Thursday, August 31, 2017

Harmlessness is an aggressive interest in the welfare of humanity

People think that to be harmless in a society means to withdraw into your skin and bury yourself in your own petty pleasures. This is not so. A harmless person tries to eliminate all those sources which hurt people, distort their future, and lead them into physical and spiritual failure.

Harmlessness is an aggressive interest in the welfare of humanity, ans is one of the attributes of a warrior for Goodness, Beauty, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom. Harmlessness is not a passive virtue. It actively works and even attacks with the intention to love and uplift.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Creative Fire

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Resistance patterns and excuses people use to be overweight

1. I like to use my weight problem to punish myself, to show the world I am no good. I hold on to my guilt because guilt is the way I've always lived; it is what I am used to. I do not know what I would do if I were okay.

2. I like to complain and feel self-pity. It gives me sympathy and attention from my parents and from friends. I'd lose this if I lose weight.

3. Being overweight is a good, safe excuse for not succeeding. Success and power are a threat. I would have to give up being “not okay.” If I am successful, people would become jealous and reject me.

4. Being overweight protects me from sexual intimacy and intimacy in relationships. It proves that no one wants me.

5. Food is safe sex. Food is sensual, accessible, and easy.

6. Food is my friend. It is my only friend and the only thing I can count on. It is someone to come home to.

7. Food makes me feel connected to life and the world.

8. Food is an addiction I cannot live without. It is an abusive lover.

9. Being overweight is a way to be loved and accepted by my parents. If I succeed and lose weight, it'll make my parents wrong because they said I was no good. My mother and father were both heavy, and it would make me different from them. If I give up sweets, my mother would reject me. Sweets were the only form of love I got from my mother. I don't want to be rejected by my parents.

10. Being overweight proves life doesn't work. I enjoy being hateful. I can't let go of my resentments. If I felt good, I couldn't be as angry.

11. It is a sin to feel sexual and love my body.

12. If I got healthy, I would not have anything to talk or complain about. I am afraid to feel too good. I like to worry. I'm afraid to change my self-image.

13. Eating takes away my loneliness, grief, stress, and pain. Eating is a convenient way to stuff my feelings.

14. Overeating and being overweight is a way of numbing myself from the pain and responsibility of life. It allows me not to grow up.

15. I want to die. Life is just too much. I do not want to feel energetic and alive.

16. Lots of foods numb me to the peace and joy of my inner divinity and my relationship with God. My inner light and God scare me. It is safer to eat some more ice cream.

Once the contracting and limiting thoughts are dissolved, one is free to become healthy.

-Gabriel Cousens
Conscious eating

The desire for food has its roots in the soul's need for spiritual substance

The body's desire for food has its roots in the soul's need for spiritual substance. When one is in touch with the Divine there is such a sense of contentment, joy, peace, and fullness that food has no power to throw one out of balance. The eternal craving for divine happiness is fulfilled on the deepest level.


Food difficulties and eating patterns are related to a whole complex of issues. Although it is easy to think this discussion only applies to those who are overweight, these are issues that many people face no matter what their weight. Food issues are something we all must master as part of our spiritual evolution, because with few exceptions, we all have to eat. Once we find peace with our food issues, we have added another building block to our spiritual foundation.

-Gabriel Cousens
Conscious eating

Friday, August 25, 2017

Signs of emotional health

1. A person with a healthy emotional body does not hate. If you are full of hate and cannot forgive and forget, you are really sick and you will make not only your own life miserable but the lives of others, too.

Hatred is a sickness of the emotional body. This sickness spreads germs which contaminate other people’s astral bodies and make their lives miserable. It is very strange that people hate in the name of their ideal, their love, their values... and they fall into a terrible perversion. Their hatred leads them into pernicious deeds in order to satisfy their diabolic intentions. Once the astral body is contaminated with hatred, it blocks the light of reason; it controls the body and forces it to satisfy its follies.

Most degenerative diseases are the result of sickness in the astral body.

2. Your imagination is positive. Imagination is connected with the emotional body and the nervous system. When your emotional body is not healthy, you imagine negative things. A little noise becomes an attack by an enemy. A little shadow becomes the sign of a hurricane. You exaggerate things in their negative aspects to such a degree that you become the first victim of your own negative imagination.

Negative imagination indicates that there are lots of disturbances in your emotional vehicle. There may be congestion, malfunction of astral centers, obsessions, or various disorders.

It is possible to heal your astral body by exercising or practicing positive imagination. Even in difficult times try to imagine positive things. Charge your imagination with hope, vision, and future success.

If your emotional body is not healthy, you cannot have a healthy physical body, healthy conduct, or a healthy life.

People do not employ those individuals who are physically unhealthy, but they do not care whether an individual’s emotional body is sick. A sick emotional body spreads psychic germs and brings misfortune and negative forces into the area where the person lives and works.

3. An emotionally healthy person has no jealousy at all. He rejoices for the beauty and successes of others, and he feels one with them. An emotionally healthy person rejoices for the success of other people more than for his own successes.

Jealous people gradually fall into the trap of various sicknesses because jealousy consumes phosphorus, magnesium, and iron in the body.

Watch carefully and see what happens to a jealous person. People reject him, and he starts to fall into difficult conditions. Immediately when you feel that pull of jealousy within you, try to bless the person and identify yourself with him. Try to know that "the sons of men are one, and I am one with them."

4. One is considered emotionally healthy if he does not attack objects or persons. For example, once I saw a young man hit his knee on a chair. He was so mad that he raised the chair in the air, slammed it down, and destroyed it... because the chair was guilty of hurting his knee!

Emotionally sick people attack other people for imaginary reasons or for no reason at all. They create dirty gossip. They write bad articles to destroy your reputation and credit. They blackmail you and spread psychic poison in space with their imagination and expressions. Such people have unhappy relationships, unhappy families, and unhappy bodies. Emotional disturbances take time to come slowly to the surface of the body in the form of many diseases.

5. If you are healthy emotionally, you never become depressed. A healthy emotional body always feels happy. Depression manifests first in the emotional body, but its cause can be rooted in the physical and mental bodies. One must find the cause and eliminate it before it spreads its roots.

Depression is also a sign that there is a leakage in your emotional body. Strong desires, daydreaming, and dirty imagination leak a great amount of astral energy.

6. If you are emotionally healthy, you do not become mechanically excited. For example, if you are emotionally healthy, a bottle of whiskey does not excite you and make you drink it. A naked person cannot stimulate you, unless you yourself decide to be stimulated. On the other hand, there are so many people who lose their control at the first temptation.

One stops smoking or using drugs; then he starts again because his partner reminded him to smoke or dope himself. You see people excited all the time by the news they hear, by the movies they see. Because of this sickness of the emotional body, people take advantage and use them; they use their money, their body, their time, and their energy.

If one does not have control of his emotional body, sooner or later he becomes the slave of others.

Disturbances in any vehicle make the owner lose his control over the vehicle. Any vehicle can be controlled if it is healthy and stable.

7. A healthy emotional body does not nourish envy. Envy is like an air pocket in your emotional body, or sometimes it looks like an ulcer. This air pocket or ulcer is the cause of many disturbances in your glandular system. Hardening of the glands is caused by such conditions.

8. If you are emotionally healthy, irritation cannot penetrate into your body. People cannot irritate you and try to control you through your irritation. Emotionally irritated people radiate poison in their environment. Even the articles they use carry a huge amount of poison.

Irritation is a sign that your astral centers are not balanced and synchronized, and that they are transmitting more energy than your body can use.

9. If your emotional body is healthy, you are always calm; even in daring conditions you do not lose your tranquility. Because of their agitated astral condition many people try to live in continuous excitement. They try by all means to upset you and excite you so that they increase their own excitement and turbulence. But an emotionally healthy person watches such people and does not lose his tranquility.

Lack of calmness in the emotional body is a sign that there are many wounds in the body or sensitive spots in the emotional body. When these wounds and sensitive spots are continuously irritated, they create ulcers, tumors, and even cancer in the physical body. One can cure himself from many afflictions if he tries hard enough to cultivate tranquility in his nature.

In many sports, when the emotional body is calm, the victory is secured; but if the emotional body loses its calmness, the defeat is close at hand.

10. If the emotional body is healthy, you breathe deeply. Deep breathing is a sign of emotional health. Daily, stop and check your breathing. If it is superficial or shallow, there is something wrong in your emotional body.

Many physical conditions and emotional conditions can be cured through deep breathing. Deep breathing is not a physical phenomenon. It is an etheric and astral phenomenon. The centers of breathing are controlled from the astral plane. This is why with every emotion our breathing goes through a change.

Every kind of emotion has its own cycle of breath, its rhythm in breathing. Shallow breathing is the sign that there is some blockage in the centers or that there is a lack of coordination between the emotional and etheric centers and the physical ganglia.

Breathing burns away physical pollution and also astral and mental pollution. If you do not breathe deeply, the pollution increases in your system.

11. If a person has a healthy emotional body, he is not subject to nightmares. Nightmares are signs that there are disturbances, sickness, and turbulences in your astral body.
Nightmares warn you to check

a. your physical conduct
b. your emotional behavior
c. the environment
d. the things you are reading, watching, or listening to.

If these things are not in good order, sooner or later you will be caught in emotional turbulence, which will manifest itself as nightmares.

Nightmares sometimes happen when your astral door is blocked by violent or criminal images. Immediately when you try to enter, you are bounced back to the etheric or physical body; and if you are caught in these images, you pass through a real nightmare. Nightmares are also caused by astral entities who block the astral passage. They can occupy the passage because of your astral impurity.

Every kind of dream is formed on the screen of your etheric brain. The light of the mind or the soul projects on this screen negatives -- images which are formed by your deeds, words, thoughts, imagination, and daydreaming -- and you have the projection as your dreams or nightmares. If your negatives contain ugly, fearful, dangerous, or distorted pictures or experiences, at the time of sleep all these will be projected on the screen of your etheric brain,

Nightmares will never occur if your emotional body is healthy and not polluted with criminal and negative images. Nightmares are a warning to check your behavior, contacts, and imagination.

12. If your emotional body is healthy, you sleep deeply and calmly. Those who have a pure consciousness, those who are harmless and righteous, and those who are full of compassion and gratitude sleep calmly and deeply.

A healthy emotional body protects you from many attacks on the astral plane. In the physical plane, a sick body cannot function happily and is subject to many accidents; the same is true for the astral body. If the astral body is sick, it wounds itself; it invites many attacks, and occasionally astral currents carry the person away and knock him from one rock to another. Such an astral condition does not let the body sleep well and calmly.

Our sleep is also disturbed if our astral body is full of sexual or materialistic  desires, or full of hatred and revenge. Our desires turn into astral forms, and when we enter the astral plane they control us and pull us to the objects of our desires. Then if the objects of the desires repel us or attack us, and if our subconscious morality warns us, our sleep is disturbed.

Images of hatred and revenge create terrible disturbances in our astral body, and in the astral plane when we enter there at the time of sleep. They draw many negative forces toward us which often obsess and posses us, causing terrible disturbance in our sleep.

Waves of hatred and revenge hurt the astral centers and sometimes burn them out completely, thus preparing the ground for many bad diseases in our life.

13. If you are astrally healthy, you do not act as a medium or channel, and you do not have contact with the dead. These phenomena are the result of unhealthy conditions in the astral body.

If you are a medium, your astral body is occupied by astral entities of low order because high order entities never occupy the astral body of a living being. Such low-order astral entities transmit to your body psychic germs, which germinate after a long time and lead you to various difficulties. They obsess your body and control your life on the physical plane.

If you want to have a healthy emotional body, beware of any mediumistic activities. Stay away from channels and those who claim to have psychic contacts. Most of them are liars and astrally sick people, and they  can contaminate you with their pollution.

14. If you are healthy emotionally, you have enthusiasm and joy in all that you do. When you lose your enthusiasm or joy, it means that your emotional body is passing through a crisis.

15. If your emotional body is healthy, you interpret things in their true light. You do not exaggerate or mix things up. You take things as they are, and you remain calm.

16. If your emotional body is healthy, you do not absorb the pains, troubles, sorrows, and sufferings of other people and identify with them. This does not mean that you lack compassion, observation, and awareness; but you understand their situations and take the right steps to help them if they need help.

A healthy emotional body does not draw the unhealthy emotional conditions of others into itself. It keeps a distance.

17. If your emotional body is healthy, you can turn on or off any emotion you want. No emotion controls you; you control it. If you are controlled by your imagination, you are not healthy. A healthy person never loses his control over his bodies.

18. If you are emotionally healthy, you love beauty, rhythm, and harmony in colors, sound, and movements. An unhealthy emotional body likes distortion, ugliness, and noise. A healthy emotional body enjoys the beauty of Nature and of people and things. A person with a healthy emotional body always tunes himself with Nature. He loves sunsets, sunrises, the rivers, the forests, the birds, the animals, and all human beings.

19. A person with a healthy emotional body encourages others to achieve and progress. He never discourages people. He always finds a reason to encourage people. People feel the healthy radiations of his astral body and often receive nourishment from them.

These are some of the signs of emotionally healthy and happy people.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Man's survival depends upon his expansion of consciousness

One of the most important efforts in which the human being must engage himself is to expand his consciousness and involve himself in world affairs. His survival and success in life's responsibilities depend upon his expansion of consciousness.

We are existing in a living solar system whose consciousness is expanding. All our progress is a response to that expansion of solar consciousness, but at this time the world is in crisis. Crisis is a moment in which it is either possible to pass through a bridge leading to higher progress, or to degenerate into the animal kingdom and use all the knowledge that you have against your best self-interest.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.353

Continuity of consciousness and the time of death

When you build your consciousness, at the time of dying you will consciously slip away from your body as a snake comes out of its skin. The snake does not die. That is why the snake sometimes is the symbol of continuity of consciousness and also of initiation. Why? When he sheds his skin he comes out as the same snake. He is a good snake. There are also bad snakes.

Now how important is it that before you die you get busy and build your continuity of consciousness? You must build it, or else you will die, as Solomon says, "like animals." There is no difference between the death of an animal and an unconscious man; he disappears, finished. From now on you are going to start building continuity of consciousness, starting with meditation, right thinking, right speech, harmlessness, a beautiful life based on righteousness and love, forgiveness and gratitude. All these things are building stones or lines for your continuity of consciousness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Those who have been in Devachan...

Those who have been in Devachan, when they incarnate, have an inner belief in immortality, infinity, and in higher virtues -- whereas those who have not been in Devachan do not believe in a life after. Neither do they believe in Great Ones, Hierarchy, or a spiritual dimension. They believe in money, land, possessions, jewelry because they never had a chance to open their heart in the bliss of Devachan.

Not everyone can enter into Devachan. Those who are intellectually and morally backward, most of these people turn back into the door of incarnation from the lower mental plane. They do not enjoy the beauty of the Higher Worlds, and most of them cause the problems of humanity through their ugliness, separatism, greed, ignorance, and exploitations.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Love and hypnotism

A man can fall in love with a woman, and even if she is most obnoxious toward him, he still loves her, even when he sees the harm she is causing him by her actions toward him.

De-hypnotization can be achieved when a hypnotized person learns how to think clearly, with logic and reason, and through the Law of Karma and its consequences.

Those who fall in love and make love for a while but then separate are those who suffer for a long time due to the fact that they both are hypnotized by each other.

In some cases they take a reverse path to cut their ties. They hate each other and try to hurt each other to keep themselves away from each other. This creates a more complicated problem because in hatred they come closer to each other. This is a mental and emotional closeness, but a reverse approach.

Often such a relationship leads to crime and murder, according to the created posthypnotic suggestions.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Sunday, August 13, 2017

In the future a totally new science will be developed to welcome babies

In the future, newborn babies will be examined by highly advanced psychiatrists who will be able to see the different psychology, mood, and radiation of the babies.

A totally new science will be developed to welcome babies and detect very valuable information about the journey they took to reach the physical plane. This science will be able to dissociate parental effects, even effects of inheritance, from the psychic condition of the babies and formulate various methods of handling the babies.

Sometimes it will even be possible to see in the mirror of the babies' aura the video tape of their journey.

Such a science eventually will discover not only the "location" of the babies' departure but also the evidence of their mundane life in the past.

Through this science will be discovered also the secret of karmic relationships with parents and sisters and brothers.

This fascinating science will slowly develop toward the year 2050. The psychiatrists at that time will have degrees in astrology and electronics, and some of them will be clairvoyants.

After observing the baby medically, astrologically, and psychologically, a good forecast can be given to the parents about how to deal with that baby and in what atmosphere to raise him or her.

When this science develops, then every child will be directed to the right duty, the right field, and the right responsibility. In this way a great amount of energy, time, and life will be economized.

Most people do not have the memory of their dharma, and they wander through many different fields until they reach age sixty or seventy. Then they remember what to do, but all their former years were wasted.

A professional group can guide the life of the baby, forecasting his potentials, tendencies, and weaknesses  -- something that is not done yet. This group of professionals can even develop a system of meditation or contemplation through which the growing person slowly starts to remember his dharma and guide his life accordingly.

The most precious elements that must be presented to the newcomer are love and welcoming. The baby's soul will crave these two substances. Often most mothers will give these substances to their babies, but the maternity hospital must be a place of love, beauty, and blessing.

A child who comes into such an atmosphere will remember his dharma, his responsibilities, and from the beginning such a memory will be his guide.

If the relationship between the Solar Angel and the human soul is established and conscious, the memory of dharma will never fade, and year after year it will inspire the person and urge him ahead.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds