Sunday, July 29, 2018

How natural disasters are created

When humanity creates obstacles on the path of harmonious development of the global life, its own obstacles form a charged cloud of negative energy which, in due time, comes down and strikes its originating source and place in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires, the submerging of continents, and other natural calamities. The result of such catastrophes is a clearing away of hindrances and the establishing of harmony within the energy field of the globe and of the Solar System.

A parallel happening takes place in our individual lives. Our physical body is floating within the etheric, emotional and mental bodies which are under they rhythm of the Inner Presence. When things go wrong in any of these bodies through our lies, hatred, jealousies, in wasting precious energies, or in wrong mental activities and negative attitudes, we create disturbances within these bodies. Sooner or later these disturbances come down and affect the condition of our physical body. In a sense, our physical body is the shadow of our etheric body. Any change in the etheric body reflects on the physical body. Because of this fact, we are told that in the coming centuries, medicine will deal, primarily, with the etheric body in the healing of the physical body.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Sunday, July 22, 2018

In the future our whole military system will be controlled by thinking

In a very short time, let us say in five hundred years' time, our whole military system will be controlled by thinking. The wars will be transferred onto the mental plane, and physical and astral weapons will become totally obsolete. Human beings will use the power of their thought to fight or to cooperate. Meditation is the training to learn cooperation. Those who do not learn meditation but cultivate their mind will be considered the failures of evolution.

At this time of human history everyone is forced to think. Thinking is gradient. The deeper a person thinks, the farther he progresses on the spiritual path and gradually becomes one of the instructors, Teachers, and leaders of humanity.

People think that all these conflicts going on in the streets, and all these military movements carried over the battlefields have nothing to do with subjective movements going on in the consciousness of humanity. Actually the very cause of these movements is the evolutionary growth of the spirit of freedom which systematically and cyclically is destroying all those thoughtforms that are perpetuating tyranny in all its forms - political, religious, and economic and feeding separativeness and animosity between nations.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.3

When we become unable to continue or deepen our meditation

Often, for karmic reasons or because of dark influences, we become unable to continue or deepen our meditation, but even in such a condition we must continue to meditate in some form or another. The effect of meditation is cumulative and it creates a powerful tension in our consciousness that eventually wipes away all karmic and dark interferences and opens the path for regular and rhythmic meditation.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.3

Saturday, July 21, 2018

In the future, all leaders will have the capacity to meditate

In the future, all leaders in any field of human activity will have the capacity to meditate, which means the capacity to see the problems and needs from as many viewpoints as possible; the capacity to see the cause and effects; the capacity to see the interrelationships between individuals, groups, nations, humanity, the planet, solar system, and beyond.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.3, p.132

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Without meditators our planet will go toward barbarism

Everyone who knows how to meditate is a great servant of the human race because through his meditation he dissipates those thoughtforms around the planet that prevent the entry of "interplanetary force and force from the higher mental levels."

Our planet is surrounded by an overcasting cloud of massive thoughtforms which are murky, confusing, ugly, destructive, separative, and antagonistic to higher orders. Each meditation makes a rent through such heavy layers of murky thoughtforms and allows higher forces and energies to reach our planet and the thinking people in the world, bringing new ideas, visions, revelations, inspiration, and guidance.

Without these meditators our planet will go toward barbarism and fall into animalistic behaviors. Degeneration will set in and hate, anger, jealousy, revenge, treason, exploitation, and totalitarianism will rule, with all its ugly consequences.

Each meditation creates a hole into this ugly cloud and lets the higher influences pour in. All those who meditate around the world help the process of dissipation of this murky thoughtform around the planet.

New cultures, new ideas, new visions, and new revelations reach humanity during the moment when hundreds and thousands of meditators combine their efforts and build a channel for higher forces to contact us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.3

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Where health and harmony in our environment comes from

The impurity of astral and etheric planes immediately and directly controls the quality, the type, and the health of the physical body.

In the etheric plane we see the forms of all our actions that are contrary to the Laws of Nature. Such forms prevent the free circulation of energy.

The purification process in the mental, astral, and etheric bodies reflects in the physical body and manifests as energy, strength, health, and beauty. It also radiates out to the environment where the person lives and begins to purify his environment. This purification manifests as health, happiness, prosperity, beauty, orderliness, harmony, and cooperation.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.3

Monday, July 09, 2018

Why talk about God?

