Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jungle psychology

Ten million years ago maybe we lived as animals, maybe half human, half animal. Our "inner mechanism" video taped all that happened to us, especially all what we caused to happen. Imagine what a life we lived in the jungles and in jungle psychology. These video tapes are still in the process of evolution.

Suppose we were a starving wolf in the past and we made all possible efforts to stay alive at the expense of others. This exact image is still within us in a metamorphic form. It is possible that the metamorphic form of the wolf can be our tendency to exploit, to desire, to manipulate people and nations in intense hatred, greed, etc.

We fail to see how our animal images manifest and act sometimes in our childhood, sometimes in our adulthood in various occasions when we imitate animals in our actions, feelings, thoughts, and goals. Until we get rid of such images, we will not act on a purely human level. Humanliness is not yet a realized and factual event. It is still a vision.

- Torkom Saraydarian
The Mystery of Self-Image

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dark Forces waste your time

The dark forces use many other activities which occupy or waste our time. For example, watching television for several hours a day is a common practice. If those hours were accumulated you would have had enough time to study to become a doctor or a teacher. But the dark forces do not want you to do anything worthwhile. They want you to waste your time and energy. It does not take much effort on their part to do this because suddenly you realize that you are fifty years old and have no time to study to become something better. It is finished because they kept you occupied.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dark ones degenerate the images of Great Ones

Dark ones degenerate the images of Great Ones. For example, I once attended a play about Goethe, where Goethe was presented in such a ridiculous and dirty way that no one in the audience would want to read what he wrote. A recent movie about Mozart depicts him as a disfigured, ridiculous, and dirty man, who just happened to write beautiful music. The dark ones used Mozart’s great music as a trap to impress in you an ugly image of his personality. You will never again have the same image of that artist because of the way they destroyed his image. In another film, the Virgin Mary is depicted as an ugly prostitute. It was terrifying to see this sacred symbol of purity so horribly defiled. Another film depicts a saint engaged in homosexual activities. That saint has been worshiped for hundreds of years, and now they are presenting him as a homosexual. Anyone who hates homosexuals will now hate that saint. And the evil one responsible will say, “I did it! I created disrespect for a worshiped image.” As if asleep, people pay millions to view these dramas and films which encourage them to create more and more damage to the human race.
This is a technique that the evil ones use. Who are they? Not a particular nation or tradition is responsible, but people found in all nations and all traditions.
Try being a teacher and you will see how very difficult it is in this day and age to deal with children. It is a very difficult duty. You must be a psychologist to do it. There are lots of disturbances in the psyches of children because of the movies and television shows they watch. Television and films are wonderful instruments for education, however, if they are used properly.
-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The dark forces work through the controversial issue of abortion

The dark forces work through the controversial issue of abortion. Abortion is the result of the activities of the dark forces. Abortion must never be performed unless the mother’s life is in danger. Dark forces are especially against those souls who are spiritually advanced. Evil forces work to prevent advanced people from taking incarnation. They want to send an advanced soul to the Subtle World so that there are fewer soldiers of Light to fight against them on the physical plane of the planet. In the future we must not even think about abortion, but find solutions to avoid it.
Question: What about China’s current efforts to limit population problems with abortion? What about birth control in general?
Answer: Birth control is all right, but the best method is discipline and natural methods. Even so, you are still trying to limit the number of people being born on the planet, which includes advanced people as well as premature incarnations. This planet could hold another two hundred billion people, if we lived correctly. But because we do not live correctly, there is not adequate space or food for them. If we lived according to the doctrines of Christ, Buddha, and Krishna, we would have plenty of life’s necessities. Actually, humanity is currently wasting ninety percent of its natural resources. If we look at the situation scientifically, we waste for the most part; we are involved in greed, competition, jealousy, and the “mine-yours” psychology for the most part. Animals know their sexual purpose more than we do. We are perverted and brainwashed. We look upon sex as a daily necessity, like eating. Once our glamors and illusions are gone, sex will be regulated so that it will be used only in need. We will eventually come to realize that sex is necessary only to bring a child. How can we reach this awareness if our mechanisms are distorted and disturbed? We must accommodate and compensate until we reach the ideal. We do not need it, but we crave it because our movies, newspapers, parents, loneliness, and propaganda urge us toward excessive sexual activity. If we attain a natural, clean consciousness, however, we need much less sex than our current habits. It is a waste. The fluids involved in sex are Cosmic substances which are given to humanity to connect the Intuitional Plane to the human being. When this substance, this precious energy, is wasted, it cannot do the work for which it is intended. The best policy is to use common sense and be as clean and pure as possible.
When I first came to the United States I was surprised to find that twelve and thirteen-year-olds were having sex. A person should not have sex before age eighteen, and then it must be in marriage.
There is some tolerance that we can allow to a certain degree, but not too much. We not only tolerate following our own sexual urges and drives, but also we encourage others to do so. Eventually, however, a time comes when we see how we misuse ourselves and others. This is the moment that we crush our sexual glamor and stand in light. Of course we regret what we did in the past, but we think about the future and plan our life to handle our energies more creatively.
In Atlantean times, syphilis, gonorrhea, and AIDS were so widespread that they destroyed that civilization. The safest route is purity. Have sexual relations only with your husband or wife. Be very careful that you do not indirectly force your marriage partner into unhealthy sexual practices. In everything you do, use your higher concept, your higher intelligence. Using this method you can more easily detect the hands of Satan sitting in your sacral center controlling you.
-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Emotional control

Question: I have seen where people need to be emotional and have a cry to work out their problems. Can you comment on that?

Answer: That is what our psychologists told us and they misled us. They say, if you express your anger, hatred, and so on, it is exhausted. They do not understand what anger, fear, irritation, excitement, laughter are. So they give wrong advice to us, and we learn in the wrong way. There are schools now in Los Angeles and everywhere where you can go if you are hating someone. You start cursing, saying every kind of ugly thing. Then you are released. Ten months later you are in an asylum. That is a wrong method because every anger, every depression, every emotional thing is an energy characterized by your momentary conditioning, emotional, and mental states. But the bottom line is that energy is wasted. You do not need to waste it. You can see this, for example, in some people, You cannot even understand if they are angry or happy. They are very stoic. You are not going to waste your emotions. Any excitement or emotional state or condition you have is a tremendous amount of energy which you can use for creative and sublimating works.

You are going to use that energy to put in the machine and turn the machine, instead of letting it go. You can do it. You can make it and let it go, but you see what is happening. When you are cursing, when you are angry, you are already polluting all your aura with anger, with hatred, with the jealousy which you are expressing, and then in your turn you are hypnotized by your own voice and expressions. For example, stand there and say, “I am angry, I am angry,” and believe what you are saying. Eventually you will not be able to control your anger. It gets out of hand. They are false psychologists, psychiatrists who brought all this trash to us.

I was with a psychiatrist who said, “Come and attend my classes in an asylum and see how I am doing.” A lady came to see him and she was very angry at her husband. The doctor was going to heal her from that sickness and he said to me, “Just sit in that corner and watch us.” The lady sat by him and he asked, “How angry are you at your husband.” She said, “I am very angry.” He said, “This pillow is your husband. Now do anything you really want to do to your husband and forget that I am seeing you. You are totally alone.”

She took the pillow. She started to chew the pillow. She became so monstrous. Then the doctor said, “Quiet, Quiet, that is enough. You killed him already.” “Did I? Did I?”

The doctor asked me, “How do you like it?” “It is fantastic. You prepared a criminal and you really made her practice what she is going to do.” “What do you mean?”

Six, seven months later she did the same thing to the husband and killed him. That was that kind of psychiatrist. What are you doing? If I tell you, “I hate you. I hate you,” the emotional body is built in such a way that I really hate you because I believe what I am saying. But, on the contrary, you can say, “I really do not like you, but I am trying to love you. Eventually I will find a way to have a more loving relationship with you instead of hating you.”

Absolutely I am not with all these people who teach violent ways and means to heal people or make them laugh and scream. It has totally the opposite result.

If you become angry, sit down and drink a cup of water or run around the block. If you are angry, run; if you are depressed, run. Do something so that you use that energy for something beneficial, not just for exhausting and blasting Nature.

Question: What happens when you do not show emotions?

Answer: I did not say do not show emotions because actually you cannot prevent emotions from existing and coming to the surface. But I am saying, “Do not put fire on them, oil on them and amplify them one hundred times more than is necessary.” You did something wrong. I feel very bad for you, but I do not star yelling, “I feel bad about it. You are this, that!”

Question: I know someone whose daughter died and he never cried. Everyone thought there was something wrong with a father who did not cry. He was very solemn and calm.

Answer: There should be some outlet but not artificial and an exaggerated outlet. That is what I am talking about. For example, you exaggerate your emotions so much that you get lost in them. Then it turns into hypocrisy to show off  and different things.

What we are talking about is exaggeration, and having control over your energies. The other day I was watching television. The son of a seventy-year-old man and woman was killed in Desert Storm. The mother was very beautiful. The man was very sad, saying, “What can we do?” That is what happened. Their grief was very normal. Then they showed another story of a woman who had lost her husband. She was screaming and rolling all over the place. What is this comedy? Why are you doing that?

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership Vol.5

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Do not think negatively about others

You must never think evil of anybody. Thoughts such as “I wish that person would fall down and die” or “I wish that you would lose everything you have. I hate you. I don’t want to love you” must never be thought or verbalized. Any expression of this kind builds a thoughtform which goes to the person and hits him. The damage that you send the person is recorded in your “account”, and you will pay for it at the time of judgment. If you committed two tons of damage, you will have to pay with it for interest. There is also a system of taxation in spiritual realms, so be clever and intelligent and do not think negatively about others.

Gossip is the result of wrong thinking. Slander is even worse. Malice is very bad, and treason is the very worst. Do not occupy your mind with these things., You will pay for it severely. That is why Christ said, “Bless those who curse you and slander you.” By thinking this way you do not become involved in karmic debts. Just say, “God bless you,” then remove yourself from the situation. If you curse, you react in the same manner as those who curse you. You both will be debtful.

In the Bible it is written, “Revenge is Mine, sayeth the Lord.” No person must take revenge upon another. Revenge must only be taken by God, meaning that karma will take care of it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces