Monday, August 31, 2015

Never think that you cannot do meditation

Never think that you cannot do meditation because the urge of meditation is a disk within you already programmed. It is there. You are just going to operate it. It is a program. The programmed disk is there and if you learn how to do it, the program will reveal things you never imagined because that programming disk is programmed by the Creator and put into your mind so that you reach perfection.

It is there. Never should any man say, “I can’t. It is impossible.” These are satanic words. They are given by Satan to mislead us. Only you will say, “I can and it is possible.” That is real. When you say, “I can and it is possible,” your disk will start to make you feel that it is there – and then the rest is how to think, how to learn to operate the computer. Then the programming will do everything for you. Even you are not going to do it. It will do it. That is a very interesting idea.

The programming does it because God within you is the programming. That Presence leads your life toward Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom if your personality surrenders to it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

The more one suffers for others, the more he becomes himself

In sacrificing for others, one increases the flow of his soul, of his essence, and sacrificial suffering for others becomes a process of self-actualization. The more one suffers for others, the more he becomes himself.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss, p.442

Saturday, August 29, 2015

What is the advantage of the emotional plane?

From the physical world we are going to shift our consciousness to the emotional world without losing our control on the physical world. What is the shifting to the emotional world? It is like the fish living in the pool. If you say to the fish, “We have radio and television, cars and rockets and everything outside,” he will say, “You are crazy. The only world there is is in this pool where we are living, in this ocean.”

If you have been a fish you will understand that you are really excluding everything except your small environment. You are a fish. Your pool has many, many beautiful things, but if you come outside and see the world it is a different world.

It is the same for humanity. We are living in the physical world. All our senses are working with the physical world, but if only you shift your consciousness from a physical occupation into an astral occupation, you will start for the first time in your sleep to see that there is another world there.

What will you find in the emotional world? You will find everything that is here plus everything that will illuminate you in such a way that you will have total control over your emotional body. For example, in the physical plane if you are doing a hundred things in one hour, in the emotional plane you will do five hundred things in one minute.

What is the advantage of the emotional plane? In the emotional plane you have more speed, more clarity of vision, and more ability to do whatever you want to do to rescue people from their emotional entanglement.

Most of our sicknesses originate from the astral plane. If you penetrate there, if you are a doctor, philosopher, psychologist, or leader, you will immediately know the causes of the events, of the happenings of the physical plane that are found in the emotional plane. When you change the causes in the emotional plane, you will be able to change the effects that are going on in the physical plane.

Then we will shift our consciousness to the mental world.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Friday, August 28, 2015

Your life span is as precious as your consciousness is expanded through that life span

Sometimes a man who is totally evil or hateful or jealous or really a problem for humanity wants to live five hundred years. Why does he want to live? How is he going to live? The more he lives, the more dangerous he becomes. The life sends some sicknesses to such people so that they finish and go through the recycling process and become better human beings.

I know such people. They are totally involved in what they are going to eat, what vitamins they are going to take so that they live two, three more years. Who cares how long you are living If you are not dedicated to your spiritual advancement or service for humanity!

Your life span is as precious as your consciousness is expanded through that life span.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Law of Karma transcends the limitations of our time equations

The Law of Karma transcends the limitations of our time equations. The triple reaction to action –physical, emotional, and mental—can reach us at various times. For example, the physical reaction to an action may come 2000 years later. The reaction in our emotional nature may come a few centuries before that, and the reaction in our mental nature may come in 15 years, or even immediately. It may also happen that all three of these reactions come to our personality in one package. The law is that no one can escape the consequences of his actions.

Not a single word, thought, or impression from an action is lost in space. They are all in the computer. In esoteric books, we read that the operators of this computer are Solar Beings Who are far more advanced than man can imagine.

Thus when we speak of karma, we mean a great computer system built by webs of electrical and magnetic energies; a huge superhuman computer which is righteous for all individual, group, national, and global karma.

It seems that the purpose of the Law of Karma is to teach us how to renounce the self, which is the axis that keeps the wheel of karma turning. Once the self is renounced, man becomes the lord or, let us say, the master of his karma.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Do not poison and pollute others

In some places it is said that if a woman is angry or depressed, she immediately goes to her room and locks it so that she does not infect others in the household. They know that they are infectious when in such a mood. Do not poison and pollute others. You are going to approach others and life with joy. This is not easy, but you are going to try.

When you are really angry and you are hating someone, do not take action. Stop a little and ask, “Why do I want to hurt myself and her. Let me at least be totally detached and send her a current of joy.” This will save you hospital costs in the future.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Recovery from illness is delayed when a person sinks into doubt

It is observed that those who are full of doubt cannot assimilate the best vitamins. The subtle energies of assimilation are disturbed in the presence of doubt. Even recovery from illness is delayed when a person sinks into doubt.

Doubtful people are like poisonous currents; wherever they enter they create confusion. Once people are contaminated by persons of doubt, they cannot continue to strive to lofty heights but become busy with mundane interests.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.1

Tragedies of life have three kinds of effects

Tragedies of life have three kinds of effects:

1. They pull as down to vices to fill our vacuum.
2. They make us angry against those forces that created the events.
3. They lift us toward a level of a better life of striving toward perfection.

The first one occurs when people are living in physical-astral levels. The second one occurs when they are living in their lower mental plane. The third one occurs when they are in contact with their soul.

It happens sometimes that when people lose their precious friends or family members, they go through a process of purification. They conquer their habits of smoking, overeating, using alcohol, and so on.

What can be the reason why such people change and transform after such a loss or tragedy? One of the answers is that the loss, failure, or tragedy creates a vacuum in their life and shows them the futility of their habits. They feel faced with an immediate demand to fill the vacuum created around them to create a safety zone.

We see that this can be done only by filling the vacuum with virtues. The first hindrance to developing virtues and striving to fill the vacuum seems to us to be our vices or habits. So in that moment of disappointment, failure, loss, and tension, we decide to clear away our habits and stand as victors over our vices.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.3

Friday, August 21, 2015

Work with joy

Saint Teresa, one of the great saints of the Catholic Church, came to the convent and was told to wash the sheets of the sick people. Every day while that poor girl was washing the sheets, she prayed and meditated. One day she said, “My Lord, if this pleases You, it is the greatest joy for me to do it because I am washing Your clothes.” Through such an attitude toward her work, she became an inspiring image for ages.

When people do any voluntary work and then complain how hard they worked and how tired they are, one must tell them not to work until they learn not to complain.

One of the Apostles said, “Always, in all conditions, be thankful.” He was not teaching religion; he was teaching psychology. Once a man starts to complain, he is negative; once he is negative, he is wasting energy and hurting himself. We must try to tune in with the positive energies of our innermost Self. These energies make us independent, free, joyful human beings.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Psyche & Psychism

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

That is how we clean our debts

I knew a lawyer who became famous and rich. Actually, I was the one who paid for his schooling in Asia. I was making good money in the Royal Air Force at that time. He was a wonderful boy and needed my support. He became a lawyer. Ten years later when he was making good money, he called and offered to give back the money. But I told him he had a great debt. He asked what it was. I told him to give the money to those who needed it for their education. He was very beautiful; he understood. He sent ten boys to school from Jordan to London to educate them to become engineers, lawyers, and doctors. That is how we clean our debts. Do good. Spread the instructions of the Hierarchy, of the Ageless Wisdom, and serve. Your karma will become less and less.

My father was a pharmacist and because of the war and shortage of doctors, his services were needed as a surgeon in a big hospital. There was a window in the pharmacy where people came to pay. My father would look at the man or woman and would sense that they did not have money. He would mark their bills paid. My mother would ask who was going to pay for all these bills. But many times I would hear my father say, “What I pay to poor people, God will pay to your children.”

One day while riding a car with four other people going from Jerusalem to Jericho, the car accidentally jumped the rail of a bridge and fell thirty-four feet below in the mud. We sat there. I was stunned at first, then I felt that there was no pain, nothing broke. “Get up,” I told them. But nobody answered: they were all dead. Five days later I went to my teacher and asked him, “Do you know what happened?” “Oh,” he said, “your father paid for you.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Solar Angel vol.1

Monday, August 17, 2015

When Christ returns, He will teach us the real meaning of karma and dark forces

When Christ returns, He will teach us the real meaning of karma and dark forces. We do not know much about karma, but from this statement we can assume that it is a very deep subject. One of the great fundamental laws of Nature is the Law of Karma.

What does karma do? Karma, from my viewpoint, shows you how, when, and where you cooperated with dark forces. Karma teaches you when you have violated the law. It teaches you through pain, suffering, death, internal tension and crises if you still persist in violating the law. You can avoid pain and suffering by trying to correct the broken law through sacrifice, through paying back all that you have illegally taken from others, or by strengthening the things you have distorted. This is often a Herculean task.

Karma creates balance and equilibrium and tries to put everything in a right condition, in balance. But it does this through the agency of pain and suffering.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The more perfect you are, the more responsible you are

The more perfect you are, the more responsible you are. Perfection is nothing else but inclusiveness. For example, I am perfect for myself and I take care of myself. I become a little more perfect and I have a family. Then I must take care of my family, my group, my nation, humanity, the planet, the solar system. As you grow, your responsibility grows. Responsibility is nothing else but the radiation of your perfection.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Natural disasters open new windows and doors within our being

To make people release themselves from identification with material forms, Nature uses drastic methods, such as natural calamities and various forms of disaster. Going through such disasters, a person eventually awakens to the unreality of that with which he was identified. As long as the human spirit is lost in matter, it cannot use matter to achieve self-mastery. Instead, the person becomes the slave of matter.

Natural disasters and calamities open new windows and doors within our being. We see the true value of the objects and activities of life. They draw us into spiritual maturity; we no longer waste time playing with our former toys.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.3

The more you expand in beingness and consciousness, the smaller become your former problems

The more you expand in beingness and consciousness, the smaller become your former problems. Now, we have so many problems in humanity because the problems are increasing and our consciousness is decreasing. Everything that is ugly is becoming abundant. Everything that is beautiful is shrinking.

Look at your televisions. How many programs are really great? Ninety percent of the programs are ugly, violent, destructive. Problems are increasing and we do not have the consciousness to solve them. The only way to “solve” them is to hit, destroy, and kill people. Today I destroy you; tomorrow you destroy me.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Your life is a reflection of what you are

Your life is a reflection of whatever you are inside of you. If you are escaping responsibilities and duties, if your relationships are painful and creating distress, it means that your mind, inside of you, is in distress, in pain and suffering  because you did not release yourself from the limitations in your mind and you are creating the same limitations in your life. Your life is a reflection of what you are. Whatever you are is the reflection of what you did.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Esoteric Science of Healing

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"You must love others more than your own comfort"

One night my Father came home exhausted from his job. He sat down, relaxed, ate his dinner, and began to listen to some joyful music. It was 10:00 pm when a horseman came and knocked on the door and said, “We saw your friend trapped under a fallen tree, and we couldn’t help him.”

My Father got ready, jumped on his horse, and disappeared in the darkness. He came back at sunrise with the man, who was badly wounded in the chest.

Father was a pharmacist, and he did all that he could to help the man. When the man began to sleep, he left him alone and said to us, “I am so grateful that Nature gave me a body by which I could move the huge tree.” Then looking at me, he said, “If you want to help people, you must have a body that can work long hours without sleep or food, a body that does not give you trouble.” And he showed me his muscles. Then he whispered, “But also you must be daring and fearless.... And one thing more – you must love others more than your own comfort,” and he went to open the pharmacy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The more conscious you are, the more control you have over your life

People look in different directions to find the solutions to their problems. If you have financial problems you say it is because of the stock market and many other reasons. It is not so. There is one cause of it. You were not conscious. You do not have the causes of the failure in your hand and you did not learn how to manipulate, how to operate these causes so that they create effects that you are really expecting.
In your individual life if you see that you are not successful, if you see that you did not finish your university, your college, if you see that your family life is a mess, do not blame anything. Blame yourself that you did not expand your consciousness outside and inside. This means you did not become “plus”. You became “minus.”.
For example, you are opening a business and in the meantime you are doping, drinking, wasting your energy. All these mean decrease of consciousness. Everything that is decreasing your consciousness means you are losing control of your business, your life, your family, and the events of the planet. The more conscious you are, the more control you have over your business, your life, your family. The less consciousness you have, the less control you have in your life.


-Torkom Saraydarian
Consciousness vol.1

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Those who suppose that after a suicide they will return to the place from which they were sent are indeed mistaken

Those who suppose that after a suicide they will return to the place from which they were sent are indeed mistaken, for the whirl of space will carry them far away, like a leaf in autumn. The desire to live must be expressed consciously. Man must realize what he is striving for, and remember that he has good deeds to perform and a mission to fulfill here on Earth.

-Agni Yoga, Supermundane I, 188.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The iron hand of Cosmic Law

Why do nations who carry out genocide or engage in destroying people and cities live in abundance and power while continuing to commit crimes without being punished by natural laws or world events? The answer may seem illogical, but it is true nonetheless. Karmic consequences have their appointed time. Hundreds of years in history are counted as only a few days from the viewpoint of karmic retribution.

Those who are instrumental in destruction will sooner or later confront the iron hand of Cosmic Law. There is no escape when a person or nation destroys the forms to which Nature bestows life. Our global sphere is filled with “thought-bombs” which, in due time, will hit the correct locations with disastrous results.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.3

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Are you using the life slowly to be annihilated by the One Light?

Once we had a very beautiful man, a Bishop. He was a hermit in the monastery, and day and night he meditated, wrote, and prayed. One day I went and told him, “You are so beautiful. With your absence and presence in this little room, you send me so much inspiration.” He replied, “Stop it. In the light of Christ, I am nothing and my entire endeavor is to be something for Him.”

That hit me so hard. This man did not say, “I am something, and I am going to be something for myself.” There is something psychologically, spiritually wrong here. You are going to be something for the Lord, so that you do something for Him. That is how the light reveals. Is there ego for you? Are you using all your life to emphasize that you exist, that you are something, or are you using the life slowly to be annihilated by the One Light? That is the goal.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1

Sunday, August 02, 2015

"There is room here only for one"

One of the great poets of Persia [Rumi] left us a beautiful story about a lover who went and knocked on the door of his beloved. The girl, who was perhaps an initiate of the mysteries, asked, “Who is it?’

“Me, your friend. I came to see you.”

“In my home only one can live. I do not have any room for another person.”

The boy was surprised about this very unusual answer and left in confusion. A few days later, thinking it was a joke, he again went back to the home of his beloved and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“Me. You know it is me. Open the door.”

“I am sorry, but I told you there is room here only for one. There is no room for another person.”

The confusion and anger of the boy created an anxiety in him, and he left the door and went to a wise man. He told the Sage what had happened between him and his beloved and asked for advice. The wise man saw the reason for the girl’s action but did not reveal it to him. He told him to go and think about her answer until he found the solution to his problem.

Months passed and the boy could not put the problem out of his mind. One day as he was sitting near a river which was flowing into a lake, the idea of unity came to his mind. The river united with the lake, and they became one. There is no room for the river and the lake; there is room for the lake or for the river. There is room for both only if they merge.

Excited by this revelation, the boy went to the girl’s home and knocked at the door.

“Who is it?” she asked.


There was no answer – but the door slowly opened and the boy was taken in. The girl wanted to teach him that love is unity and oneness and, until one is aware of this, he cannot be admitted into companionship.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Bliss is psychic energy which streams forth from our Inner Core

Bliss is psychic energy which streams forth from our Inner Core and in the Triadial level it manifests as bliss. Bliss is a state of total harmony with all divine laws, and a state of identification with the purpose of life. Those who achieve bliss are charged with an immense amount of worship.

Worship is a state of awareness which is fused with beauty that is everywhere and in everything. Total fusion and loss of feeling of identity is the state of worship.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Happiness, Joy & Bliss, p.413

A disciple must create reactions

I once wrote to my Teacher and said, “Life is becoming very frightening. I am distributing works by various authors related to the Teaching, and, by doing so, I am creating many enemies in society, in my church, and even among my relatives.”

“Very good, very good,” replied my Teacher. “Now you are proving that you are becoming a disciple. A disciple, if alive and active, must create reactions. Reactions will unveil your enemies and will keep you alive and progressively striving. Do not have fear. Reactions sooner or later consume themselves as they are not based on truth.”

One does not need to plan to create reaction. Reaction will be there when you start growing toward the light. Of course, in addition to reaction, you will also have responses from those who are ready and open enough to receive your light. These are your co-workers who, when they join you, will evoke greater reactions from those who are afraid that their interests will be endangered because of your Teaching. Your co-workers will move the wheel of the society forward – and that will be your joy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Ageless Wisdom, p.65

Saturday, August 01, 2015

People think that there is no reality in religion, in the Teaching

People think that there is no reality in religion, in the Teaching; that what the religions and teachings give is not real, is not fact, that it cannot be proved.

People think so, but the reality is that those who are sincerely practicing their religion or living the teaching are very different from those who hate religion or the Teaching.

First of all, any religion or Teaching has standards, principles, goals, purpose, and virtues. What can life be without standards, toward which we strive? What can life be if we have no principles? What can life be if we have no lofty goals or a supreme purpose? What can life be without virtues?

You can imagine two people who were born from the same parents, but one has a true religion or Teaching in his heart. The other follows his blind urges and drives, his selfish interests, and lives a life without a lofty goal or a supreme purpose, who lives in vices and feels proud of them.

Someone may argue that some people who have religion live worse than those who do not have them. Let us, for  a moment, accept that this is so. But those people who do not live according to their religion or Teaching do not really have religion or the Teaching. If we think that they have, then we must admit that they were tempted by their lower self, and for awhile they could not live according to their principles and standards.

Why would such people be worse off than those who live continuously without faith? It is more probable that the standards and principles will still have a chance to raise a fallen person, but who or what will lead a person who is not living in faith?

Some may argue that a person without religion or the teaching can live a good life, by obeying the law. Of course, the law is nothing but the representation of certain principles and standards forced upon people. But because the law is forced, the person will not obey the law as soon as he can escape the law. His obedience to the law is mechanical. It is not related to an inner transformation.

What will be wrong if a child believes in angels and lives as if he were living in their presence? Why will this be bad? Is it not better for him to believe in angels than to believe in murderers and criminals, and dream about violence all during the night?

Our beliefs, ideas, and visions have a tremendous influence over our life. Through our creative imagination we can bring into existence the protection we want. Why not to use our inner creativity and think that imagination has an effect on our life?

Faith is a psychic power that makes things exist and be real. Real things cannot change your life if you do not have faith in them. Unreal things can transform your life if you have faith in them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.1