Sunday, December 25, 2016

How the love substance evaporates from the bodies

Every time you are thinking in hate, speaking in hate, acting in hate, you are ruining your aura. If in the future we put you in front of those big machines, which are going to come, immediately scientists will say there is a spot in your mental body and it is degenerating, going toward cancer. All diseases start from the higher realms because when love evaporates, darkness comes. There is no vacuum in you. When love comes, hatred goes.

Absence of love is the presence of anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, revenge, treason, slander, vanity, ego, fanaticism, separatism, greed, crimes, and wars. I call these fourteen the evils that make humanity unhappy, families unhappy, man unhappy, groups unhappy. No matter if only one or two of them are there, they are like an octopus in relation to each other. They invite each other in.

When you start blaming, criticizing, hindering, slandering, belittling, insulting, you are losing the substance of love from your bodies and exposing them to destructive attacks. Many times your destruction comes when you slander people and empty yourself of the love substance.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

When you love yourself too much you become a wound in the body of humanity

Question: Can you explain the statement that one cannot love someone else if one cannot love himself.

Answer:Eventually when you love yourself too much you become a wound, a cancer in the body of humanity. All the troubles happen when a family member loves himself more than others. It is the same in the group. It is the same in the nation. If part of humanity loves itself too much, it becomes the center of the troubles. This is it. It burns wounds in the system.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Disease is the result of accumulation of those moments in which we act without love

Disease is the result of accumulation of those moments in our life in which we act without love, we speak without love, we think without love, we play without love. Those moments in our life accumulate or have accumulated throughout lives and eventually collected themselves, accumulated themselves in our bodies. They became disintegrative factors in our body, the source of disease and sickness and maladies and ailments.

Your sickness is the result of your transgressions against the rule of love. That is why in very, very old centuries, in Vedic times, in Upanishadic times, in ancient Chaldea, Assyria, and different places, when a person became sick, they pitied the person and thought it was the result of sin.

What is the sin? There is only one sin -- if you reject love, you are sinning.

If somebody starts gossiping and slandering, or his or her heart is full of jealousy and revenge, I say, "Sickness is coming." Two months later, two years later the sickness is there because the effects of the hatred are accumulating. If someone is clairvoyant he will see how the people are slowly, slowly accumulating dark spots in their aura, and these dark spots are nest of future diseases.

Do not believe when the scientists say these things are caused by germs, viruses, and those kinds of things. There is no such thing. Viruses are lives, germs are lives, microbes are lives. Just as you are lives, they are lives, and they have a right to live because God created them. How can they be harmful to your body, to your emotions, to your mind? They are harmful when you are not protected by love, when your love cannot transform them.

The germ comes and enters your body, but when there is love it changes into energy because every germ is a wave of energy. Many false teachings are given in our institutions, instead of teaching the foundation of life so that we have a society build on the firm foundation of love. Then we could enjoy life and help other people to enjoy life. On the contrary, we are destroying our life and others' lives by not putting ourselves in the rhythm of love, in the waves of love, in the energy currents of love.

You can solve the problems by love, and you can eliminate your diseases by love. To have love you are going to go out of your skin, your self-centered life. Right now life interests you if it is beneficial for your selfish interests. When are you going to drop this vicious circle and get out of your skin and become love? Only then will you understand what we are talking about.

Love is expansion, inclusiveness, and dissipation of ego. Ego is a wound in your soul. Ego says, "I know," "I can do it," "I am somebody." Who you are? You are not even an atom. Love is the dissipation of this ignorance. The greatest sin in the world is committed when you stand out of the circle of love. Everybody in the world is sinful, and the result of sin is death, disease. The Bible says so, but who listens to the Bible? "It is old-fashioned!"

All diseases of the bodies -- physical, emotional, mental, and etheric -- are the result of the seeds planted by our thoughts against love, by our emotions against love, by our actions against love. Because of such actions we have destroyed our immune system.

Now I am saying something that maybe twenty years later you are going to read in the papers. The immune system is a love system. When love evaporates from your system, you do not have an immune system. The immune system is disintegrating in our country and everywhere because we are forcing hatred and killing the love. Everything we are organizing is based not on love but on self-interest.

If you want to run a life on the basis of hatred, disintegration, rejection, malice, and slander, you can do that, but you will see that sickness and disease will be after you forever. It is man who brings calamity to his own life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Health is important when that health is used for the Hierarchy

Money is important but you must in some way understand that money is not everything. Money is energy and that energy must be used to uplift humanity, to bring health, happiness, and freedom to humanity. If money is not doing that, it is your curse. Even your health can be your curse. Because you are healthy, you do obnoxious things and get AIDS, for example, and you kill yourself. Health is also important when that health is used for the Hierarchy, for your spiritual destination.

So disciples eventually are going to orient themselves in the right direction. What is right direction? I live, I eat, I think, I feel for the Glory of God. Or else, you are not living. You can use other words, but that is the direction. If your life is lived only for you, better you do not live it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing, p.437

Monday, December 19, 2016

Many people think that by wishing they can achieve the object of their wish

Many people think that by wishing they can achieve the object of their wish, and thus they waste precious time and energy in wishing. If they would just make themselves concentrate and discipline themselves and be ready to actualize their wish, they would attain knowledge, skill in action, develop new power and wisdom, actualize their wish, and have control over it. When a man loses control over his wishes and is swayed by his wishes, he will have tremendous difficulty living a factual life and will be always in a dream.

People also think that if they wish to do something, they are ready for it. Most of the time we fail because we proceed to actualize our wish, later to discover that we were unready for that task.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3, p.51

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The birth of Christ is the first initiation

The birth of Christ is the first initiation. It is the initiation in which you become an independent person. What does it mean to be independent? It means you become able to take care of yourself, financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As you become more independent, you become more dependent on spiritual realms, but first you must experience standing on your feet. Solve your problems. Make money if you are not making enough. Do not hang on others. Face your responsibilities. This is one of the great signs of a new birth. Before, you do not care about your responsibilities and duties. You ignore this and that, even your wife, even your husband, even your children; but once the formation of Christ begins within you, you become a responsible person. You say, "Honey, what can I do for you so that we are both beautiful, our children, everybody, our group, our humanity is beautiful?"

So the first sign is independence. You do not hang on people and exploit them, manipulate them for your own sake. That is so bad. Until you find the way to be independent and guide your life for yourself, you cannot enter into a new birth experience.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The business community is totally unaware of these factors...

A person is a car seller. He is told the cars are in excellent condition, but he knows they are not. But anyhow, to keep his job, he forces himself to sell the cars to customers as excellent cars. As years go by, this person feels a conflict within him and begins to force himself to sell the cars and gets less money. Eventually he is out of a job. Who are the losers? The losers are the man and his boss.

Though his boss can find others to replace the employee, eventually he himself feels that there is  a cleavage in himself because he realizes that he is selling not the best, but a mediocre object, as if it were the best. This inner conflict eventually makes that man quit his job and and now you have another unemployed person. If he continues to work against his feelings, he can make money but he will pay it to the hospitals.

Whenever we have cleavages within ourselves, we bring failure to ourselves and for those for whom we are working. The business community is totally unaware of these factors, hence the economic failure everywhere.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3, p.50

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The ego attracts all painful phenomena and sufferings to itself

Ego is like a magnet that has fallen into a bunch of nails -- every nail will be attracted to it. The ego attracts all painful phenomena and sufferings to itself. Egolessness is a state of indifference. When the ego is dissipated, one will not have concern for one's own happiness or unhappiness. This is a supreme realization, as the True Self is beyond all physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Art of Teaching

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Meditation is the science of withdrawal from your not-self

Meditation is the science of withdrawal from your not-self. Have you had that experience?

You are going to  have an experience that you have now left the physical body, left the emotional body, left the mental body, and you are in space. You see your town, your body sitting there. From five million miles you see the body is sitting like an ant there and you are meditating. That is how you can do it, but it needs work, labor. People do not like to do meditation because they are interested in making money.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3, p.31

Depression is a trap

Depression is a big trap. Why are people depressed? You will be surprised. When faults accumulate, your Soul looks at you and says, "You are so icky," and you become depressed. Depression is a sign of doing many many wrong things. It is the realization of your past faults without conscious awareness. It is a subconscious happening.

Faults and errors accumulate and cause depression. They come to the surface. Depression is a sign of having done many, many wrong things. Whenever you are depressed, be careful and analyze it. See if there are things you are doing that are wrong. Depression is a trap. It imprisons you.

Wrong and right  are not judged by the ideas of millions of common people. It is a very delicate thing. Only God knows how to find right and wrong; we do not know it. But the result will show it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3