Friday, February 28, 2014

Sometimes because of your karma you are not allow to see the deeper Teaching

Because of your karma sometimes you are not allowed to see the deeper Teaching. Your karma just obscures your eyes. It plugs your ears and you don't have any personal mirror to see it. You are not allowed. For example, a great Teacher comes and talks to you. You hear it and say "huh". And you go because your karma doesn't let you get that beauty or receive that beauty. You are not ready for it because you didn't pay for it. You didn't work for it.

Sometimes a disciple works and works, reads the books and collects things, and goes from school to school. Then he gives up. Why? The karma forbids him. His karma came to the front and said, "That's enough. Your watermark is reached. That's enough. Next time." Of course there are many aspirants who have fallen on the road, like the cars that have accidents on the freeways, and they are stuck. There are many aspirants like that. They run and they get stuck. They have fun going full speed, then something happens. The carburetor goes wrong and they are stuck because in the past they did something and now they do not have the full permission to enter into the greater life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.3

Friday, February 21, 2014

The evil forces even use prostitutes to hit certain targets.

There was once a village where the boys were the best athletes and warriors. Another village had the most corrupted youths who could not fight against the first village in sports or in economics. An evil person thought of a way to destroy them, suggesting to the leaders of the corrupt village that they organize some festivities to which they would invite the boys from the good village, as well as certain girls who had incurable sexual diseases.  The plan worked, and in ten years the good village buried many of its young men who had fallen victim to the hands of the corrupt village.

Girls who were drug addicts were also used to destroy handsome and promising young men. There were two very handsome brothers who became involved with a dark agent who was so wretched that she destroyed them both with her vices, suicidal tendencies, and criminal plans. Dark forces do not spare their own followers if they think they can achieve their goals by "sacrificing" them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, February 01, 2014

New education must teach the science of immortality

New education must teach the science of immortality. From childhood we must teach people that they are immortal, that the body will die and come again but the soul is immortal. We must teach the laws of reincarnation and karma, that whatever you sow you will reap, either here or there. There is no escape; karma is going to catch our tails.

If we teach these laws to our children, they will have a different life. If children learn from the beginning that if they do bad things, bad things will come to them, then they will live their lives a little more carefully. It is so sad that this idea is not yet taught in our school systems. Why? Because we still have so many other “more important” things to teach them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2