Saturday, September 15, 2012

The reappearance of Christ

The reappearance [of Christ] has various aspects that we must bring into our consciousness. The reappearance is an organized, orchestrated movement for Christ to come and demonstrate to the earth that for two thousand years man has not awakened and has gone in wrong directions. The reappearance will be a new impact to show humanity that the Hierarchy exists, that Christ exists, that Masters exist, that higher levels of beingness exist, that Higher Worlds exist.

The reappearance is not like Christianity says. Their attitude toward the reappearance is very vulnerable. They think when Christ reappears, all problems of the world will be solved. He could not solve even the fishermen's problems when He came. He is not going to solve problems. He is trying to make you solve problems because of His Presence, by impressing a new vision on you.

There is no imposition by Him to make you change. He challenges us with beauty and higher knowledge.

It is not the Christ that brings peace; it is your recognition of Christ that makes peace possible.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.3

Monday, September 03, 2012

The advantage of early marriage

Q: What is the advantage of early marriage?

A: Early marriage is good because it saves your energies, saves you from pollution, you do not get sicknesses from other sources. A man who marries at the age of thirty-five or forty has gone, at least in the Western world, with one hundred women. This is a little exaggeration but no too much. If he takes one virus from each one, God save him. It is similar with the girls. It is good to love, but what about the viruses that are waiting there to get you? If you take viruses and suddenly they come out at the most important point in your career or the most important moment of your life, you are really defeated by your former acts. A married person learns responsibility, carries his duties better, and raises children and cares for them. It is a blessing to have a family that starts from youth, but I am not saying that if you do not find it, rush into any marriage. No. Sometimes you marry when you are eighty-five.

Early marriage is very good, especially for boys. Do not delay if you can. Find a wonderful girl and marry. And I will tell you another thing. Do not be afraid of problems. It is good that you have problems at home because if you have a good mind, every problem becomes a source of wisdom.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership. vol.4