Sunday, February 28, 2010

To win that joy and peace

By mere force of intention, one can imagine in an instant, a scene in America. However, can it also be experienced in actual, at that very instant? No, one cannot! There is no use imagining and framing in the fancy. It must be experienced in mind, word and body.

Similarly genuine peace cannot be obtained by merely knowing and learning about Divine Self. You may even firmly believe that joy is present in these, but that is of no avail. You must dedicate your life to win that joy and experience it and enter upon the discipline needed to acquire it. Only then do you deserve the Grace of the Lord and from that, you receive eternal love and peace.

-Sai Baba

The so-called 'sexual liberation'

The so-called 'sexual liberation', so applauded by the young, could actually have been a great step forward. However, what we see at present is not progress but a collapse of moral standards. The increasing tendency of boys and girls to sleep together, because they can't find any better way to pass their time or experience pleasure, is very detrimental to their psychic life. They've hardly met, they don't know each other, they don't love each other, and they make love, for want of anything better to do, as if it were no more important than playing cards! And then, just as they would after a game of cards, they separate and begin again the following day with others. Such behaviour is very serious, and not because they're disobeying rules invented by a few moralists; it's serious for them; it's not morality or moralizers they are harming, it's themselves.

There is nothing reprehensible in the sexual act itself, even when it doesn't have the aim of creating a child. But it's important to know all the entities and forces that come into play during this act, so you can give the act spiritual meaning and direction; otherwise, all you do is destroy yourself.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Do not indulge in long unnecessary talks and discussions

Use measured words in talking. Do not talk much. Try to finish a conversation within a few minutes. Understand the nature of the man rightly. When he enters your office or house for an interview, speak politely and with great respect for the man. Then send him away immediately and conserve your energy.

Do not indulge in long unnecessary talks and discussions. Man is a social animal. He is prone to much talking. He is very garrulous. This talkative habit is ingrained in him and he is much troubled when he cannot get any company. He does not want to go in for seclusion.

The observance of mauna (silence) is death and capital punishment for him. Ladies are still more garrulous. They always create some kind of unnecessary quarrels in the house.

I always prescribe the practice of mauna for one and all, as this helps in the preservation of energy, development of will and enjoyment of peace. All sorts of quarrels, misunderstandings, anger, etc., can be easily avoided by mauna for two hours daily and for six hours on Sundays, and for a full week on long holidays.

Even during other periods talk very few words. When you speak, speak gently and sweetly. During mauna you must live alone. Do not mix with other people. Do not even express your ideas with gestures.

The other channel by which energy is wasted, is the mind. This wastage is due to loose thinking, worrying, anger and fear. Just as energy is wasted in too much talk, so also energy is wasted in loose thinking.

If this mental energy is conserved, you will have at your disposal a tremendous store of energy. This you can utilise for various other purposes and sadhana (spiritual practice). If this energy is conserved you will feel that you are very powerful. You will feel no exhaustion even if you turn out tremendous work.

To do this you have to watch your thoughts very carefully, by introspection and meditation. You will have to divert the mental energy to useful thinking. There will be some struggle in the beginning. But after some time the mind will naturally think of auspicious and useful items.

-Swami Sivananda

Healing words

If you feel cold or alone and neglected, if you have the impression that no one loves you, say the word 'love', once, twice, ten times, each time in a different way, and you will trigger the cosmic forces of love and no longer feel abandoned and alone.

When you feel as though you were groping in the dark, as though you had fallen into a deep pit, say the words 'wisdom' and 'light' until you feel them vibrating and singing in every cell of your body. Everything will soon be clear and bright again.


It is the pleasures that are enjoying man

A person may think he is enjoying the pleasures; but really speaking, it is the pleasures that are enjoying man, for they sap his energies, dry up his discrimination, eat up his allotted years and worm into his mind, infesting it with egoism, envy, malice, hate, greed and lust.

You should not plunge into action spurred by momentary impulse; ponder deeply over the pros and cons; weigh the expected benefits against the likely harm; then act so that you escape pain and you do not inflict pain. This is true in worldly matters as well as in the spiritual field.

-Sai Baba
Divine Discourse, September 28, 1965.


Greatness is the ability to work and labor to reach your purpose without feeling tired. There is a secret in Nature: Man is a generator of energy which functions only if he strives toward greatness and encourages others to strive toward greatness. If a person does not strive toward greatness, this generator does not function.

Try striving and see how your energy increases. Make others great or try to make them great. We are bombarded by hypnotic suggestions which tell us, "Think only of yourself; to hell with others. Exploit them, step on them, beat them down." This is a false philosophy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Ageless Wisdom

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The concept of rest

Brotherhood, 44. Let us agree on the meaning of the concept of rest. Around this concept a multitude of false and harmful interpretations have clustered. People have become accustomed to think that rest is inaction; in this way it has become transformed into psychic enfeeblement. Inaction is most corruptive for psychic energy. Each spiritual immobility will fatigue, not regenerate.

Physicians prescribe rest, quiet, all kinds of inaction, and assume that in a moribund state it is possible to restore strength. But these same physicians understand that weakness and collapse result from violation of equilibrium. Thus, rest is nothing but equilibrium. But equilibrium is a proportionate tension of energy. Only thus is it possible to restore and strengthen one's forces.

It is of no consequence whether equilibrium be acquired in desert or city-the main requisite is constant tension. The path of tension is the path of striving, that is to say, the path of life.

The incompetent physician warns against expenditure of strength, but strength is dissipated through lack of equilibrium. Truly, then, equilibrium will be the best, the only panacea. A sensible use of fresh air is worthy of consideration as an assisting expedient, but this does not require a long period of time.

Let the concept of rest be rightly understood for the manifestation of Brotherhood. Unrest begets aimless bustle.

-Agni Yoga

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Become like gemstones - Let the light through

If life, light and celestial currents are to come through, you have to make way for them. This law is pointed up by everything in nature.

Why are gems so valued? Because they let the light through... And if nature has succeeded in doing such magnificent work on certain minerals, in refining, purifying and colouring them, turning them into the marvels we admire today - crystals, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, rubies, and so on - why would human beings not be capable of doing the same work within themselves?

What are prayer and meditation? Precisely those activities that allow humans to purify and illumine everything within their heart and soul, until one day they become as limpid as a gemstone. Then, the Lord, who appreciates gemstones very much, will set them in his crown. It is an image, of course, but it corresponds absolutely to a reality.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Seven Signs that you are living a good life

You cannot resolve material problems or challenges with material answers. You need to look at spiritual answers first. Our spiritual needs are powerful and need to be strengthened to enable everything else to fall into place.

Seven Signs that you are living a good life:

1. Good Sleep - Sleep is important for regeneration spiritually and physically. Restful sleep is a sign that you’re doing something right, and something is working in you.
2. Physical energy
3. Ability to think clearly – observant. You can focus, you know you can think clearly, you have good concentration.
4. Good Health. Very important, you need to make the right choices and value your health, eat right, drink right, detox - you have to know what works for your individual body.
5. Inner joy – When you have inner joy, no-one can take it away from you. Inner joy is knowing that life will unfold, that you will deal with it, that you have strength. Joy comes from the ability to take very long term view…see big picture. Find ways to activate joy in your life, it will strengthen your spirit.
6. Good relationships with yourself – you must honour yourself, you must honour the beauty that you are, the creativity and wonder that you are. Always, the way you treat yourself is the way you treat other people. If you can’t get along with others, if you have disdain, hate for others it means you have disdain hate for yourself and can’t get along with yourself. You are important, you are your first line of defence, put yourself first.
7. Excellent communication skills with other people. The key to good communication is to listen. Listen physically, emotionally, mentally and listen with your spirit.

Signs that something is wrong in your life:

1. Insomnia– mild or persistent, mild that may relate to an incident or event. This is serious. Take attention because your physical and spiritual body is not being renewed and rested. Need retreats, detox and cleansing, quiet time. See what you can do to change that.
2. Inertia, lack of energy. Are you strong or do you have inertia? Don’t ignore it or inertia will lead to depression and when you suffer from depression you make choices that will hurt you.
3. Mental disturbances. If you’re mentally very stimulated, there is no stopping your mind, we are being challenged at every turn, this can lead to mental disturbances where you can’t focus or think clearly.
4. Physically unfit.
5. Irritable/anxious/fearful – If you are negative, there is something wrong in your life. This can lead to depression and should not be ignored or life/decisions/spirit will suffer.
6. Relationships suffering. If you find communication breaks down, or you’re snapping at people - all signs that something is wrong.

-Gita Saraydarian

Spirituality does have a short cut

People look for short cuts in everything, even in spirituality. But, surprisingly, spirituality does have a short cut. There is no need to wander here and there. God is residing in your heart. Turn your vision inward. You
can see God instantly. This is the easiest path.

Three main principles are expounded in spirituality. These are:

Don't put your faith in the world.
Don't put all your faith in your body, for you do not know what will happen at any moment of time.
Never abandon your faith in God.

Once you are fully aware of these three principles, you can achieve anything.

-Sai Baba

Initiation - Illumination

Enlightenment or illumination starts when a person becomes aware of his own condition as a whole. People think this is very easy to do, but in reality it is very difficult. To see yourself as you are, to see the conditions in which you live, and to see the condition of your physical, emotional, and mental nature needs very sincere and honest efforts.

Many people think they are great scientists when they earn a bachelor’s degree. Many think they are philosophers when they read a few philosophical books. Many think they are great artists when they paint a few trees and lakes. Many think they are unique leaders when they are promoted to leadership positions. It is also true that some people think very little of themselves; they think they have no value.

Thus most people are deluded by their superiority or inferiority complexes; they cannot see exactly what they are. To see yourself as you are, physically, emotionally, and mentally, is a great progress. This is, in itself, illumination.

Sit down and try to see whether you know yourself as you are mentally, emotionally, and physically. You will be surprised how ignorant you are about yourself as a personality. Dispelling this ignorance and seeing your real condition leads to illumination.

You cannot have Cosmic enlightenment, you cannot take great initiations until you really know the condition of the vehicles in which you live and the condition of life or the environment where you live. Many people claim to have “Cosmic consciousness,” but at the same time they do not know how to dress or even where their stomach is and what it does.

Enlightenment means to see things as they are. This is the first step. The next step will be to know exactly who and what your immediate associates are. This is more difficult, but it helps you to know yourself better. Many people mix their memories, impressions, fears, prejudices, past events, expectations, glamors, and illusions through their imagination and reach wrong conclusions. If you want to be enlightened, you must try to see not only yourself as you are, but also those who are associated with you in their true reality.

We cannot really understand and know people as they are unless we first understand and know ourselves as we are. When people try to know others before they Know themselves, they see their own image in others, and they see in others those qualities which they hate within themselves. This creates around them a world of unreality, which does not lead to enlightenment.

In Asia there is a technique of getting to know yourself called the mirror technique. You are going to face yourself and see yourself as you are, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. See what you represent as a person, mentally and spiritually. See if you are aware of the conditions in which you live.

For example, a condition exists in your home. Do you see exactly what the condition is, or are you just imagining it? Or because of your past wounds — physical, emotional, or mental — or because of many shocks, are you evaluating the situation correctly or the situation incorrectly? Because you do not see things as they really are, you may take wrong actions.

If you want illumination, you must start seeing things as they really are. Your success in life depends on the clarity of your vision and your true appreciation of the conditions. You will not fail when you are enlightened. Failure is the proof that you could not see things as they are. We know that every one of us has failed or is failing.

But why are we not learning to make our practical, daily life really successful, powerful, beautiful, joyful, and enlightened?
How can you develop this enlightenment? Not by sitting and repeating mantrams. You must try to see — to open your eyes. Do not be swayed by your emotions, thoughts, nerves, irritations, anxieties, desires, drives, and urges because all these things will mislead you. Instead of you leading your own life, they will lead you.

The future servants of humanity must have common sense. Common sense means to see things as they are. We are not learning these things to benefit only ourselves. We want to raise the standard of humanity and awaken humanity in any degree possible. The future of humanity depends on the present students aspiring toward enlightenment. If more and more people start to be enlightened, your government will be enlightened, your police will be enlightened. If you do not become enlightened, the blind will lead the blind. Blindness means that you do not have enlightenment, or it means that you are seeing things through the windows of your glamors, illusions, maya, inertia, urges and drives, jealousies, hatreds, or irritations.

To see things exactly as they are, good or bad; to see the facts means you are becoming a Master. Masters are not built in schools and colleges, in exoteric, occult, or metaphysical circles, or in meditation. Masters are built in the heavy and hard life of reality. In facing facts, you learn. When you have learned, then you can change the direction of your striving because you no longer deceive yourself.

Enlightenment means to come in contact with reality. If we look very deeply, we will see that sickness originates from self-deception. The best thing we can do for our health is to take off the masks behind which we are hiding and which are preventing us from seeing reality.

If we see reality or help others to see reality, we are enlightened persons. It is a matter of honesty — intellectual, spiritual, common sense honesty. There are some people who are poorly educated and seem to have few social graces, but they have sound judgment. This is their foundation, and the most important thing is to have the right foundation.

Some people say everyone is beautiful, but this is not seeing reality either. Only if you know his real situation can you help a person. For example, if your son is dirty you must say, “Your feet are dirty, your face is dirty, but I love you, my son. Now let’s go and wash you.” You must stand on reality and then expand yourself.

There is a difference between seeing the real condition and mental criticism. Criticism, even when it is based on reality, comes from your superiority complex.

First criticize yourself. Then criticize others. Before you start thinking about others, look at yourself in the mirror — physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, morally, and spiritually.

Christ said two very important things: He said to keep awake and to see. We are talking about practical life — about your shoes, your body, your eating habits, your kitchen, your relations with others. Illumination begins with these things because illumination is nothing else but the result of friction with reality. It is just like the result of two dry sticks that you rub against each other to produce a spark. If you face reality, you are enlightening yourself.

The greatest Master is reality. You do not need to go to the Himalayas to see Masters. Reality is in front of your nose, and that is the Master. The Master is the truth, the fact, the reality that you can meet everywhere, at any time. When you see facts, you are with God. Wherever truth is, God is. Wherever reality is, God is.

People may ask, “Why are we told that we must First seek the Kingdom of God?” The answer is that the Kingdom of God is reality. When you meet reality, you have everything. As Christ reminded Peter, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Everything will be given to you when you are enlightened. You will know how to put people in the right places, what jobs to give them, how to give, what to give, when to give, what to say, and how to handle things.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the task of seeing ourselves as we really are and we feel trapped and frustrated. We see only our shortcomings, rather than the vision of the truth within us. Who says this is easy?

It is not. We are always deceiving ourselves. Sometimes we think we are our stomach. Sometimes we identify ourselves with our sexual organs. Sometimes we think we are our mouth, head, or eyes. Sometimes we are spirit; sometimes only mud. Try to find your own right position within this confusion; try to see where you are and see yourself exactly as you are at any moment.

You must try to find your exact condition without any hallucinations, dreams, or imaginations. You must face reality with your mind and with your logic. When you have a realistic attitude, you try not to identify with confusion, mirages, hallucinations, or lies.

Unfortunately, our whole system is based on deception: how we can deceive each other to make a little more money, to gain a little more fame, a little more . . People deceive each other because they are deceiving themselves. You cannot deceive anybody else if you are not deceiving yourself.

Enlightenment is the ability to see a situation as it is and start improving yourself, step by step. If you are honest with yourself, life will make you meet the conditions needed to develop yourself. You may think that life is a blind chaos, but life is built with such minute, precise planning and mechanics that whatever happens to us is consciously planned or produced by our karmic actions or reactions. It is exactly that life in which we are going to live and find our way.

If you are honest, people will come and meet you; books will be dropped in your path; a friend or a problem will come and awaken you. Even a sickness or an accident will awaken you. The right person will come and tell you something and, because you are honest, your soul will be open for the truth.

There is a real light inside of us which knows, if we watch it. But we deceive that light. How many times do we know that we are doing something wrong, but we do it anyway? Do not be like the commander who, though he sees that his army is surrounded by the enemy, says, “We are strong; we can destroy the world.” Try to see the true situation with your enemy. What is your enemy?

Your fears, jealousies, hatreds, separative attitudes, racism, nationalism, deceptions, urges, drives, and imaginations are all your enemy. All these things form a huge wall around you. Do not hide behind that wall and think you are something that you are not.

If you fool yourself, you are doing a very dangerous thing: you are creating a double, even a multiple personality around you. Then you are confused as to which one you are. One day you will act this way, one day that way, another day that way.... Try to get rid of the prisons that you are living in and face greater beauties.

In this way, you will increase your light, unveiling the reality in everything.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Initiation, The Path of Living Service

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Envisioning better joys

Many human beings refuse to undergo the restraint of giving up sense pleasure for an unknown soul pleasure. Most follow their misery-making sense longings because they cannot picture the nature of divine bliss. Their bad habits blind them completely, and destroy the power of envisioning any better joys.

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Why do some souls act in evil ways?

People act in evil ways who have lost touch with their soul nature and live totally in the outer, instinctive mind. What the ignorant see as evil, the enlightened see as the actions of low-minded and immature individuals. Aum.

Evil is often looked upon as a force against God. But the Hindu knows that all forces are God's forces, even the waywardness of adharma. This is sometimes difficult to understand when we see the pains and problems caused by men against men. Looking deeper, we see that what is called evil has its own mysterious purpose in life. Yes, bad things do happen. Still, the wise never blame God, for they know these to be the return of man's self-created karmas, difficult but necessary experiences for his spiritual evolution. Whenever we are injured or hurt, we understand that our suffering is but the fulfillment of a karma we once initiated, for which our injurer is but the instrument who, when his karma cycles around, will be the injured. Those who perform seemingly evil deeds are not yet in touch with the ever-present God consciousness of their immortal soul. The Vedas rightly admonish, "Borne along and defiled by the stream of qualities, unsteady, wavering, bewildered, full of desire, distracted, one goes on into the state of self-conceit. In thinking, 'This is I' and 'That is mine' one binds himself with himself, as does a bird with a snare." Aum Namah Sivaya.

-Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Injustice in work conditions

The problem of social inequality will never be understood correctly or resolved until humans accept that their conditions in this incarnation depend on the way they lived in their past incarnations. Workers who are exploited by unscrupulous bosses protest indignantly. 'Why this injustice?' they ask. And the bosses themselves, who consider it normal to live a life of ease, of luxury even, do everything they can to preserve their privileges.

But what neither the bosses nor the workers know is that a worker who suffers and protests has, in many cases, been a cruel, unjust boss in the past, which is why in this incarnation they have been placed in conditions where they must understand how they made their former subordinates suffer.

So now, every boss and company director must say to themselves: 'I am fortunate enough to be rich and powerful in this life, but if I treat my workers and employees unjustly I will suffer the consequences in a future life. Lord, help me to make them happier.' And there's nothing to prevent employees from praying for their boss to become more enlightened: perhaps they would derive some benefit from doing so.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov