Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The agents of unreality

It is very interesting to discover that many agents of unreality are allowed to be on the path, just to mislead people and to direct them to the path that leads to the domain of unreality.

Such people know all the vocabulary of the Higher Teaching but do not have a realization of the Teaching. They are failures. And because they are failures, they have never touched the sacred rock of reality. In their hearts they do not believe in the existence of reality. Their pleasure is to mislead people in talking the language of reality to them and in advising them to follow the paths which take them away from the domain of reality.

These people are like "drug stores". They have all kinds of goodies to sell. Whatever you need you can buy from these "stores".

Some books written by such people or lectures given by them are like "drug stores."They have all their goodies just to sell or to appear that they are in business. Such books and persons do not change our state of consciousness or lead us to the reality latent within us. Instead, they keep us busy buying their goodies, which never contribute in discovering our own reality.

Those who only know the "language"of reality are many, and they have their business on the path. Such business people are the most dangerous tests on the path for a disciple to overcome.

A disciple must not only fight against unreality in himself but also fight against the embodiments of unreality on the path.

A victory over such people on the path leads disciples into higher dimensions of reality.

Reality is the expanding Self, going from glory to glory.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Monday, April 24, 2017

When your light increases, your virtues increase, but your vices also increase

If a person who is full of hatred, anger, fear, revenge, treason, and jealousy is given the Teaching, it will increase his vices. I have seen this many times. For example, a woman had a problem with jealousy. Then ten years later her jealousy became a viper. This occurred because she did not uproot that weed, which gradually was nourished by the Teaching. First you must work on the cleaning process, the work of purification. After you clean your personality, the dosage of Wisdom will increase and nourish the "flowers", not the "weeds" in your "garden." When your light increases, your virtues increase. And when your light increases, your vices also increase.

In spring, you can see in your garden that all of the weeds as well as the flowers grow and bloom. The Sun gives Its energy, and the vices and virtues grow side by side. A good gardener will be able to slowly, slowly remove the bad seeds from his garden, so when the energy comes, only the good plants will start growing within him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stability is the foundation of every kind of success, creativity, and progress

Stability is the foundation of every kind of success, creativity, and progress. If we do not cultivate stability, we cannot reach spiritual maturity. You must have a healthy and stable body, stable emotions, stable mind, stable heart, stable friendships, stable respect for others, stable progress, and stable cooperation. If this stability exists in your life, you have a runway and your airplane can fly.

There are higher stabilities. There is stability in meditation -- your mind is stable. Why can you not meditate? You cannot because your are unstable. How can you build spiritual mansions when there is no stability?

There is no stability because your heart has seven vipers:
1. Fear
2. Anger
3. Hatred
4. Jealousy
5. Revenge
6. Slander
7. Treason

And there are five devils in your mind:
1. Vanity
2. Ego
3. Separatism
4. Greed
5. Showing off

When these twelve exist within you, there is no stability in your consciousness.

If a very advanced psychiatrist were to examine the public, maybe eighty percent of them would be admitted to a mental institution. There is much mental instability. Instability is a contagious disease. To be free from this disease, you must have right motives in your mind. Let us say that you married a person with the right motive. You have a child with the right motive. You love your wife with the right motives. You love your friends, your Teacher, and everything that you are related with. This creates stability in your mind. If anyone has a wrong motive in a relationship with any person, with any job, or with anything, he will never have a stable mind. Your motives must be pure and correct -- absolutely open and sincere.

Our heart also needs stability. A heart can be stable if there are no guilt feelings. Sometimes you put blankets and lots of jewels on your "dead"body to pretend that you are beautiful. This does not create stability.  Any time you have guilt feelings, you destroy the stability of your inner and outer heart. Of course, you can see these things if you are totally sincere with yourself. If you are not playing hide and seek with yourself, you will succeed in seeing these things. When you play hide and seek, it is impossible to build stability in your heart.

A stable man is a giant, a leader. He is a source of joy and strength because he is together, integrated, and stable. A stable person is a refuge. He stands on his principles, on his directions, and in his visions.  You cannot move that man or that woman from their stability.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The technique of confusion

We see the technique of confusion working in the musical field. Rock music, disco, acid and punk rock music and their other sisters and brothers are there to create confusion - confusion in your musical sense, distortion in your mental field, distortion in the natural arrangement of the cells and atoms of your brain, distortion in those areas of your mental field which are oriented and polarized toward great visions, creativity, service, labor, and striving for greater achievements.
These fields are distorted by confusing music, and the followers of such music find themselves less and less interested in achieving moral and spiritual heights and serving humanity in its effort to solve the world's problem; they sink into apathy, goallessness, drugs, and they reject the values needed for the survival of humanity.

The same confusion is contrived and sold widely in the field of color and painting. So-called modern art is presenting us with confusing forms, forms that distort our sense of beauty and create a deep confusion of artistic values. The same confusion is proliferated in certain movements of dances, such as when you see girls and boys throwing themselves to the ground, rolling, screaming, and moving chaotically. Nature is geometrical, measured, arithmetical, ordered, rhythmic, and cyclic; but here you have movements and motions that are the reflections of chaotic emotions, thoughts, and inner conflicts.

Art has certain high aims: to sublimate, to uplift, to expand the human consciousness, and to create harmony and certainty.

People may defend such confused arts through their own philosophy, but one must wait and do years of research to find out that the exponents and followers of such music, dances, and paintings gradually lose their health and happiness. They lose their friends, and without a science of right human relationship they slowly descend into depression, hopelessness, failure, and even suicide.

Confusion is also created in religious and psychic fields. People everywhere are channeling "higher powers" and broadcasting their experiences. Most of these messages are shallow, funny, or contradictory. People are speaking in tongues, and tremendous chaos is created in the minds of the average person. Only the healthy ones found an escape from this trap by rejecting all that is given by such lower psychics.

This is the situation. They read your aura and your past lives, and the goal is to create confusion in you. After you are confused, you fall victim to the hands of those who are using such psychics and channels.

Confusion is an effort to destroy principles and ideas which people use to build their lives. Such an action is taken without presenting better principles and better ideas. Confusion is not easy to impose at once upon the minds of people. It is promoted gradually through doubt and by undermining spiritual standards, moral principles, and values.

Confusion causes paralysis in certain areas of our senses and nervous system. In confusion, right and wrong are equal, or both do not exist.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Friday, April 14, 2017

Physical purification

Physical purification is achieved by standing, as much as possible, for purity: pure food and pure sexual relationships or no relationships at all - the purest or none!

In sexual relations the auras of the two people mix together like two bottles of colored water. Let us say that one is yellow and the other is green with lots of germs -- not only physical germs but also the germs in the emotional, mental, and etheric contents of the aura. When the auras mix together, you become a "soup". What did you do to yourself? Your aura is polluted, so your inspiration will stop and you will not have the aspiration to be something. You will stop meditating. You will not read or study. Something falls apart within your system. This is the result of lack of purity. You will not even be able to appreciate beautiful things because your aura is like a soup. Pure relationships and pure food are important.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Discipline of speech

No one can advance on the path of perfection without severe discipline of speech and silence.

The Great Ones do not trust the secret keys of Nature to those who cannot use their tongues constructively, discriminatively, and are unable to keep silent.

During the period in which we learn how to keep our tongues under control, we master gradually our vanities, touchiness, show-offs, and fears and develop discrimination, listening, intuition, and strict watchfulness.

Every word that we utter creates a corresponding color, smell and note in our aura and in space. If these notes, colors or smells are not of high quality but are chaotic, disharmonious, and stagnant, the higher forces refuse to contact the man.

A disturbing speech is a discord and creates disorders in the organism and eventually sickness.

The sphere of solemnity is affected by noise, loud speech, silly jokes, ugly expressions, the clapping of hands, or by making jerky movements.

Man has a very important sense within himself. This sense can be hurt and stop functioning if a man continues with speech devoid of beauty, goodness, and truth. This is the sense which instantaneously lets him know right from wrong. It is not related to logic, thoughts, or reasoning. It is there like our eyes and ears to warn us from danger, but because of wrong speech and wrong acts, it becomes dull. Only in very rare occasions do we feel its warning.

As we increase our discipline of silence and right speech, the sense regenerates itself and comes into action. This is sometimes called "straight knowledge"or the "Voice of Silence" or the little voice of guidance within our heart that speaks to us when there is silence. Occult silence is a condition in our aura where there is utmost harmony and rhythm.

This voice is the guidance of the Transpersonal Self within us, and we can increase Its guidance only by listening and acting accordingly.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Manifested talents

People generally think that only art is art, but art is to live a life of example, the serving of people. Even a medical doctor can be an artist of peace. A national leader can be an expression of his talents, leadership talents.

It is the manifestation of principle, standards, ideas, and higher visions and dreams that you are bringing in many forms, in many places, in many colors. The result is to lead people into transmutation, transformation, transfiguration, and eventually resurrection, which is mastery over all impediments and hindrances.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3