Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hypnotism and anesthesia

Self-hypnotism is as bad as an kind of hypnotism. I remember once shouting to a group of psychiatrists about this self-hypnosis concept. Stay awake. The whole life is hypnotizing you. When you watch television, you are being hypnotized. All advertisements are hypnotic. We want to awaken. Almost the entire humanity is “cattle.” There are a few so-called awakened people. Those who exploit others are hypnotized people.

For example, tomorrow a few doctors will gather and say, “There is a new illness.” Immediately, millions of people will rush to the hospitals and certain people will make billions of dollars. We have become hypnotized cattle. The headlines in newspapers, radio, and television can say anything they want. No one objects or questions them. We have become cattle, nothing else! The prime duty of leadership is to awaken people, instead of keeping you ignorant and using you.

Question: What about anesthesia and hypnosis?

Answer: Anesthesia is better than hypnotism. It is more physical and tangible. You can also clean most of its ill effects. But when you are hypnotized, it is very difficult to find and remove. For example, a very pretty girl is sitting in the dentist’s chair as he is hypnotizing her for a tooth extraction. While he is removing her teeth, his is thinking, “Wow! What a beautiful girl this is. Maybe I will kiss her a little.” Then he starts imagining, “I can take her somewhere...” These thoughts will immediately go into her. After her tooth is removed, the girl will be crazy for the dentist because she is hypnotized. In addition to your words, your emotions, your thoughts, and your ideas are also planted in the hypnotized person.

When a person is under anesthesia, total silence should be enforced. Even if your child falls and cuts his nose and runs to you screaming, don’t speak to him. Just hold him next to your heart. If you talk, you are hypnotizing him. There is less risk under anesthesia than with hypnotism. When a person is under the influence of an anesthetic, his thoughts and emotions are not buried into him, but in hypnotism they are.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Almost all discoveries on earth are reflections of the discoveries in the Subtle World

Almost all discoveries on earth are reflections of the discoveries in the Subtle World. The Subtle World is far more advanced in scientific discoveries than our earth. When the formulas and the designs of the machinery of the Subtle World pass through the atmosphere of the earth and through the human brain, much is lost, and sometimes only a distorted reflection remains. This is why it is so important that our scientists develop continuity of consciousness so that they can see the prototypes of their discoveries in subtle planes and make needed changes and adjustments in their discoveries.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Evil in its many forms must be recognized as a hindrance on the path of evolution

The evil people in our life are not alone. They are the servants of a huge army and receive energy and power from that army. Essentially they are spirit but blinded by matter and material values.

They want:

- more land
- more power over others
- more money
- more possessions
- more luxury
- more dominance to use their separative will
- more deception to avoid light and reality
- more pretense to hide themselves
- more crimes to avoid opposition
- more sensuality, making them insensitive to reason and logic.

Evil walks through all these tunnels and lives in the darkness of its ignorance.

Ignorance is the inability to see progress, to be part of the spiritualization process. That is why ignorance so violently hates any kind of spiritual phenomena. It hurts their ignorance.

Ignorance is not lack of certain knowledge or information. Ignorance is the inability to see the reality of evolution, the reality of a breakthrough into light.

When ignorance continues for many incarnations, there comes another evil that is insensitive, indifferent to any spiritual values, virtues, or aspiration. The spirit is buried deep in matter, and the person is approaching the moment when he will lose his soul and turn into matter.

Such people, or other disintegrating bodies, promote evil. They stimulate material tendencies, separatism, self-interest, vices, and manifold low desires. Every disintegrating form has a similar effect in its environment.

Not only for man but there are also huge constellations in space in the process of decay. Their bodies have a malefic influence upon global and systemic bodies – man included.

Evil in its many forms must be recognized as a hindrance on the path of human evolution.

At this time there is an organized evil in our planet supported by ancient evil. They have their hierarchy, their commanders, soldiers, and followers. They have their purpose, their plan, and multidimensional methods to penetrate every layer of society.

Evil is an organized army that is interested in material value, in making man and woman the slaves of material values. Their intention is to stop the evolutionary process and turn it into involution.

Those who love humanity must be prepared to fight eternally against this force. Every initiate, every disciple under the Hierarchy of light is a warrior.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something is important and has value and meaning only in relation to something else

We want to be someone in order to serve people. Even if you become a god, who cares what you are if the world is not profiting from you? If you are developing without serving others, it is egocentric, a totally selfish development that needs thousands of hammers to break and bring out your essence. Something is important and has value and meaning only in relation to something else. Nothing is meaningful and has value unless it is related to something else. Your meaning will be greater when you have higher and more extended relationships.

You are a poet and your wife knows that you are a poet. So what! If the group knows you are a poet, and if the worlds knows, wow! If the whole existence knows, you have a value equal to the whole existence. But if you are alone and isolated, no one cares what you are.

In life there is a principle that urges us to go toward group formations. Everyone is sane at home, but be on a difficult committee and your true sense will express itself. On the mountain top you can be a very great Master, but when you work in the State Department, you will see what will happen. You are a good lawyer at home, but how are you in the courtroom? It is in relation to something that you gain your value.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Monday, July 14, 2014

Right and wrong

People created a philosophy which says that there is no right or wrong. This is a great mistake. Things that are harmful for your body are wrong. Things that are beneficial for your body are right. Things that create agitation and poison in your emotional body are wrong. Things that create peace, love, calmness, and aspiration in your emotional body are right.

Things that make you crazy, insane, and illogical are wrong. Things that give your mind serenity, the power of discernment, clarity, and creativity are right. Things that lead you into ugliness are wrong. Things that lead you into beauty are right.

Your progress on the path depends on your discrimination between right and wrong.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Friday, July 11, 2014

The need for good sleep

The physical body is kept healthy if you sleep between ten p.m. and five a.m. This is so important and people in America are mixed up. Their night is day. Their day is night. They watch very stupid, rascal films until three o’clock, and with all that imagination they go and sleep.
What happens? Their soul goes exactly to those obnoxious places that were on the television. Instead of going to Higher Worlds, classes, Ashrams, learning wisdom and regenerating their nervous system, they go to cabarets, to places of murder and violence. Then the next morning they say, “I feel so weak,” and they are so sour, negative. Especially if they are bosses, judges, you have problems with them because their mental and emotional bodies do not act right because their bodies are weird.
Only pure energy will make them think with reason and logic. When their energy is taken, their reason and logic are totally upside down. That is why the Chinese say, “When you are going to give an order to the armies, you must have a good night’s sleep.” After sleep you will be able to do the right thing.
If you intend to divorce, or have other problems, be careful that you do not immediately make decisions. Sleep on it, but do not sleep with pills. Do not sleep with alcohol. It is the worst thing you are doing to your body. To sleep with alcohol means to commit suicide. To sleep with drugs means double suicide. You are killing the future temple that is going to be built in our soul by using drugs. This is a very bad lesson for those people who use drugs. They do not know what they are doing for their future.
Sleep is very important and really is best between ten and five. Go to sleep. It is so beautiful to sleep. A poet wrote that sleep is a waste of time. He was so stupid. On the contrary, sleep is the accumulation of the most priceless gold in your life because it is in the sleep you are cured, you are energized, you are enlightened, and the devas and angels come and take away all the trash you have. Sometimes if you sleep until early morning you are refreshed in spite of all your problems. Try to sleep well.
To sleep well you are not going to eat after sunset. It is very bad for people because they eat until the last moment before they are going to put their head on the pillow. “What about this pie?” You are not going to eat after sunset, no matter what, if you want to have healthy bodies. You are not going to load the bodies.
The other day a seven year old boy told me he always shouts in his sleep. Sometimes he walks in his sleep and sometimes he beats his pillow. His mother told me that he was watching violent movies on television from eight to ten p.m. How can he sleep if all that he sees is accumulated in his mind as posthypnotic suggestions? The suggestions are going to have to release themselves, so they manifest at midnight during his sleep because he cannot yet do those things in his waking states of consciousness. He imitates them in his sleep.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Thursday, July 10, 2014

High standards

Higher standards bring right human relations. They are more pro-survival and more inclusive. They bring greater harmony between people and better health to all. Higher standards inspire us to sacrificially serve, to become self-forgetful, cooperative, economical, harmless, and to develop a deeper sense of responsibility and dedication.

A lack of standards or low standards result in greater sickness, insanity, irresponsibility, selfishness, destruction, ill will, waste and separatism.

Contemporary life has set a big network of traps for people. Pleasures are easy to obtain through drugs, marijuana, alcohol and cheap sex. There are countless opportunities to hate and separate. Greed is pumped continuously into our veins. Through such methods, our high standards weaken and our consciousness diminishes.

One of these traps is self-interest. As one becomes more interested in himself, he slowly loses his higher standards and prepares himself for future failure. The consciousness of a whole nation declines when certain people introduce low level standards into it.

The leaders of the future must be very careful that moral, religious, political, educational, and cultural standards do not fall to lower levels because of the efforts of those who either lack standards entirely or who have low standards. Such a decline will lower the consciousness of humanity and prepare the way for many problems and difficulties.

Our standards are often tested in the astral and mental worlds. For example, you may not tell lies on the physical plane, but in your dreams you lie. This shows that your consciousness in the astral plane does not yet uphold the standards held by your waking consciousness.

Sometimes people outwardly act according to moral codes, but in their imagination they violate all  moral codes.

Our standards are also tested in various times in our life. People often use their standards under the pressure of fear or the law, but they forget about them on other occasions. Such behavior shows that the consciousness is not yet stabilized in its standards.

High standards are very precious and  can help the human soul as pillars of light in his subjective journey or when he passes away.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The most important science is the inner science

The most important science is the inner science. We are sending men to the moon, but people are still suffering on earth. Man knows very little about himself. He is doing everything mechanically. We are painful, sorrowful, and miserable beings inside. We have not yet learned this inner science. What can we do to make ourselves sincerely happy? What is the goal of life? It is to make yourself and others extremely happy, joyful, and blissful. But we are not doing this. We are accumulating and building. We are crazy about science. What has science done for us? Humanity cannot see what science has done. We don’t have a healthy planet now. You don’t have safe water to drink and clean air to breathe. Cancer and other diseases are spreading and we are still saying, “Science.” To hell with such a science. You can’t do without it now. You are finished, trapped. Science is going to undo what they did, with science.

Why is science altering the chromosomes and working with genetic engineering? They have learned how to use the “computer”, and now they are playing with it. They don’t know what disasters are ahead. There is no greater science than the science of cooperating with Nature. You should not change Nature. We must be humble and learn to cooperate.

Learn what is going on in Nature, but don’t play with it, as science is doing today. Like a mid-wife, you can cooperate with Nature and help it give birth to its secret.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Friday, July 04, 2014

The accumulation of knowledge is not the same as the expansion of consciousness

People often think that the accumulation of knowledge is equal to the expansion of consciousness. This is not true. One can be a highly trained scientist but have a very small consciousness if his heart is not in harmony with the use of his knowledge and if his knowledge does not bring blessings for humanity. The accumulation of knowledge is just like the accumulation of jewels or other articles; the accumulation of such objects does not mean that the person is growing in his consciousness.

When knowledge increases but the consciousness remains the same, the person enters the zone of self-destruction. Nothing good comes from a person of limited consciousness, even if he carries a tremendous load of information in his brain.

A show of interest is the first sign of expansion of consciousness, yet we often pay little attention to the world. Whenever a person lacks interest, his consciousness remains stagnant. As our interest grows and expands into many fields, our consciousness expands proportionately

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Healing the Fruit Tree

Fruits and vegetables have a very sensitive system of communication with the Higher Worlds. They not only gather chemicals from the earth as they grow, but they also draw energy from the stars.

One day a lady told me that a certain tree in her yard had not given fruit for many years. I said, “It must be angry. Let’s talk to it.” Ten or fifteen people went and hugged the tree. Then we said to the tree, “If something bad was done to you, please excuse it, and we will pray for you.” We told the tree that we loved it and that it was so beautiful. We shook hands with it. The next year it produced an abundance of delicious fruit!

-Torkom Saraydarian