Thursday, January 11, 2018

The problems a person is having with other people are problems that he is having with himself

In my research I found out that the problems a person is having with other people are problems that he is having with his personality, with his body, emotions, and mind.

If you abuse your body, you abuse the bodies of others. If you abuse your feelings, you abuse the feelings of others. If you abuse your own mind, you abuse the minds of others. And once you abuse others, they will abuse you, and you will abuse them. This will go on forever, until one of you comes to his senses and stops the ugly game.

Sometimes self-abuse creates an enormous fear, a fear that is born inside. This fear is the result of the withdrawal of our Solar Angel. The Solar Angel temporarily withdraws due to our abuses, and this leads us into depression and fear.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Human Nature

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meditation creates a safety net

Meditation creates a safety net around a person's body, home, car, and office. As we continue daily meditation, we can see the expansion of this protective field. We are told that the protective aura of a Great One can even save a city from many disasters.

We must remember that we live in a sphere of many destructive forces, entities, microbes, and germs. It is only because of our aura that we can create a sphere of insulation around ourselves and protect ourselves from hostile forces.  When we weaken our aura through wrong thinking, negative emotions, and wrong actions, we open doors for those forces that attack us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.1

Thursday, January 04, 2018

True meditation is done when...

True meditation is done when the consciousness operates on the third level of the mental plane. One can know that his consciousness is operating on the third mental level by observing the following signs:

1.a sense of immortality
2. a sense of timelessness
3. a sense of non-existence
4. a deep joy and serenity
5. a realization that nothing will stop progress toward perfection
6. an increasing development of indifference toward factors that slowly lose their power over one who does real meditation: *treason, *failure, *mistakes, *defeat, *betrayal, *malice, *slander.
7. an increasing development of indifference toward: *praise, *fame, *reputation, *success, *victory, *position, *possessions.
8. a sensitivity to feel divinity in everything, everywhere
9. abstract idealism and practical thinking and action
10. increasing creativity
11. increasing urge to serve
12. increasing urge to cooperate with the creative forces of the Universe
13. increasing energy and courage in the physical, emotional, and mental realms
14. clear observation
15. increasing awareness of the Higher Worlds

These fifteen signs are indications that the consciousness of the person is operating on the third level of the higher mind.

As the consciousness advances in the mental plane, meditation turns into contemplation and eventually into illumination. As the consciousness climbs up and expands on the mental plane, a person begins to realize the existence of higher communications. His communication with his Inner Guide increases. Then he registers communication with living Great Ones Who were watching his progress on the Path. He then eventually comes into contact with his Teacher.

Many who think they are doing meditation are wandering through the corridors of the lower mind, playing with imported or self-made thoughtforms, or with past memories collected in their mental body.

Meditation is a breakthrough from all those psychological limitations which our memory weaves with the thread of our past failures. Once a breakthrough is made, the creative powers of a person increase with energy and vision.

True meditation continually raises a person from the limiting factors of his life toward freedom.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Meditation vol.1