causes the man to be unaware of the pain and complications which the body is undergoing. For example, if you are in a sudden accident and suffer serious injury, you may go into a coma. Such an unconscious state would be caused by the withdrawal of the consciousness thread for a short period during which you would feel no pain.

2. There is a coma caused by the withdrawal of the consciousness thread through a decision made by the Soul to dissolve the physical body. In this instance it would mean that a great battle is taking place between the physical elemental, or physical life, and the Soul. The physical life still wants to hold on to the life thread and avoid disintegration, but the Soul’s plan is in direct opposition. This conflict, of course, ends in victory for the Soul’s decision, but it may take hours or even a few weeks.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmos in Man

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Jesus' Fourth Degree Initiation

As the blood decreased in Jesus’ body, flowing from the wounds in His body, He slowly came out of His body and saw the miracle of the ages: a Chalice with twelve petals above His head and a crown of thorns. He saw a white-blue central fire in it, which was bubbling and slowly penetrating from petal to petal toward the edges, and when the blue and white glow of fire passed the boundaries of the petals, in an amazing conflagration, the whole Chalice melted into the blue sphere in which He saw a Presence holding to His heart a triumphant warrior. The Presence touched Jesus’ forehead and said farewell... In a flash of time, Jesus identified Himself with the warrior and felt great pain, a pain in “spirit,” because of the departure of that Presence. And He said, “Why are you forsaking me?” This was the last renouncement. Then Jesus saw the destruction of the Inner Temple, and the departure from Him of the Agelong Guide. A second later He felt Divine Bliss filling His whole being because He met Himself, within Himself, as a triumphant warrior.

As He was undergoing this rare experience within the sphere of His higher mind, His body was bleeding, the sun was setting and a few of His beloved ones, including the Holy Mother, were watching Him. It was at this moment that in tremendous joy He announced His victory to the world.

“It is accomplished!”

The agelong labor pointing toward the release of His Inner Presence and entrance into His own Inner Being was finished and now greater paths were opening for Him. This is but a glimpse of the glorious initiation through which He passed to become a Fourth Degree Initiate.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Christ, The Avatar of Sacrificial Love

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Reality exercise

Can you visualize something that is real for you and will stay real now and forever? What do you feel when you find something real? What is it? Where is it? If there is nothing real for you, you are living in unreality. The degree to which you can find reality is the degree to which you are real.

In trying to find reality, we discover that we are living in a world of unreality. Once we really understand that something real has begun to manifest within us, we begin to strive. Striving is real.

We will never be able to find reality if we do not understand what unreality is. Is unreality something that changes, decays, disappears, dies, and is impermanent? These are some questions that help us in our search for reality.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Monday, April 07, 2014

Gratitude exercise

1. This exercise will be simple. Visualize somebody or something toward which you feel really grateful. The object of gratitude is important, but more important is the experience of gratitude.

2. Exactly what do you feel when you are grateful? What happens to your body, emotions, and mind when you are grateful?

3. Can you do the exercise of gratitude and in the meantime observe its effect upon your nature?

We do not need to define or analyze gratitude. Instead we need to experience it, feel it, then define it. We do not need at this point to define what sugar is. Just taste it; then tell someone about your experience. What power does gratitude have upon your mind and body?

At first people start to be grateful to someone or something. But real gratitude is beyond this. We eventually must realize that we do not need to be grateful to someone or to something, but have deep gratitude within our heart. Similarly, we must learn to be joyful not because things outside of us make us joyful, but because joy is our essence. We must have gratitude, unconditional gratitude. It is only in this state that gratitude turns into a power within us.

When you develop the spirit of gratitude within you, everything, every situation or event teaches you a lesson. Life and the Universe help you. You turn into a magnet and realize that there is nothing in the world toward which you cannot feel gratitude.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hatha yoga creates obstacles which block the path of Soul contact

Hatha yoga tightens the link between the physical and etheric, intensifying the substance of the astral body to the point of crystallization. Thus obstacles are created which block the path of Soul contact, and which hinder the process of externalization of the unit of consciousness from etheric-astral into higher mental and buddhic planes.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmos in Man

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The effects of happiness on the health

In the future, medical doctors and psychiatrists will explain the effects of happiness on the health. In happiness you do not have high blood pressure. In happiness, people do not have heart atacks and strokes. Only unhappy people have these conditions. Only those who made others unhappy are stricken. We become happy because our whole body and aura becomes harmonious and beautiful. We understand each other better in happiness than in anger and revenge.

If two people are really happy, they will understand each other. Unhappy people are those who make others unhappy. Usually, these unhappy people are fearful, angry, revengeful, jealous, and they use malice, slander, and treason. If you examine the bottom line, you will see that they are very unhappy people, and they are now taking revenge on themselves. They are making themselves unhappy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be uncomfortable with yourself

After a few years at school a person thinks he is a healer, a masseuse, a doctor. He is comfortable. Comfort is the coffin of your soul. The one thing you are going to learn is this, and if you know this you have the secret of progress: Be uncomfortable with yourself. Do not believe these trash psychiatrists, psychologists who say to love yourself and be whatever you are. They are putting you in the grave and closing the door. Be uncomfortable. To be uncomfortable means to strive toward perfection.

You need these words because you are becoming comfortable. I am very anxious to make you uncomfortable. You are becoming spiritually comfortable people.

In churches, in groups, the ministers, the leaders have a great technique. That technique is to give more comfort to you. "You are so beautiful. You are all healed. You are all like angels." Really? We are not! Why are you lying about us? We are very uncomfortable.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

God never punishes people

Some people attribute their suffering to Divine Will, or they assume that God is making them suffer so that they will inherit “the Kingdom.” It is clear that God has nothing to do with suffering, and that suffering is not necessarily a ticket to paradise.

Man suffers because of the contents of his subconscious mind. Under the influence of the subconscious mind, he even likes to suffer because suffering makes him feel like this inner “swelling” is going to erupt and rid him of the “pus.”

Man does not need to suffer to correct himself. To change people through suffering is a very old, subconscious-originated and failed method, which is still used officially and legally.

God never punishes people. Christ came to demonstrate this by His own life example. But people could not understand Him because their subconscious mind was filled with ideas of a revengeful God, a God that punishes and hates.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Saturday, March 22, 2014

If you want to be happy, exercise control of speech

There are many instructions in the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, and Hindu literature, that emphasize the importance of a controlled mouth. If you talk too much without control, you are really creating unhappy conditions in your life. Most unhappiness is caused by lack of control of your mouth. You say to yourself, “I wish I hadn’t said that. I spoiled everything. Couldn’t I have stopped for just one minute and taken it easy with my speech?” Even if you do not intend harm, you have already ruined everything with your big mouth.
If you want to be happy, exercise control over your mouth. Think ten times before speaking once. When you start talking, you may violate many laws without sensing it.
If you keep a diary, you will see that the most unhappy moments you create in your own life and the lives of your loved ones and friends are created through your big mouth.
-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The major failures in your life occur after you hurt someone

If you have a good memory or if you have kept a record of your life, you will see that the major failures in your life occurred after you hurt someone. After you hurt someone, major illness or failures came to you. You say, "I never slapped his face." True, but you gossiped, you slandered, and used malice and treason. By doing this, you will have a set-back - a reaction.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The attack of the Black Lodge against humanity through obsession and posession

At present, humanity is confronting a grave danger. We know how pollution is endangering the life of the planet. We know about widespread corruption. We know about the increase of crime and the misuse and misapplication of our laws. We know about the arms race, which is speeding to develop sophisticated weaponry to a new dimension. At the same time, people are trying to find out the causes of these widespread phenomena degenerating the life of our planet and threatening its extinction.
The prime cause of this unpleasant and fearful situation does not originate directly from human beings; the originating source is subjective. It is an attack organized by the Black Lodge existing in the solar system. Humanity could combat this attack if it is
  • united
  • dedicated to the common welfare of humanity
  • without greed or a sense of separation
  • in a good state of physical health, morality, and sanity
Because of its weaknesses, humanity has provided an open invitation for the dark forces to operate through their agents in humanity. This also allows the dark forces to incarnate physically to organize worldwide destructive activities against the existence of the human race.
The agents of the Dark Lodge are those who are sent to spread seeds of destruction actively and those who, because of their evil karma, are trapped in the nets of the Dark Lodge and serve as their agents.
The planet is under attack by the dark forces, which try to obsess and possess masses of people and lead them toward destruction and against Beauty, Goodness, and Truth. This prevents humanity from proceeding toward harmonious development and purification.
Such a situation must not prevent our being optimistic. As long as disciples of the world strive to stand on their own feet and use their own logic and intuition, there is the hope of survival.
In facing the world situation today, the main source of hope is the Teaching. We must try to study it, to understand it, and to apply it in order to bring health, happiness, prosperity, and more abundant life to the planet.
The knowledge imparted here has the intention of creating in our lives the following:
  • happiness
  • health
  • prosperity
  • victory
  • creativity
  • clear-mindedness
  • self control
These are seven gifts that a person can have if he is relatively free from obsession and totally free from possession.
The forces that possess us
  1. Discarnate entities of low order awaiting an opportunity to incarnate
  2. Suicides eager to undo what they did and contact the physical plane
  3. Earthbound spirits (good and bad) because of
    a) anxiety over loved ones
    b) business affairs
    c) revenge
    d) desire to undo an evil act
    e) hidden treasures
    f) secrets they want to communicate
  4. Dark forces
  5. Elementals – sub-human entities of a malicious nature
  6. Elementals of people with whom you were sexually associated for a long time and separated from with hatred
  7. Lower devas – childlike, harmless, but mischievous and eager to enter another body for fun
  8. Occasional visitors from other planets – highly evolved, and very rare
  9. Astral corpses which stick to the aura of a person
  10. Entities related to mechanical chanting of mantrams
The forces that obsess us
  1. An idea
  2. A vision
  3. A thought (good or bad) – illusion
  4. Habits
  5. Desires or blind urges and drives – glamor
  6. Thoughtforms coming from individuals, groups, or planetary centers
  7. An event
  8. Past recordings in the subconscious mind
  9. Past life films
  10. Hypnotic suggestions
  11. Imagination
Permanent obsession is possession. Possession is related to entities that enter your aura and use your mechanism. Obsession is when other people’s thoughts, glamors, and habits control you. Remote control of a possessing entity is also obsession.
Signs of obsession and possession are many, and they are divided into the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. By observing the sings, one can see when obsession or possession is taking place. Obsession and possession may occur in one body or in various bodies simultaneously. The signs are as follows:
Mental signs
  1. Vanity
  2. Hilarity
  3. Pride
  4. Gossip
  5. Slander
  6. Malice
  7. Treason
  8. Irrational behavior
  9. Change of attitudes not based on logic or reason
  10. Tendency to pressure others, to violate their freedom, or to impose your will upon them
  11. Irresponsibility
  12. Forgery
  13. Plagiarism
  14. Taking advantage of others; manipulative actions
  15. Stupidity
  16. Ego, greed, possessiveness
  17. Slandering the Hierarchy
  18. Incoherency in thinking expressed through speech and behavior
  19. Slavery, servility
  20. Temptation
Emotional signs
  1. Change of beliefs and trust
  2. Nightmares
  3. Inner fears and suicidal tendencies
  4. Hypocrisy, insincerity
  5. Hatred, fear, jealousy, anger, revenge, greed
  6. Flattery, bribery
  7. Bigotry, fanaticism
  8. Cowardice, carelessness
  9. Psychic attacks
  10. Mediumship and channeling
  11. Cursing
  12. Attachments
  13. Disrespectfulness
  14. Grief, sadness, resentment, arrogance, depression
