Monday, December 25, 2017

Ego always blames others

Ego always blames others. When you are egoless and without vanity, you just see the wrongs you are doing. You see that you are not loved, not successful. You see that you do not have money, influence, magnetism, and so on. If you say that it is caused by the actions of others, you will never discover the real reason. But when you find the reason, or the cause that is within you, you will have found the true answers to your problems. This is how you are going to go through life, not with self-deception.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization and Self-Mastery

Thursday, December 21, 2017

You must not flatter each other

Ego is built through flattery. Do not praise and flatter each other. In monasteries this is totally forbidden. Of course you can challenge people by saying, for example, "You have many potentials. You can try to do better." This is better than flattering and bribing others to be something for which they have no preparation and no past karma to produce certain results for themselves.

This is very prevalent in our homes. For example, they say, "My son, you are going to be a hero in the future." "You are going to be a great lawyer." "You are so beautiful." "You are better than other boys." "You are chosen by God." Why are you chosen? What happens to these children? They puff up and become swollen headed with a very big ego. They can become the most destructive human beings, if anyone works against their ego. I have seen many, many such people.

You must not flatter or bribe each other. You must not say things that you do not know anything about. The spiritual path is to stay in reality and factuality, and never flatter others. Flattery is a form of expectation from the flatterer. Whenever you flatter people, you are expecting something from them. Flattery is selfish and manipulative.

Q: Are flattery and acknowledgment the same thing?

A: No. In true acknowledgment and recognition, you are recognizing a person's efforts, not the results of their efforts. For example, "You made so many genuine efforts to produce this painting. But I think that you can strive to do even greater work." In this way, you leave the door open for that person's progress.

Q: What if someone suffers from low self-esteem and they need encouragement?

A: I am not saying that you should not encourage people. But you must encourage people without flattery and pumping them our of their limits of actualizing their potentials. Encouragement is a scientific process. We must not encourage people our of their limits.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What are the contents of the subconscious mind?

What are the contents of the subconscious mind?

-All records of past pain, suffering, failure, and misdeeds of the person
-All thoughtforms of fear, hatred, jealousy, revenge, dishonesty, and exploitation
-All recordings of disastrous events, such as death, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, genocide, murder, loss, and so on
-All recordings of sinful actions and encapsulated tensions of blind urges and drives
-All recordings of denial, disrespect, and slander that a person experienced in the past
-All slanderous actions toward the Teaching: prejudices, fanaticism, and ingratitude
-All slanderous thoughts, feelings, and actions against one's own essential divinity

These seven categories basically describe the contents of the subconscious storage. The subconscious storage carries many, many recordings of the past one hundred to one thousand lives.

Most insanity in the world is caused by the flood of the subconscious mind utilized intelligently by dark forces.

The subconscious storage remains in the mind for a long time and becomes the main source of a person's suffering, pain, failure, and ill health.

Psychological and psychiatric treatment is a feeble effort to release and handle the subconscious flood safely.

Churches use the methods of confession, repentance, and renunciation. But the safest method to clean up the subconscious storage is through scientific meditation -- a meditation that is regular and continuous.

As a person cleans out the trash from the subconscious mind the following happen:

-His health improves
-His emotions become positive and happy
-His imagination comes under his control
-He has clarity of thinking
-He develops stability in his labor to achieve his goal
-Mental confusion disappears
-Creativity and joy steadily increase in his life

Thus, scientific meditation actually helps a person discover and liberate himself in practical ways. He enjoys life more abundantly, as well as helping him reconstruct or even recreate a new person - a person of efficiency, creativity, leadership, stability, and beauty.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.1

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Try to be conscious in whatever you are doing

The first method for Self-actualization is to do whatever you are doing consciously. Do not ever do anything in a "sleep-state", or with non-attention. Do everything consciously. For example, "I am sitting consciously. I have a key in my pocket. I leave the key on the table. Ten days later I will know where the key is.

Try to do all of your actions consciously. Once I asked a girl why she was frequently jerking her shoulder. She did not know. These are unconscious actions.

Whatever you are doing, do it consciously with all of your heart, mind, and love. If you are writing a letter, write it consciously. Walk consciously, sit consciously, speak consciously. Consciously put your body in the right place at the right time and then sleep. If you consciously sleep, after you enter sleep you are conscious. Have you had that experience?

Try to perform all actions consciously. Observe yourself. Daily be conscious of how you are walking. Once I asked a man, "Why are you walking like an elephant?" He replied, "I walk nicely." He did not realize that he was not walking correctly.

Start being aware of how you are walking, how you are sitting, how you are eating. This is very important. Observe how you are washing the laundry, how you are ironing, or how you cut your finger when you were chopping potatoes. Your finger went under the knife because you were not conscious.

Try to be conscious in whatever you are doing. When you exercise this technique, many aspects of your life will change. You will be conscious and Self-actualized in the physical plane.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization and Self-Mastery

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Someday we will live only by the sun's radiation

If we survive on this planet and the Great Ones begin arriving, we will live only by the sun's radiation, just as certain computers are now powered solely by solar energy. The human body is the best assimilator of light if it is purified. Someday we will eat our lunch by going out into the sunlight, doing a few special exercises and then inhaling solar energy. That energy will be converted into a form that will nourish and fuel the body. We will not need food as we know it today. This will take a little time, but this will be our future if we clean this planet and ourselves.

We already have instruments that are transforming solar energy into other forms of energy. If we can create instruments that are powered by the sun's rays, what about the creator of those instruments? Man can transform himself in a purified condition to receive and use light energy. I have seen Yogis sitting on ice turn that ice into hot water in just a few minutes. As the human instrument becomes more refined, we will not need to pollute it with elements that we have surpassed.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.1

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The emotional bodies of human beings are more sick than their physical bodies

People think that only their bodies are sick. Maybe three thousand years from now, you will see hospitals for emotional bodies. The emotional bodies of human beings are more sick than their physical bodies. Hatred, anger, fear, revenge, treason, slander, and jealousy are the main cancerous diseases of the emotional body, but people do not realize this.

It was reported recently that doctors have discovered that fear and anger create cancer. Interestingly, this was reported thousands of years ago. Why have we been waiting to discover this? I am grateful that science has at last found proof that there is an anger element in the blood. This element creates stimulation to nerve channels and other parts of our body, eventually creating cancer, tumors, heart attacks, and strokes.

When you start releasing your own Core, that divineness, that great beauty and splendor within you will wash away your emotional illness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

When people hide

Communication. You see people who say, "I don't want to talk." "I don't want to speak."When people do not want to speak or relate and when they keep things secret, they are escaping from the Light of the Self. They will do more "gopher" business than before. When people hide, they are miserable, because they are doing something secretive that their conscience is not approving. And when your conscience is not approving, you are in trouble.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

People think that spiritualization is abstraction...

People think that spiritualization is abstraction, a state in which you are lost for yourself and for others.

Spirituality is a state of awareness, not oblivion. It is an expanding, a progressively more inclusive awareness -- not "spacing-out."

I met a fool who said he is in this world but he lives in the ultimate reality. Whenever we asked him about what the ultimate reality was, he said, "I can't tell you because I don't know."
"Then how do you know that you are in ultimate reality?"
"Impossible to explain."
"Then what is the use of it?"
"No use."
He lived as a beggar, and died as a beggar in "ultimate reality."

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism, p.193

The average person works against itself

The average person is a mechanism which works against itself in a self-defeating way. Whether we like it or not, whatever we do physically, emotionally and mentally is, in a very high percentage of cases, self-defeating. The success of darkness lies in the fact that we do not often realize this.

