Monday, May 27, 2013

Does our Inner Guide always answer our questions?

It is possible that the Inner Source seems to reject our questions, without answering them. It does not, but it appears so

a. when we are not worthy for the answer
b. when we are not ready to understand it
c. when our sky is too clouded with our "crimes" or karmic liabilities.

In such conditions the answer comes but instantaneously disappears. Such answers are not lost; they exist in space and help others with the same questions.

When you present your questions, the following points must be remembered:

1. You must have no doubt that you will get an answer.
2. Your question must not have strings tied to them.

You should not condition the forms of your answers by your desires or by your speculations. When you formulate your expected answers within the form of your questions, you do not receive pure answers. Your expectations create disturbances, both in the answering and the receiving process.

Sometimes we even attract a great amount of fear to our questions. Our fear prevents the answer from reaching us in its purity because we feel the answer will be destructive to us, prevent us from going in a certain direction, or demand a great amount of sacrifice from us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Start with being human, End up being divine

Conquer all your enemies,
With one weapon I have endowed you with,
Love! Love! Love!
Love rises above anger.
Love stalks over greed.
Love crushes away jealousy.
Love stamples over pride.
Love succeeds over hatred.
Love erases restlessness.
It is a sure winner over all other weapons.
Just have faith in My love for you,
And stay patient and await My arrival,
To pour all My divine love on you.
Fill yourself with it, emanate it to others.
Give up being a demon,
Give up being an animal.
Start with being human,
End up being divine.

-Sai Baba
(Sai Darshan, Part 2 - 4)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Givers and takers

People who are interested in receiving or taking go to those places where they receive physical, emotional, and mental elements. But when they are saturated, they withdraw because they think there is nothing more to take.

These kinds of people go from group to group, from one ideology to another to receive. But their ability to receive is limited by their mental or spiritual capacity. Once they reach the water mark of their evolution, no group or ideology is able to give them anything they search for. From this stage on they isolate themselves and live for their pleasures or for their worldly plans.

The secret is that they live as parasites, and their whole urge is to receive, not give. Those who do not give cannot grow and expand their consciousness. When they stop giving, they reject other sources of wisdom, because it does not make sense to them.

We often see that such people become members of a group until they are saturated. Then they stop being members of that group. Their relationship with the group deepens if they change the direction of their consciousness from receiving to giving.

Real spiritual growth starts the moment when people join a group to give rather than to receive. What they may give is their

-physical service
-emotional support

The more they give, the more they expand their consciousness, and the more they see the importance of group labor, group discipline.

Those who quit their group feel that they have nothing to give to the group. Actually they do not know about their feeling. It is subjective and unconscious. This feeling creates in them rejection and indifference toward the group, because they have reached a state of crystallization in which they have nothing to contribute. If they analyze their attitude – their crystalized or saturated level says to them that they no longer need the group.

All progress is based on givingness. Join a group. Be a friend to someone. Meet people ONLY as an opportunity to serve, to sacrifice, and to give. Then that group or person becomes a source of everlasting interest for you. To whatever you give, that becomes the object of your interest.

It is known that all those who create problems in a group, quit the group, or slander the group are those people who came to the group for their own personal interest or profit, on any form or level.

That is why in all mystery schools there was a rule not to admit those who were characterized as self-seekers, full of ego, selfish receivers – but to admit those who give and give on all possible levels, even themselves. Such people eventually transform their whole life.

One day my Teacher was talking with a new student. His questions to him were:

“Did you help your father, mother, or brothers and sisters in any way? Tell me all your stories about how, and when?”

“Did you help any man or woman in anyway, anywhere? Tell me stories.”

“Is there anyone who is very grateful to you?”

“Or anyone who owes things to you?”

“Did you give anything to anyone which was dear to you?”

“Did you share something with someone? What, how, where, how much?”

I was surprised at such questions, but my heart was in joy. Later, I approached my Teacher and asked, “Were these questions important?”

“Yes, yes,” he said. “The nature of man can be known by such questions. We do not need those who are parasites, but those who are givers. Givers can walk the path. Receivers misuse the path. They become sources of troubles. The path is nothing else but giving.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Privileged people

Are there no privileged people in the world? There are. But those people are not privileged by anybody, by anything, but by themselves. Their karma in the past, their service and labor in the past pushes them so much ahead of people that we call them privileged people.

Who are these people? These people are those who in the past exercised right thinking, right speech, right actions, right relationships, and in their successive incarnations occupied a privileged, moral state of consciousness, beingness, and higher positions where they worked, but they never tried to give privileges to others and make them privileged people around them or in the field of their service. Because of this fact, no one can make a person privileged, but only he himself with his honesty, nobility, purity, and merits.

One becomes privileged by his inner Self, not from anybody else. One can gain certain rights only by the blessings of his Self.

Any privilege given from anybody outside of himself is temporary and in the end it turns into a source of problems.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol. 5

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What is your real worth?

Ask yourself, "What is my worth? What is my value? Is it my money? Is it my body? Is it my appearance?" They are very important. Don't think that I am not giving value to these things. Your money is important. Your richness is important. Your house is important. The health of your body is important. But what is your real worth, which means, when you leave the body, what remains? That is your worth.

What you have done to others is your worth. How much have you given yourself to people? It is not how much you have received but how much you gave to people, how much you have done for others.

To be worthy means that you can be more useful in the hands of God. How much worth do you have? That much.... God can use it. It is your virtues, it is your talent, it is your genius, it is your dedication, it is your holiness, purity, it is your pure intentions, your creativity that are used by the big hand of Nature, that Great One.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ, vol.1

Monday, May 06, 2013

Sculpting our nature

Once a sculptor was working on a marble statue. He would start chiseling on the stone early in the morning at sunrise and work until midnight, never stopping to eat or rest. When someone asked him why he would not rest, the sculptor replied, "Rest is not for a creative person. Only dead people rest."

We must have this kind of attitude with ourselves in order to change ourselves. We must constantly chisel our nature, working as hard as we can to save ourselves. We must work so hard that the Great Ones notice us and say, "He is working so hard to pass through transfiguration; let Us help him."

How do They help us? They create more troubles for us, give us more duties and responsibilities, and put us in conditions where we become embarrassed with ourselves; unless we see how ugly and ignorant we are, the door of transformation will not open for us.

You must go to the bottom of the ladder and see where you are, then step by step climb the ladder of perfection. Whenever you see something in your nature that needs chiseling, you must be merciless. Unless you are merciless, you cannot perfect your statue.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Evil entities

How did these evil entities come into being in space? Some people living on this planet are criminals; they stay drunk on alcohol or use drugs day and night. They steal, they kill, they are traitors. They are enemies of human freedom. They are strongly pornographic. When these people die, they are exactly the same as when they were in the human body. It is not the human body that gives them their negative qualities but their emotional and mental bodies that urge them to act this way. Just because the physical body is left behind, does not mean that these people turn into angels. They have the same urges, drives, and appetites as before. But because they no longer have a physical body, they no longer have the vehicle through which they can come and do the same things they were doing before. The only method by which they can fulfill their urges and drives is to possess and obsess people. In this way they use the bodies of other people as the vehicles for their own sensations and pleasures.

This kind of evil is very strong and creates a tremendous amount of pollution. Once such an entity sticks to your aura, it enters like a drill and makes room for itself. The quality and condition of your aura determines where it will locate itself. For example, if the entity is sexually abusive, it will come and enter into your sexual aura, your sacral center, and activate it to such a degree that it becomes impossible for you to control your sex drive. Or, if its intention is to break up your marriage and establish disunity, it will make you impotent or totally reject sex. Both of these extremes are created by the same kind of entity. The dark ones are against normality. If they take your normality away from you, they succeed in their endeavor, because abnormality is against your own progress.

If your heart is acting evilly, it is possible that an evil entity has blocked the heart petals so that divine grace, beauty, and compassion cannot manifest. You become possessive, aggressive, and destructive. You bring destruction around yourself. Now the enemy can do whatever it likes. For example, if the dark forces want war, they enter your brain and make you a war monger. You begin thinking, “We want war! We want to destroy them!” But if you tell the enemy or its agents, “Come, we will take you to the front lines,” they will escape because such entities do not want the ones they possess to die, so that darkness can continue to spread its pollution. It is very tricky. If we could write a book about all the ways and means that the dark forces operate, it would be like an encyclopedia of sicknesses.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces