Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crowns and higher bodies

The legends say that the first kings of humanity were Divine Beings Who came from a very advanced civilization from Space and guided and ruled humanity. At that time people used to see etheric crowns on the heads of the kings or queens.

As these Great Beings left this planet after fulfilling their duties, human kings succeeded them, and because they were not advanced spiritually, they did not have their natural crowns. People built crowns for the kings with precious stones and colorful materials.

Again the legends say that the first priests who came from other civilizations in Space to lead humanity on earth used to shine with their etheric, mental, Intuitional, and higher bodies during the ceremonies. Ages passed, and they departed. To imitate them, human priests prepared colorful vestments as correspondences or symbols of their finer bodies.

All these higher bodies exist within us, and they are visible to a true clairvoyant. Everyone of us must do his utmost to unfold his higher bodies and strive toward perfection.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New dimensions in healing, p.37