Wednesday, January 09, 2019

When people mix...

Our aura not only conditions the health of our threefold personality but also the chemistry of the people with whom we are related and the chemistry of the objects we use.

Shaking hands is an exchange of chemistry and the creation of a new compound. During an intimate relationship the two auras produce a new chemism within each person with positive or negative results. Some relationships, either very high or very low, burn out the fuses of your centers because of their chemistry.

People create chaos in their aura by mixing their aura with many men or many women, especially if the partners are not really healthy or do not have beneficial chemistry.

When people mix with a complicated, contradictory chemistry, it takes a long time to clean the mess and free the human soul from his entanglements. In olden traditions, kissing was very rare because of the chemistry the kiss produced. All our chemistry may change with one hug or with one kiss or handshake.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.1

Sunday, January 06, 2019

When you admire people, you direct them to the right path of living

When you admire people, you direct them to the right path of living, without the need for criticism.

Criticism fixes the attention of the person on the image that you are presenting through your criticism. Naturally, he hates you and tries to ignore the image presented by you. As much as he tries to ignore the image, he fixes even more attention on it to such a degree that eventually the image becomes absorbed by him. Thus, you may build other people according to what you think about them.

Admiration lets the person see his nature and his weaknesses from a level on which there is no identification with his weaknesses. Once a person sees his weaknesses, he tries to improve them without creating in himself a spirit of negativity and rejection. He feels secure and safe in the hands of admiration.

Admiration is contact between souls. Admiration is like watering a flower. Admiration is like opening a window to fresh air and sunshine.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Lack of vitamins and chemicals

Lack of vitamins in your body is the result of increasing the destructive chemistry within your system. Certain chemicals eat precious chemical elements of your physical body, emotional body, and mental body and lead your bodies into depression.

Of course, through certain injections or pills or vitamins these elements can be restored in your system. But if the cause is not eliminated, the depletion becomes chronic and permanent. If the cause of depletion is not eliminated within a certain period of time and the vitamins are injected or dumped into your system, they turn into devitalizing and even poisoning factors.

The most important thing is to find why certain chemicals are disappearing from your brain, your body, even from your emotional and mental bodies. Usually when chemicals disappear from your mental  and emotional bodies, corresponding chemicals also disappear from your brain, nervous system, blood, and glands.

Certain ways of thinking, irritation, fear, vanity, ego, greed, and separatism sap precious chemicals from your system. If your chemistry is balanced, it takes time to hurt yourself. If your chemistry is poor, either you suffer or you sap the chemistry of those who are near you.

Physical and emotional and mental chemism must be balanced to have a really healthy person. Often one of these bodies supplies chemistry to the others or drains chemistry from them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.1

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Nothing can proceed without polarity

The Law of Attraction works better on a couple when they follow the line of their Origins -- feminine and masculine. The man must behave as a masculine polarity, and the woman must behave in her feminine polarity. If they live both as masculine or both as feminine, the Law of Attraction does not work in them. They gradually refuse each other, unless they demonstrate polarity in their higher bodies.

At the present some men tend to live as feminine beings, and some women as masculine beings. These lead to psychological complications with resultant problems. If you are a man, be a man. If you are a woman, be a woman. Both roles are precious and complimentary to each other. Any inferiority or superiority complex appears wen men and women are not in their original nature.

Women search in men for their future image. This image is formed by the fusion of both, with both polarities. The masculine polarity evokes the potentials inherent in the feminine polarity. Without the fusion of both there cannot be an image toward which the woman aspires. That is how the Law of Attraction functions.

Nothing can proceed without polarity. It is possible that your polarity functions with a polarity that is invisible or exists on higher planes. No matter what it is, you have polarity.

All relationships in the Universe are based on polarity. Relationships are chemical, intellectual, conscious, and super conscious. Those who constantly relate with each other can use the Law of Attraction as a ladder leading to heaven.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.2

Friday, December 28, 2018

Economy is related to the Light of Intelligence

Economy is related to the Light of Intelligence. Unless one is extremely intelligent he cannot understand the importance of the Law of Economy, or use it in his daily life.

Economy does not mean stinginess. Stinginess means to use the resources of the world only for your own pleasures. Economy means to use the resources of the world purposefully, goal-fittingly, and in right dosage.

Unfortunately, humanity began to follow a philosophy of waste. Vanity and ego and the pursuit of pleasures are the cause of waste. Our advertisement system encourages us every day to waste our money and time. We buy things we do not really need. We buy things to manipulate or exploit others.

Once a wise man told me that the population explosion is the result of waste.

The Law of Economy can be used by those who have discrimination or discernment.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.2

Monday, December 24, 2018

Preparation for Christmas Β'

Then go to the mental plane. Check your ego. Do you think that you are something, somebody, that you must control other people and give orders to them or show-off yourself, at your home, in your group, in your church, in your nation? Are you really vain? Do you have an ego that wants everything according to what you want? Do you consider the rights of other people? Check your vanity and ego, which are very big obstacles on the path of your transformation. The preparation for Christmas is this. You are going to prepare yourself to change and remove the obstacles on the path -- vanity and ego.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1

Preparation for Christmas

What are you going to think about and meditate on? First, have wholesale forgiveness. As long as there are grudges in your emotional body, tension, memories in your emotional body that are tense and attached, you cannot release yourself to raise yourself up to the higher levels of consciousness. The first thing is wholesale forgiveness. "She did, he did, they did, they did not..." Forgive them.

In heartfelt forgiveness you will see that your heart palpitation is different. You are calmer and more beautiful, and your blood circulation is very good. In any unforgiving action, thought, or expression you pt a tremendous tension in your blood stream and the circulation is retarded. But if you forgive, you will see that you are releasing these materials.

Why is that? Scientifically every state of consciousness corresponds to a chemical substance, and the state of consciousness directly influences your blood. This has not yet come to the scientific observers, but they are very close to finding it. Every state of consciousness corresponds or creates of manufactures a kind of element, a chemical substance that directly goes into your blood. This chemical substance is created from your etheric body, emotional body, and mental body. They take this substance and make it negative, change the ions and atoms and dump it into your physical body through your veins and blood. That is what creates malfunction in our bodies. The first source is etheric, not physical. People try to heal the body with chemistry and different things. It is impossible. The healing comes from above, and that is so very important to know.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Vivisection is condemned by the Teaching

Vivisection is condemned by the Teaching because it is absolutely cruel and because it contaminates the Subtle World.

When an animal is in pain and suffering, he is already functioning on the astral plane, and all his pain and agony spread over the astral world.

When an animal is under vivisection, he emanates some sort of poison which is attractive to every kind of subtle germ. This poison is released in this world and in the astral world, contaminating both.

An animal cannot understand why he is used in cruelty, why he is cut, injected, operated on. The fear and rejection that he expresses toward the cause of suffering create psychic poison.

Those doctors who are busy with vivisection will have a terrible time in the Subtle World, no matter what motives they had in their mind. In the Subtle World, the end does not justify the means. Those who caused suffering to animals will pay a high price for their cruelty in both worlds.

Because animals are weaker than human beings, their rights must be protected more intensely than the rights of human beings. For example, we protect the rights of children more than the rights of adults.

When animals are treated in the right way, they emanate certain vibrations which increase our joy and open our hearts. A good friendship begins to be established between the man and the animal, which grows into Infinity. We must remember that animals are our little brothers, and we have the responsibility to take care of them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It is imperative that people converse with their children about the Subtle Worlds

Those who incarnate have many beautiful memories from the higher levels of the Subtle World, even from the Fiery World. We are told that until the age of seven these memories wander in the corridors of the consciousness, and if not nourished from the environment they disappear, though their echos remain in our hearts.

This is why it is imperative that people converse with their children about the Subtle Worlds. They must help the child keep these memories in his consciousness as long as possible because it is his memories which guide him toward eternal values. Once these memories are kept alive, the child climbs higher and higher, despite many obstacles.

Many children pass through spheres of temptations victoriously. When they think about how they were protected, tears come to their eyes. Because their auras were imbued with fire, they find the way through the jungles of human traps and temptations, through the attacks and assaults of dark forces. It is also seen that the auras of these children change the negative hearts of people and make them positive, loving, and compassionate.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Mankind must realize that he cannot throw his trash in his backyard

Mankind must eventually realize that he cannot throw his trash in his backyard. He must realize that his backyard is not just a small section of land attached to his house. Now is the time to realize that we are producing emotional and mental trash which is littering space -- our real backyard. We "live, move, and have our being" in space. Once this is realized, we will no longer pollute our external environment, air, and water, nor will we pollute our inner space with wrong thinking, wrong words, wrong emotions, and wrong actions.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.2

Sunday, December 02, 2018

The purity of knowledge can be determined by certain characteristics

The purity of knowledge given can be determined by certain characteristics:

  • It brings health and happiness to all.
  • It does not violate natural order.
  • It leads people into unity.
  • It creates an orientation in people toward perfection.
  • It reveals the laws of Nature and teaches how to follow those laws.

These are five characteristics by which one can determine whether knowledge being given is "heavenly" or "earthly".

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.2, p.110

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Avoid pity

Avoid pity. Pity is identification with the weaknesses of people. Do not pity people. Make them stand on their own feet and pave their own way. Pity makes you absorb the weaknesses of the people. Through your own pity for them, they can contaminate you with their failures. Use your love not in pity but in making them help themselves. Even let them suffer in order to learn their hard lessons. Do not make them depend on you. It is observed that through pity one can transfer the sickness of other people into his own system.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The real healing process needs years of purification

Most people are of the opinion that a healing process is a matter of a day, a week, or at the most  month. The real healing process is not related to such short time periods. It needs years of purification of consciousness and clearance. It may take lives to get rid of physical, emotional, and mental sicknesses. As a matter of fact, physical sicknesses that originate in the physical plane last for a shorter time than sicknesses originating in the astral and mental planes.

Purification of consciousness and the clearance of karma sometimes take ages. We die and reincarnate with the same seeds of illnesses. Some of them lie latent; others may become active. We need continuous efforts to purify our consciousness and to pay our karma patiently until the transformation and transfiguration processes take place within our constitution.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Another cause of sickness is malice

Another cause of sickness is malice. Malice attracts dark forces and opens the gates for them to attack various organs. Malice breaks the shield of the aura and creates ulcers in the etheric, astral, and mental substance. This attracts various forces and leads them to the physical body. Many obsessions take place through such cracks.

Malice also produces a poisonous gas which suffocates the living atoms of the aura and spreads out to harm the target of the attacker.

Malice creates organic and psychosomatic disorders, weakens the whole organism, and makes it prey to destructive forces.

The effects of malice can be eliminated by expressing goodwill and benevolent thoughts, which cure the body and establish harmony and equilibrium.

Malice is a very sneaky actor. It hides in the most unimaginable forms of expression and in the most beautiful garments. Malice opens the gates for infectious diseases.

People are of the opinion that microbes and germs exist only on the physical plane. In reality, there are emotional and mental germs and microbes, but the activities of the emotional and mental germs spread as if blown by the wind. Malicious people spread these germs and microbes, broadcasting them all over the globe.

Malice must be eliminated from our lives as the most poisonous element because the consequences of malice require many incarnations to be cured.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Monday, November 12, 2018

Some people complain that spiritual life has brought them "misfortune"

People who dedicate themselves to a life of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth complain that such a life has brought them "misfortune" and burdened their lives heavily with sorrow and suffering. Such a complaint may have a foundation, but the structure built upon it does not have true architecture.

When one increases his speed, he creates greater friction. When one increases his light, he sees the detail, causes, and effects of events and objects. When one increases his knowledge and wisdom, he sees the greater needs of people and greater fields of service.

When a man increases his strength, he evokes stronger opposition. When a man increases the wealth of his virtues, karma demands larger and quicker payments.

When he increases the light of his Intuition, he sees exactly the boundaries and demands of battle, and he feels the urge to involve himself in the battle against dark forces.

This is how greater light, greater love, and greater power open greater fields of responsibility for the one who is striving toward perfection and service.

It is true that the opposing forces mobilize their agents against the traveler on the Path, but the spotlight of the Hierarchy gradually builds a shield around the traveler and follows his steps.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

When people are trying to heal the body without eliminating the roots of the disease...

When people are trying to heal the body without eliminating the roots of the disease in the astral and mental bodies, they are making the roots stronger and more malignant. When such a man takes another incarnation, these roots violently come out and express themselves in the form of various kinds of disease. In the past, people did not have the ways and means to block the expression of sickness, as we do today, and the sickness would exhaust itself totally. Today, people can use artificial ways and means to keep a body alive even after the soul has already departed.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Saturday, November 03, 2018

The greatest esoteric sense is the sense of timing

If your clock does not work harmoniously, you do not have the right time; your sense of time is wrong. For most people the sense of timing does not exist. The greatest esoteric sense is the sense of timing.

The sense of timing is the result of being harmonious within yourself and with the Universe. When you do not have the sense of timing, you do everything wrong and you often fail.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Imagination & Visualization

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Those who are in contact with their Souls never talk about it

Those who are in contact with their Souls never talk about it. Those who are in contact with doubtful entities always talk about them. ... Showing off is one of the greatest signs of contamination. Being prophets and cheating people are not signs of those who have true contact with higher sources.

-Τορκόμ Σαραϊνταριάν

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Learning does not help people to avoid being sheep

Most of the people who have graduated from universities are walking encyclopedias, but few can think creatively. No matter how learned they are, such people are used by our advertising system, by propaganda, or by zealots or demagogues presenting a religious, economic or political doctrines. Their learning does not help them to avoid being sheep. They follow the footsteps of those who can influence and impress them.

If students of the modern world cannot stand above their minds, they become the slaves of their knowledge, information, and opinions, which crystallize and perpetuate slavery.

We must be educated in how to stand above our information, knowledge, and opinions in our mental storage. This seems quite impossible for us, but through special effort, a person can stand detached from his knowledge, information, and opinions and look at them as objects which can be used, changed, or thrown away.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Monday, October 22, 2018

Hatred and slander create a vacuum in your aura into which...

Hatred and slander create a vacuum in your aura into which are drawn those elements that you abhor in others. Love, joy, and beauty build a radioactive shield around you. Although you see many faults in others, you do not draw them to you. On the contrary, you cause transformation in them because of your love, joy, and beauty. Watch a hateful person, and you will see how slowly he sinks under the resemblance of his enemies.

When you criticize, hate, or slander, you create bad, ugly pictures about others. You force them to change toward the picture you make. Such a procedure uses your centers in reverse and creates poison in them. It also pollutes your aura and wipes out your psychic energy.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Imagination & Visualization