Are you doing things which are against your body? Are you doing things which are against your heart? You have thousands of anti-survival thoughts, which are against light, beauty, goodness and truth. These thoughts, emotions and actions create self-defeating conditions in your mechanism.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Monday, November 13, 2017

Every success achieved by harmful methods

Every success achieved by methods that are harmful to another leads you to a personal “hell,” methods such as:

- liquor sales
- drug sales
- prostitution
- killing animals
- manipulating old and sick people

Every serious pursuit for self-interest or separative interests brings pain and suffering.
Every success at the expense of others leads people away from the light of God to a future “hell.”
Every success achieved by wrong means, such as cheating, or manipulating, creates a heavy tail of karma behind you.
These successes are cold paths leading to your future misery.

- Torkom Saraydarian
Dynamics of Success

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The larger and more proportionate the aura is...

The larger and more proportionate the aura is to the body, the healthier the person is. An aura which is narrow and irregular in proportion to the body means there are problems in the body, emotions, or mind. A healthy person radiates a seven to nine foot aura, with clear colors. Radiation of the aura extends further when one dresses in white.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Aura, Shield of Protection and Glory

Sunday, November 05, 2017


Revenge is a very complicated emotional mechanism. It negates understanding and wisdom. Such an operation often causes intense suffering to many people, which makes the revenger happy. His happiness nourishes itself on the sufferings of others, but in the meantime, revengeful actions develop the sense of guilt. This sense of guilt becomes the seed for future troubles. This is because a guilty person awaits punishment, and when in due time he is punished for his past revengeful actions, he feels pleasure because it feels righteous for him to suffer.

To seek righteousness through revengeful actions is the shortest way to lose the sense of righteousness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Imagination & Visualization

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A nation is dead when...

A nation is dead when in the families and groups in that nation the spirit of striving toward a common goal is dead. When life departs from a nation, unity and synthesis vanish. The nation, as  a nation, goes into the path of degeneration. There are many dying nations, but their death process may take from three to five hundred years.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Monday, October 30, 2017

A good deed offered for self-interest...

Those who worry and argue that their good works, contributions, offerings, gifts, and service are not recognized and rewarded make it clear that they were working for their ego, recognition, and vanity, for their self-interest.

A good deed offered for self-interest brings good results to those to whom it is offered but bad luck to the one who offered it.

In such a case the good work was paid to the person as a past debt for which the debtor has no right to expect reward.

Because his good deed was contaminated by self-interest, the contamination came back to him and caused various troubles in his nature. And he innocently thinks, "I have done so much good, but I face misfortune and no one gives me any recognition."

Good thoughts, good actions, good words, and good service can bring reward only when behind them exist selflessness, detachment, compassion, and self-sacrifice. Otherwise the scales of karma measure them as dangerous efforts to hurt the victims of ego, vanity, and self-interest.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Punishment does not bring transformation

Punishment may prevent a person from continuing his crimes, but it never teaches him why or how to stop his crimes. It never brings transformation, but rather a feeling of rejection, revenge, and various poisonous emotions. Thus the victim cannot find a way out of his crime through punishment. Instead, he sticks to it because of punishment. On the other hand, if justice is carried out in the right way, it educates him, transforms him and makes him a useful member of society.

The tragedy is that people think that when a person is condemned to death, he is dead and they are through with him. This is not true. He will continue to commit crimes in his subtle body and will reincarnate with the same criminal tendencies. Unless he is re-educated and transformed in the spirit of righteousness, the problem will remain forever.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Spiritual Regeneration

Sunday, October 08, 2017

All that we are is the result of our labor

Karma teaches us another very interesting lesson. It teaches that all that we are is the result of our labor. If we are talented, it is because we worked hard to unfold ourselves. If we are geniuses, it means we have worked very, very hard throughout many incarnations and have, at last, reached such a stage of radioactivity and beauty. Thus, nothing is gained in the Universe without labor.

This explains the justice of creation and the difference between people everywhere. We are the result of our own hard labor. Nobody can make us creative if we do not work hard to unfold ourselves.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Subconscious people are the source of trouble

Subconscious people are the source of trouble. Most of the trouble within groups and between nations is the result of the clash between the subconscious and conscious minds.

It is deplorable that people, organizations, and governments use fear techniques, which make people to a certain degree unconscious and prone to posthypnotic suggestions.

The success of a nation and a group depends on increasing the number of conscious and superconscious people.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Instead of trying to contact your beloved ones through mediums...

Instead of trying to contact your beloved ones through mediums, you can please them greeting and receive their blessings if you do philanthropic work in their name.

For example:
-Publish books dedicated to them.
-Give a yearly dinner to poor people in their name.
-Help needy families in their name.
-Help orphans and widows financially in their name.

Such behavior is very common in the Far East. They even build schools and hospitals in the name of departed ones. This is how you express your deep love for them. Anything done with gratitude for the departed ones is never lost but brings in their blessings.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Saturday, September 16, 2017

During sex the consciousness is 60% to 70% in a hypnotic condition

Most of the sex we are involved in is under the pressure of our subconscious mind. We are victims of the things that we have seen, heard, and read which we have collected in our subconscious mind.

It is observed that during the sexual act our consciousness is 60% to 70% in a hypnotic condition. Care must be taken that during such periods people do not plant hypnotic suggestions in each other's minds.

The sex images existing in the subconscious mind have a powerful influence over us, and we must try to get rid of them as soon as we can before we pass away.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Whenever you wish bad for others, it turns into a wish for yourself

Whenever you wish bad for others, it turns into a wish for yourself in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not discriminate between you and others, but it forces the hypnotic suggestion to actualize itself every time it is restimulated.

You become the target of your own arrows. In ten minutes of jealousy and hatred, you build a one hundred foot long video recording in your subconscious mind.

Some sicknesses are built in the same manner. You identify with sick people and you imagine you are sick. You imagine the drama of being sick. Then you play back the recording factually in your life and call it an attack.

In Asia it is forbidden to talk in front of children about the sicknesses of other people or to discuss surgical and hospital experiences. They think that a child may identify himself with what is told and record it as a posthypnotic suggestion in his subconscious mind. Years later the child may fall sick because of the recording.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Communication with the dead will not help to solve our problems

Communication with average dead people on the astral plane will not give us a great advantage to solve our problems. If people are of no help when alive, how will they help when dead, since they are one and the same?

Dying does not make people enlightened. The dead have the same psychology as they had on the physical plane. The difference is that, instead of living in their physical bodies with their habits, urges, and drives, they are now living in their astral bodies with their glamors and illusions, sometimes amplified to a greater degree.

Instead of communicating with the dead, one must communicate with those who are beyond the planes of the dead, namely, beyond the etheric, astral, and lower mental planes. These are the members of the Hierarchy and the Christ. We must design the device to concentrate our thoughts, reach Them, and wait for answers. Of course, we will experience many hoaxes, many messages coming from astral dwellers. Eventually we will formulate the signs of true communication with the Masters. Only the Hierarchy can lead us and show us the way of salvation.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Modern psychology is unaware of the existence of the Solar Angel and the human soul

Modern psychology is unaware of the existence of the Solar Angel and the human soul. That is why many phenomena in the human psyche are for them mysterious or inexplicable events. Disassociation of consciousness for them is a sickness, but for the esotericists it is a cleavage between the Solar Angel and the human soul.

Modern psychology also missed another important key to solve the problems of its patients, and that is the existence of entities that possess people and create disassociation in their consciousness.

Such entities may create multiple personalities and cause various mental, emotional, and physical diseases. Until such facts are understood and the phenomena of obsession and possession are realized, the psychology of today will run in a labyrinth without finding the entrance, nor the end.

Some psychologists give different names to the effects of various entities who posses or obsess people, but for them such names are just labels and not the evidence of real entities.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

We must be very careful with symbols

It is very dangerous to build symbols without knowing the possible consequences of the symbols we create. Each symbol can put into action a vast amount of energy from centers in man and in the Universe and either destroy him and others or open new gates to new dimensions of consciousness.

It is observed that great mental changes take place in people when they start working on symbols. These changes can be constructive or destructive. Symbols, if meditated upon, destroy many crystallizations that are sources of many kinds of behaviors. Symbols also draw new energy into our system, which often lacks the mechanisms of assimilation and distribution. Symbols also open wide our horizons to such a degree that we lose our balance or grow in beingness and beauty.

