Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thinking in the Subtle World

After one leaves his body, he realizes that all that he had is taken away from him. Such an awareness often makes him feel that he is left totally unprotected, like a leaf that has fallen in the currents of the air.

When this feeling passes, he realizes that the Law of Karma is a firm foundation on which he can rest.

Following this realization, he can see that his aspirations and interests give him certain directions. He eventually realizes that it is his thoughts that he can depend on. In the Subtle World, man communicates with thought. Man receives and gives through thought. Man protects himself and fights with his thoughts. Man finds his way toward Higher Worlds through his thoughts.

Those who develop pure thinking and creative thinking will have greater facility in the Subtle World. Almost anything done in the Subtle World is done by the power of thought. For example, things are created, moved, put in motion, and destroyed by the power of thought. Integration, alignment, and synthesis are achieved by thought. Sublimation and transmutation are achieved by thought. All communication within the Subtle World and other worlds is carried on through thought. Those who do not have the ability to think will toss in the dark sea of the subtle planes like a little boat on the stormy oceans.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Other Worlds

Friday, December 07, 2012


Jealousy is a poisonous snake which abides in the hearts of those who have darkness within themselves. When we are jealous, we serve our jealousy and turn into its slave. Jealousy first manifests when a person hates the following in others:

- Beauty
- Abilities
- Success
- Talents
- Health
- Perseverance
- Energy
- Dynamism
- Solemnity
- Wealth
- Possessions

The second phase of jealousy manifests when the person attacks in others those qualities or attributes that he does not have or are better than what he has. He slanders the person, ridicules him, laughs at him, deforms and changes the expressions of the person, or implies wrong motives behind all his efforts and actions.

The third phase of of jealousy is when the jealous person hates himself and falls into depression. He respects no value and thinks that he does not exist.

Man blooms only by appreciating others, by being grateful for their talents and their beauty, and by helping them unfold and flourish more. When, because of jealousy, a person rejects the recognition of the value of others, their beauty and talents, he creates a blockage between his Soul and his personality. The Soul stops providing inspiration to the person. It is a deeply psychological fact that jealous people eventually become ugly, parched lands because their Soul does not precipitate the rain of talents upon them.

Jealousy damages the red blood cells, liver, and pancreas. The greatest damage a jealous person does to himself is when, in the heat of jealousy, he petrifies his pineal gland. Medicine will one day discover that jealousy is the cause of many complicated diseases.

Jealousy disturbs our relationships with people. It creates tension, fighting, animosity, and separation. Jealousy eventually leads to suicide. It creates a grey mist in the aura and poison in the bloodstream. Most of the crimes committed in the world are caused by jealousy.

Jealousy can be overcome only through the exercise of identification with the one of whom you are jealous. Be him, be her, and see yourself

  • In his beauty
  • In his talent
  • In his position
  • In his glory
  • In his success
  • In his prosperity

Through identification with the other person, you draw those same elements to yourself of which you were initially jealous.

Pray and bless those who are

- More beautiful than you are
- More successful than you are
- Happier than you are
- More prosperous than you are
- More talented than you are

The Law says to recognize greatness in others and rejoice in it if you want to find the path to greatness.

Every jealous person carries within himself the seeds of worthlessness - and worthlessness is the cause of moral and physical suicide.

Beware of people who develop ego, vanity, and a sense of superiority. The presence of these three poisons indicates that the Chalice is cracked and is emptying. Sooner or later, the person will be aware of his worthlessness. Jealousy manifests as ego, vanity, and a sense of superiority as the treasures in the person slowly evaporate.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership Vol.3