Saturday, January 21, 2012

Living in danger

It is suggested that we do not think about dangers but try to fulfill our mission the best way we can.

What does it mean not to think about danger but to live in danger? To think about danger means to preoccupy oneself with the consequences of danger to such a degree that one paralyzes himself and makes himself unable to find ways and means to face the danger.

Danger, in reality, is not factual but is only a possibility. Thinking about danger makes the possibility a reality for us. The power of danger does not come from its possibility. It comes from the fact that we make it a manifestation within our imagination.

To live in danger means to realize that anything can happen anywhere and anytime. If this realization is clear, one does not waste his time thinking about any particular danger but thinks how to live a life that makes all dangers a "ladder" of achievement.

It will not be an exaggeration if we say that creation is a field of dangers. Dangers are considered as "propelling forces." They are also the best doors of opportunity. A great success comes after mastery of a greater danger.

People must not dwell mentally on dangers but must forge ahead using the dangers as a propelling force.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership Vol.1

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Evil has another way to destroy humanity. In this age, people are fascinated with speed. They think that speed is the main factor for success and development. Because of this false idea, they have created a lie which imposes increasing speed upon us. In a very short time, man will lose control over his time and turn into a wheel in a great machine - and those who push the buttons will determine his speed and make him run until he is useless.

In an advanced age, people will live in the idea of Infinity. They will not force their bodies to run faster than they are capable of. In our age, life is scheduled in such a way that every hour is planned for something. Very soon, no one will have any private time which is not loaded with something to be done.

Forced speed has many disadvantages. For example, children are forced to act as adults. Man is forced to pace himself and live by the speed of machines. Speed can turn into a disintegrating factor; it can load our minds and hearts and make them machines.

We are receiving three hundred times more knowledge than the average student was two hundred years ago, yet our brain is almost the same brain. We are receiving five hundred times more emotions than an average person received one hundred years ago. Our daily papers, television, and news load us and bring emotions to us from all around the world. Our bodies are under more pressure every day, loaded with radioactivity, short waves, telephone calls, and increasing daily obligations.

One hundred years ago, under normal conditions, a child had only a few emotional shocks in his life. But in these days, a child has, in one day, an equivalent number of emotional shocks to those of the entire life of a child in the past. If he watches a violent or criminal movie, if he hears news of war, crime, terrorism, and earthquakes, his emotional body goes through intense pressure. When he hears that "respectable" people deceive the government, or that a president is impeached or assassinated, or that the police is selling drugs, he undergoes immense mental and emotional shocks. These shocks are responsible for the way he acts at school, the attitude he has toward his parents, the relations that he has in his community, the crimes he will commit in using drugs and alcohol, and his evasion of duty and responsibility.

Why do we load our children's hearts and minds with images of crime, terrorism, destruction, dishonesty, and failure? All of these images will affect their education, behavior, and health. Satan knows this and will make every effort to create more violent, criminal movies, news, and events in order to produce an insane world.

The speed imposed upon our systems is dangerous not only to our physical health but also to our sanity and moral life. We collect information and knowledge in our minds, and fifty percent of that information and knowledge has no use for us or for others. Like junk, we collect information in the backyards of our minds and thus lose precious space in the clutter. Many people cannot store more appropriate data because of the junk that occupies all their space.

We are forced to speedily collect data, emotions, and information. We are forced to do things in a mechanical way. One day we will become only an operator of that machine which we created to do all our jobs and, if the machine goes wrong, we will lose our heads.

We speed our vegetables in growing. We demand that our children grow up sooner. We want immediate responses, rewards, and solutions to our problems. We have lost the state of timelessness. Timelessness is health, relaxation, and tuning in with Infinity. Timelessness originates not from knowledge but from liberation.

We are imposing such a speed upon our mechanisms that we will end the life of humanity on this planet.  We must slow down. Speed leads to insanity if it is not controlled with patience. Patience is a feeling of Infinity.

When merchants brought big clocks to certain eastern countries for the first time, they were examined and considered a tool of Satan. They attacked the merchants and destroyed the clocks with hammers. My grandparents used to tell us this story again and again to make us aware of how ignorant those people were who thought clocks were the tool of Satan. But on closer analysis, there was an intuitive perception in the actions of those people. We have turned life into a machine through clocks, watches, and speedometers.

We force ourselves every year with greater and greater speed, paying for it through our ill health and insanity. Our consciousness is wrapped in the concept of time in such a way that we do not have a period of ten minutes of timelessness. Even the periods of "rest" are flooded with thoughts of what will be done after that short period of "rest." It is only in a state of timelessness that the health of the body, the heart, and the mind can be restored.

Certain people are already machines. They run by a speed imposed upon them because speed has become equal to survival. To survive, one must continually increase his speed of thinking, feeling, acting, and even speaking and writing.

One day a garage mechanic told me that he could change a tire every five minutes. "What is your purpose in doing that?" I asked. "More money," he said. Months later, I went back to have a tire changed. He was sitting on an old battery. "What is the matter?" I asked him. "I was in the hospital for three months.  They changed my tires, but my engine is not running very well and I cannot work for a while". One can "change tires" but if his engine is worn out, new tires will not help. We pay for violating the principle of timelessness.

The whole concept of time and speed is an illusion fabricated by dark forces to exterminate human existence from this planet. How can we isolate ourselves from such a mechanical life based on time and speed? The only way that still presents hope lies in the moments of meditation in which we may enter the domain of timelessness and feel a deep relaxation from the imposed pressures and demands of time and speed. There is no cure except through a catastrophic explosion or through a well-organized plan to decrease the demands of time and speed and give people an opportunity to relax and live in ease, at least for a few moments, in the joy of timelessness. Ecstasy, concentration, and contemplation are moments of timelessness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why some criminals are strong and healthy?

It is interesting to note that sometimes criminals and those who work against the interests of their fellow human beings, causing great difficulties in their lives, have healthy bodies and live a long life. Such people have "integrity," though it is a negative integrity which gives them strength. They act as a unit in their physical, emotional, and mental life. They do not have cleavages.

The reason that they do not have cleavages is that they have their own standards, and they believe in their standards no matter how far their standards are from the standards of righteous and holy ones. They keep their "integrity" and build a personality crystallized on the lines of negative or anti-evolutionary force.

This continues until the Soul sends a beam of light into the personality and creates an opposing thoughtform, which later will serve as the base for evolutionary forces. As the influence of the Soul dawns and increases in the personality, the problems of the subject increase and multiply. He confronts physical, emotional, and mental problems, as if all the creditors were coming at once and demanding their payment. The reason for this is that the inner "integrity" is distorted, and no form can exist for long without inner unity, inner harmony or integrity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.1

Projected thoughts

We sometimes are slowed down or become crystallized because people project to us certain thoughts - for example, sexual thoughts, hateful thoughts, evil thoughts, or criminal thoughts. When these thoughts are projected into our aura, we feel as though we are swimming in a stagnated pool.

I once knew a very beautiful and fiery girl who was studying and doing meditation. She told me she had decided to become a model, and soon after she posed for nude photographs which appeared in a men's magazine. Three months later she put away all her books and stopped meditating. One night she called me, crying, "I don't want to read anymore. What is wrong with me?" Millions of men were looking at her pictures and directing their sexual energies toward her. She was flooded with their desires, and even though she kept herself physically pure, she was being polluted mentally.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Spiritual Regeneration

Monday, January 09, 2012

What is hope?

Hope is the name of an energy which mobilizes all your forces and energies toward a set goal. Unless you believe that you can do something, you cannot do it.

Hope makes impossible things possible. Hope does not mean to sit and hope that things will happen. Hope is very different from "hoping." Hope does not make you lie down and dream that things will happen. Hope makes you mobilize all your resources to make your hope incarnate and be substantial.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The pursuit of happiness

Remember that hilarity has nothing to do with joy. Hilarity is a disease. "The pursuit of happiness" must be understood correctly. The pursuit of happiness is not a process of being happy at the expense of others. The pursuit of happiness is an intelligent way of living to bring happiness to the entire humanity, to animals, plants, birds, and all of Nature.

The pursuit of happiness is not license of sex, drugs, crimes, and exploitation. The pursuit of happiness is a process of healthy living, healthy aspiration, and clear thinking. It is a life lived in "harmlessness, self-forgetfulness, and right speech."

The pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of freedom - freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom of religion, freedom of right speech. There is no happiness, unless the human essence is capable of being free from all conditions which prevent him from being beautiful, full of goodness, righteous, and joyful.

Unhappiness is a very contagious disease. Those who fall into unhappiness are those who break the laws of love, unity, and service. We must try to heal through the medicine of joy. It will take time, but we will eventually do it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Joy and Healing

Friday, January 06, 2012

Real authority

Real authority is not one who does whatever he wants to do, but one who knows and is, and acts in accordance with laws and principles. He is an authority for those who know little and are not very developed on their path of evolution, but who are sensitive to the knowledge and the beingness of the authority.

Knowledge is not enough to create authority. One needs also the ability to make that knowledge applicable to himself and to others. Realization is the moment when our knowledge transforms our life, causing a steady transmutation of the substance of the vehicles and enables us to function as the embodiment of our knowledge. Only then do we become authorities on our own level.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Psyche & Psychism