Thus we must be very careful with symbols. We must approach them slowly, watching the effects of the symbols upon our three bodies and the environment, and especially observing changes in our mind and consciousness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.402

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Willpower is born in you when you conquer difficulties consciously

To develop willpower you must create difficulties and overcome them. There is no other way. The moment you encounter a difficulty is your chance to develop willpower. In an easy life we become lizards.

If life is not difficult enough for you, make it more difficult so you can conquer it.

Difficulties must be created on physical, emotional, and mental levels. For example, on the physical level you can set a goal to run four miles a day or to work in your garden or to build something. Then you do it.

On the emotional level you can create difficulties by trying to be calm, serene, and joyful in unpleasant conditions. Or you can dare to do something courageous and be fearless in difficult circumstances you create for yourself.

On the mental level you can create difficulties by deciding to write a book, to paint something beautiful, to sculpt a statue, to solve a difficult problem, or to see the hidden causes of certain events.

Willpower is born in you when you conquer difficulties consciously.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Sunday, September 03, 2017

It is suggested that from childhood we develop our creative imagination

It is suggested that from childhood we develop our creative imagination, for example, through fairy tales or through direct imagination of Higher Worlds, Higher Centers, Higher Beings, and Their creative life in space, in the galaxies.

We can for ten to twenty minutes daily imagine life in the galaxy, in other solar systems, in space, and then make our creative imagination more sensitive to the life going on in space.

Such an exercise immensely expands our consciousness, makes us more creative and inclusive in our awareness. We will live a more balanced life between the world of forms and the unseen world, between the visible and the tangible reality and intangible reality.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Transformation is a process...

Transformation is a process in which the three lower bodies reach their maximum efficiency and then are able to be transmitters of the potentials sleeping in the human being.

Knowledge, information, position, and possessions cannot transform the environment, but the energy of the soul does.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.388

Saturday, September 02, 2017

There is a false understanding about renunciation

There is a false understanding about renunciation: that people must give away things which they need in order to promote spiritual labor and carry on useful spiritual activities. The disciples of the world need money; they need health, personality, individuality, lands, and machinery to render their sacrificial service efficiently in an advancing, sophisticated world. But they must have all this without identification, vanity, pride, and the sense of separatism.

If it is necessary for the work, a disciple must have the best car, even an airplane, and institutions equipped with all the latest technology. The spiritual work of the human soul is in a very retarded state. We are living in a new environment, and we need new methods to overcome the forces of darkness. They certainly have sophisticated material sources to carry on their destructive work.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Languages were built as a result of human repression of consciousness

Communication with a fellow human being does not mean to converse with him, to exchange ideas, but to be completely aware of each other's computer's files.

Communication with higher and higher consciousnesses eliminates all ego, vanity, and self-interest. This communication with a fellow human being becomes safe and impersonal.

As we cultivate and expand our consciousness, it will be possible to annihilate all the language problems and telepathically have access to the consciousness of others.

Languages were built as a result of human repression of consciousness. Regeneration of the consciousness will start by using symbols, which lead our consciousness to the intuitional level. There, language will vanish because we will live in the Presence. All separation on any level will vanish, and we will head toward absolute communication.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.384

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Harmlessness is an aggressive interest in the welfare of humanity

People think that to be harmless in a society means to withdraw into your skin and bury yourself in your own petty pleasures. This is not so. A harmless person tries to eliminate all those sources which hurt people, distort their future, and lead them into physical and spiritual failure.

Harmlessness is an aggressive interest in the welfare of humanity, ans is one of the attributes of a warrior for Goodness, Beauty, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom. Harmlessness is not a passive virtue. It actively works and even attacks with the intention to love and uplift.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Creative Fire

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Resistance patterns and excuses people use to be overweight

1. I like to use my weight problem to punish myself, to show the world I am no good. I hold on to my guilt because guilt is the way I've always lived; it is what I am used to. I do not know what I would do if I were okay.

2. I like to complain and feel self-pity. It gives me sympathy and attention from my parents and from friends. I'd lose this if I lose weight.

3. Being overweight is a good, safe excuse for not succeeding. Success and power are a threat. I would have to give up being “not okay.” If I am successful, people would become jealous and reject me.

4. Being overweight protects me from sexual intimacy and intimacy in relationships. It proves that no one wants me.

5. Food is safe sex. Food is sensual, accessible, and easy.

6. Food is my friend. It is my only friend and the only thing I can count on. It is someone to come home to.

7. Food makes me feel connected to life and the world.

8. Food is an addiction I cannot live without. It is an abusive lover.

9. Being overweight is a way to be loved and accepted by my parents. If I succeed and lose weight, it'll make my parents wrong because they said I was no good. My mother and father were both heavy, and it would make me different from them. If I give up sweets, my mother would reject me. Sweets were the only form of love I got from my mother. I don't want to be rejected by my parents.

10. Being overweight proves life doesn't work. I enjoy being hateful. I can't let go of my resentments. If I felt good, I couldn't be as angry.

11. It is a sin to feel sexual and love my body.

12. If I got healthy, I would not have anything to talk or complain about. I am afraid to feel too good. I like to worry. I'm afraid to change my self-image.

13. Eating takes away my loneliness, grief, stress, and pain. Eating is a convenient way to stuff my feelings.

14. Overeating and being overweight is a way of numbing myself from the pain and responsibility of life. It allows me not to grow up.

15. I want to die. Life is just too much. I do not want to feel energetic and alive.

16. Lots of foods numb me to the peace and joy of my inner divinity and my relationship with God. My inner light and God scare me. It is safer to eat some more ice cream.

Once the contracting and limiting thoughts are dissolved, one is free to become healthy.

-Gabriel Cousens
Conscious eating

The desire for food has its roots in the soul's need for spiritual substance

The body's desire for food has its roots in the soul's need for spiritual substance. When one is in touch with the Divine there is such a sense of contentment, joy, peace, and fullness that food has no power to throw one out of balance. The eternal craving for divine happiness is fulfilled on the deepest level.


Food difficulties and eating patterns are related to a whole complex of issues. Although it is easy to think this discussion only applies to those who are overweight, these are issues that many people face no matter what their weight. Food issues are something we all must master as part of our spiritual evolution, because with few exceptions, we all have to eat. Once we find peace with our food issues, we have added another building block to our spiritual foundation.

-Gabriel Cousens
Conscious eating

Friday, August 25, 2017

Signs of emotional health

1. A person with a healthy emotional body does not hate. If you are full of hate and cannot forgive and forget, you are really sick and you will make not only your own life miserable but the lives of others, too.

Hatred is a sickness of the emotional body. This sickness spreads germs which contaminate other people’s astral bodies and make their lives miserable. It is very strange that people hate in the name of their ideal, their love, their values... and they fall into a terrible perversion. Their hatred leads them into pernicious deeds in order to satisfy their diabolic intentions. Once the astral body is contaminated with hatred, it blocks the light of reason; it controls the body and forces it to satisfy its follies.

Most degenerative diseases are the result of sickness in the astral body.

2. Your imagination is positive. Imagination is connected with the emotional body and the nervous system. When your emotional body is not healthy, you imagine negative things. A little noise becomes an attack by an enemy. A little shadow becomes the sign of a hurricane. You exaggerate things in their negative aspects to such a degree that you become the first victim of your own negative imagination.

Negative imagination indicates that there are lots of disturbances in your emotional vehicle. There may be congestion, malfunction of astral centers, obsessions, or various disorders.

It is possible to heal your astral body by exercising or practicing positive imagination. Even in difficult times try to imagine positive things. Charge your imagination with hope, vision, and future success.

If your emotional body is not healthy, you cannot have a healthy physical body, healthy conduct, or a healthy life.

People do not employ those individuals who are physically unhealthy, but they do not care whether an individual’s emotional body is sick. A sick emotional body spreads psychic germs and brings misfortune and negative forces into the area where the person lives and works.

