Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Enthusiasm makes you an organizer

Organizational ability comes with the energy of the electricity of enthusiasm. If your machinery is lacking electricity, the machinery does not work. Enthusiasm makes you an organizer. It is very important that spiritual people do not act like hippies. Each of you must be an organizer. You must be organizers of what?

I am not referring to organizers of peace movements. In your business, in your factory, in your shop, in your home, in your community, in your church, in your group, you must be organizing and doing things. Birthdays, Christmas days, how can they be organized? Those who can organize have psychic energy. They have enthusiasm. By organizing these things you increase your enthusiasm, because things that start to flow through you increase in volume, in quality, and in quantity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery, p.326

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Seven steps on the path of freedom

Freedom is not what average people think. There are seven steps on the path of freedom:

1. Freedom from blind urges and drives of your body, and of the bodies of others
2. Freedom from hatred, fear, anger, jealousy, revenge, slander, malice, and treason
3. Freedom from greed, separatism, ego, vanity, and fanaticism
4. Freedom from ignorance
5. Freedom from any harmful thoughts, actions, and words.
6. Freedom from death
7. Freedom from time and space

Teach people the science of freedom.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery, p.301

Monday, January 22, 2018

How to conquer negativity

We can conquer negativity by the following methods:

One thing that is very important is to increase your joy. Every time you are depleted of joy, you fall into negativity. So take the book Joy and Healing and study it and eventually memorize one of the exercise sections in it. You will save your life because if you fall into negativity, all other devils will follow it. First increase joy within you. Joy is psychic energy and it destroys all kinds of negativity. Joy comes from your Solar Angel, from your inner resources.

The second step is to show people the consequences of negativity, what negativity does to their body, to their friendship, to their nervous system, and to their creativity. Tell them what wrong decisions they make, and how their decisions affect all the people who are related to them, their nation and humanity.

Discuss negativity very openly. Do not hide anything. But you are going to bring it up to a scientific or psychological state of expression and make it creative, such as creating a drama.

Reveal the causes of the negativity.

When you see that a person is acting negatively tell him or her the positive side of a situation and how things can be done positively.

Try to show him or her the bright side of things. Teach your friends how to appreciate things.

Teach people admiration.

You are going to create ecstasy to conquer negativity.

Fasting is very important. When you fast, and if you are obsessed by negative spirits, they will not like you and leave. When you fast, they become hungry and look for someone else to nourish them. I am not joking. That is why Christ said, "You can take the evils from people after fasting." Fasting is very important, and if you have certain problems in your home that you cannot solve, fast and you will notice that your negativity and various other poisons will disappear. Then you will not be tasty for the devils.

Do not marry negative people. Do not hire them in your business. If you have done this already, change them. Do not give any high position to them because they will destroy you.

Negativity also is found on three levels: physically negative people, emotionally negative, and mentally negative people. It is easy to cure physical and emotional negativity. Negativity in the physical body appears in manners and dressing. But it is very difficult to cure mental negativity. Such people are very smart, sharp, witty, and to handle them you will need to be super intelligent and in some degree consciously negative.

Let me mention a few other agents of healing from negativity. They are seclusion, silence, fasting, prayer, meditation, gratitude, creativity, and again, joy exercises. If you do these things you will find the ways and means to pull yourself out of negativity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

How negativity develops

Negativity develops under the following conditions:

-Very painful life conditions, lots of suffering, posthypnotic imagery in the home and environment eventually develop negativity.

-Guilt feelings are one of the great sources of negativity because people are identified with their guilt to such a degree that they do not see any other image for themselves.

-Posthypnotic suggestions, television and movie programs create negativity in you.

-When the connection between you and your Inner Guide is cut or severed, you really fall into negativity.

-There is another reason that some people are negative. We call it a curse.

-Hurt feelings, defeat, failure, obsession and possession make you negative.

-Waste of sex energy and exhaustion in work makes you negative.

-Continuous criticism makes one negative.

-Childhood among negative people who were failures and self-destructive causes you to be a negative person.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Negative people

Negative people have no appreciation. I have seldom heard words or expressions of appreciation from negative persons. Most everything they say is negative. They lack appreciation. By learning about these negative things, you can start thinking that the cure for this kind of negativity is mentally to create their opposites. For example, if people are unappreciative, you can teach them the science of how to appreciate people.

Negative people always make others worthless. Even if people have done great things, a negative person will find something to convince you that they are worthless people. These are signs that you are going to watch for in people.

Negative people always try to find an ugly motive behind your actions. It is very difficult to deal with these people because in everything they say, there is something negative, destructive, and ugly. This condition is so contagious that eventually you believe what they are doing. You think that they are very discriminative, have sharp eyes,  and see exactly what is going on. You lose your positivity and join them. Nothing is beautiful for them; nothing is glorious or admirable for them. If two people walk together, a negative person will say, "You know why they are together." If two people are eating together, they find various negative motives behind it. This is what negativity is.

Negative people like to gossip. They gossip continuously. When they sit down with you at dinner, or when they travel with you, they immediately open their big mouth and start criticizing and gossiping. Gossip and criticism are nothing else but seeing the negative side of things. They are not offering constructive criticism. It is not intended to correct others or give them a new light, a new explanation; it is destructive criticism.

Negative people try to find the weaknesses of other people.

Negative people speak about their ill health.

Negative persons think that everyone is inferior to them.

Negative people speak about their bad childhood.

Negative people speak badly about others, especially about their parents. They speak very badly, of course, about their teachers because they hallucinate and project whatever negativity they have on their teachers, on their parents. But you can learn something very important from them. By studying a negative person you find exactly what he is, truly, within himself. Whatever negativity he is speaking about others, that negativity is in him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Try to create admiration

Are you an admirable husband? If your wife is not admiring you, be careful. She looks to somebody for admire. That is why some women fall in love with their priests, actors, presidents, and the husband wonders why. It is because they need to admire someone. They cannot live without admiration. It is so important to remember this. Try to be an object of admiration for your wife, husband, or children. Children must admire their parents. "My daddy is so bright, so good." Admiration destroys negativity.

In your business, in any relationship, in your marriage, let your husband or wife admire you. You have his love when he admires you. A lady who came for counselling told me that her husband was losing interest in her. I said, "I would do the same." She asked, "Why?" Observe how you are dressed. Look at your face, your hair." She said, "You are not supposed to say these things." I said, "I am old-fashioned man. I do not have the science of counseling with flattery. I tell things the right way to people's face. Who is going to be interested in you? Look at your shoes." I said, "Eat a little bit less. How can your husband be interested in you when you are carrying a five hundred pound load behind you?"

Work on yourself. Try to create admiration. People must admire your body, your emotions, your voice, your hair. If you are going to impose yourself on others to make them admire you, it will not succeed. "Here I am as I am. Either he loves me or not." It does not work like that.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Children who are filled with heroic images...

When you present children with beautiful fairy tales and parables, they learn how to live as noble people. They develop virtues to meet the world with a spirit of sacrifice and kindness. Children who are filled with heroic images grow up to be courageous men and women who care more about their worth as human beings than about the size of their bank accounts.

Read the newspapers today and you will read about all the crime that is happening. The crime rate is becoming higher and higher. If you turn on your television, you will see so many programs with fighting and shooting. Or you will see police stories with crime as the central issue. It is all the same story of fighting and killing. What kind of values do these movies develop in our children? Why are not we presenting them with examples of nobility and right human relations?

-Torkom Saraydarian

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The problems a person is having with other people are problems that he is having with himself

In my research I found out that the problems a person is having with other people are problems that he is having with his personality, with his body, emotions, and mind.

If you abuse your body, you abuse the bodies of others. If you abuse your feelings, you abuse the feelings of others. If you abuse your own mind, you abuse the minds of others. And once you abuse others, they will abuse you, and you will abuse them. This will go on forever, until one of you comes to his senses and stops the ugly game.

Sometimes self-abuse creates an enormous fear, a fear that is born inside. This fear is the result of the withdrawal of our Solar Angel. The Solar Angel temporarily withdraws due to our abuses, and this leads us into depression and fear.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Human Nature

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meditation creates a safety net

Meditation creates a safety net around a person's body, home, car, and office. As we continue daily meditation, we can see the expansion of this protective field. We are told that the protective aura of a Great One can even save a city from many disasters.

We must remember that we live in a sphere of many destructive forces, entities, microbes, and germs. It is only because of our aura that we can create a sphere of insulation around ourselves and protect ourselves from hostile forces.  When we weaken our aura through wrong thinking, negative emotions, and wrong actions, we open doors for those forces that attack us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.1

Thursday, January 04, 2018

True meditation is done when...

True meditation is done when the consciousness operates on the third level of the mental plane. One can know that his consciousness is operating on the third mental level by observing the following signs:

1.a sense of immortality
2. a sense of timelessness
3. a sense of non-existence
4. a deep joy and serenity
5. a realization that nothing will stop progress toward perfection
6. an increasing development of indifference toward factors that slowly lose their power over one who does real meditation: *treason, *failure, *mistakes, *defeat, *betrayal, *malice, *slander.
7. an increasing development of indifference toward: *praise, *fame, *reputation, *success, *victory, *position, *possessions.
8. a sensitivity to feel divinity in everything, everywhere
9. abstract idealism and practical thinking and action
10. increasing creativity
11. increasing urge to serve
12. increasing urge to cooperate with the creative forces of the Universe
13. increasing energy and courage in the physical, emotional, and mental realms
14. clear observation
15. increasing awareness of the Higher Worlds

These fifteen signs are indications that the consciousness of the person is operating on the third level of the higher mind.

As the consciousness advances in the mental plane, meditation turns into contemplation and eventually into illumination. As the consciousness climbs up and expands on the mental plane, a person begins to realize the existence of higher communications. His communication with his Inner Guide increases. Then he registers communication with living Great Ones Who were watching his progress on the Path. He then eventually comes into contact with his Teacher.

Many who think they are doing meditation are wandering through the corridors of the lower mind, playing with imported or self-made thoughtforms, or with past memories collected in their mental body.

Meditation is a breakthrough from all those psychological limitations which our memory weaves with the thread of our past failures. Once a breakthrough is made, the creative powers of a person increase with energy and vision.

True meditation continually raises a person from the limiting factors of his life toward freedom.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.1