Sunday, December 25, 2016

How the love substance evaporates from the bodies

Every time you are thinking in hate, speaking in hate, acting in hate, you are ruining your aura. If in the future we put you in front of those big machines, which are going to come, immediately scientists will say there is a spot in your mental body and it is degenerating, going toward cancer. All diseases start from the higher realms because when love evaporates, darkness comes. There is no vacuum in you. When love comes, hatred goes.

Absence of love is the presence of anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, revenge, treason, slander, vanity, ego, fanaticism, separatism, greed, crimes, and wars. I call these fourteen the evils that make humanity unhappy, families unhappy, man unhappy, groups unhappy. No matter if only one or two of them are there, they are like an octopus in relation to each other. They invite each other in.

When you start blaming, criticizing, hindering, slandering, belittling, insulting, you are losing the substance of love from your bodies and exposing them to destructive attacks. Many times your destruction comes when you slander people and empty yourself of the love substance.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

When you love yourself too much you become a wound in the body of humanity

Question: Can you explain the statement that one cannot love someone else if one cannot love himself.

Answer:Eventually when you love yourself too much you become a wound, a cancer in the body of humanity. All the troubles happen when a family member loves himself more than others. It is the same in the group. It is the same in the nation. If part of humanity loves itself too much, it becomes the center of the troubles. This is it. It burns wounds in the system.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Disease is the result of accumulation of those moments in which we act without love

Disease is the result of accumulation of those moments in our life in which we act without love, we speak without love, we think without love, we play without love. Those moments in our life accumulate or have accumulated throughout lives and eventually collected themselves, accumulated themselves in our bodies. They became disintegrative factors in our body, the source of disease and sickness and maladies and ailments.

Your sickness is the result of your transgressions against the rule of love. That is why in very, very old centuries, in Vedic times, in Upanishadic times, in ancient Chaldea, Assyria, and different places, when a person became sick, they pitied the person and thought it was the result of sin.

What is the sin? There is only one sin -- if you reject love, you are sinning.

If somebody starts gossiping and slandering, or his or her heart is full of jealousy and revenge, I say, "Sickness is coming." Two months later, two years later the sickness is there because the effects of the hatred are accumulating. If someone is clairvoyant he will see how the people are slowly, slowly accumulating dark spots in their aura, and these dark spots are nest of future diseases.

Do not believe when the scientists say these things are caused by germs, viruses, and those kinds of things. There is no such thing. Viruses are lives, germs are lives, microbes are lives. Just as you are lives, they are lives, and they have a right to live because God created them. How can they be harmful to your body, to your emotions, to your mind? They are harmful when you are not protected by love, when your love cannot transform them.

The germ comes and enters your body, but when there is love it changes into energy because every germ is a wave of energy. Many false teachings are given in our institutions, instead of teaching the foundation of life so that we have a society build on the firm foundation of love. Then we could enjoy life and help other people to enjoy life. On the contrary, we are destroying our life and others' lives by not putting ourselves in the rhythm of love, in the waves of love, in the energy currents of love.

You can solve the problems by love, and you can eliminate your diseases by love. To have love you are going to go out of your skin, your self-centered life. Right now life interests you if it is beneficial for your selfish interests. When are you going to drop this vicious circle and get out of your skin and become love? Only then will you understand what we are talking about.

Love is expansion, inclusiveness, and dissipation of ego. Ego is a wound in your soul. Ego says, "I know," "I can do it," "I am somebody." Who you are? You are not even an atom. Love is the dissipation of this ignorance. The greatest sin in the world is committed when you stand out of the circle of love. Everybody in the world is sinful, and the result of sin is death, disease. The Bible says so, but who listens to the Bible? "It is old-fashioned!"

All diseases of the bodies -- physical, emotional, mental, and etheric -- are the result of the seeds planted by our thoughts against love, by our emotions against love, by our actions against love. Because of such actions we have destroyed our immune system.

Now I am saying something that maybe twenty years later you are going to read in the papers. The immune system is a love system. When love evaporates from your system, you do not have an immune system. The immune system is disintegrating in our country and everywhere because we are forcing hatred and killing the love. Everything we are organizing is based not on love but on self-interest.

If you want to run a life on the basis of hatred, disintegration, rejection, malice, and slander, you can do that, but you will see that sickness and disease will be after you forever. It is man who brings calamity to his own life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Health is important when that health is used for the Hierarchy

Money is important but you must in some way understand that money is not everything. Money is energy and that energy must be used to uplift humanity, to bring health, happiness, and freedom to humanity. If money is not doing that, it is your curse. Even your health can be your curse. Because you are healthy, you do obnoxious things and get AIDS, for example, and you kill yourself. Health is also important when that health is used for the Hierarchy, for your spiritual destination.

So disciples eventually are going to orient themselves in the right direction. What is right direction? I live, I eat, I think, I feel for the Glory of God. Or else, you are not living. You can use other words, but that is the direction. If your life is lived only for you, better you do not live it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing, p.437

Monday, December 19, 2016

Many people think that by wishing they can achieve the object of their wish

Many people think that by wishing they can achieve the object of their wish, and thus they waste precious time and energy in wishing. If they would just make themselves concentrate and discipline themselves and be ready to actualize their wish, they would attain knowledge, skill in action, develop new power and wisdom, actualize their wish, and have control over it. When a man loses control over his wishes and is swayed by his wishes, he will have tremendous difficulty living a factual life and will be always in a dream.

People also think that if they wish to do something, they are ready for it. Most of the time we fail because we proceed to actualize our wish, later to discover that we were unready for that task.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3, p.51

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The birth of Christ is the first initiation

The birth of Christ is the first initiation. It is the initiation in which you become an independent person. What does it mean to be independent? It means you become able to take care of yourself, financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As you become more independent, you become more dependent on spiritual realms, but first you must experience standing on your feet. Solve your problems. Make money if you are not making enough. Do not hang on others. Face your responsibilities. This is one of the great signs of a new birth. Before, you do not care about your responsibilities and duties. You ignore this and that, even your wife, even your husband, even your children; but once the formation of Christ begins within you, you become a responsible person. You say, "Honey, what can I do for you so that we are both beautiful, our children, everybody, our group, our humanity is beautiful?"

So the first sign is independence. You do not hang on people and exploit them, manipulate them for your own sake. That is so bad. Until you find the way to be independent and guide your life for yourself, you cannot enter into a new birth experience.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The business community is totally unaware of these factors...

A person is a car seller. He is told the cars are in excellent condition, but he knows they are not. But anyhow, to keep his job, he forces himself to sell the cars to customers as excellent cars. As years go by, this person feels a conflict within him and begins to force himself to sell the cars and gets less money. Eventually he is out of a job. Who are the losers? The losers are the man and his boss.

Though his boss can find others to replace the employee, eventually he himself feels that there is  a cleavage in himself because he realizes that he is selling not the best, but a mediocre object, as if it were the best. This inner conflict eventually makes that man quit his job and and now you have another unemployed person. If he continues to work against his feelings, he can make money but he will pay it to the hospitals.

Whenever we have cleavages within ourselves, we bring failure to ourselves and for those for whom we are working. The business community is totally unaware of these factors, hence the economic failure everywhere.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3, p.50

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The ego attracts all painful phenomena and sufferings to itself

Ego is like a magnet that has fallen into a bunch of nails -- every nail will be attracted to it. The ego attracts all painful phenomena and sufferings to itself. Egolessness is a state of indifference. When the ego is dissipated, one will not have concern for one's own happiness or unhappiness. This is a supreme realization, as the True Self is beyond all physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Art of Teaching

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Meditation is the science of withdrawal from your not-self

Meditation is the science of withdrawal from your not-self. Have you had that experience?

You are going to  have an experience that you have now left the physical body, left the emotional body, left the mental body, and you are in space. You see your town, your body sitting there. From five million miles you see the body is sitting like an ant there and you are meditating. That is how you can do it, but it needs work, labor. People do not like to do meditation because they are interested in making money.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3, p.31

Depression is a trap

Depression is a big trap. Why are people depressed? You will be surprised. When faults accumulate, your Soul looks at you and says, "You are so icky," and you become depressed. Depression is a sign of doing many many wrong things. It is the realization of your past faults without conscious awareness. It is a subconscious happening.

Faults and errors accumulate and cause depression. They come to the surface. Depression is a sign of having done many, many wrong things. Whenever you are depressed, be careful and analyze it. See if there are things you are doing that are wrong. Depression is a trap. It imprisons you.

Wrong and right  are not judged by the ideas of millions of common people. It is a very delicate thing. Only God knows how to find right and wrong; we do not know it. But the result will show it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Monday, November 28, 2016

Our dealings with each other will condition our next birth

People never think that their relations with others will condition their birth next time. Why not? If they know this, they will be a little more careful  to have next time a body that is really healthy, is really beautiful, is really accident free. For example, I had a car accident that really hurt me. I said, "Who knows what I did?" Nothing happens without a reason. Nothing happens by accident. All these things bring us to our senses. We realize that we ourselves created the causes of our present pain and suffering.

