Saturday, December 24, 2011


Simplicity. Higher thinking is not confused thinking. It is clear, correct, and to the point. You can see the great simplicity in the words of Buddha and Christ. Simplicity does not mean a lack of richness of meaning, a shallowness, but a depth which you can see because of its clarity.

Simplicity is directness. It is the ability to present a great beauty, a great truth without confusion.

In simplicity the words or forms of expression do not hinder the light of the manifesting idea, vision, or spirit. They do not curtail it. They do not pretend that they are spirit. That is why we are told that "the letter kills the spirit," or any form of expression weakens or even kills the spirit when it pretends to be the spirit.

In simplicity the expression is the lamp that holds the light and makes it manifest as it is. In simplicity the form disappears in the light of the spirit, in the light of ideas, meaning, and purpose.

In simplicity there is soul-to-soul communication. In simplicity the words are silent to make the spirit sing.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Thought & the Glory of Thinking

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Being born in times of crises

People sometimes complain and say, "If I lived in different condition or in a different country, my light would probably shine out in a greater magnitude." Once there were two brothers. One was living in luxury because of an inheritance from his wife. The other was trying to do everything possible to educate himself, to achieve victory over his nature and weaknesses, to help and enlighten people. In the end both passed away, and the one who had been living a luxurious life was found in the lower astral plane, while the other one went to the higher mental plane.

Once when the brother living on the lower astral plane asked a visiting master the reason for such an unrighteousness, He replied, "Those who face difficult conditions, serious problems, obstacles of many kinds, complications and dangers in life grow faster toward Higher Worlds than those who fall into luxury."

Before the Spark is ready to reincarnate, It decides where to go. Some of the Sparks choose easy conditions, shallow waters of life, pleasures, etc. Others choose difficult conditions in which to exercise their spiritual faculties and prove their achievements and wisdom. They incarnate in those cycles in which the world is going through crises. We call such souls "heroes" who knowingly choose difficult conditions of life because intuitively they know that difficult times give the greatest possibilities to prove our worthiness to come closer to the Central Magnet.

Those who are consciously born at this time must feel proud and double their efforts to help humanity enter into greater light, in spite of the spreading darkness. There will be no regrets or complaints from the Sparks of light, only a joyful acceptance of conditions and a conscious effort to shine Their light.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1