A boy came to me and asked,
"What is God?"
"Well," I said, "you seem to be very intelligent. Can you explain to me what this leaf is?" He struggled and struggled. Eventually he said,
"You know, I really do not know what the leaf is, what the leaf does." I said,
"How can I talk about God if you do not know about a leaf. Let us talk about something else."
"What?" he asked.
"Why you are smoking?" I asked.
"I like it."
"Well, would you like to take a knife and cut your throat?"
"No," he answered.
Smoking does that. So we engaged in some battle, but on a level that we both understood. Why talk about God?

One time I asked my Teacher, "What is God?" and he said, "Turn your back to me and let me tell you." He gave me a kick in the pants and he said, "That is God. How can you ask such a question?" What do we do? We make God as a Santa Claus and people never can surpass that image anymore. We block them.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Sunday, July 08, 2018

The planetary entity

What is the planetary entity? The Planetary physical body, the planetary astral body, and the planetary mental body have their entities, their elementals. An elemental is the soul of a body. The planet also has its entity that is the three entities united. They are trying to affect humanity by pulling it back to the most backward way of living, feeling, and thinking. This entity is pulling humanity down. If you feel this pull, that you are going from idealism toward materialism, from inclusiveness toward separatism, from love to hatred, from great unification processes into wasting sex processes, it means that you are involved in the hands of that elemental, and that elemental is going to make you a part of itself!

How are you going to reject this kind of energy that is coming to you? There is only one answer: increase your aspiration, your striving, and the desire to make yourself beautiful, pure, and creative. This is the only thing that you can do. If you do not do these three things, you will be caught in the hands of this entity.

The power of this entity is increasing. It is the time when this entity, developed to such a great degree, can make its presence felt everywhere. We see it through widespread drug problems pulling us down. Millions of tons of various drugs are found here and there, in every nation. Crime is increasing; stealing, dishonesty, killing are everywhere. Humanity is slowly going into this entity's "mouth", into its satanic power. Only rarely do we see love, respect, admiration, and striving for higher visions in families. We see very little of this. If you watch the news you can see what is happening. It is all sex, pleasure, hatred, exploitation, money, and such. It is swallowing you.

Disciples are going to be so alert and awake to be sure that this entity does not swallow them. Resist and reject being swallowed by that entity. Let me see if you can start fighting against it.

-Τορκόμ Σαραϊνταριάν
Human Nature

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Non-forgiveness ties you to the events that upset you

Non-forgiveness ties you to the events that upset you, and you cannot proceed to higher planes. In esoteric literature there are records of those people who could not progress from the astral plane to the mental plane because of their hatred. They had to wait for many thousands of years on the astral plane until they could forgive.

If you enter the lower levels of the astral plane with your revengeful, hateful thoughtforms, you have every kind of possibility there of taking revenge on people you hate, but you are creating an illusionary world for yourself. Anything you think on the astral plane turns into fact. You can take a cannon, shoot it at someone, and destroy him. Then the next day you see that he is alive. Then you take a knife and stab him, but the next day he is there again. You are in a nightmare.

One must be careful not to be caught in self-destructive thoughtforms.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

How wrong speech destroys the aura

Wrong speech is just like putting a wrong program into your computer. Your computer has the right program -- let it work. With wrong speech you are putting in another program, a wrong program. The computer begins to go berserk. You give commands and they are not obeyed. You do your accounting and your accounting comes out entirely wrong because you have two programs working against each other. You do not need that.

Every time you are thinking wrong things, you are distorting, disturbing your computer. It is not a matter of legality or ethics; it is just your physical instrument, just your health that you are distorting. Do not do that.

If you disturb your computer, let us say little by little for one year, that little by little accumulates and becomes a big bug in there and nobody can heal it. From the beginning say, "I am going to talk about things that are beautiful, things that are righteous, things that are related to goodness and freedom and joy and striving and service and sacrifice and harmony, and so on."

When you start talking about these things and thinking and feeling about these things, you will see that in your nature lots of forces are fighting against you -- forces of habits from your families, and karmic causes where you were so bad in the past that it is not easy now to be good. Those forces are still hanging on you like an octopus. Then you have lots of subconscious urges and drives that are coming from different lifetimes. They attack you.

It is not easy to find yourself, but as you start doing it, you will see that you are gaining ground, and once you gain ground, you see for the first time how your health is changing and how your brain is really illuminated. It is so interesting.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.2