Entities often cannot penetrate into the aura of certain leaders because of their psychic energy. But they can influence the life of the leader by obsessing his secretary, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. In certain cases the obsessed person creates so many complications in the life of the leader that his service suffers immensely.
Physical signs
  1. Automatic action; lack of control in body actions
  2. Pressure in certain locations of the body
  3. Change of voice and looks
  4. Strong tendency toward
    a) drugs
    b) alcohol
    c) sex
    d) crime
  5. Malfunction of various glands and organs, such as the
    a) lungs
    b) heart
    c) digestive organs
    d) generative organs
    e) skin rashes
    f) brain
  6. Tendency to steal
  7. Automatic writing
  8. Inertia
  9. Hyperactivity
  10. Abortion, suicide
Conditions for obsession and possession
  1. Malice, hatred, treason, slander
  2. Heavy karma due to a life lived at the expense of others
  3. Hatred, fear, jealousy, greed, revenge
  4. Blood; slaughter houses and butchery
  5. Unsanitary conditions such as
    a) stagnant water
    b) collected trash, leaves, and so on
    c) decaying materials
    d) human waste
    e) contact with decaying corpses
    f) uncleanliness of body
  6. Mediums, channels
  7. Sexual license and unnatural sexual practices, such as
    a) homosexuality
    b) lesbianism
    c) animal intercourse
    d) oral sex
  8. Drugs, alcohol, marijuana, or heavy use of tobacco
  9. Low-level music
  10. Ego, vanity, separatism, and fanaticism
  11. Irritation
  12. Racism
  13. Slandering the Hierarchy
  14. Living life against one’s own conscience
  15. Doubt toward the Teacher
  16. Wrong meditation
  17. Wrong imagination and daydreaming
Insanity is definitely the result of progressive obsession and, in the end, possession. Generally, the influence and presence of the possessing entity can cause heavy pressure on the subtle mental mechanism, brain, and nervous system, totally damaging it and causing confusion in the communication network of the mental and brain system.
The owner of the brain and the intruder struggle to maintain or gain control of the brain and mind. Such a struggle first appears as incoherence in thinking, talking, and expressing. As the conflict between the two increases, the brain is damaged and the communication network slowly falls apart.
It is possible that once the owner is paralyzed and cast out, many other entities enter and locate themselves in various neural centers in the body, using the whole man as they choose. Eventually, when they see that the “person” is of no further use to them, they force him to commit suicide or end his life in a fatal accident.
One of the signs off obsession is that when you do something, you cannot undo it, even if you want to. The reason for this is that the entity does something without your awareness or conscious participation. Metaphorically, he locks the door and then hides the key somewhere, and you cannot find the key to unlock the door. This is what happens when a possessed person creates a problem and then finds that he cannot solve it. Because the effect spreads very quickly and more people become involved, the obsessed person is often left wondering how he could do such a thing.
Sanity can be defined as a state of consciousness which you can undo all that you have done. In this state, you do not test poisons or bombs without adequate protection and without knowing how to undo their effects. You do not create deadly bees and allow them to escape and breed.
Dark forces are busy every munity to retard the evolution of humanity. Obsession and possession occur in all fields of human endeavor. Mystically oriented or religious people are not the only ones obsessed or possessed in the world. Many scientists and politicians do things that they cannot undo and waste the resources of a nation or Nature. At this time we cannot undo pollution, radioactive waste, and the resultant diseased.
-Torkom Saraydarian

Obsession and Possession

Spiritual leeches

There are those who hang onto others in some way or another. They make climbing so difficult for those on which they hang that the climbers almost want to give up.

Such people are referred to as leeches because they draw precious energy from a climber and slow or even stop his progress for a while. These leeches are people who pretend to love the Teaching in order to be around those who provide energy and spiritual comfort and obtain help from them to solve their problems. But leeches do not attempt to further their own spiritual evolution. Instead, they wait on the path and ride on others. Some of them are relatively harmless, but they follow progressing ones to prevent them from climbing toward the Summit.

Some traitors emerge from such leeches. There are traitors who follow others and wait for just the right time to hurt and use them for their selfish benefit. There are also those on the path who try to sidetrack your attention away from the Summit. This task is their “duty” – and some of them are very professional in what they do.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Obsession and Possession