Our dealings with each other are very important because our dealings with each other are forming the prototype, the physical, emotional and mental prototype that is going to give birth to our body, to our health, to our intelligence, and to our future success or failure. It is very important to think about that.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

Friday, November 18, 2016

When people cannot persevere with the decisions they have made...

When people cannot persevere with the decisions they have made, it means that they do not exist yet as a soul. Only their bodies, emotions, and minds exist. People think that behind our eyes, someone exists. Actually, behind most people's eyes, there is no one. It is horrible to be aware of this fact, but it is reality.

When you start existing, you have a principle, a decision, a goal, a purpose toward which to strive. As obstacles come on your path, your perseverance increases. Read the biographies of great people. You will see how this occurs.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Monday, November 14, 2016

Scorpio - Victory over limitations

There is another very interesting thing in the Scorpio life. Scorpio fights against his own achievements, victories, positions, and successes. Every time a true Scorpio has a success, a great achievement, a great victory, he knows that these things are more subtle and powerful enemies than any enemy he knew in the past. You glorify yourself because you achieved something, you did something, you are so great. That is your trap. That is your prison.

A Scorpio is never, never enslaved in his own achievements. Achievements, successes, great progress make you pleasant. They make you happy. "I achieved. I am something!" That something that is at that level freezes you and you are frozen like the wife of Lot. You are frozen on the Path and you cannot proceed anymore because you have fallen in love with your own image. Your image became your own grave.

If you do not break that limitation of your achievement, of your position, of your expansion of consciousness, of your knowledge, of your realization, of your understanding, you are going to be a slave on that level and you are frozen. That is how we keep our humility.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Wisdom of the Zodiac

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Your first step in the process of being divine is to take good care of your home

You must exercise perseverance in keeping your home clean. If you see a man or woman keeping their home steadily beautiful, he or she is a disciple. But everything that is chaotic in that house means that the person is going to waste his or her life. Perseverance in keeping your house clean is such a great sign of discipleship. When the hippie movement started, I visited certain homes. Their homes were like full trash cans, and they would be sitting there, supposedly meditating. You can never achieve anything until you build a foundation. Your first step in the process of being divine is to take good care of your home.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Teaching will become more concise

As we come into the new age, the Teaching becomes more concise, direct and synthesized. The presentations are becoming shorter because they deal with the most essential. In the new age, we don't have time to waste on secondary matters. We must go to the essence and understand it. Also, our intellects are keener than those of our ancestors, so we can understand with less explanation and examples.

New-age writing is going to be really meaningful. There will not be a page with one unnecessary word on it. Authors will have great respect for their readers, so they will not waste their readers' time.

The new-age Teaching is extremely focused, direct and condensed.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Talks on Agni vol.1, p.92

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

If you are not healing the three vehicles of the personality, you are not healing

If you are not healing the three vehicles of the personality, you are not healing. You can heal the body for a few days, a few months, or one life, but then the symptom appears again in the next life in worse conditions. You are going to heal the three bodies together.

If you heal only your body, you will suffer ten times more in the astral plane with your astral sicknesses. These things are not spoken of in medicine, in psychology, philosophy, this or that. They are hallucinating that they are healing. If you take the cancer of a man but the roots of the cancer are in his astral body, he will face cancer again in the next life.

Pure healing is to make your mental, emotional, and physical bodies totally organized and in rhythm, in resonance with the spirit that is within you. Your spirit will eventually make your body, emotions, and mind totally fused with your Self. You become whole.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing, p.427

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The best way to open the higher centers

Sometimes Hatha Yogis or different yogis give you meditation and you sit down and imagine your head center or heart center or throat center to make them unfold. There is nothing worse than that because you are forcing something for which it is not ready.
The best way to open the higher centers is to develop virtues through creative imagination and visualization and try to actualize these virtues in your life. The degree to which these virtues are actualized in your life, to that degree your higher centers become active. Higher centers unfold when their energies, in the form of virtues, manifest in the life and relationships of the person.


-Torkom Saraydarian
Imagination & Visualization, p.135

Monday, October 24, 2016

Only living with pure motives will destroy our karma

Only living with pure motives will destroy our karma and expand our consciousness. We have no way of knowing what our specific karmic debts are. There is no computer that will show us the obnoxious things we did in the past. Only in the Akashic Records does this exist, and we do not have access to them. Because we cannot know what we did and do not need to know, we must increase our givingness and service. If we increase in Beauty, Goodness, Truth, Joy and Freedom, suddenly one day we will receive a letter from the bank of life that says our mortgage has been paid off.

If we want to know what bad karma is in general, we have only to visit an asylum or hospital. A visit to an asylum can make you laugh, it can make you depressed, or it can make you cry. What did such people do in the past that they are paying for now by being mentally ill? A visit to an asylum tells you that what you sow, you will reap.

Only the way of pure motive will destroy our karma and pay our debts. Only if we learn to live for others will we be able to build a strong foundation both in this life and in the life to come.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Seven steps to destroy karma

There are seven steps to take to destroy karma:

1. The first step is to learn the science of giving. A book needs to be written about the science of giving. If we sit down and think about it, we can see that what, how, when, and to whom we give is a part of a great science. We often give ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually without understanding at all about the laws and principles of right giving. When we give wrongly, we only create more karma. To give or not to give is based on a scientific understanding of the situation and persons involved. It should not be based on emotional reactions or prejudiced thinking.

2. The second step to destroy karma is to heal people. The techniques for healing vary widely according to the need. Some wounds are healed by applying a soothing balm, but others require painful and drastic surgery. Healing takes many forms, but if our intention is to heal people, our karma will dissolve.

3. The third step to destroy karma is to educate people. To educate someone means to lead him to an expansion of consciousness. Education also means to create discipline. If you can create self-discipline in someone, you help him raise his level and expand his consciousness. He may hate you for it, and that is your reward. But as you continue to create discipline in others, your reward will increase. One day your reward will stand between you and a car that is about to run over you, and the accident will be prevented.

4. The fourth way to destroy karma is to protect people from themselves. We try to protect each other, but that is not the answer. The real problem is to protect people from themselves. It takes courage to do this. Can we tell people when they need protection from themselves that they are destroying themselves? Can we find the way to tell them so that they are able to listen?

5. The fifth step to take to destroy karma is to keep silent. There are times when refusing to talk with someone is the right thing to do. Sometimes it is only our silence that can annihilate karma.

6. The sixth step to destroy karma is to think good thoughts. When we think low thoughts and criticize others, we add to our karmic debt.

7. The seventh step to destroy karma is to speak in goodness. Right speech eliminates karma, while harmful and thoughtless words increase karma.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Monday, October 10, 2016

Good leaders

The Tibetan master says that if a person can solve his family problems, he can solve the problems of his city. A President must not have a lot of trash in his past. He must have a good family life. A decent family man can be a decent president. Miss America must be the embodiment of purity and beauty.

Our consciousness is looking for good leaders. These leaders will come from those who are good to themselves, good to their families, good to their society and Nature. If a person does not create a mess in his personal life, it is unlikely that he will create a mess on a larger scale. That is why it is said that family life is a very good training place for initiates because it is the first Ashram. It can then be replaced by group life, or friendship.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Our worst tendency is to thoroughly cover ourselves

Our worst tendency as human beings is to thoroughly cover ourselves. We cover ourselves with diplomas, positions, titles, and pleasant smiles. We hide from others, but the worst thing is that we hide from ourselves. This cover-up has to stop if we want to have a real foundation in life.

Unless we learn the technique of self-revelation, we can never progress because the very nature of the ego is to hide itself. Do we not see this in moments of clarity? Do we not observe the ego busily weaving its covers of rationalizations, justifications, reasoning, and logic? These make us hide our faces from ourselves. As long as we continue to hide, no matter what books we read or what position we attain, there is no spiritual progress at all.

The truth is that everyone covers himself in relations with others. Unless a person has a Teacher who is able to remove the coverings so that he has the chance to know what is hidden, or he learns to do this for himself, there is no way to change. As long as the concealment continues, there is no hope for transformation.

One cannot be sincere with others before he becomes sincere with himself.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

A disciple is a person who is conscious in every situation

A disciple is a person who is conscious in every situation and knows the inner motive and character of the people he deals with. A disciple’s progress in life depends on his understanding of who he is and what he is, and who and what other people are. Spiritual advancement does not depend on speculation about how many and what kind of angels are in heaven, or what short of harp-playing is going on in paradise. If this is what is going on in heaven, we will find out about it when we get there. In the meantime, we are here. What about understanding where we are?

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Who are our enemies and how are they created?

Every time we hurt people, lie about them, slander them, we build their image within us, as our enemy because we feel guilty. Subjectively we feel that we made enemies because we hurt them, lied about them, and slander them. So we build their image within our mind and make it our enemy.

If we want to know who our enemies are, we must search our hearts and discover the people we hated, hurt, lied about, and slandered; their images are our enemies within us, even if outwardly the person knows nothing about our harmful actions.

We hate others not because others hurt us, but because we hurt them. This means you hate the part of yourself that hurt others, and this part of yourself becomes your enemy.

When you start to be your own friend, you will see that most of the people in the world are your friends, even so-called enemies. The friend in you is the result of good deeds you did for others.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Art of Teaching

Monday, September 19, 2016

“It is in the genes”

Go to the hospitals and ask how many millions of babies are born with defects. They say, “It is in the genes.” Who created the genes?

It is so stupid! In the scientific journals you read about it. Genes do everything! If you are a criminal, it is in your genes. If you hate people, it is in your genes. If you have cancer, it is in your genes. Who made the genes? The genes are made collectively by your physical, emotional, and mental activities. You change your genes if you change your thinking and your striving.

Some people with cancer the next day heal themselves. Why are the genes not objecting and taking him to court? Genes are of the body; you are spirit. You can control the body if you find the key and if you are sincere enough.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Thursday, September 15, 2016

What is the mystery of hatred?

The first thing we are going to learn, as people who are aspiring toward light and beauty, is to eliminate every seed of hatred from our heart. This is very practical. Also, if you learn to do it, you will save money, time, energy, and your life. This is an easy thing to say, but it is very difficult to throw the hatred out of your heart.

What is the mystery of hatred? People think that hatred is an emotion. It is not an emotion. Hatred is a black entity, a black octopus. If you see once clairvoyantly how hateful people look, you will be horrified. A black octopus enters into their heart, their brain, and controls them. This octopus is related to a greater octopus that works around the earth known as the dark forces or the black lodge. Their intention is to stop the evolution of humanity. To stop the evolution of humanity the only way they can, the black lodge creates hatred between families, between nations, and in humanity. It wants people to devour each other through hatred and devour themselves and prevent their evolution, spiritual expansion, service, beauty, and creativity.

Knowing this, do not let that octopus attach to you. Once you start hating, you hate more and the octopus grasps your brain and says, “Come on, hate more because there is reason to hate more, hate more.” This is how you are totally sucked up into the black octopus.

Hatred is accumulating in your system, in your brain, your heart, especially in the vagus nerve that controls your stomach and heart. Irritation from the hatred starts to destroy bodily functions. Slowly, slowly you partially paralyze yourself here there. Eventually your immune system weakens and you cannot resist the germs, the microbes, and the viruses attacking your system.

Unfortunately, when you start hating you feel very happy because you are feeling that you are conquering something with your hatred. Actually, you are committing suicide.

My Mother used to say, “Before the snake is big, kill him.” If a snake grows, you cannot control it. If the hatred starts to show its head within your heart, within your mind, immediately pull it out and say, “You Satan, I am going to destroy you,” and put it into the fire. Only in the fire can you get rid of hatred.

That fire is love. Hatred is totally burned in the fire of love. You are going to find something in your mind and say, “Well, I hate that man because of all his activities, stupidities, rascalities, hypocrisy, and so on, but I love the Divinity that is still in him. If I touch that Jewel and bring it out, I can do something.” Your mood of hatred turns into the mood to save some person who is defeated by his or her own hatred.

Now immediately – today, tomorrow, next month, next year – if any hatred attacks you say, “No, I refuse you.” You will see what will happen to your health. Your health will improve, your heart will start working better, and your brain will be cleared. You will see things as they are. This is very practical.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The more you love, the more you free yourself...

The more you love, the more you free yourself from those elements which limit you, which disintegrate you, which cause unhappiness and darkness in your heart and consciousness.
In love all ugliness disappears and all beauty emerges. And in beauty love blooms. Beauty is manifested love and love is actualization of beauty.


-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Hatred is a source of every kind of disease

One thing that psychologists, doctors, philosophers, and psychiatrists do not talk about is hatred. If you really think about hatred and do a big research on it, you will see that hatred is a source of every kind of disease – physical diseases, emotional diseases, mental diseases. I was thinking that when I come next time to my incarnation, I will build a great school for little children. I want to teach them from the beginning what hatred does to humanity and what it is doing now so that from the beginning the children can destroy the source of their future sicknesses, pains, and sufferings.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2, p.459

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Immortality is a state of continuous expansion in beingness

Immortality is a state of integration in which the nucleus of life builds its higher mechanism in order to have a greater communication with the Cosmic Whole. It wants to terminate the cycles of pain and suffering and enter into joy and bliss. Joy and bliss are related to higher vehicles that are in harmony with universal laws. Joy and bliss are states of consciousness through which man comes in contact with higher realities. Joy and bliss make the human soul contact future visions and live in the future.

Immortality is a state of continuous expansion in beingness. Step by step, the immortal one breaks limitations and experiences limitlessness. Limitlessness evokes a continuous urge for expansion.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

To create energy increase the beauty

One of the ways to create energy is to increase the beauty in all your expressions, thoughts, and visualizations. People see beauty as a form, but beauty is in reality not only a source of energy but also the most powerful transmitter of higher energies. Beauty is an agent of an expansion of consciousness, an expansion of understanding and contacts.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Monday, September 05, 2016

Lack of financial security is the result of uncoordinated, chaotic thinking

Lack of financial security is the result of uncoordinated, chaotic thinking, or lack of thinking. Regular meditation even during financial crises is the only source of impelling energy which keeps your mind in balance, forward looking, courageous, and discriminative. With persistent meditation practice, one paves the way for his financial security.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Art of Teaching

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Always try to see beauty in even so-called ugly images

Always try to see beauty in even so-called ugly images or in a person who hurts you. In seeing beauty in him, you evoke beauty from his soul. Usually when someone hurts us, we think ugly things about him. We think he is bad, insane, silly, stupid and we continually send him ugly thoughts. Such behavior not only strengthens his negative attitude toward us but also pollutes our mind and makes a better relationship between him and us more difficult. Such ugly mental arrows make things worse on the subtle planes; whereas if we think good about the person, on the subtle planes things calm down and prepare the way for mutual understanding.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guilt makes one lose energy

Guilt makes one lose energy. Of course! Then there is another thing. Guilt can increase your energy. Guilt can really leak your energy. What is the secret? Why am I feeling guilty? I try to make my guilt really an opportunity to correct myself, to adjust myself, to sublimate myself, to make myself so beautiful, so awake, so conscious that I do not fall into another occasion of guilt. Now you have increased your energy. But if you sit there and cry and say “I am guilty. I am stupid. I am always like this,” you create a very disastrous self-image and you bury yourself in that coffin you are creating for yourself.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Monday, August 22, 2016

Meditation creates heroes

Meditation creates heroes. A hero is one who thinks as a Spirit, an immortal soul, free from the limitations of the physical, emotional and mental interests and concerns. As long as one is attached to his personality interests and concerns, he cannot be a hero. Heroism is the moment of liberation from limitations. A hero does not negotiate with his lower self; he gives an order and expects obedience.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Sunday, August 21, 2016

If you love someone physically, emotionally, and mentally

If you love somebody physically, but are disinterested in him emotionally and mentally, your concentration on him is poor and your relationship lasts for only a short time. If you love somebody physically and emotionally, but you are not interested in him mentally, your concentration lasts longer but without full satisfaction. If you love someone physically, emotionally, and mentally, your love –or concentration—lasts longer and brings you a greater amount of contentment. If you add your spiritual love, you build a unique flame in the object of your love that lasts for many, many lives – or even forever.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.213

Monday, August 08, 2016

The foundation of the manifestation of the Universe is moral

The foundation of the manifestation of the Universe is moral – planned in such a way that it leads to Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom. Those who act against these principles weaken themselves and eventually disappear.

-Τορκόμ Σαραϊνταριάν
Consciousness vol. 2

Monday, August 01, 2016

A leader never makes claims

A leader never makes claims. If any person on the path starts making claims, it is a sign that he is cracking under the pressure of the Teaching. This cracking takes place when the seeds of vanity exist in the secret chambers of his being. To satisfy his vanity and to attract attention, he slowly begins to declare that he is an important person. He follows the well-known path of descent, going down step by step every few years. These are the claims he makes:

1. He is an important person.
2. He has psychic powers.
3. He is a disciple.
4. He is an initiate.
5. He has contact with Masters.
6. He channels Masters.
7. He is a Master.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.1, p.67

Sunday, July 31, 2016


According to the Ageless Wisdom, the Solar Logos created the Archetypes for all forms that would help incarnating spirits to evolve. These Archetypes are built from the Cosmic mental substance. They are platonic ideas which constantly travel, eventually reaching the lowest plane and producing on each plane a reflection of the true Archetype until it is substantiated in physical matter on the physical plane.

Thus, any form on Earth has its corresponding form on the astral, mental, Intuitional, and higher Planes, as in the Cosmic Astral and Cosmic Mental Planes. As we go higher in observing the Archetypes, we see that they more closely resemble the original Archetype and they are more beautiful. Actually, Archetypes are models of Beauty; they are created by a Cosmic Mind. Thus, a true Idea, an Archetype, and Beauty are synonymous in esoteric science.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.2

Saturday, July 30, 2016

One day a movie man told me...

One day a movie man told me, “These criminal, horror movies bring lots of money.” I told him, “The horror is increasing. The criminals are increasing so much that you do not have any place to run away to.” He said, “That will be maybe fifty years later.” I answered, “What if you come back and find out that all humanity became criminal because of your movies?” “Really, is it possible?” He was so afraid that he could come back and find everyone criminal and against him. That is exactly what he is doing.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Friday, July 29, 2016

Why is Hierarchy not changing the terrible conditions of the world?

Many people ask, if the Hierarchy is so great, Why are They not changing the terrible conditions of the world? The answer is that Hierarchy does not violate human free-will. You can build yourself or you can destroy yourself; but Hierarchy will continue to stand as an example of purity and immortality. The members of the Hierarchy give the Teaching, but they never force Their Will upon people. If you hear or read that a "master" forced his will upon someone, he is not a master; he is a human being. The greatest characteristic of a Master is that He never imposes His will.

The second characteristic of the members of the Hierarchy is that they never violate karma. If you do something wrong or you break a law in the universe, They let you face your karma, understand your lesson, and pay for it so that by your own hands and feet you climb the ladder of evolution. But if you ask for help, They help you, if your karma tolerates that help.

The third characteristic of the members of the Hierarchy is that They have tremendous wisdom because throughout the ages They gathered knowledge and experience in Their souls; and through experience They know what is right and what is wrong, what is in harmony with the Divine Will and what is against the Divine Will. The members of the Hierarchy are sources of wisdom; this is why the Masters are sometimes referred to as the "Masters of Wisdom".

-Torkom Saraydarian
Talks on Agni, Vol I, Chpt 26: Hierarchy, Pg: 290

Monday, July 25, 2016

Distorted images affect the imagination and slowly distort the etheric body

The natural pattern of the etheric body must not be disturbed because the etheric body is the blueprint of the physical body, and any changes in the etheric body cause changes in the physical body.

The etheric body changes and affects the body when the human body is represented visually in distorted images, such as clowns, ugly masks, and ugly, distorted, half-animal, half-human fantasy characters, like the ones presented in many contemporary movies. Such distorted images affect the imagination and slowly distort the etheric body.

People are defeated by the ugly pictures impressed on their etheric bodies, and they develop various weaknesses. This is a tragedy we see occur in various art works and publications in which the most distorted images are presented as funny, virtuous, or wise so that the images penetrate more deeply into the human etheric body.

People think that caricature is an art form. In some sense it is, but with all the wisdom that is behind it, it is a highly subtle technique to form distorted patterns in the human mind and etheric body. Many “cookies” mixed with poison are given to humanity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Monday, July 18, 2016

Conscious suffering

You can exercise conscious suffering and pain by disciplining your emotional nature and introducing transmutation into it. If you do not care about your emotional transformation, Nature steps in and you begin to have trouble at home, in your business, and with your health. You experience various painful accidents, divorce or other complications until the fires of your emotional body are released and the critical point is reached.
Just as individuals pass through pain and suffering, fear and anxiety in order to produce enough fire to boil the consciousness, so do nations. What is currently happening in the world and what has happened in the past in terms of pain and suffering is a clear indication of the crystallizations of our consciousness, revealing the necessity of boiling it to effect mass transmutation.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.190

Thursday, July 14, 2016

People think that because they are Sparks of God, they do not need guidance

People think that because they are Sparks of God, they do not need the Inner Guide, the Teacher, or the Chalice – that they can bring the higher light and power from within. This is true in a sense, but we must remember that the Spark, the real man, the Self, is still in infancy and needs to grow and mature until he can stand on his own feet and manifest his innate glory. To that end, he needs guides, Teachers, and leaders who have passed through the same path on previous cycles.

There is no pilgrim on the Path who has not been guided by someone, visibly or invisibly. Only the ignorant boast that they do it alone, and they fall into ingratitude toward those who guide and teach them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How did Jesus, Buddha, and other great Teachers get so far ahead of the rest of us?

Q: How did Jesus, Buddha, and other great Teachers get so far ahead of the rest of us?

A: It is because They run the marathon race. Instead of playing at night rock and roll until morning and doping Themselves, They sat down and meditated and worked and sacrificed. And each incarnation They moved one hundred miles ahead. While some people are gambling and drinking and doping and cursing and killing each other, other people are thinking about perfection. Imagine how much time you are wasting, and for what? Instead, think about perfecting yourself.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Friday, July 08, 2016

Man suffers because of the contents of his subconscious mind

Some people attribute their suffering to Divine Will, or assume that God makes them suffer so that they inherit the Kingdom of God. It is clear that God has nothing to do with their suffering – and suffering is not necessarily a ticket to paradise. Man suffers because of the contents of his subconscious mind. Under the influence of the subconscious mind, he even likes to suffer because suffering makes him feel that an inner swelling is throwing out the pus.

Man does not need to suffer to correct himself. To change people through suffering is a very old, subconsciously originated and failed method that until today is still used officially and legally. Punishing a guilty person contributes additional layers of negative recordings to his subconscious and makes him worse for this life and his next life. There are times when punishment acts as a guard for the doors of the subconscious mind, but this is only for a while. The contents of the subconscious mind eventually gain strength and once more control his life.

God never punishes man. Christ came to demonstrate this with His own life-example, but people did not understand this because their subconscious minds were filled with the images of a revengeful God who punished and destroyed.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Any time you talk about your failures and blame yourself, you hypnotize yourself

To prevent the accumulation of negative events in your lower mind and permanent atoms, you may observe the following rules:

1. In a state of defeat, failure, or negativity, do not make any decisions.

2. In a state of defeat, failure, or negativity, do not blame yourself or another.

3. In a state of defeat, failure, or negativity, try to analyze the cause of the situation objectively.

Any time you talk about your failures and blame yourself, you hypnotize yourself and all your thoughts, feelings, and words become hypnotic suggestions in your lower mind.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Those who think that reporting crime and ugliness is a service to humanity are those who encourage crime

Those who think that reporting crime and ugliness is a service to humanity are those who encourage crime in its many forms. The evidence of the damage done does not need any witness. Why do we need to know how a man who lives thousands of miles away, or even in our own neighborhood, slaughtered his wife? That is the profit in this?

The unrest and the increasing crime we see in the world are due to the restimulation and association of the contents of the permanent atoms and the subconscious mind, activated by the daily news of crime, violence, and murder reported by radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Suppose someone has a recording of a murder in his permanent atoms and he reads a report from China that someone there murdered another person. After reading this, the person’s own criminal recording will be restimulated and associated with the recording of his lower mind. He will either feel very uncomfortable, dizzy, or painful or he will develop an inclination to repeat his crime.

It is also possible that a person can identify himself with a criminal he sees in the movies or reads about in a book to use up his blind inclination toward crime. He becomes temporarily released from it. Gradually, however, the subconscious image finds a greater opportunity to actualize itself through him because he has identified with a criminal in the movie or story.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

The safest way to enter the subconscious realm

Our entire life is buried in the subconscious. The safest way to enter the subconscious realm and clear it is to expand your consciousness toward the superconsciousness. Without such a process of entering the superconsciousness, all efforts to contact the subconscious will prove very dangerous, destructive, and very often false. This is why hypnotic methods or retrogressive techniques are forbidden in esoteric fields. These are methods that give you access to the subconscious ream, but they do not give you the power to retain your balance and protect yourself when the waters of the subconscious begin to boil.

The only safe way to discover the contents of the subconscious is to expand into the superconsciousness. It is through superconsciousness that the conscious and subconscious are brought closer together and gradually fused. This process is one of the greatest secrets of human nature.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2, p.148

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thinking produces certain chemical elements in the body

Average people are not ready to understand that thinking produces certain chemical elements in the body. People eat and assimilate food, and thus apply the chemical elements needed for their bodies. On a different level, thinking produces elements in the mental sphere.

If the mental or emotional actions do not provide certain elements to the aura, then the body does not assimilate the same elements from the food or vitamins it takes in. Thus, for example, when iron is lacking in the aura, the body will not assimilate iron from food, and if it is introduced in the body artificially through pills or injections, the body will either discharge it or it will create disturbances.

There are emotions which consume certain elements from the body. There are emotions which produce the same elements. This is also true for thoughts. Through certain ways of thinking, one accumulates, say, potassium. Through other ways of thinking, potassium is consumed and depleted from the body.

The chemistry of the bodies of average humanity is produced in the etheric-astral centers. In advanced human beings, it is mainly produced in the mental centers and in the layers of consciousness.

There is no scientific instrument to prove such a theory as yet, but through observation and experience one may notice that certain changes in consciousness cause changes in the chemical elements of the body.

