Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purposeless People

Purposeless people are those who have many goals, but they do not adhere to any of them, for example:

1. They do not have the power of concentration.
2. They themselves are not impressed by the right purpose.
3. They are told about their goals by various entities, each presenting a different tasty goal.
4. They jump from one “purpose to another “purpose,” wasting their energy, time, and life.

Let us take each of these statements and try to understand it.

1. They do not have the power of concentration. The power of concentration is the ability of the mind to hold itself in a specific direction or a goal until that goal is accomplished.

When this ability is lacking, it is because the person has no mental discipline. He may also have a karma by which he is led from one goal to another without the accomplishment of any one goal. Or it could be that this individual goal was harshly criticized and another goal was presented to him.

One of my Teachers used to say that it is better to accomplish one small goal than to hallucinate about many fantastic goals.

Changing goals too rapidly, without serious reason, creates a mental dizziness, and the mind develops a habit of not staying with any goal. In the Ageless Wisdom such people are called “butterflies.”

2. They themselves are not impressed by the right purpose. The reason that people do not have stable goals is because they have not yet sensed the permanent purpose in their intention, or they do not have a powerful intention in their life.

If you have no intention to go to New York, you do not have to have any preparation or any goal to go to New York. And if you have in your mind intentions to go to many cities, but you cannot decide which one you want first, you create an unstable condition in your mind. Instability of mind is lack of purpose or goals.

If you sense the purpose of your life, you create a plan and set goals and systematically work to achieve your purpose.

If you do not sense your life’s purpose, create one and work for it as hard as possible. Do this not only to achieve your purpose, but also to discipline your mind in concentration and to develop perseverance.

Without a purpose you drift here and there without projecting roots, and your life becomes very superficial, a life running on the surface without depth.

3. They are told about their goals by various entities, each presenting a different tasty goal. This is sometimes unconscious and sometimes “conscious.”

There was a very talented woman who could have done great service for humanity, but she became the football of various entities, each of them kicking her in different directions. The curious thing is that these entities were cooperating with each other to prevent her from any focus or concentration in any direction and by permanently changing her goals with very subtle and palatable reasons.

Every time this poor woman visits me, she presents fantastic plans and fantastic goals with great enthusiasm. But a few months later, before she starts working on her goals, her goals change.

In the next visit she gives gigantic reasons why the former goals and plans were not going to work, and why these new goals and new plans are the right ones which are going to bring her lots of money and opportunities for service. This has been going on for ten years, and she has not done anything completely and she has no money in the bank.

One feels sorry for such a talented and charming girl, seeing her drifting from one goal to another to obey so-called “spirits” or her nonexistent “intuition.”

“By the fruits of them you will know...”

4. They jump from one “purpose” to another “purpose,” wasting their energy, time, and life. The important thing is to see how much time and energy are wasted for so many years without any accomplishment.

A real purpose is just like a magnet which brings together all your efforts and challenges you to achieve your purpose. Confusion, hesitation, and vacillation are symptoms of a decaying brain.

Frustration is a method used by entities to try to lead a person into failure. Frustration is caused by permanently changing a person’s goals, or by presenting him with goals for which he is not ready. Imposing goals on people for which they are not ready makes them frustrated, or it develops a tendency in them to run after many goals in order to have security from their frustration.

The following are rules that can be applied to create concentration and focus. They are simple but far reaching in their effects.

1. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and concentration, and try to complete it before you start doing something else.

This needs discipline, and it is often very beneficial to go and work for a boss and follow his instruction to create a “sense of continuity” in you.

2. Do your own duty instead of trying to do the duties of others.

If you do not focus yourself on your own duties but try to be interested in the duties of others and interfere in them, you soon lose the opportunity to have roots. You become rootless. You see many rootless plants carried here and there by the wind.

Doing your own duty creates roots. What are roots?...Stability, focus, concentration, sense of responsibility.

3. Create a purpose and three goals to achieve that purpose. Write about your goals and know them as factually as possible.

Set the steps to reach your goals, and do all that is possible to fulfill your goals.

After fulfilling your goals, see how close you are to your purpose.

Once you accomplish your three goals and achieve your “purpose,” you will feel very strong, self-confident, focused, and concentrated.

Now you can create another “purpose” and do the same thing. After achieving these “purposes,” you are a man or woman who can be successful in the world.

During the period of working with your goals to try to achieve your set “purpose",” you will have intuitive moments in which you will be conscious about a Purpose which transcends all your so-called “purposes,” but such a flash will be so fast that the next moment you will lose it.

Periodically the flash of the ultimate Purpose of your life will visit you until your brain one day catches it for a few seconds.

Your glory will start from that moment of realization of your Purpose, and you will enter into the path of success.

An unstable mind and an unstable life are a great waste. They are sources of confusion and instability for others.

People who change their goals often and run after new goals without accomplishing their former goals and achieving their “purpose” eventually turn their back on their purpose. They often hate it and become enemies of those who have a similar purpose. Those who are frustrated become the traitors of those who show signs of having a similar purpose to their own.

A person who was changing his church every year eventually told me that all churches were useless. Another person who was changing his political ideology every six months came to the conclusion that all ideologies were nonsense. Another person who was reading every kind of book eventually gave away all his two thousand books. Another person complained that all branches of the Ageless Wisdom had no substance, and he became a materialist.

The reason for all this is that such people have never touched the essence of the things they tried, or they were not ready yet for studies which they wanted to master.

Too much undigested food makes the stomach reject all kinds of food.

There are a few Teachers who know the rules of the Path, and they like to train students to practice focus, concentration, perseverance, and stability.

Daily we can exercise these virtues in the smallest of our deeds, developing them bit by bit, and eventually turn into stable persons.

It is not an error to study many branches of one subject, but if it is done superficially and without dedicating enough time and interest, you remain on the surface and one day lose your life under a great wave of the unmastered subject.

There are also some people who pretend that they have higher goals so that they can function in groups dedicated to certain high goals. Such a pretension is based on a selfish or personal goal. When these people achieve the goal, they quit their growth, and take themselves away from the path of discipline.

For example, there was a man who joined a certain group. Eventually, he acquainted himself with a pretty girl who was very modest and careful. He carefully discovered what she liked and tried to show her that he liked the same thing. He bought for himself the books that she liked. He began to tell her about his meditations which she had done for years. He spoke about his evening review and how it helped him to shape his life.

Eventually he started dating her. At first they would occasionally be absent from classes. Eventually they disappeared.

Years later I met her in a shopping center. She looked like a witch – unclean and with improper dress. We had a talk. “What happened to you?” I asked. “I thought he was a human being with the same goals. We got married. But he left me without money and with children to support.”

I have seen this happen again and again.

When people pretend to have goals, they attract those who have goals. Later, if they are unstable, they cheat them and make them forsake their goals.

My Father used to call such people, “Coyotes who steal chickens.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.4

Friday, February 22, 2013

Drugs damage the mechanism of "translation"

Question: Some people say that if they use a certain amount of marijuana or some drugs, they understand the future and Infinity better than those who have never experienced marijuana and drugs. What is your answer?

Answer: The future problem of people who use drugs is that they will have some access to astral and higher mental planes, from which they will receive emotional, astral energy and certain beams of light from the higher mental plane. This in itself does not present a problem except when the drug user has burned certain centers in his brain and mind. Then he will not be able to handle the energy coming from the emotional plane or correctly translate and use the light coming from his higher mind.

What will happen is that common sense, laws, and the moral principles of daily life will not mean anything to him because the light will prove them not valid from the viewpoint of the abstract mind. He will not be able to make right use of energy, but with it will reject violently all imposition put upon him from the environment regarding laws, principles, rules, moral guidelines, etc. In such a mind, the higher concepts are rejected by the lower mind as hallucinations and the lower, realistic concepts are rejected by the higher light as nonsense. As a result, drug users will hate to follow the rules of life for their environment and they will break the laws when it seems safe to them to do that.

They also confuse themselves by taking a simple rule and stretching it to higher dimensions until it makes no sense to them, or by taking an abstract concept and trying to make it tangible to such a degree that the abstract concept is totally lost.

In the mental plane there is a mechanism which is called translation. Translation relates the abstract and concrete minds, and makes the concrete concepts meaningful to the abstract mind and the abstract concepts meaningful to the concrete mind. Also, it makes one see the abstract indications of a concrete thought, and tangible and practical applications of an abstract thought.

Drug users damage their mechanism and lose their balance between their two minds. The continuity of circulation of meaning from one mechanism to another is disturbed, and the person acts in extremes. Often he is abstracted, and other times he is identified with material values – which a minute later do not make sense to him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership. vol.4

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Do not flatter others. Flattery is forbidden in the Teaching of Great Ones. Flattery and bribery create deep cleavages in human relations. Right human relations cannot be built on a false foundation.

Flattery creates personality reactions. Flattered people do things which otherwise they would not do. They feel this fact eventually and try to reject the will of the flatterer. This is the moment that the flatterer loses his prestige and his dignity in the eyes of the one whom he tried to flatter.

Flattery is an effort to control other people and use them for selfish interests. Do not flatter your friends. Tell them you respect and love them, that you stand by them, but do not flatter them. Bribery and flattery sometimes imprison many souls in their net of selfish interest for a long time. But when the fact is seen the relations end.

One day a girl asked me, “Do you think that there is a girl in the world prettier than I am?”
“I think,“ I said, “that you proved that you are ugly because you want to be flattered.Flattered children are the most dangerous children. They cannot adapt themselves neither to school nor to society. They become addicted to flattery, and if no one flatters them, they become sick or crazy.

From the beginning, parents must try not to flatter their children if they want them to be sane and successful. If children do something good, their parents must tell them, “That was good.” If they do bad things, their parents must tell them, “That was bad.” Flattery builds an unreal, artificial personality that later takes ages to break and clear away.

Do not tell your children that they are great talents or that they are going to be great and important persons. This is the wrong way to talk. Tell them that there are great potentials in them, as in other human beings, and if they strive and work hard, they can awaken their potentials and become prominent members of society. Let them know that they must achieve through their own efforts. You cannot create right human relations with your children through flattering them. Many children even hate the things they want to do when they see that they were flattered into doing them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Victory and success

 Victory and success must not be measured by the reactions or responses of the public. You are successful
  1. If you have more control over your personality
  2. If you can help more people
  3. If your plans are under construction
  4. If you are able to destroy more glamors, illusions, vanity, separatism, and greed
  5. If you are manipulated less by life
  6. If you always strive to the future
  7. If you have hope
Some successes cannot be achieved without


Success is the expansion of consciousness and actualization of your beingness, and of course it is measured also by the abundance, freedom, and wisdom you have on your path.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.4

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Liberation crisis

There was a game played in Asia in which twenty people would surround a person standing in the center of a circle. The person in the center would try to run out of the circle. The people surrounding him could do nothing until he moved to escape. Immediately upon moving, they would "attack" him. He would have to move in such a way that the circle would open and he could run away.

This is how crises work. Unless you decide to free or liberate yourself from your limitations, crises do not threaten violence. But when you make a move to liberate yourself, all kinds of forces attack you and in that moment of attack, you will have to find a chance to escape through the opposition that surrounds you.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Shocks

The blue flame of baptism

When you are baptized, in your heart center a blue flame starts to be lit.  That is why baptism is so important.  It is a Holy Mystery. Before Christ, they used to baptize to connect the man with the Hierarch. At baptism the heart center is lit with a blue flame. M. M. says that the blue flame in the heart is the connecting link with Christ. Whether the baby knows it or not, at the time of baptism when you are reading these beautiful prayers and you are using the signs of power, the flame is lit in the heart center. A clairvoyant can see it.

I was swimming in a lake with a boy when four horses came and drank from that lake. Then we got out and we were playing nearby. Two other boys came who were not baptized. Other horses came to drink, but they just smelled the water and they didn’t drink. I went to my Teacher and told him about it. He said, “Yes, it is different because those who are baptized in the name of Christ radiate a different smell and different lights. That is why all churches are very anxious to baptize people. Even when they don’t know, even when it is sometimes automatic, mechanical, there is some reality behind it. If people are really baptized in His name, they have that link.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1