3. An emotionally healthy person has no jealousy at all. He rejoices for the beauty and successes of others, and he feels one with them. An emotionally healthy person rejoices for the success of other people more than for his own successes.

Jealous people gradually fall into the trap of various sicknesses because jealousy consumes phosphorus, magnesium, and iron in the body.

Watch carefully and see what happens to a jealous person. People reject him, and he starts to fall into difficult conditions. Immediately when you feel that pull of jealousy within you, try to bless the person and identify yourself with him. Try to know that "the sons of men are one, and I am one with them."

4. One is considered emotionally healthy if he does not attack objects or persons. For example, once I saw a young man hit his knee on a chair. He was so mad that he raised the chair in the air, slammed it down, and destroyed it... because the chair was guilty of hurting his knee!

Emotionally sick people attack other people for imaginary reasons or for no reason at all. They create dirty gossip. They write bad articles to destroy your reputation and credit. They blackmail you and spread psychic poison in space with their imagination and expressions. Such people have unhappy relationships, unhappy families, and unhappy bodies. Emotional disturbances take time to come slowly to the surface of the body in the form of many diseases.

5. If you are healthy emotionally, you never become depressed. A healthy emotional body always feels happy. Depression manifests first in the emotional body, but its cause can be rooted in the physical and mental bodies. One must find the cause and eliminate it before it spreads its roots.

Depression is also a sign that there is a leakage in your emotional body. Strong desires, daydreaming, and dirty imagination leak a great amount of astral energy.

6. If you are emotionally healthy, you do not become mechanically excited. For example, if you are emotionally healthy, a bottle of whiskey does not excite you and make you drink it. A naked person cannot stimulate you, unless you yourself decide to be stimulated. On the other hand, there are so many people who lose their control at the first temptation.

One stops smoking or using drugs; then he starts again because his partner reminded him to smoke or dope himself. You see people excited all the time by the news they hear, by the movies they see. Because of this sickness of the emotional body, people take advantage and use them; they use their money, their body, their time, and their energy.

If one does not have control of his emotional body, sooner or later he becomes the slave of others.

Disturbances in any vehicle make the owner lose his control over the vehicle. Any vehicle can be controlled if it is healthy and stable.

7. A healthy emotional body does not nourish envy. Envy is like an air pocket in your emotional body, or sometimes it looks like an ulcer. This air pocket or ulcer is the cause of many disturbances in your glandular system. Hardening of the glands is caused by such conditions.

8. If you are emotionally healthy, irritation cannot penetrate into your body. People cannot irritate you and try to control you through your irritation. Emotionally irritated people radiate poison in their environment. Even the articles they use carry a huge amount of poison.

Irritation is a sign that your astral centers are not balanced and synchronized, and that they are transmitting more energy than your body can use.

9. If your emotional body is healthy, you are always calm; even in daring conditions you do not lose your tranquility. Because of their agitated astral condition many people try to live in continuous excitement. They try by all means to upset you and excite you so that they increase their own excitement and turbulence. But an emotionally healthy person watches such people and does not lose his tranquility.

Lack of calmness in the emotional body is a sign that there are many wounds in the body or sensitive spots in the emotional body. When these wounds and sensitive spots are continuously irritated, they create ulcers, tumors, and even cancer in the physical body. One can cure himself from many afflictions if he tries hard enough to cultivate tranquility in his nature.

In many sports, when the emotional body is calm, the victory is secured; but if the emotional body loses its calmness, the defeat is close at hand.

10. If the emotional body is healthy, you breathe deeply. Deep breathing is a sign of emotional health. Daily, stop and check your breathing. If it is superficial or shallow, there is something wrong in your emotional body.

Many physical conditions and emotional conditions can be cured through deep breathing. Deep breathing is not a physical phenomenon. It is an etheric and astral phenomenon. The centers of breathing are controlled from the astral plane. This is why with every emotion our breathing goes through a change.

Every kind of emotion has its own cycle of breath, its rhythm in breathing. Shallow breathing is the sign that there is some blockage in the centers or that there is a lack of coordination between the emotional and etheric centers and the physical ganglia.

Breathing burns away physical pollution and also astral and mental pollution. If you do not breathe deeply, the pollution increases in your system.

11. If a person has a healthy emotional body, he is not subject to nightmares. Nightmares are signs that there are disturbances, sickness, and turbulences in your astral body.
Nightmares warn you to check

a. your physical conduct
b. your emotional behavior
c. the environment
d. the things you are reading, watching, or listening to.

If these things are not in good order, sooner or later you will be caught in emotional turbulence, which will manifest itself as nightmares.

Nightmares sometimes happen when your astral door is blocked by violent or criminal images. Immediately when you try to enter, you are bounced back to the etheric or physical body; and if you are caught in these images, you pass through a real nightmare. Nightmares are also caused by astral entities who block the astral passage. They can occupy the passage because of your astral impurity.

Every kind of dream is formed on the screen of your etheric brain. The light of the mind or the soul projects on this screen negatives -- images which are formed by your deeds, words, thoughts, imagination, and daydreaming -- and you have the projection as your dreams or nightmares. If your negatives contain ugly, fearful, dangerous, or distorted pictures or experiences, at the time of sleep all these will be projected on the screen of your etheric brain,

Nightmares will never occur if your emotional body is healthy and not polluted with criminal and negative images. Nightmares are a warning to check your behavior, contacts, and imagination.

12. If your emotional body is healthy, you sleep deeply and calmly. Those who have a pure consciousness, those who are harmless and righteous, and those who are full of compassion and gratitude sleep calmly and deeply.

A healthy emotional body protects you from many attacks on the astral plane. In the physical plane, a sick body cannot function happily and is subject to many accidents; the same is true for the astral body. If the astral body is sick, it wounds itself; it invites many attacks, and occasionally astral currents carry the person away and knock him from one rock to another. Such an astral condition does not let the body sleep well and calmly.

Our sleep is also disturbed if our astral body is full of sexual or materialistic  desires, or full of hatred and revenge. Our desires turn into astral forms, and when we enter the astral plane they control us and pull us to the objects of our desires. Then if the objects of the desires repel us or attack us, and if our subconscious morality warns us, our sleep is disturbed.

Images of hatred and revenge create terrible disturbances in our astral body, and in the astral plane when we enter there at the time of sleep. They draw many negative forces toward us which often obsess and posses us, causing terrible disturbance in our sleep.

Waves of hatred and revenge hurt the astral centers and sometimes burn them out completely, thus preparing the ground for many bad diseases in our life.

13. If you are astrally healthy, you do not act as a medium or channel, and you do not have contact with the dead. These phenomena are the result of unhealthy conditions in the astral body.

If you are a medium, your astral body is occupied by astral entities of low order because high order entities never occupy the astral body of a living being. Such low-order astral entities transmit to your body psychic germs, which germinate after a long time and lead you to various difficulties. They obsess your body and control your life on the physical plane.

If you want to have a healthy emotional body, beware of any mediumistic activities. Stay away from channels and those who claim to have psychic contacts. Most of them are liars and astrally sick people, and they  can contaminate you with their pollution.

14. If you are healthy emotionally, you have enthusiasm and joy in all that you do. When you lose your enthusiasm or joy, it means that your emotional body is passing through a crisis.

15. If your emotional body is healthy, you interpret things in their true light. You do not exaggerate or mix things up. You take things as they are, and you remain calm.

16. If your emotional body is healthy, you do not absorb the pains, troubles, sorrows, and sufferings of other people and identify with them. This does not mean that you lack compassion, observation, and awareness; but you understand their situations and take the right steps to help them if they need help.

A healthy emotional body does not draw the unhealthy emotional conditions of others into itself. It keeps a distance.

17. If your emotional body is healthy, you can turn on or off any emotion you want. No emotion controls you; you control it. If you are controlled by your imagination, you are not healthy. A healthy person never loses his control over his bodies.

18. If you are emotionally healthy, you love beauty, rhythm, and harmony in colors, sound, and movements. An unhealthy emotional body likes distortion, ugliness, and noise. A healthy emotional body enjoys the beauty of Nature and of people and things. A person with a healthy emotional body always tunes himself with Nature. He loves sunsets, sunrises, the rivers, the forests, the birds, the animals, and all human beings.

19. A person with a healthy emotional body encourages others to achieve and progress. He never discourages people. He always finds a reason to encourage people. People feel the healthy radiations of his astral body and often receive nourishment from them.

These are some of the signs of emotionally healthy and happy people.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Man's survival depends upon his expansion of consciousness

One of the most important efforts in which the human being must engage himself is to expand his consciousness and involve himself in world affairs. His survival and success in life's responsibilities depend upon his expansion of consciousness.

We are existing in a living solar system whose consciousness is expanding. All our progress is a response to that expansion of solar consciousness, but at this time the world is in crisis. Crisis is a moment in which it is either possible to pass through a bridge leading to higher progress, or to degenerate into the animal kingdom and use all the knowledge that you have against your best self-interest.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.353

Continuity of consciousness and the time of death

When you build your consciousness, at the time of dying you will consciously slip away from your body as a snake comes out of its skin. The snake does not die. That is why the snake sometimes is the symbol of continuity of consciousness and also of initiation. Why? When he sheds his skin he comes out as the same snake. He is a good snake. There are also bad snakes.

Now how important is it that before you die you get busy and build your continuity of consciousness? You must build it, or else you will die, as Solomon says, "like animals." There is no difference between the death of an animal and an unconscious man; he disappears, finished. From now on you are going to start building continuity of consciousness, starting with meditation, right thinking, right speech, harmlessness, a beautiful life based on righteousness and love, forgiveness and gratitude. All these things are building stones or lines for your continuity of consciousness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Those who have been in Devachan...

Those who have been in Devachan, when they incarnate, have an inner belief in immortality, infinity, and in higher virtues -- whereas those who have not been in Devachan do not believe in a life after. Neither do they believe in Great Ones, Hierarchy, or a spiritual dimension. They believe in money, land, possessions, jewelry because they never had a chance to open their heart in the bliss of Devachan.

Not everyone can enter into Devachan. Those who are intellectually and morally backward, most of these people turn back into the door of incarnation from the lower mental plane. They do not enjoy the beauty of the Higher Worlds, and most of them cause the problems of humanity through their ugliness, separatism, greed, ignorance, and exploitations.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Love and hypnotism

A man can fall in love with a woman, and even if she is most obnoxious toward him, he still loves her, even when he sees the harm she is causing him by her actions toward him.

De-hypnotization can be achieved when a hypnotized person learns how to think clearly, with logic and reason, and through the Law of Karma and its consequences.

Those who fall in love and make love for a while but then separate are those who suffer for a long time due to the fact that they both are hypnotized by each other.

In some cases they take a reverse path to cut their ties. They hate each other and try to hurt each other to keep themselves away from each other. This creates a more complicated problem because in hatred they come closer to each other. This is a mental and emotional closeness, but a reverse approach.

Often such a relationship leads to crime and murder, according to the created posthypnotic suggestions.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Sunday, August 13, 2017

In the future a totally new science will be developed to welcome babies

In the future, newborn babies will be examined by highly advanced psychiatrists who will be able to see the different psychology, mood, and radiation of the babies.

A totally new science will be developed to welcome babies and detect very valuable information about the journey they took to reach the physical plane. This science will be able to dissociate parental effects, even effects of inheritance, from the psychic condition of the babies and formulate various methods of handling the babies.

Sometimes it will even be possible to see in the mirror of the babies' aura the video tape of their journey.

Such a science eventually will discover not only the "location" of the babies' departure but also the evidence of their mundane life in the past.

Through this science will be discovered also the secret of karmic relationships with parents and sisters and brothers.

This fascinating science will slowly develop toward the year 2050. The psychiatrists at that time will have degrees in astrology and electronics, and some of them will be clairvoyants.

After observing the baby medically, astrologically, and psychologically, a good forecast can be given to the parents about how to deal with that baby and in what atmosphere to raise him or her.

When this science develops, then every child will be directed to the right duty, the right field, and the right responsibility. In this way a great amount of energy, time, and life will be economized.

Most people do not have the memory of their dharma, and they wander through many different fields until they reach age sixty or seventy. Then they remember what to do, but all their former years were wasted.

A professional group can guide the life of the baby, forecasting his potentials, tendencies, and weaknesses  -- something that is not done yet. This group of professionals can even develop a system of meditation or contemplation through which the growing person slowly starts to remember his dharma and guide his life accordingly.

The most precious elements that must be presented to the newcomer are love and welcoming. The baby's soul will crave these two substances. Often most mothers will give these substances to their babies, but the maternity hospital must be a place of love, beauty, and blessing.

A child who comes into such an atmosphere will remember his dharma, his responsibilities, and from the beginning such a memory will be his guide.

If the relationship between the Solar Angel and the human soul is established and conscious, the memory of dharma will never fade, and year after year it will inspire the person and urge him ahead.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do animals dream? - The astral life of animals

People often ask if animals dream. Some say yes, but their dreams are a repetition of events which strongly impressed them during their waking hours.

The fact is that animals dream, but their dreams are not a repetition of events which strongly impressed them during their waking hours. An animal, a bird, even an insect lives half in the astral and half in the physical plane, and when the animal sleeps he awakens totally in the astral plane and lives a total replica of his physical life.

For example, a bear's hibernation is not an unconscious period but a period of total astral activity. With his astral body the bear lives in the astral plane as he would live on the physical plane. Even he nourishes himself with astral foods. By nourishing his astral body during hibernation he nourishes his physical body and when his hibernation is over he awakens and continues the same life as if there were no difference between these two dimensions.

When animals are killed they suffer for a long time because after they leave their bodies they continue to experience the form of their dying in the astral plane.

Animals, of course, are affected by their physical experiences, for example, when they are beaten or left alone and hungry. But this is not only a physical experience for them. It is both physical and astral. A hungry dog when he sleeps is a hungry dog in the astral plane. The life of animals simultaneously runs both in the astral and physical planes with no difference whatsoever.

Some animals live more in the astral plane than in the physical plane. Some live more in the physical plane than the astral plane, but during sickness they withdraw to the astral plane in order not to feel the pain. Some animals, before they are shot or killed, escape to the astral plane to save themselves from experiencing the hardship of the process of dying in both planes. This is why killing animals causes them intense suffering.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Monday, July 10, 2017

Live in the moment? This is not right

Question: We are told not to live in the past or the future, but to live in the moment. Can you comment on this?

Answer: This is not right. Every true achievement is in the domain of the future. It is a challenge for others to be in the future. Every achievement leads you to the future. For example, a man becomes a great statesman who bring peace, prosperity, and joy to the world. Such a man is your future. He is showing you how you must live to be a future vision. Every achievement, every true development and unfoldment takes you to the future.

A little bud of the rose slowly opens and unfolds. Then the perfume comes out. This is the evolution of the future. This is what we are going to be. We must not be like elephants and put our noses into the mire of the present. Instead, we must look to the future and develop ourselves. The whole subject of Other Worlds challenges us to look at the future.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds, p.281

Monday, July 03, 2017

People think that solitude helps to conquer the lower self

People think that solitude helps to conquer the lower self. It depends on the person's level of understanding and energy. If a person is weak and flooded with glamors and illusions, blind urges and drives, solitude will not help him. It is better for him to have a friend around who bugs him so that he starts awakening. If he goes instead into solitude for two or three days, he becomes happy and remains on the same level of consciousness. That is why groups are necessary. Groups are boiling pots: either you survive or you degenerate. When people enter a group, their vanity, ego, and vices surface. Their good qualities also manifest and grow.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Ageless Wisdom

Saturday, July 01, 2017

The result of most of today's music is an increase in criminals

The result of most of today's music is an increase in criminals. The rock voices make people totally insensitive to the life. It is a criminal process.

For ages people have known that with some music you cry. With other music you commit suicide. With some music you strive toward the highest. It is not a secret. Music, or noise, stimulates the seven chords in your makeup.

New music will be created that will cause headaches to vanish and enable you to relax. This music will break all crystallizations and regenerate you.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All obstacles will vanish once we release the Divinity within us

Once a husband and wife came to my office for counseling. I said to them, "What is the matter?"
"Well," said the husband, "she hates me, and I hate her."
"Because," I said, "you do not see the God behind your forms. Now, can you look at your wife? And can you look at your husband and by all means try to find the Divinity behind the form, the emotions, the thoughts? Try sincerely, and let us see if you can."
They looked at each other and they shook their heads.
"Come on,"I said, "you are doing good."
They began to look at each other and deep sadness covered their faces and tears came from their eyes, and suddenly they embraced each other.
"Did you see?" I said, "You have discovered the beauty in each other, the God in each other."

All obstacles within our emotional and mental spheres will vanish once we release the Divinity within us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Monday, June 19, 2017

An increase in knowledge is not the same as expanding the consciousness

Remember that an increase in knowledge is not the same as expanding the consciousness. Unless one expands his consciousness, he cannot use his knowledge for the good of all humanity and the whole Universe.

A materialistic scientist is not aware of Higher Worlds and their relationship to the events happening on earth. His vision is limited; his judgement is horizontal, and therefore he is doomed to failure. Unless every action is considered in relation to Higher Worlds and the distant future, man is condemned to failure or even to suicide.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Healing through the voice

One of the best ways to heal yourself is to listen to your voice and change it if you are not feeling healthy. You will see a change in your relationships and that your health is changing them. Some people divorce not because they dislike each other. They divorce because their voices are constantly irritating each other and bringing them to a state where they can no longer tolerate each other''s voice. Actually it is not the voice; it is the chemistry behind the voice.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The agents of unreality

It is very interesting to discover that many agents of unreality are allowed to be on the path, just to mislead people and to direct them to the path that leads to the domain of unreality.

Such people know all the vocabulary of the Higher Teaching but do not have a realization of the Teaching. They are failures. And because they are failures, they have never touched the sacred rock of reality. In their hearts they do not believe in the existence of reality. Their pleasure is to mislead people in talking the language of reality to them and in advising them to follow the paths which take them away from the domain of reality.

These people are like "drug stores". They have all kinds of goodies to sell. Whatever you need you can buy from these "stores".

Some books written by such people or lectures given by them are like "drug stores."They have all their goodies just to sell or to appear that they are in business. Such books and persons do not change our state of consciousness or lead us to the reality latent within us. Instead, they keep us busy buying their goodies, which never contribute in discovering our own reality.

Those who only know the "language"of reality are many, and they have their business on the path. Such business people are the most dangerous tests on the path for a disciple to overcome.

A disciple must not only fight against unreality in himself but also fight against the embodiments of unreality on the path.

A victory over such people on the path leads disciples into higher dimensions of reality.

Reality is the expanding Self, going from glory to glory.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Monday, April 24, 2017

When your light increases, your virtues increase, but your vices also increase

If a person who is full of hatred, anger, fear, revenge, treason, and jealousy is given the Teaching, it will increase his vices. I have seen this many times. For example, a woman had a problem with jealousy. Then ten years later her jealousy became a viper. This occurred because she did not uproot that weed, which gradually was nourished by the Teaching. First you must work on the cleaning process, the work of purification. After you clean your personality, the dosage of Wisdom will increase and nourish the "flowers", not the "weeds" in your "garden." When your light increases, your virtues increase. And when your light increases, your vices also increase.

In spring, you can see in your garden that all of the weeds as well as the flowers grow and bloom. The Sun gives Its energy, and the vices and virtues grow side by side. A good gardener will be able to slowly, slowly remove the bad seeds from his garden, so when the energy comes, only the good plants will start growing within him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stability is the foundation of every kind of success, creativity, and progress

Stability is the foundation of every kind of success, creativity, and progress. If we do not cultivate stability, we cannot reach spiritual maturity. You must have a healthy and stable body, stable emotions, stable mind, stable heart, stable friendships, stable respect for others, stable progress, and stable cooperation. If this stability exists in your life, you have a runway and your airplane can fly.

There are higher stabilities. There is stability in meditation -- your mind is stable. Why can you not meditate? You cannot because your are unstable. How can you build spiritual mansions when there is no stability?

There is no stability because your heart has seven vipers:
1. Fear
2. Anger
3. Hatred
4. Jealousy
5. Revenge
6. Slander
7. Treason

And there are five devils in your mind:
1. Vanity
2. Ego
3. Separatism
4. Greed
5. Showing off

When these twelve exist within you, there is no stability in your consciousness.

If a very advanced psychiatrist were to examine the public, maybe eighty percent of them would be admitted to a mental institution. There is much mental instability. Instability is a contagious disease. To be free from this disease, you must have right motives in your mind. Let us say that you married a person with the right motive. You have a child with the right motive. You love your wife with the right motives. You love your friends, your Teacher, and everything that you are related with. This creates stability in your mind. If anyone has a wrong motive in a relationship with any person, with any job, or with anything, he will never have a stable mind. Your motives must be pure and correct -- absolutely open and sincere.

Our heart also needs stability. A heart can be stable if there are no guilt feelings. Sometimes you put blankets and lots of jewels on your "dead"body to pretend that you are beautiful. This does not create stability.  Any time you have guilt feelings, you destroy the stability of your inner and outer heart. Of course, you can see these things if you are totally sincere with yourself. If you are not playing hide and seek with yourself, you will succeed in seeing these things. When you play hide and seek, it is impossible to build stability in your heart.

A stable man is a giant, a leader. He is a source of joy and strength because he is together, integrated, and stable. A stable person is a refuge. He stands on his principles, on his directions, and in his visions.  You cannot move that man or that woman from their stability.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The technique of confusion

We see the technique of confusion working in the musical field. Rock music, disco, acid and punk rock music and their other sisters and brothers are there to create confusion - confusion in your musical sense, distortion in your mental field, distortion in the natural arrangement of the cells and atoms of your brain, distortion in those areas of your mental field which are oriented and polarized toward great visions, creativity, service, labor, and striving for greater achievements.
These fields are distorted by confusing music, and the followers of such music find themselves less and less interested in achieving moral and spiritual heights and serving humanity in its effort to solve the world's problem; they sink into apathy, goallessness, drugs, and they reject the values needed for the survival of humanity.

The same confusion is contrived and sold widely in the field of color and painting. So-called modern art is presenting us with confusing forms, forms that distort our sense of beauty and create a deep confusion of artistic values. The same confusion is proliferated in certain movements of dances, such as when you see girls and boys throwing themselves to the ground, rolling, screaming, and moving chaotically. Nature is geometrical, measured, arithmetical, ordered, rhythmic, and cyclic; but here you have movements and motions that are the reflections of chaotic emotions, thoughts, and inner conflicts.

Art has certain high aims: to sublimate, to uplift, to expand the human consciousness, and to create harmony and certainty.

People may defend such confused arts through their own philosophy, but one must wait and do years of research to find out that the exponents and followers of such music, dances, and paintings gradually lose their health and happiness. They lose their friends, and without a science of right human relationship they slowly descend into depression, hopelessness, failure, and even suicide.

Confusion is also created in religious and psychic fields. People everywhere are channeling "higher powers" and broadcasting their experiences. Most of these messages are shallow, funny, or contradictory. People are speaking in tongues, and tremendous chaos is created in the minds of the average person. Only the healthy ones found an escape from this trap by rejecting all that is given by such lower psychics.

This is the situation. They read your aura and your past lives, and the goal is to create confusion in you. After you are confused, you fall victim to the hands of those who are using such psychics and channels.

Confusion is an effort to destroy principles and ideas which people use to build their lives. Such an action is taken without presenting better principles and better ideas. Confusion is not easy to impose at once upon the minds of people. It is promoted gradually through doubt and by undermining spiritual standards, moral principles, and values.

Confusion causes paralysis in certain areas of our senses and nervous system. In confusion, right and wrong are equal, or both do not exist.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Friday, April 14, 2017

Physical purification

Physical purification is achieved by standing, as much as possible, for purity: pure food and pure sexual relationships or no relationships at all - the purest or none!

In sexual relations the auras of the two people mix together like two bottles of colored water. Let us say that one is yellow and the other is green with lots of germs -- not only physical germs but also the germs in the emotional, mental, and etheric contents of the aura. When the auras mix together, you become a "soup". What did you do to yourself? Your aura is polluted, so your inspiration will stop and you will not have the aspiration to be something. You will stop meditating. You will not read or study. Something falls apart within your system. This is the result of lack of purity. You will not even be able to appreciate beautiful things because your aura is like a soup. Pure relationships and pure food are important.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Discipline of speech

No one can advance on the path of perfection without severe discipline of speech and silence.

The Great Ones do not trust the secret keys of Nature to those who cannot use their tongues constructively, discriminatively, and are unable to keep silent.

During the period in which we learn how to keep our tongues under control, we master gradually our vanities, touchiness, show-offs, and fears and develop discrimination, listening, intuition, and strict watchfulness.

Every word that we utter creates a corresponding color, smell and note in our aura and in space. If these notes, colors or smells are not of high quality but are chaotic, disharmonious, and stagnant, the higher forces refuse to contact the man.

A disturbing speech is a discord and creates disorders in the organism and eventually sickness.

The sphere of solemnity is affected by noise, loud speech, silly jokes, ugly expressions, the clapping of hands, or by making jerky movements.

Man has a very important sense within himself. This sense can be hurt and stop functioning if a man continues with speech devoid of beauty, goodness, and truth. This is the sense which instantaneously lets him know right from wrong. It is not related to logic, thoughts, or reasoning. It is there like our eyes and ears to warn us from danger, but because of wrong speech and wrong acts, it becomes dull. Only in very rare occasions do we feel its warning.

As we increase our discipline of silence and right speech, the sense regenerates itself and comes into action. This is sometimes called "straight knowledge"or the "Voice of Silence" or the little voice of guidance within our heart that speaks to us when there is silence. Occult silence is a condition in our aura where there is utmost harmony and rhythm.

This voice is the guidance of the Transpersonal Self within us, and we can increase Its guidance only by listening and acting accordingly.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Manifested talents

People generally think that only art is art, but art is to live a life of example, the serving of people. Even a medical doctor can be an artist of peace. A national leader can be an expression of his talents, leadership talents.

It is the manifestation of principle, standards, ideas, and higher visions and dreams that you are bringing in many forms, in many places, in many colors. The result is to lead people into transmutation, transformation, transfiguration, and eventually resurrection, which is mastery over all impediments and hindrances.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Clean your mind from the false images about yourself and others

If you hate somebody, you imagine how ugly he is, and so on. You create a drama to justify your hatred. You justify your hatred because you have deceived yourself.

In order to hate somebody you create justification. And if that justification is wrong, you start working on something, doing something that is not based on any foundation at all. This kind of thinking within your mind creates storms, and then the rain comes. Try to clean your mind from the false images about yourself and others.

Also, people project their own ugliness on others and make them believe that they are ugly. In so doing, people also reinforce their own ugliness upon themselves. If they see beauty in others, they may impress the beauty on themselves.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

It is YOU that builds your genes

I was reading in a medical book that the genes and DNA control the muscles, the glands, the behaviors, and the consciousness of people, but the doctors do not dare to question how these formations of genes came into being. How is it that you have cancer in your genes, or tuberculosis, and others do not? Is God really so unrighteous to create good genes in you and bad genes in them? Some doctors never dare to talk about these things because they are scared! Even if they know a little, they don't want to discuss these things because it affects their income, and for some their income is more important than your health problems.

Your thinking, your emotions, your actions, your speech create those recordings in your permanent atoms that eventually produce your genes. It is YOU that builds your genes. No one else builds them. God is not so crazy as to sit there and prescribe genes for you. Your genes are made by your own hands, by your own thoughts, by your own mouth, by your solar plexus or heart. The way that you are living and acting and relating to people creates your genes. That is why whatever you are, you are! You created it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

The Subtle World is the replica of the dense world

The Subtle World is the replica of the dense world - the life there is almost similar to the life we have here, but it is in astral matter. The life there runs almost like here. People do business, go to hospitals, drive, walk, until they emancipate themselves from the impressions of the Subtle World.

The illusion is so great that they live there exactly in the way they were living in the dense world. There are also wars there, armies and military equipment, and they hurt each other as they do here. There are millions of businesses and people who help each other, cooperate with each other, kill each other, wipe out each other for the sake of business, and make money in the subtle plane, money that they do not need at all.

Why does this happen? It is because people carry with them the earthly consciousness. When they enter into the Subtle World they think they are still in the dense world. If people do not have knowledge about the Subtle World and have not developed continuity of consciousness, they do not see any difference between the dense and the Subtle World and they continue their life as they were living in the dense world. This is because the life in the Subtle World is the projection of that which is in their consciousness.

Teachers or awakened people come to the Subtle World and try to help people there and tell them that this is a world of glamors and illusions, and urge them to detach themselves and prepare to enter the Fiery World. Of course the same thing happens there as here; people do not listen to those who want to awaken us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Your greatness is equal to how much you make others great

Your greatness is equal to how much you make others great. By the greatness you create in others, your greatness will be measured. A great person is a person who creates great people around him or her.

The Tibetan Master says, "Many initiates, when coming to the portal of initiation, were refused." They asked, "Lord, what are You talking about? For eighty years we have done everything possible to be an initiate. We did it, and now that we have come to the door, why are You not opening it?" He will open the door and ask, "Whom did you bring?" "Nobody." "Get lost! You were working for yourself."

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Monday, March 27, 2017

Do not let the potentials sleep within you

Do not let the potentials sleep within you. If you can paint, start painting If you can sing, start singing. If you want to compose music, compose it. Your talent must not be kept inside. It must come out. Maybe you have great national or international plans, or individual and group plans. Bring them out and share them with others. Show that you are an example of the vision that you have. This not only sublimates and transforms your life, it transforms also the lives of others. You will not have time for slander and criticism when you are occupied with bringing out your treasures and sharing them. Those who criticize and attack others prove that they have locked their treasure within themselves.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Glamor - Illusion - Maya

Glamor sets in your nature as a result of seeing the world through your wishes, desires, and ambitions.

Illusion forms if a truth or a principle in your mind is mixed with self-interest, selfish plans, and goals. Thus truth is taken from its purity and mixed with your ever-changing self-image and self-projections.

Maya is the crystallization of the forces in your etheric body that prevent perfect circulation of energy, and you feel weak. It happens when certain energies and forces come through your other bodies to actualize. Before actualization they meet the resistance of your habits -- primarily sexual habits.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Art of Teaching, p.424

The best thing for you at the present is to do meditation

With those people who are doing meditation you can see in their life that they are changing. I knew a lady. This lady was so tough. This lady was acting like a macho man. She can do everything, anything, swears, cusses. One day she came to me and said, "Do you think I am okay?" I said, "I see everything okay, but shall I give you a meditation to start doing?"

After doing three months of meditation, she came back and said, "I am very angry." "Why?" "You did not tell me I was a very bad bitch." "It is not my place to tell you that to you." "Why did you not tell me? I am doing meditation and looking at myself and I am just polluted trash." "Well lady, I do not say these things. It is better if you find it yourself." If I had told her, she was going to attack my throat immediately.

You are going to see. That is the beauty. You are going to see how silly you are, how stupid you are, how square you are, how tough you are, how unrefined you are. You are going to see it. When you see it, you are going to take constructive action and say, "Wow, it is better to put myself in shape because that is better."

The best thing for you at the present is to do meditation.

-Trokom Saraydarian
The Art of Teaching

Monday, March 20, 2017

The false idea of ownership

Actually, you do not belong to yourself. This is a great truth and fact and idea that has not yet penetrated into our bones. You do not belong to yourself. You belong to your Soul, and your Soul belongs to the group Soul, and the group Soul belongs to the Planetary Soul. The Planetary Soul belongs to the Solar Soul and the Galactic Soul. There is no ownership. "Human gophers"created the false idea of ownership.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Thursday, March 16, 2017

How One Can Serve the Teacher

One of the requirements of progress on the path of achievement of perfection is the service that one can render to Teachers, Great Ones, and to his fellow human beings.

How One Can Serve the Teacher:

1. By understanding and practicing his wisdom.
2. By offering gifts to him.
3. By protecting him and his name from malice and slander.
4. By propagating his Teaching and continuing in his service when he passes away.
5. By not letting any of his creativity be lost after he passes away.
6. By not letting people distort his Teaching and his true image.
7. By sending love and blessings to him during his life on earth and in the hereafter.

The Lotus Sutra makes this very clear when it states that one can become a Buddha only after serving thousands of Buddhas through his many incarnations.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3, p.195

Thursday, March 02, 2017

The supreme duty of marriage

Generally, the marriage of today is a contract between two people which gives them an official permit to have sex with one another, to have legal children and legal rights to each other's possessions.

But the REAL marriage goes beyond purely physical concerns. It is a fusion of the emotional nature of the man and woman. It is a synchronization or harmonization of the mental plane and fusion of the two souls into one rhythm.

Real marriage requires intelligent preparation and full readiness of its obligations. At present, the emphasis is on the physical relationship with some emotional and mental cooperation. In the future more and more people will realize that the supreme duty of marriage is to help each other in such a way that the divine Self within each one finds opportunities to gradually manifest Itself.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Woman, Torch of the Future

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No disciples of the world attack any teaching or religion

No leaders in the Teaching, no disciples of the world attack any teaching, any religion, but carefully study them to find ideas and meanings.

Disciples are inclusive. They accept similarities, not differences. Difference for them creates the power of discrimination. Talking badly about any religion or teaching deprives those people who spiritually profit from them, or urges people to attack them in fanaticism. Ways and means to approach the Presence can be different -- but most teachings and religions seek the same ultimate goal.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Art of Teaching

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Everyone is engaged in the miserable work of slandering and belittling others

The worst situation in the world today is that everyone is engaged in the miserable work of slandering and belittling others. They tell you that you are nothing. This is a very miserable condition. Go to any movie and you can see this. They are mostly killing and destroying people.

Instead, we must affirm the inner Beauty and Greatness of human beings. When you cannot do this, it is because you are fed up with yourself. You hate yourself. You think that you are nothing. You think that you are finished.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Speech and health

You must learn to be silent in many, many instances. You must learn to speak only what needs to be said. Your level of achievement or whatever you are is the result of your speech. Even your sicknesses are related to your speech.

In all esoteric Teaching, there is great emphasis placed on speech - right speech without exaggeration. Even one word used unrighteously or improperly creates an effect on your consciousness.

Speech creates a tremendous vibration in your electromagnetic field. Wrong speech - criticism, lies, hatred - creates stones in your electromagnetic field. This is also the reason why great Teachers advise us to be silent when we are sick so that we heal ourselves more quickly. Whenever you speak about wrong things, you disturb and distort the symphony of your being, just like a man who enters a symphony hall and starts to bang on a barrel while the orchestra is playing. Whenever you distort your being, you cannot have health.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Science of Complaints

Some people, because of their inner insecurity, express lots of complaints about the environment, about people, about the weather. This discourages people and directs their consciousness to unpleasant events existing in their environment.

A real person must never complain but instead try to analyze, observe, and encourage people in spite of conditions.

The atmosphere created by complaints can be highly toxic and flammable. Its affects the auras of people and slows down the centers of his immediate co-workers. Dark forces search for complaining people to destroy organizations.

Complaints sap the energy of co-workers and orient them negatively. They need, cheer,joy, positivity, courageous manners and attitude, not complaints.

Complaining also creates friction with the laws of nature and with the law of karma because nothing happens by accident, nothing happens outside of the law of karma. In the atmosphere of complaints no “flower”  flourishes. It has been observed for centuries that complaining destroys health, happiness, success, and prosperity, and builds a wall between the higher world and the lower world. Complaining leads to isolation.

Complaints impress on our mind that the effort of analysis, examination, or observation is hopeless, and you develop a rejecting attitude when life presents you with unpleasant events or conditions which are observed as such because of your psychological conditioning or education.

Complaints prevents your horizon from expanding and limits it to negative imagery. Complaints affects the imagination and thought form building process. Every complaint turns into a thought form through imagination, and time comes that the complaint is surrounded with negative and ugly thought forms and the person cannot free himself from their influence. Because of this his creativity decreases and his clear thinking slowly vanishes. The complainer becomes the victim of his complaints.

Instead of complaining you can study the events as if they were necessary part of life, teaching you lessons that you missed.

Complaints obscure the pathways of inspiration and the joy of touching higher worlds. Complaints create a psychic fog and even a cloud through which one cannot see the reality of superior values or register the flow of impressions so vital for the growth of the soul.

Every time you think of complaining, focus your heart on gratitude and observe. Complaints emanate waves of energy through ones voice, but the energy waves do not go into space. They turn inward and fill ones aura, thus creating psychic congestion.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Monday, January 09, 2017

Find a real Teacher who tells you directly what he thinks about you

Find a real Teacher whom you cannot buy, who tells you directly to your face what he thinks about you and how you can improve yourself. A real Teacher loves you but does not accept your failure, self-deception, and vanity. He breaks these things and sets you free.

"Soft" teachers, ones who are very sweet and polite and who do not dare to hurt your feelings, are called "caressers" in the old country. When a person is hurt because you take his mask away, it proves that his whole being is a sensitive wound, that he is not healthy. That is why he is sensitive, or touchy.

Caressers praise and flatter you. They talk about subjects that are pleasant to hear. But in the end you see that you are still the same person as you were before you met them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Thursday, January 05, 2017

All that occurs in the Subtle Worlds and here on earth is on record

It is very important to emphasize that the consciousness registers all that we do on all levels; it keeps these records in the permanent atoms and in the Chalice. When one passes away, he does not necessarily remember his past. Also, when he incarnates, he does not necessarily remember his experiences in the Subtle Worlds. Unless the Antahkarana is built, certain periods of life, both here and there, are left blank.

The records are stored in the atoms and in the Chalice, and they are also locked into the subconscious mind so that the consciousness is not limited, disturbed, or glamored by past records. In a normal state of mind, they are stored until the consciousness starts to function on the highest level of the mental plane and the Antahkarana is built between the lower and the higher mind and also between the higher mind and the Spiritual Triad.

It is possible to force the consciousness through drugs, hypnosis, or certain psychological techniques to remember certain events whose records are stored in the Chalice, permanent atoms, or subconscious mind. The results of this forcing are as follows:

1. Partial or distorted information is received.
2. The laws of Nature are violated.
3. Pressure is placed upon the permanent atoms and Chalice.
4. Negative physical effects on various glands occur.

The important point to remember is that all that occurs in the Subtle Worlds and here on earth is on record. The consciousness has access to these records if it is expanded purified, and connected with the centers to a certain degree. When Judgment Day comes, you and your consciousness will be able to see all that is recorded and decide your own destiny with absolute accuracy and righteousness.

Thus, man is the manifestation of his own karma. He is his own verdict and his own judge because of the continuation of consciousness, life after life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2