In the future, these observations and experiences will be scientifically documented, but for the present the cure for the deficiency of an element in the body can be met by expanding the consciousness, developing lofty and creative thinking, and filling the heart with loving and positive emotions. As our consciousness expands, it will naturally provide all the elements we need for the body.

Uneven development or fluctuation between light and darkness has negative effects upon the chemistry of the body. The body is like a harp. The harp must be in tune so that one produces music. The same is true with the body. When the thoughts are lofty and in tune, they create the needed chemistry to make the body healthy and creative.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Monday, June 20, 2016

What is the cause of inertia?

What is the cause of inertia?

When you are not laboring, when you do not have that urge to labor, to run, to jump and dance, to be moving, it means that you created in the past such conditions in which your fuses burned and they do not transmit pranic energy anymore. You are going to work very hard to repair the electronic tubes in your body so that you start taking in energy.

The obstacles for the energy can be different things. For example, a wrong physical action creates obstacles to receiving prana. A wrong emotion, negative emotions, can cause another fuse to blow out. A plan that is based on separatism, destruction, hatred, vanity, or ego can blow other tubes in your brain. When these tubes are blown-out, you cannot receive prana from the earth and from the sun, and you fall into depression, inertia, and apathy.

All is energy. Energy is there, but the receiver is not there. What you did through your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wrong actions, you condemned yourself in such a way that you cannot now receive energy and put your machine into action. How to repair it? That is labor itself.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Friday, June 17, 2016

Until humanity learns how to use time, it will not have free time

The Tibetan Master writes that people will eventually work a three-day week. Humanity will dedicate the other four days to creative thinking and actions. But until that day comes, people must learn the value of time. For example, if certain people have more leisure time, they will destroy themselves. But when the consciousness of humanity is elevated, it will use its non-working time for spiritual progress.

For example, if you have a day of leisure, what will you do with that day? Will you sit and meditate, or do creative painting or other art work? Will you be helping and sacrificing yourself for others, or will you be running after your pleasures, or trying to fulfill your destructive plans for others? Until humanity learns how to use time, it will not have free time.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Joy and healing

Once a man whose right hand was paralyzed came to our monastery. The Teacher asked him what he used to do with his right hand. After pausing for a few moments, he said, " I used my right hand to slaughter bulls and sheep for many years".
"How many did you slaughter"? asked the Teacher?

I did not hear the rest of the conversation because suddenly the dinner bell rang. Later I asked the Teacher how slaughtering animals could paralyze someone's arm. He said, "Every time that man felt the pain and suffering of the animals, the life-giving energy decreased in the arms, and it eventually disappeared. Lack of joy causes paralysis.

In such a sophisticated age, people may laugh at this statement and consider this a superstition. But my Teacher healed that man's paralysis in six months by daily for four hours making him exercise joy. Once I copied one of the exercises:

"Visualize your right arm,and with it pull a drowning man from a river....Write a joyful letter with it.....Give money and jewels to the poor with it.....Serve food for hundreds of people with it....."
This man used to sit like a statue and follow the Exercises given by my Teacher for four hours daily.At the end of four months, he used that hand to give water to a mountain deer which was visiting our garden.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Joy and Healing

Monday, June 13, 2016

You must not confuse sensitivity with sentimentality

We say that someone who is easily wounded or offended is sensitive. No, true sensitivity means being completely open to the beauty and light of the divine world and closed to all the ugliness and absurdity of the human world.

So, what is generally called sensitivity, that is, our ability to feel upset by indifference, scorn, criticism and humiliation, is in fact only susceptibility, sentimentality. Oh these poor unhappy souls, for whom heaven, angels, friends or beauty do not exist, but only unfair, malicious, ill-intentioned people!

You must not confuse sensitivity with sentimentality. Sentimentality is the unhealthy expression of a poor, mean, narrow, neurotic ego. Sensitivity, on the other hand, is a higher degree of evolution, which brings humans into contact with the heavenly regions and enables them to resonate with all the beauty of the universe.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Friday, June 10, 2016

Masculine nature - Feminine nature

The masculine nature wants to dominate; the feminine nature wants to encompass and be inclusive.

The masculine nature works with matter and mind; the feminine nature works with emotions and intuition.

The masculine nature works with will power; the feminine nature works with the power of love.

The masculine nature is the path; the feminine nature is the field.

The masculine nature demands; the feminine nature gives.

The masculine nature asks questions and finds answers; the feminine nature feels and intuitively learns.

The masculine nature divides and separates; the feminine nature synthesizes.

The man and the woman are just like two feet on the path of evolution: each has its own ups and downs, and each either leads or follows.

-Torkom Saraydarian 

Woman The Torch of The Future

Friday, June 03, 2016

An uneducated or undisciplined teenager will use his time for self-destructive actions

There is an opinion that teenagers must enjoy life, being free from every kind of labor, duty, or responsibility. But it is this attitude that leads them into various troubles in their teens and in the future.

In certain countries in Asia, teenagers are part of the team of labor of the family. They must join in the daily labor of their parents, not expecting rewards but as a part of their life. Every day they must have a duty, a responsibility, and a labor to be carried out. Such a procedure has a very beneficial effect on the life of the teenagers.

The more the teenager is devoted to a constructive labor, the less he will be a problem to the family or to society.

An uneducated or undisciplined teenager will use his time for self-destructive actions and ruin his own future or watch television all day, sleep, and imagine sexual fantasies.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol. 2, p.315-317

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Entities hate labor

Entities hate labor. That is why when they possess, they lead the person to inertia, laziness, depression, and carelessness.

During the labor, our physical, emotional, and mental bodies emanate a sweet fragrance that attracts the attention of the Angels, devas, and Great Ones and builds connecting lines with those who are subjectively dedicated to labor.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2, p.311

Friday, May 13, 2016

When you are in a crisis, you especially must pray day and night

When you are in a crisis, you especially must pray day and night. If you have divorce problems, court problems, or other kinds of problems, get yourself deeper into that Divine Consciousness so that you do not weaken yourself.

When you are weak, you do wrong things. When you are strong with God, you do right things because a powerful person does not do wrong things if that power is from divine sources.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

When you do anything wrong, pray for it

When you do anything wrong, pray for it. Immediately when you see that you did something nasty or not good, or you thought something that was really ugly, to erase it you are going to fuse with that Almighty Consciousness in the world. Immediately when you do anything wrong, it becomes a seed that is thrown into your nature, into the laws of karma, and you are going to take that seed away with your prayer.

For example, you may have sent a nasty letter or said something wrong. Immediately you must pray and ask light and direction to overcome that seed of evil that you spread, because everything that is difficult in your life is nothing else but the growth of the seeds that you scattered.

You are going to burn out the seeds before they germinate, and that is done through prayer.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Saturday, April 30, 2016

There are people on the planet who do not have Solar Angels

There are people on the planet who do not have Solar Angels. These people are mostly the intellectuals who control the world with their politics, money, and business. They are not from one race or nation but are in all nations and in all countries. Their domination will slowly end as the human soul, under the guidance of the Solar Angel, eventually accumulates the wisdom and light and will teach these soulless people the right way to live and enjoy the world.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

There are two controlling factors in life

There are two controlling factors in life: consciousness and objects or bodies. When objects or bodies control us, our life eventually becomes chaotic. When consciousness controls our life, objects or bodies find their proper value in life and begin to evolve.

When we identify with our three bodies [physical, emotional, mental], we dim our consciousness. As we liberate ourselves from the domination of the three bodies, we expand our consciousness. When our consciousness is in the process of expanding, we operate our bodies. When we are identified with them, they operate us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Create crises, but in the way of wisdom

In your families you must create crises with your children. You can tell them to clean the whole house. Because you are not doing this the children are riding upon you, on your heads, and you are the slaves of the children. If you do not create these crises, then Nature creates them for you. If you do not discipline yourself, Nature will cause you to be disciplined. But if Nature does it, you get hurt. If you do it yourself, you get happy. This is the secret of joy and pain. Create crises, but in the way of wisdom.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Avatars, Revelations of God, p.59

Friday, April 15, 2016

Abortion is a very serious crime

A few months or a few years prior to conception on the physical plane, the Solar Angel and the human soul start building [the vehicles of the embryo] on the mental, astral, and etheric planes. This is why it is a great crime to destroy the embryo. Destruction of the embryo means that all of the labor that the Solar Angel and the human soul did in higher planes is wasted.

Abortion is a very serious crime. It is not right. There are methods now to prevent conception. Why aren’t more people doing this? I know women who had many abortions and they went to mental asylums. Now their subconscious is very mixed up. They do not know how to live. Also, the babies that they killed are bothering them psychologically and physically and asking, “Why did you do this to us?” It is a very complex issue. If you have done this in the past, do not repeat it.

Women are not free to do anything they want to do. Nature is not free. People are not free. Everyone is living in the Laws of Nature. If you are a woman who have conceived, you are going to give birth to that child.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Nothing would happen to you if you did not plant the seeds in the present and in the past

One must go deeper into the Law of Karma and understand that the things people did to him was because he did similar things to others, in this life or in other lives. So the Law of Karma tolerated others to hurt him, or to “enlighten him.” and put him on the right track of living.

By thinking along these lines, you can minimize the tension and release those images from your mind – images you were holding full of hatred and anger, constantly wasting time and energy, and poisoning all your nature through a reaction against them charged with irritation.

Nothing would happen to you if you did not plant the seeds in the present and in the past.

But how to forgive yourself if you were the sower of these seeds of unhappiness that you are reaping now? The true approach to this problem is that it was not the real, conscious You who sowed those seeds but your personality who was not aware and awake. Your past lower self, activated by desire and blind urges and drives of the personality, did these things. Because you were more mechanical, you responded to the desires, malice, hatred, and fears of the environment and were used as tools by them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Karma & Reincarnation

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

What is the Solar Angel?

What is the Solar Angel? The Solar Angel is like a Teacher Who met you a million years ago and said, “I want to stay with this person until he becomes a soul and is emancipated from these physical, emotional, and mental bodies.” The Catholic church refers to this as a Guardian Angel. Moslem and Sufi literature teaches that you have two angels. One is a White Angel Who sits on your right shoulder, while the other is a dark angel and sits on your left shoulder. You obey one of them. If you obey the dark angel you are ruined.

Actually, there is only one Angel because the dark angel is you! The White Angel says, “Hey, do not do that.” And we say, “Just this once.” The White Angel says, “Gosh, again?” We say, “From now on I am just going to follow You.” But then you see a bottle of whisky and say, “Just a sip.” You take “just a sip,” and kill a man. You are going to find and follow the White Angel and eventually receive all of these frequencies and be transformed.

The Solar Angel is not you. In the Ageless Wisdom literature, the Solar Angel is written with a capital “S” [Soul]. When soul is written with a lowercase “s”, it refers to the human soul.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Sometimes wealthy people accumulate many luxury items but they die with a small consciousness

Sometimes wealthy people accumulate many, many luxury items in their homes but they die with a small consciousness, and when they enter into higher realms, no one recognizes them. They sometimes scream, “I had horses! I had cows! I had sheep! I had millions!” That is not the place for all those material objects.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism

The psyche is a fountain of joy

The great disciples of wisdom, great artists, humanitarians, and heroes who manifested the power of the soul were always joyful people. In the most critical times they manifested joy because the psyche is a fountain of joy.

Whenever you lack joy or take the joy of others, you prove that you are becoming matter and losing your spiritual value.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism

Friday, April 01, 2016

Christ was talking scientifically when He was saying “Love your enemies"

Christ was talking scientifically when He was saying, “Love your enemies, bless anyone who curses you, do good to anyone who hates you, and pray for those who carry you away by force and persecute you.” Only in such an attitude of forgiveness is the identification dissolved. Forgiveness releases an energy within your aura and purifies it from any such identification.

Does this mean that we are surrendering to our enemies? No. This helps us keep them from imposing their evil will upon us.

History shows that nations exactly imitate the activities of those nations whom they hate. They create identification and identification becomes a polluting cancerous factor within them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Most of our desires are either imposed or imported

Imposed desires are the desires from television, radio, and other media, which create intense artificial desires within us. It is through such desires that we are put in motion.

Our sexual desires are mostly imposed desires. On the average we do not need as much sex as we are involved in. We do not need many objects we gather around us, but because desire is imposed upon us we obey our desires.

There are also imported desires, which are the desires of other people with which we identify ourselves. Sometimes homes, public places, and hotels are so intense with various desires that we almost identify with them, own them, and start obeying them.

Thus, control over our desires has a very healing effect upon our life. It is difficult to control the sources of desires, but it is possible to master our emotional vehicle through purification and make it sensitive only to higher objects.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Higher Psychism 

Advice for pregnant women and mothers

In some parts of Asia the pregnant woman was kept away from those people who were negatively oriented, morally low, gossipy, and full of ill-will. It was believed that contact with such people might pollute the atmosphere of the growing embryo and have a bad effect on the child. A pregnant woman was kept away from loud parties, heavy work, and alcohol and kept busy with Nature, religious services, lofty literature, and music. She was given the opportunity to sleep well and to keep company only with those who were happy, healthy, and full of love and wisdom. It was believed that such a condition would help the future child greatly.

If we compare this situation with the present age, we find the reason why we have so many problems with delinquency. Today's pregnant women drive their cars every day in tension and fear. They work under manifold pressures and many kinds of irritation. They spend many hours watching television through which crime, greed, hatred, jealousy, and fear are continuously being impressed on the consciousness of the growing entity. Add to this the pollution of water, food, and air. Such an atmosphere will not be beneficial to the coming baby, and after he is born he still does not have ideal conditions. mother soon must return to work. The baby sitter will take her place, and eventually the child will be exposed to the television with all its evil influence. He will usually be left alone until the father and mother return home, and the love they will show him will not be full of energy and radiation. Under these conditions the child will not have the necessary attention, care, and companionship of his mother especially and very little from his father.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Christ, The Avatar of Sacrificial Love

Monday, March 28, 2016

There are millions of deluded people trying to eliminate thinking

If a person studies their mind carefully, they will notice an incessant flow of thoughts. No one has ever existed who doesn't have a constant flow of thoughts. If they stopped thinking, then they would become catatonic. Who invented this theory that we should stop thinking, stop remembering, and stop planning? It has never existed in any legitimate spiritual path, either Eastern or Western. I think this new theory comes from the CIA, who also creates thousands of fake quotes from Buddha, Rumi, and Lao Tzu, and spreads them around social media. The goal, it seems, is to zombify the human race. There are millions of poor, deluded people all over the planet, trying to eliminate thinking, planning and remembering, victims of a CIA mind control zombification program.

One can experience pure consciousness without thoughts. In Hinduism its called Samadhi. But only in meditation. After one finishes meditating, then the thinking begins. Without thinking, one cannot know or do anything. Everyone has thoughts all day long. The word for a human is man, from "manas" or mind. A human is a thinker. That's what humans do.

Keep learning, thinking and planning, because without these nothing can happen. A person who is attempting to end thinking, remembering, and reflecting on the future, is a being at war with their own nature. Don't try to be a zombie. Try instead to be a vibrant, wise, benign being.

-Merlin Saint Germain

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why are Other Worlds more important than life here on earth?

Our real life begins in the Other Worlds. Why are Other Worlds more important than life here on earth? We live here for sixty, seventy, or ninety years or maybe a hundred years. But you live in the Other Worlds for three, four, or five thousand years. What are you going to do for those five thousand years, be a blind cripple? Or are you going to be like those who are always in pain and burning, then come into incarnation miserable and return to the Other Worlds in a miserable state?

Question: Is there any value to explain these concepts to skeptics?

Answer: They are blind; what are you going to show them? It is better to pray for them and leave them alone.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Friday, March 25, 2016

Most of the leaders are led by the people

The reason that life on the planet is so slow in its progress is that the leaders are chosen by the same level of people. Those who are totally involved in their personality life can hardly stand above it and try to shed light on the problems of people like themselves. Most of the leaders are led by the people – and this is the tragedy of our so-called democratic process.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Prayer creates optimism in you

Prayer creates optimism in you. At this time some people think that the world is going to be destroyed, there is a war just coming, we are going to have a famine, and people are going to starve and die. That is a pessimistic cloud that is sitting upon us. Prayer destroys such accumulations. Prayer gives you optimism because you are standing with God, and you are invoking His help. With Him everything is possible. Everything can be bright and beautiful. Suddenly things can change for the better.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Prayer, p.24

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The greatest medicine is Divine Help

There was a woman who came to me and said, “I have a husband who drinks so much and smokes cigars. I am sick of it. I do not know what to do.” I said, “What did you decide to do?” She said, “Well, you know what I want to do.” I said, “What did you decide to do?” She said, “Well, you know what I decided – to divorce.” “Well,” I said, “that’s an escape.” “Well,” she said, “is there any other way?” “Yes,” I said, “pray.”

She started to laugh, as if I had said the most comical thing. I said, “You don’t believe in prayer?” She said, “Prayer, are you crazy? What is prayer going to do for my drunk husband?” “Well,” I said, “you came to me to ask for an answer, for advice. That is my advice. Pray.”

For one week she prayed, and she called me and said, “It doesn’t work.” “Yes,” I said, “because you are not praying right.” One week later, she called me again and said, “He is doing worse.” I said, “That is a good sign.”

The third week she called me and said, “He is obnoxious now.” I said, “Continue,” because I am seeing that her problem is coming to a crisis, and until it comes to one hundred degrees, it is not going to boil. So put the fire a little higher so that it starts boiling.

Then one night, at midnight, she called me. She said, “Guess what? He came to my bed. He said, ‘I am not going to drink anymore. I think it is bothering you.’”

She said, “Now he is with me. I am hugging him and talking with him.” “Did you see,” I said, “you could do it.” “But” she said, “it is powerful. No medicine, no doctor, nothing helped him.” I said, “Well, the greatest medicine is Divine Help.”

-Torkom Saraydarian

Saturday, March 19, 2016

In each of us there is a deceiver

The progress of a human being starts the moment when one side of yourself begins not liking the other part of yourself. You have made a cleavage. You either agree with your other part or you disagree.

For example, suddenly you begin to hate things that you are doing. You feel a duality within you. One side of you holds to higher principles. The other side holds to the side of negative emotions, thoughts, and actions. This moment, or the length of time of inner opposition, is the most critical moment in your life. It is the moment that will decide your future – your victory in life or your failure. It is in this period of time that you will do all that is possible to stand and act in the light of your Inner Guide.

In each of us there is a deceiver, but it does its job in such a way that we do not feel any difference within us. If there is no one fighting within you for your highest and interior interests, you are lost. That is what the war was about in the Bhagavad Gita. The whole intention of Krishna was to convince Arjuna to stand in Light and fight for the everlasting values of life.

Once I found out that there was a deceiver in me, I was shocked. And once I caught his tail, I never let him free to devastate my life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Thursday, March 17, 2016

When a person forces his way into the Intuitional Plane

Christ once said that those who enter the house from the windows are thieves. There are thieves who enter the Intuitional Plane through hallucinogenic drugs, alcohol, and so on. Because they are not trained, disciplined, and ready, they damage their brains and lose their logic – sometimes permanently.

When a person forces his way into the Intuitional Plane without preparation and through artificial means, he not only distorts his intuitional mechanism but he also harms his mental mechanism. When he returns to his level of focus in the personality, his consciousness functions by the impressions of the Intuitional Plane and loses the ability to handle the affairs of his personality.

This is a disturbance in equilibrium. Most mental illness and strange behaviors are related to such an experience. Sometimes it takes years of  heavy labor to anchor the consciousness again in the concrete mental plane and then cut the influence from the Intuitional Plane. This often leads the soul into gross materialism and pleasure-seeking efforts. For a long time, the evolution of such soul is delayed in the slums of material life. This is why Great Ones advise us to be very cautious and not force our nature by trying advanced meditation and religious or mystical practices or using any kind of mechanical means, such as drugs, chanting, or breathing exercises.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Rejection of a life-after

A great and well-known scientist passed away about fifty years ago. One of my Teachers arranged for us to leave our bodies and see this scientist in the etheric plane. When I saw him, he was wrapped in a dark blanket like a cocoon.  He could not go to the astral plane. We returned and studied his life. His last statement was, “There is no immortality. Man is not immortal. After this life, everything is finished.” That is denial of life-after. Ask and you shall receive. This is another law in the Universe. If you ask for death, death will be given to you. If you ask for life, life will be given to you.

That scientist is condemned with his own denial. This is how materialism is a “dead end street.” When you act against your spirituality, you make your future miserable.

Rejection of a life-after means that you really know that you are immortal; you do not deny it. But you do not want it because you are attached here. For example, I knew a very nice bishop who was sick and dying. I asked him why he was afraid to die. He replied, “I do not want to leave my properties, my friends. I just started to build something.” This is rejection. When you are rejecting while dying, whatever you are rejecting pushes you away and leaves you on the shore instead of taking you into the ocean.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Passage to Higher Worlds

Sunday, March 06, 2016

A worker of the Hierarchy does not reveal anything about your past lives nor does he read your aura

A worker of the Hierarchy does not reveal anything about your past lives nor does he read your aura to show off or to gain influence or money. It is possible that a worker of the Hierarchy, on some rare occasions, reveals a part of your past life for specific instruction or to point out a defect in your aura, as a warning. The worker of the Hierarchy is mostly interested in the future expansion of your consciousness, rather than in your past.

The disciples of the world must be very careful not to listen to those charlatans who read people's auras and tell them about their past lives without having the real capacity or a reason to do it. Until one develops higher clairvoyance and passes the Initiation of Transfiguration, his readings are false, inaccurate, misleading, and mixed with millions of impressions floating in space.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Eyes of Hierarchy

Saturday, March 05, 2016

A selfish, materialistic person works for things that he can never take with him

A spiritual person enjoys the fruits of his labor. The increasing wealth of a materialist only brings him and his society more pain and suffering because he tries by all means to impose his will upon others and use them for his own pleasures and purposes, thus evoking reactions from them. Such a person may create temporary success for himself, but he also creates continuous involvements and clashes with problems and with other people’s  interests.

A selfish, materialistic person works for things that he can never take with him, but a spiritual person uses matter and material success to accumulate things he can take with him on his “journey.”

-Torkom Saraydarian 
Consciousness vol.2

Forceful expansion of consciousness and opening the chakras

Consciousness expands gradually as a result of striving, service, and meditation. Of course, it is possible to see an apparently sudden expansion of consciousness, but this seldom lasts long and may eventually exhaust itself and express itself as betrayal. Many enemies of light are those who in some way were blinded by excessive exposure to light. This is why great Teachers never look for disciples but allow karma to bring them to Their feet. They do, however, send a call and let disciples walk the lonely path, through striving and effort, that the consciousness is prepared to receive the precious Teaching.

Contemporary, forceful methods that try to expand the consciousness prematurely have created the unsafe world in which we live. The Teacher must create the right conditions and the right means to deal with the light of consciousness. Illumination of consciousness takes many ages of experience, suffering, effort, and striving.


People try to open their chakras by using various exercises before they are ready to handle the energy that would release itself if they were successful. This is a violation of consciousness. Our chakras must open and unfold as a result of our expanding consciousness and according to the degree of our consciousness. If we force ourselves to act beyond our consciousness and force our chakras to open, our chakras will become a source of unending trouble for us. It is the expanding consciousness that must open the chakras. Artificial methods to open them end in disaster.

It is good to know about the chakras and, without concentrating our minds on them, expand our consciousness through meditation, labor, and service. The unfolding petals of the chakras will directly follow the expanding consciousness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.2

Thursday, February 25, 2016

There is a masterpiece healing process

There is a masterpiece healing process that can be used by everyone. That masterpiece is striving toward perfection, making your body, your life, your emotions, your heart, your brain, your consciousness perfect, every day a little more perfect.

In striving toward perfection, you open the wells of healing powers within you. It is only perfection that negates and refuses sickness and ailments because sickness and ailments dwell only in those who are not perfect. Your body dies because it is not perfect.

Strive toward perfection through meditation, through observation, and through doing everything that is in harmony with the principles of the five-pointed star [Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom].

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joy and healing

Increase your joy and the joy of others. This is a must. Every time you decrease the joy of other people you are putting your health in danger. This especially applies to your relationships with your husband or wife, your children, your boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, associates, church members, etc. Try to increase joy because joy creates an atmosphere that eases the flow of healing energy into your body. One of the great Masters says, “To heal you is not easy because you are always depressed and in the blues.” This builds a barrier around your body. If you are antagonistic, if you are always negative, if you don’t have joy in your heart, you build a cement wall around you. The healing energy cannot penetrate easily into you.

Make yourself joyful so that you become receptive and conductive to these currents of healing energies. Try to make yourself joyful and you will see that things are changing in your life. If you bring joy to your family, you will see that your children and husband or wife will do better things. Prosperity, health, and happiness will come into your home.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Friday, February 19, 2016

Why do we have lack of vitamins?

Substances as love, beauty, and goodness nourish your higher bodies. If a vitamin is lacking in your emotional body, it steals the substance from your physical body. If any vitamin is lacking in your mental body, it steals it from your emotional or etheric body. In this way you start losing vitamins and other elements from your bodies.

But why are you losing them? You are losing them because there is trouble in your higher bodies. To balance your whole system, parts of the system “steal” from other parts. In the future, scientists will be able to inject love, beauty, and goodness into your higher bodies.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Our ordinary telescope is capable of seeing matter. But higher clairvoyance sees matter, the force field, the energy field, the sources of these energies, and the future development of all these.

The eye has the capacity to take the smallest atom and study it as if it were under a very highly developed microscope. Or it can extend itself in space and see the objects and activities as if they were in front of it.

Unfortunately, governments spend huge amounts of money, time and energy to build mechanical instruments, but they do not search for those who are born with higher clairvoyance and give them all possible help to develop their gift for the benefit of people. Instead, throughout centuries, people who demonstrated higher psychic qualities were persecuted and often put to death, and their works were burned and annihilated, with rare exceptions.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Imagination & Visualization

Necessary humiliation

Humiliation is a necessary pressure on the personality by the Inner Guardian, to release the spiritual consciousness in man. Without this pressure, the personality grows at the expense of spiritual values.

There are many kinds of pressures needed to cause certain alchemical changes in the whole structure of man.

One of the pressures is a kind of “feeling” when a beloved one turns against you and slanders you.

Another one is the “feeling” you experience when you come face to face with losing your reputation, prestige, and honor and being considered a failure. This is a very strong pressure created to crack very hard crystallizations in your nature, but they cause the spirit to release itself.

Another one is the “feeling” when you confront the loss of all that you have.

Another pressure is the “feeling” that one experiences when facing the presence of death.

Another one is the “feeling” one experiences when someone proves that your whole reasoning and logic are based upon illusions.

Nature causes such “feelings” or pressures to create emancipation within you and to allow the released spirit to find its way to higher dimensions. Such experiences give us intense joy, spiritual contentment, ecstasy, wonderment, admiration, and bliss.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The effect of jealousy

Some people, urged by their jealousy, criticize the work that other people are doing the best they can. I know an artist who begun to criticize and belittle the work of other artists to feel that he is really great. What happened is that he increased his jealousy, and his criticism turned into slander. After a few years he came to me saying that the source of inspiration had dried in him and he asked, “Can you tell me the reason why this happened to me?” “The reason,” I answered, “is that you used destructive criticism against other artists to make yourself appear great, but in doing this your heart identified with the one that your mind and jealousy were fighting against. In your mind you were planning to put him out of creativity and that is what you did for yourself.”

The best way to lose your talents is to attack the talents of others. The best way to increase your inspiration is to admire values that other people have. By increasing your admiration of art objects and the artists who are creating them, you kindle new fires of inspiration within you. Jealousy hurts others, but mostly it freezes your own resources.

The principle of all this is very simple: “What you do to others, you do to yourself.” This is a lever that can move mountains of obstacles sitting on the path of your development.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Try to see your motives

Try to see your motives. All of us must examine our motives because the motive is the only way to take initiation. You take initiation not because of your service, not because of your knowledge, not because of your position, not because of your consciousness even. You take initiation if you have right motive and right actualization of your motive, because any wrong motive after you take initiation destroys you. That is how you become an initiate and the next day you die. When you are a first degree initiate and enter into the domain of a second degree initiate, your flea turns into a giant.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2, p.151

Thursday, February 11, 2016

How we influence the dead and how they influence us

Never gossip about or slander the dead. Only express gratitude, respect, and blessings to the dead because they feel a great shock if you slander them, if you speak badly about them. That is because they are now spirits, not bodies, not emotions, and they feel a great shock that people did not see their spirit, their beauty, but only saw their life events. This retards their progress.

Sometimes if the dead people are not advanced in some way, their attitude hurts you, their feelings hurt you. You can see after talking badly about somebody who has passed away that things in your life turn the reverse because their thoughts, their reactions, affect your life.

Not only must we think good things about them, but also we must condition ourselves in such a way that they think the best things about us. Their thoughts, coming from Higher Worlds, from higher dimensions, will encourage us to be better, to strive more, to be more beautiful because when they hold a better image about us, that image impresses us, inspires us, and pulls us toward the ideal they are thinking about us.

How beautiful it is when your gratitude, like a flower, opens to a dead person’s mind for their heroic life. If it is remembered that you lived a heroic life, a life of beauty, how many people in the world will send you flowers on your memorial? All these flowers and gifts will be like an airplane for you, fuel for you, so that you go to your destination.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Friday, February 05, 2016

God is Gratitude

God is Gratitude. Those who are grateful are closer to God because gratitude is an appropriation of Life and its laws. You see, when you are talking about gratitude, you are talking about Him. He is the Gratitude.

-Torkom Saraydarian
One Hundred Names of God

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Our religions made heaven a place to enjoy ourselves

Unfortunately our religions made heaven a place to enjoy ourselves. What are you enjoying? Sitting there for one million years I will be crazy. What are you enjoying?

One the contrary, the Teaching says, “The life after is a very busy place of labor.” That is why laziness is condemned. You cannot take your laziness to the Other Worlds. The Other Worlds is twenty-four hour action. There is no night and day there; it is engineering, arithmetic, deeper thinking, creativity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If you take care of yourself while you are young, then you do not need to take care of yourself when you are old

When I was fourteen years old, my Daddy said something I have never forgotten. He said, “Until twenty-one live like an old man so that after twenty-one you become always young. Do not mix yourself with those who are doping themselves, who are drinking and going to prostitutes, this or that. Do not do it. Be an old man ninety years old as if you are physically impotent. Eat little; take care of yourself like an old man.”
I never forgot that. When I had my school with six hundred teenagers, very beautiful boys and girls, I told them this story. I said, “You know, if you take care of yourself while you are young, then you do not need to take care of yourself when you are old.”
When I see a woman or man who is ninety, ninety-five, hundred-ten, hundred-fifty, I am so happy. When I went to Africa there were two ladies, one who was one hundred forty-seven, the other one hundred fifty-three. Their skin was like an elephant’s and they were so joyful. I asked, “When are you going to die?” They answered, “What is your hurry? Let us enjoy a little more.” They were so funny and happy.
Immediately my Daddy’s advice came to my mind. I said to them, “Can I ask a question?” “Okay.” “How did you live when you were young?” “We worked from four in the morning till eight at night. That was our whole life until we were thirty years old.” “That is the secret,” I said. They did not waste themselves, did not smoke, did not use dope, did not waste their time in front of television. It is ugly television that day and night poisons us. They did not go with bad friends, and now they lived to one hundred forty-seven, fifty-three. They were beautiful, beautiful ladies.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Friday, January 22, 2016

It is necessary to occupy one’s own consciousness with the concept of Infinity

It is sometimes necessary to occupy one’s own consciousness with the concept of Infinity – endlessness, boundlessness. Some scientists, to please their fear, said that space is limited – whereas space is infinite, unlimited. All speculation on space is fruitless for our mind, but one must not put word and thought barriers on space. We must see it as expanding, further, further, nearer, nearer.

This space can be realized by creative imagination, intuition, and by the effort not to admit any limitation.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.422

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Seek first the kingdom of God"

Man must be taught not to beg or demand from Higher Forces those things that he can provide for himself with his labor.

Christ tried to shift people’s attention from begging for material objects, telling them “to seek first the kingdom of God, which exists within every man,” and “all that they need they would have.”

Religious leaders, in making people focus their demands to receive, made people forget about the major command of Christ of “seeking the kingdom of heaven first.” This delayed the evolution of humanity for ages, and based all human relationship with Higher Forces on the idea of personal gain.

The true religion is not expectation of paradise or of any kind of reward. The true religion is to make people contact the Treasure found in their own Core and to display that Treasury to help others find their Treasury. In other words, the true religious Teaching is not based on receiving, but on giving.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.2

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dark forces distort positive words

Dark forces find words and expressions which help people find direction, inspiration, and unity, and then relate these words to something painful, ugly or criminal events so that people instinctively reject these words and lose the keys to certain doors on the path of their lives. Some of the words they have tried to distort are: discrimination, nobility, virgin, sacred, wise, and so on. If you see how much these words are prostituted in the movies and literature of our day, you will get an idea about the intentions and motives of the dark forces.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mother’s milk is not only a food but also a protection for the child

Mother’s milk is not only a food but also a protection for the child. The psychic energy charges the baby and shields him from various attacks. Psychic energy from the heart, in the form of particles, passes to the baby in the milk. Nursing the babies with the mother’s milk also develops the baby’s heart. Those who are well fed by mother’s milk cannot grow up as heartless creatures.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Don't let your heart petrify

Sometimes difficulties of life and cruel circumstance try to petrify our hearts. Try not to fall into that trap. Keep always your lovingness, respect, and gracefulness and do not use anger, hate, revenge, slander, or treason even if they make themselves available to you in any moment of your distress. The heart always will win, and its victory will not be a transient victory.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Wednesday, January 06, 2016


To be tolerant means to give freedom to others to worship the way they want, to translate the Scriptures the way they want, to believe the way they want because you want them to leave you free in your spiritual path of striving.

To be tolerant does not mean to allow criminals to continue their work. Tolerance is related to the principles of Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom. You have the complete right to be beautiful, the way you want. You have complete freedom to be a source of goodness in the way you want. You are totally free to live in righteousness the way you want. You can enjoy life the way you want, if you are not violating the Freedom, Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, or Joy of other people.

As your tolerance deepens, your respect for the freedom of others deepens. You begin to enjoy other cultures and other interpretations of art, religion, and philosophy because tolerance teaches you that every flower has its own beauty and every seed may bloom in its own beauty. This petal makes you respect the Divinity in all beings and enjoy the various ways that Divinity manifests itself.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Patience has many rewards

I know a woman who had an alcoholic husband. One day she decided to divorce him, and she came to me saying, “I want to divorce him. All he does is drink.” “Do not hurry with your decision,” I advised her. “Be patient; maybe one day you will change him.”

She decided to wait, and it took her four years. One day she brought her husband to see me and introduced me to him. “He is a new man,” she said. “I am glad I followed your suggestion. He has received a promotion at work, and we brought you a gift.” With tears in his eyes, the husband said, “I am so glad that you helped my wife in those dark days.” And the woman said, “There is no higher joy than the joy I felt when this man overcame his drinking habit. I wanted a new man, and here he is.”

Patience has many rewards. It also pays your karma and releases you from many debts.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1, p.378