Sunday, June 27, 2010

Every limb of the body must be put to proper use and sanctified

The human body is a sacred instrument given by God and it has to be sanctified by contemplating on God at least one or two times a day.

What kind of activities are to be undertaken so that man may derive happiness and joy? The most appropriate answer to this question would be that He should be engaged in constant contemplation of God. The eyes must always see good things. The ears must be engaged in hearing good things. The tongue must be made to speak always sweet and noble words. It should chant the divine name. Thus, every limb of the body must be put to proper use and sanctified.

- Sai Baba

Do not attack the object of worship of others

Those who dishonor an image of worship, an image of joy and adoration, or an object of devotion and high respect are criminals, no matter in what field that object is found: political, educational, philosophical, artistic, scientific, religious, or financial.

Let people worship anything they want, but try to draw their attention to the innermost meanings of their object or religion and you will have an opportunity to make the object of their worship an object of transformation.

Thus, do not attack the object of worship of others, but try to find something beneficial in it and draw their attention to that point of beauty. Every object of worship can be turned into a source of energy that can transform the nature of its worshippers.


The ancients used to say:
"Do not belittle a father in front of his son, or a husband in front of his wife."
"Do not attack images of worship."

Such attacks destroy the people's vision and faith, and those from whom a great image is taken become criminals.

Of course in any field one can find failures. Instead of telling the story of their failures, instead of broadcasting into the public consciousness the failure images of our leaders, let the authorities deal with them.

People think that all truth must be the public's property. Many people use this argument to make their lies, fabrications, and falsehoods public property.

People especially must not tolerate attacks on the images of their religious worship because such images are commingled with their heart and life, and without such images they cannot create energy or sustain their integrity.

A great political example of this was Russia. During the 1917 revolution, there was widespread destruction of churches, mosques, and temples. Widespread murder was committed against religious leaders. They were publicly disgraced. And now we have seen how the people have slowly disintegrated and fallen into corruption, bribery, hatred, cleavages, and so on.

Seventy years of Communism was not able to create friendship, brotherhood, respect, or cooperation between various races and nations, and at the first opportunity for freedom the dirt came out.

Respect the images of worship of people, and you will be able to create the harmony of cooperation among those whose images of worship are highly respected and recognized.

Every hero, every public image, can be used as an opportunity to create public festivities and to produce energy. The purpose is to create a unified field of energy.

It is important that people feel excitement, love, devotion, and gratitude because these feelings create energy. If a group is full of such feelings, that group is in a field of energy which purifies, heals, and changes every member in the group.

Many people in the group feel that something changes in them when they are in special meetings. They feel physically rested and harmonious. Many of their physical complaints even disappear; they feel healed. Eventually they feel harmony and joy. They feel mutually inspired and uplifted, their horizon expands spiritually, and their whole being is charged with a new ecstasy. These are the results of the energy created by the unification and harmony of group feelings. That is why in certain phases of our life - such as birthdays, baptism, marriage, graduation, and various happy events - we feel totally uplifted. The accumulated feelings of joy, gratitude, appreciation, love, and respect are doing their work.

Group festivals or festivities of inaugurations and other public celebrations create massive energy which may transform a nation and clear many ugly accumulations from the aura of that nation.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Mystery of Self-Image

Each mistake is an open door...

How do dark entities set about harming humans? They urge them to make mistakes, for each mistake is an open door giving the entities the right to go in and torment them. If people resist, if they don't make mistakes, the entities are powerless. This is why the devil - we'll say 'the devil' for simplicity's sake - only has the powers you give him. If you don't want to deal with him, don't let him in. He will not force you, he just makes suggestions - this is why he's called the 'tempter' - and you are the one who says 'yes'.

Most people imagine their disquiet, their distress and their anxieties have come suddenly, just like that, all at once. No, they prepared for them, they opened the door to them, they invited them in. How? By means of their desires, thoughts and lower feelings, by means of certain weaknesses and certain transgressions. At that very moment, the devil found the door open, came in and began his campaign of destruction.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Saturday, June 19, 2010

As you increase your response to the greater light, you become more of a "troublemaker"

Q: What do we have to do to help bring changes in the planet and nations? Is there a formula for what changes will be possible in response to the light?

A: Of course. As you increase your response to the greater light, you become more of a "troublemaker." That is why most of the great leaders were revolutionaries. The emancipation of slaves that Lincoln introduced was revolutionary, for instance. Why? Because that man responded to the light of freedom in a greater degree than you and I. He brought upheaval and conflicts when the light, peace, and understanding - strong things - changed him. Now we are saying, "Peace, peace." If we stand on it, we will have it. But if we say, "Peace," and take LSD, we will not have it. So when you stand in the light you pay the price for standing in the light. That is difficult. ...

Can you pay this price for standing in the light? It is not easy. When you have a greater response to the light, you are a greater troublemaker. And when you are a greater troublemaker, you have more resistance and must be ready for greater suffering. If you are ready, you are one of the followers of Christ or followers of a great Master or of a Plan that you can follow.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Avatars, Revelations of God, p.177,178

Cleansing during sleep

From the moment we slip into sleep, our soul moves away from our physical body and goes to join the universal soul. During the body's rest, an entire work of cleansing and purification takes place. On its return, the soul finds the house cleaned and washed, and it can take up its work again. If the soul did not leave the body in this way, we would die from poisoning and asphyxiation, because the work of cleansing could not be done.

You will say, 'But why do we have these toxins and poisons?' Because life is a combustion. All the physical, emotional and mental activities we know as 'life' produce a release of forces, but they also leave behind rubbish which takes a while to be eliminated. So it is necessary for the soul to withdraw from the body so the cleansing can take place. This is how nature has resolved the problem of life.

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov