Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sexual energy and the aura

Abstinence also has an effect on the aura. When the sexual force is sublimated, it increases the strength and beauty of the aura. Sexual energy is creative. When sublimated, it first becomes part of the etheric body, then becomes part of the astral and mental bodies.

Sexual energy makes the aura highly charged and magnetic. Healing energy increases in the aura if one abstains for a long time. Actually, our thoughts and emotions are the children of our sublimated sexual energy. Mental fire is a higher correspondence of sexual energy. This creative energy travels all the way to the Chalice and accumulates in certain petals.

A beautiful poem, painting, or other work of art is sublimated sexual energy, molded by a vision. Sexual energy increases in the aura when two people love each other greatly, but abstain from sex for a while. The two auras begin to interchange energy, and thus the love energy between them deepens and sublimation takes place. In addition to this, one feels balance, stability, and equilibrium in his nature, and he conducts his life with wisdom and grace.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Aura, Shield of Protection & Glory, p.19

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Music and the aura

Singing is considered a healthy sign. When birds or people are sick, they do not sing. Singing is proof that the aura is balanced and that the person is not caught in a groove but can go from one color (note) to another, stimulating or revitalizing many of them. When a person stops singing, you see that his aura is not healthy; it has an imbalance of colors and many other complications.

Music is very closely connected to our health. Certain nations have national sicknesses which are caused by the music that the people of that nation constantly hear. Some groups develop heart, liver, and kidney problems because of the kind of music they hear. It is impossible to indicate which music is good or bad for an individual, but in general, any loud music, rock-and-roll, acid-rock, disco, or similar music stimulates the kidneys, solar plexus, and sacral center. The diseases contracted by people who listen to these kinds of music originate from these sources.

Music can retard or assist the development of the aura. Certain notes affect the etheric and physical bodies. Certain notes affect the astral and mental bodies. Music that makes an advanced person greatly disturbed may suit the emotions of an average person and give him great pleasure. Some people, not having an organized mental aura, do not respond to those notes, so they are safe. Those who have a mental aura, however, become highly disturbed.

Beautiful and creative music harmonizes and balances the aura of the listener, purifies, and energizes it. Such music is usually composed by an artist who has the same purity, energy, and balance.

One creates out of his true being. Disturbing music creates imbalance in the aura, increasing dramatically certain colors, and greatly reducing the colors of the higher vehicles.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Aura, Shield of Protection and Glory, p.20