Monday, December 06, 2010

Return to the Source

The real you is a Spark. You descend into the Divine level, then into the Monadic level. You feel that you are something else than the whole. This is why we call it the Monad. You go to the Atmic level. The Atmic level is a level of bliss, total nirvana. You then descend to the Buddhic level. In that level, you know all that is going on everywhere. Next, you descend to the mental level. And when you enter into this level everything is confused. When you go to the astral level, everything is berserk. And when you enter the physical level, you forget everything that you were.

From the physical level, you are going to return toward the Source and consciously conquer, with your own merit, every step of the way. At the lowest level of the physical plane, you are Mr. Potatoes, or Mrs. Eggplant. You are not yourself. This is the state of "lost paradise." We are living as bugs here with our physical food, sex, sleep, and clothing; that is all. We have lost everything that was granted to us. Now our duty is to win by our own merit the higher states of consciousness.

We are going to awaken and discover ourselves. Socrates said, "Know thyself." Buddha said, "Be yourself." And Christ said, "Be perfect." All of these statements mean the same thing. We are going to be REAL. We say:

Lead us, O Lord, from darkness to light,
From the unreal to the Real,
From death to Immortality,
From chaos to Beauty...

From the individual to the Universal,
From the many cycles to the One Life,
From manifestation to Space.

You become Real when you become your Self. In some Eastern Teachings it says that as the Spark started on Its journey into matter, someone gave him "wine and whiskey." When he reached the physical plane, he was totally drunk. He does not know where he is or what he is. This is humanity today. The Sufis go on to say that in order to recover from that unconscious state, man must get rid of the intoxication. He must awaken. We are running and crying and collecting money. We are fooling ourselves. Le us hurry and go back.

When you come back to the Buddhic Plane, you are an Arhat. And on the Atmic Plane or level you are a Master, a liberated Soul, an Avatar.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Avatars, p.282

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Vision of the Future

In our education the only thing lacking is vision. There is the spirit of competition, separatism, and self-interest but not vision. Our children are not taught the science of service for humanity. There needs to be a curriculum which inspires the students to work for humanity, to create one humanity, to eliminate all discrimination, and to develop sacrificial will to dedicate themselves for the upliftment of one humanity. This is the failure of education. This means that contemporary education has no foundation. It can give knowledge and information and let it be used against the survival of nations and humanity.

If you do not have a vision you are becoming a failure. Failure means not to have a vision or not to follow your vision.

Vision is a dynamic power that leads you forward.

A vision always evokes from your Real Self an aspiration to sacrifice, to give, to serve, to radiate, and to uplift people. There is no vision if it is not associated with the idea of service.

Vision is an image of yourself projected into the future. It is an active, dynamic image which inspires you and pulls you up and forward on the path for your evolution.

Vision is what you want to be and what you want to do for the service of humanity.

The goal is not to be a doctor but to be a doctor to serve humanity with utmost selflessness and without exploitation. The goal is not to be a lawyer but to be a lawyer who is dedicated to the service of those who are mistreated and exploited. The goal should not be personal interest but the interest of others. If your vision is not beyond your own interests, you do not have a vision.

Is it necessary to have a vision?
I would say that without vision man will slowly descend into apathy, inertia, depression and become suicidal or criminal. If you want to cure such people, give them vision. Give them hope and future. Show them what they can do for others.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol1, p.27-33