Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meditation to cultivate compassion

It is possible to cultivate compassion through meditation to open one's heart center. The following meditation is a very beautiful tool to cultivate compassion:

1. Sit comfortably and relax.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Take a few deep breaths and relax further.

4. Visualize the following:

  -Birds singing on a beautiful blooming tree
  -Fish of various colors playing in a pool
  -Flowers of many colors in the fields
  -Various animals feeding their babies
  -Children playing in the fields
  -Pine forests
  -Stars in the midnight sky

5. Take each one for a month and touch them, love them, admire the joy of life in them. Then think that all of these living beings want to enjoy life, want to bring joy and beauty to others. Feel their heartbeats, their desire to live, to be, to enjoy.

6. Think about nations and which every nation greater joy and success. Bless each of them and send your love and peace to them.

7. Think about one humanity and see humanity as one family. Feel the desire of humanity to liberate itself, to free itself from wars, pains, and sufferings and enjoy life in peace, in love, and in understanding.

8. See al boundaries eliminated and nations fused with each other, forming one global brotherhood.

9. Visualize our solar system as a spaceship with twelve wheels in the great ocean of the Milky Way. See how it is necessary to be in harmony with the great Center of Love and compassion beyond the galaxy.

10. See the Central Sun from Whom emanates everything, and to Whom returns every Spark of Life.

11. Decide to increase your love.

12. Decide to be compassionate to all living forms.

13 Feel your heart filling with joy and bliss.

14. Sing a song of gratitude to the All-pervading Life.

15. Open your eyes, sit quietly for a few moments, and then go about your work.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Flame of the Heart

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rest and labor

People think that rest is the opposite of labor. Actually, they complement each other. When a person performs labor in the right way, it gives rest to his heart, which in turn recharges his mechanism. People have a misconception about rest. Rest to them is a state of immobility or indulgence. Rest is actually a part of a composition where pauses are observed to make the symphony more impressive.

Immobility does not exist in Nature. Nature is movement, a constant flow - and man is part of Nature. Real rest is a state in which a vacuum is created in order to absorb more dynamism for a higher labor.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Monday, July 09, 2012

Myths, heroes, and legends

When Great Ones thought about how to make people progress on the path of evolution, they created myths, legends, and heroes using the dynamics of the mind. The dynamics of the mind are mental images charged with spiritual aspiration, which create a strong drive toward spiritual evolution and beingness.

The Great Ones created myths, heroes, and legends, and They even sent legendary figures to humanity. The spiritual, mental, and emotional health of people depends upon how much they assimilate these images. The more they assimilate, the more they advance. The more they advance, the greater is the beauty they bring to the world and the deeper is their penetration into Cosmos.

The health of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies is related to a vision toward which you strive. This vision creates a polarization in your atoms, cells, emotions, and thoughts, and a rhythmic and harmonious configuration begins to build in your nature.

All sickness is the result of disharmony of the energies and forces in your body. It is the result of conflict within yourself, in which the survival potential is giving in to the powers of degeneration and death. Images created by the Great Ones are antidotes to this "giving in" process.

Worship is a scientific technique to polarize you toward the images of great heroes and eventually mold your life upon the principles of those images. Worship is a technique to make you equal to the object of your worship. The worship of an image of greatness eventually creates such a heat in your bones, muscles, emotions, heart, and mind that the hidden Christ within you is released. An intense moment of worship is a moment of release of the divine electricity within you. The moment of striving in which your image is lost in the image of your worship is the moment of transformation, the moment of overcoming yourself.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Talks on Agni, vol.1.