Wednesday, February 28, 2018

If you do things intellectually only, you destroy yourself.

You do things intellectually but without love. If you do things intellectually only, you destroy yourself. That is why our civilization is destroying itself. Scientists created the atomic bomb, atomic radiation, atomic leakage. They created. They wanted to destroy enemies, intellectually. Now our lands, lakes, and oceans are all polluted because there was no love in it, and there was no willpower in it. They created through the intellect.

It is very serious and very, very clear, but who is seeing it? They are not seeing it. A scientist is sitting there and thinking, "What can I make so that eventually in one moment I can destroy a city, I can destroy civilization, I can destroy nations?" It is pure intellect. Pure intellect destroys itself. You must mix with intellect some mixture of love.

If you use only your intellectual energies, you always create physical sickness. If you use only your love energies, you create emotional sickness. If you use your will energies alone, you create brain sickness, nervous sickness. Most of your sicknesses are the result of disproportional use of these three energies.

It is like chemistry. You have three chemicals. If you use them individually, one burns, one extinguishes, one destroys, but the three together enhance your health.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What is a saint?

It is very important that each of us eventually becomes a saint, because sainthood is the station on the road that leads us to perfection; it is a station that we cannot bypass.

Now what is a saint? A saint is a man or a woman who has taken the Third Initiation. He or she is purified physically, emotionally, and mentally -- a spotless human being. Of course it is not easy to be spotless. You will be spotless mentally, emotionally, physically, with your expressions, with your words and actions, and reactions. You will be a man who is totally in balance under the principles and laws of the Universe.

The purity of physical, emotional, and mental bodies of saints brings into their system a tremendous amount of power. If you have been in the presence of a saint you can feel it. He is charged with psychic energy. He has power.

Sainthood makes you so beautiful. Some kind of beauty and charm comes in your face, in your body.

In each of us, in our heart, there is something that aspires in rare moments and says, "I wish I was so pure." All our endeavors, all our striving eventually must turn into striving toward holiness. It is not easy. The path of holiness is struggle, fight, sleepless nights, failures, and battles in your conscience, battles with yourself.

You cannot be a saint until you clean your karma. You are going to pay; you cannot be president until your taxes are paid. So do not increase your karma.

A saint is one who is always in contact with the Other Worlds, he lives in many worlds, not just two worlds. His sphere of contact is not limited to his personal life; it is beyond that.

A saint is one who has given himself to an exceptional service for humanity. You cannot be a saint sitting in your home and hallucinating that you are a great initiator; impossible.

When we are talking about saints we are not talking about pictures hanging on the walls of churches. They can also be saints. We are talking about men and women who are fighting in the battle of life, everyday life, in their family, in their community, in their nation, in the international fields, everywhere.

There is a great mistake in holy literature that a saint is a religious person. It is not so. Religious people have monopolized sainthood. Who said this is so? There are saints in politics, in education, in philosophy, communication, in science, in arts, in religion, too, and in economy. You cannot progress only through religion. You need seven fields, and in the seven fields saints exist.

A saint is one who has no personal will but acts by the will of the spirit. Whatever the Soul tells him, he does it. Not to have will does not mean you do not have direction and personality, but you always do the will of that Almighty Something; you exist for Him. That is very heavy.

So actually the development of sainthood within you is the decrease of the will of your ego, which is totally contradictory to what we learn in our schools and modern society. That is why modern society hates sainthood. Sainthood? Then how could we do all the things that we do to have fun?

A saint is a man or a woman who is totally harmless -- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually harmless.

Sainthood is not the result of opening our centers. It is not anything that you can "buy" by gymnastics, yoga, breathing exercises, this or that trash. Centers do not open safely unless they are balanced with a holy life, an expanded consciousness that can handle the energy that will flow from the centers. Actually, opened centers are the result of sainthood. When you are a saint you bloom. Everything blooms. That is why you know, you have energy, you have power, you can heal, you can transform because you are a purified personality.

A saint is one whose heart is totally filled with compassion. I will tell you a little story that happened. One of our monks was very, very pure. This man went and brought some grains from two, three miles away. When we opened the grains, he found big, big ants in the bag. He said, "Oh beautiful, I brought you two miles away from your home." I said he's crazy and I was just ready to step on them. He said, "Torkom, put them back in that bag." I said "All right." He took the bag two miles back and freed them and he brought the grain back and he said, "Now I feel good." So for six months I said he is nut, nothing else. I made jokes about him and made his life so burdensome. 

One day he came and said, "You know, ants are life just as you are. What about if somebody takes you two miles away and leaves you there?"

One day I saw him sitting and crying. I said, "What is the matter?" He said, "Look what you did. To pick one apple you cut the whole branch." He was crying for what I did. Then I suddenly realized that this man is five thousand years ahead of me. I saw how backward I was sometimes.

Q: Does sainthood carry on in us from one life to another?

A: If he has duties to do, he comes back since he did not finish. He is a Third Degree initiate and he must finish the Fourth Degree, Fifth Degree and then the Sixth Degree. In the Sixth Degree he decides if he is going to come back or not. That is his business. But in the Third Degree he is going to come back because a Third Degree Initiate has finished his personal karma but did not finish his national karma and human karma and global karma. He is going to pay for you. A saint is one who writes checks to pay your debts.

Their life is a sacrifice. Saints are sacrificial people because when the will is not yours but God's, your life is a sacrifice. Actually, sacrifice means total dedication to an exceptional service.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Great Ones

Monday, February 19, 2018

How does the ego affect self-esteem?

Q: How does the ego affect self-esteem?

A: Self-esteem is a word that is wrongly translated. I have read maybe twelve books written by psychologists and psychiatrists who talk about self-esteem. But what are they talking about? They are talking about the self-esteem of the ego.

Self-esteem is very difficult. You must have the Self to esteem it. You do not have Self. You are ego yet. You are the ego devastated in the hands of maya, glamors, illusions; devastated in the live events, relationships. You do not know what you are doing.

Actually, ego is very automatic, mechanical. Ego is always mechanical and automatic, and I do not respect a man who is automatic and mechanical. He does good things; he does bad things. He is mixed up. His judgment, his evaluations have no standards, and so on. How can you esteem that?

We forcefully make that criminal to esteem himself. What are we doing? Eventually he is esteeming his glamors, his dreams, his wishes, his goals, which are not standard, pure goals. In this way we lead him on a false path to esteem his ego instead of esteeming his Self.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Sunday, February 18, 2018

How ego is developed

Egos develop when you are praised, when you are bribed, when you are flattered. That ego develops on the physical level, emotional level, and mental level. At the physical level it mostly develops when you help somebody too much. He develops the ego because he thinks he is something, and that is why you are helping him. Your help must be very intellectual, very wise about the one you are helping. Most of the problems of humanity are caused by the wrong help in the wrong place at the wrong time. "Ah, I am something." He becomes an ant on the forehead of the elephant.

One day an elephant was entering with a victorious king into a city. A fly on the elephant's nose said, "Look, everyone is applauding me." Sometimes we are that fly. We think that people are applauding us. They are not applauding us sometimes. They are applauding for the king, but the fly says, "It is for me."

If you are flattered, if you are not told your mistakes, you develop an ego straight away. The Teacher takes you and tells you that you are like this and that. If the person is hurt, ti means the Teacher is cracking the glamor, the illusions, the maya, the Threshold. That is the role that sometimes the Teacher plays to crack these things.

If you talk about his illusions and glamors and foolishness and vanity and ego, he will react, not on the outside sometimes, but his inner mechanism starts to work. "Son of a gun... I did these things for him and he still does not like me." The inner tape recorder runs day and night to justify himself, or herself, that he is a very nice man, or woman, and the Teacher is wrong. If this reaction is there, there is no hope for now. Sometimes Teachers, to test your ego, even say something is wrong that is right and you react. It is the reaction that is important.

Ego develops with praise and with accepting a  person as is. For eχample we generally accept our friends as the are, but this is a very bad state of consciousness. One day I saw a lady who had a very nice friend who was late for dinner. She said to her, "You must come here at the right time, not two hours later." I liked it because she fixed her. She did not say, "Come any time you want. We eat our dinner and you come two hours later to satisfy your own glamor." Have straight words with your friends, or sometimes keep a long time of silence until you know that you are really right. This helps the person destroy his ego.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Self-Actualization & Self-Mastery

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

One must become aware of his vanity

At the beginning of self-actualization, one must become aware of his vanity. Unless vanity is recognized, a person will never be able to find the path. Vanity creates mirages, and a person's life is lived in vanity, while, in the meantime, he plays the game of the ostrich, hiding his head in the sand while exposing the other end!

-Torkom Saraydarian
Imagination & Visualization