Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Science of Complaints

Some people, because of their inner insecurity, express lots of complaints about the environment, about people, about the weather. This discourages people and directs their consciousness to unpleasant events existing in their environment.

A real person must never complain but instead try to analyze, observe, and encourage people in spite of conditions.

The atmosphere created by complaints can be highly toxic and flammable. Its affects the auras of people and slows down the centers of his immediate co-workers. Dark forces search for complaining people to destroy organizations.

Complaints sap the energy of co-workers and orient them negatively. They need, cheer,joy, positivity, courageous manners and attitude, not complaints.

Complaining also creates friction with the laws of nature and with the law of karma because nothing happens by accident, nothing happens outside of the law of karma. In the atmosphere of complaints no “flower”  flourishes. It has been observed for centuries that complaining destroys health, happiness, success, and prosperity, and builds a wall between the higher world and the lower world. Complaining leads to isolation.

Complaints impress on our mind that the effort of analysis, examination, or observation is hopeless, and you develop a rejecting attitude when life presents you with unpleasant events or conditions which are observed as such because of your psychological conditioning or education.

Complaints prevents your horizon from expanding and limits it to negative imagery. Complaints affects the imagination and thought form building process. Every complaint turns into a thought form through imagination, and time comes that the complaint is surrounded with negative and ugly thought forms and the person cannot free himself from their influence. Because of this his creativity decreases and his clear thinking slowly vanishes. The complainer becomes the victim of his complaints.

Instead of complaining you can study the events as if they were necessary part of life, teaching you lessons that you missed.

Complaints obscure the pathways of inspiration and the joy of touching higher worlds. Complaints create a psychic fog and even a cloud through which one cannot see the reality of superior values or register the flow of impressions so vital for the growth of the soul.

Every time you think of complaining, focus your heart on gratitude and observe. Complaints emanate waves of energy through ones voice, but the energy waves do not go into space. They turn inward and fill ones aura, thus creating psychic congestion.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Monday, January 09, 2017

Find a real Teacher who tells you directly what he thinks about you

Find a real Teacher whom you cannot buy, who tells you directly to your face what he thinks about you and how you can improve yourself. A real Teacher loves you but does not accept your failure, self-deception, and vanity. He breaks these things and sets you free.

"Soft" teachers, ones who are very sweet and polite and who do not dare to hurt your feelings, are called "caressers" in the old country. When a person is hurt because you take his mask away, it proves that his whole being is a sensitive wound, that he is not healthy. That is why he is sensitive, or touchy.

Caressers praise and flatter you. They talk about subjects that are pleasant to hear. But in the end you see that you are still the same person as you were before you met them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Thursday, January 05, 2017

All that occurs in the Subtle Worlds and here on earth is on record

It is very important to emphasize that the consciousness registers all that we do on all levels; it keeps these records in the permanent atoms and in the Chalice. When one passes away, he does not necessarily remember his past. Also, when he incarnates, he does not necessarily remember his experiences in the Subtle Worlds. Unless the Antahkarana is built, certain periods of life, both here and there, are left blank.

The records are stored in the atoms and in the Chalice, and they are also locked into the subconscious mind so that the consciousness is not limited, disturbed, or glamored by past records. In a normal state of mind, they are stored until the consciousness starts to function on the highest level of the mental plane and the Antahkarana is built between the lower and the higher mind and also between the higher mind and the Spiritual Triad.

It is possible to force the consciousness through drugs, hypnosis, or certain psychological techniques to remember certain events whose records are stored in the Chalice, permanent atoms, or subconscious mind. The results of this forcing are as follows:

1. Partial or distorted information is received.
2. The laws of Nature are violated.
3. Pressure is placed upon the permanent atoms and Chalice.
4. Negative physical effects on various glands occur.

The important point to remember is that all that occurs in the Subtle Worlds and here on earth is on record. The consciousness has access to these records if it is expanded purified, and connected with the centers to a certain degree. When Judgment Day comes, you and your consciousness will be able to see all that is recorded and decide your own destiny with absolute accuracy and righteousness.

Thus, man is the manifestation of his own karma. He is his own verdict and his own judge because of the continuation of consciousness, life after life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2