Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two kinds of comas

We are told that there are two kinds of comas:

1. There is a coma in which an opportunity is given to the physical life by the Soul to repair its mechanism and restore health. The unconscious state causes the man to be unaware of the pain and complications which the body is undergoing. For example, if you are in a sudden accident and suffer serious injury, you may go into a coma. Such an unconscious state would be caused by the withdrawal of the consciousness thread for a short period during which you would feel no pain.

2. There is a coma caused by the withdrawal of the consciousness thread through a decision made by the Soul to dissolve the physical body. In this instance it would mean that a great battle is taking place between the physical elemental, or physical life, and the Soul. The physical life still wants to hold on to the life thread and avoid disintegration, but the Soul’s plan is in direct opposition. This conflict, of course, ends in victory for the Soul’s decision, but it may take hours or even a few weeks.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmos in Man

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Jesus' Fourth Degree Initiation

As the blood decreased in Jesus’ body, flowing from the wounds in His body, He slowly came out of His body and saw the miracle of the ages: a Chalice with twelve petals above His head and a crown of thorns. He saw a white-blue central fire in it, which was bubbling and slowly penetrating from petal to petal toward the edges, and when the blue and white glow of fire passed the boundaries of the petals, in an amazing conflagration, the whole Chalice melted into the blue sphere in which He saw a Presence holding to His heart a triumphant warrior. The Presence touched Jesus’ forehead and said farewell... In a flash of time, Jesus identified Himself with the warrior and felt great pain, a pain in “spirit,” because of the departure of that Presence. And He said, “Why are you forsaking me?” This was the last renouncement. Then Jesus saw the destruction of the Inner Temple, and the departure from Him of the Agelong Guide. A second later He felt Divine Bliss filling His whole being because He met Himself, within Himself, as a triumphant warrior.

As He was undergoing this rare experience within the sphere of His higher mind, His body was bleeding, the sun was setting and a few of His beloved ones, including the Holy Mother, were watching Him. It was at this moment that in tremendous joy He announced His victory to the world.

“It is accomplished!”

The agelong labor pointing toward the release of His Inner Presence and entrance into His own Inner Being was finished and now greater paths were opening for Him. This is but a glimpse of the glorious initiation through which He passed to become a Fourth Degree Initiate.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Christ, The Avatar of Sacrificial Love

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Reality exercise

Can you visualize something that is real for you and will stay real now and forever? What do you feel when you find something real? What is it? Where is it? If there is nothing real for you, you are living in unreality. The degree to which you can find reality is the degree to which you are real.

In trying to find reality, we discover that we are living in a world of unreality. Once we really understand that something real has begun to manifest within us, we begin to strive. Striving is real.

We will never be able to find reality if we do not understand what unreality is. Is unreality something that changes, decays, disappears, dies, and is impermanent? These are some questions that help us in our search for reality.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Monday, April 07, 2014

Gratitude exercise

1. This exercise will be simple. Visualize somebody or something toward which you feel really grateful. The object of gratitude is important, but more important is the experience of gratitude.

2. Exactly what do you feel when you are grateful? What happens to your body, emotions, and mind when you are grateful?

3. Can you do the exercise of gratitude and in the meantime observe its effect upon your nature?

We do not need to define or analyze gratitude. Instead we need to experience it, feel it, then define it. We do not need at this point to define what sugar is. Just taste it; then tell someone about your experience. What power does gratitude have upon your mind and body?

At first people start to be grateful to someone or something. But real gratitude is beyond this. We eventually must realize that we do not need to be grateful to someone or to something, but have deep gratitude within our heart. Similarly, we must learn to be joyful not because things outside of us make us joyful, but because joy is our essence. We must have gratitude, unconditional gratitude. It is only in this state that gratitude turns into a power within us.

When you develop the spirit of gratitude within you, everything, every situation or event teaches you a lesson. Life and the Universe help you. You turn into a magnet and realize that there is nothing in the world toward which you cannot feel gratitude.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss