Monday, December 30, 2013

That one is God...

The one that fails to make an effort to inspire within Him the fragrance of purity, is the human that will live his life with the uncontrolled passions and the shaky imbalance of a stray, wild animal. The one that has admitted to his faults and makes a sincere effort to wipe the stains of impurity, will bring in his life the role model of a God that will lead him, uplift him and will inspire him to aspire for the goodness, the perfection, and the stability of his chosen ideal. The one whose nature is truth, whose character reflects purity, whose principles will shake to no threat, whose virtues and morals are unblemished, whose reaction is only of selfless compassion, whose defeat to any worldly temptation is inconceivable and impossible, whose service is unrepayable, whose value can never be finite, and who can never be sold nor bought, who gives to find even more of the treasure of love, such a human, exists in the bliss and contentment of Godhood. Yes! That one is God that requires no effort to please for he is pleasing himself. That one is God, who requires no proof, for he is the trust in all. That one is God, who requires no offering, for he has all to offer and all to give. That one is God, that drinks all tears, for he is the one that smiles only to absorb the pain of all. That one is God, that will punish himself to correct the wrong of another. That one is God, My dears, who accepts willingly the worries of another and keeps his, a secret. That one is God that will provide for another, only to sacrifice his very own need. That one is God, who worries for the one that accuses and blames him of falsehood. That one is God, whose nature requires no effort to reflect the purity and simpleness of truth. Yes! That one has ended his life as a human and become Me.

You, My dears, are born to exist in this bliss, you are born to shed each impression made by the mind in this birth and in previous births, you are born to tackle with the hunger of your desires, you are born to reach inward, and derive from within, the strength of nobleness that exists in the true self. Kill, O child, the perceptions of your imaginary God that dwells in another world, far beyond your reach. Threaten, O brave one, each fear with your existing knowledge of the truth and fight the war of your impatience. Melt your desire for gold into the ornament of fulfillment and contentment. Tease the enticements of delusion with your strength of rejection. Accept the blame of ignorance with the maturity of the wise and sincere spiritual aspirant. Suffocate the senses with the ropes of self discipline and control. Subdue the voice of the ego and awaken the voice of the conscience. Exert, My dears, every atom of strength to rebel against the power of your own inner evil. Say "No" now, and today, will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow, My child, will be perfect! Know that the efforts in you are mine - the gain is only yours. Know that the pain of sacrifice that you will endure are My tears - the benefit of sacrifice will be only yours. Know that the faith that faces the trials of love, is Me - the reward of receiving boundless love is only yours!

-Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Living in the Presence of God (Vol I/Pt II - 30)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is there right and wrong?

The first Light that Christ taught is discrimination, discernment.

What is right and what is wrong? There was a very strong philosophy in the ‘60s especially, and that philosophy was saying to us in the newspapers and on the radio, “There is no right and wrong. Everything is right. No matter what you do, it is right. If you want to do it, it is right.” That was wrong. For me it was wrong.

A boy came to my class. After the class, we used to give ten or fifteen minutes recess. He came to me and said, “Torkom, there is one thing wrong with you.” I said, “What is wrong with me?” He said, “There is no right and wrong. Everything is right.” “Then,” I said, “I am not wrong.” “Gosh,” he said. “But I will tell you one thing to teach you a lesson. Now,” I said, “look at this knife.” Then I put the knife in his hand and said, “Cut your artery now.””No,” he said. “Oh, it is right,” I said. “No, it isn't right.” “Well, you know exactly which is right and which is wrong. Then what are you talking about?”

Why did they manipulate or create such a philosophy? They wanted to use it for their own license. “Because there is no right and wrong, I can do anything I want.” It was self-deception. So the Christ Light, the first Light, is discrimination.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1, p.342

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are you a hero?

Are you a hero? What did you do that was heroic? It is an advanced thing. Think about it. Read about heroes, what they are, what they did. Be a hero within yourself, a hero in your family. Your wife will say, “You know, my husband, I just admire him.” Why do you admire him? “He is heroic.” That is what women like. Women do not like potato men, men who bring money and say, “Here, eat it, do it.” Still, the heart of woman is empty. Why? – Because she wants heroes. – Because every man is her child, and she wants her child to become the best. That is the instinct.

So be heroic. Of course, a man wants to see his wife not just sitting around but doing something great. We need heroic woman, heroic man, heroic children. I was in Argentina walking on the street. There were maybe three hundred girls playing rock and roll music in their ears. I said, “The destruction of this nation came.” Rock and roll, do you know what it does? It really loosens the screws of your mind and eventually kills it. How can we make these people understand? “It is fantastic.” Yes, but wait another five years and you will see what is happening. This is what we are talking about. Instead of being an artificial, mechanical somebody, can you, young girl, young man, think about a heroic life so that eventually when you are twenty-one, twenty-five, forty, fifty, seventy, eighty, they will say, “This woman is a masterpiece. She became something,” or she left us some fertilizer, like rotten potatoes, nothing else.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ, vol.1

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advanced disciples

We went to a temple. I said, "My Teacher, who are the advanced students and disciples in this temple?" "You will see them," he said. I said, "How will we recognize them?" He said, "Whoever is out in the early morning with dirty clothes, working in the gardens until midnight, washing and cleaning, they are the most advanced people."

The next day I saw some people sitting and meditating and reading the whole day. They are cabbages. You talk to them, and they are not worth even one cent. You go to the garden. There an eighty-year-old man is growing potatoes and tomatoes. "What do you want my son?" "Can I talk with you one minute?" "Yes." In ten minutes he gives me wisdom. Wow! The other men were artificial, made up. They are just like engineered chairs or tables; they are continuing their life. The other man is laboring. At five o'clock he is thinking, "If I get up at five o'clock and water the potatoes and the tomatoes, it will bring a nice crop and everybody will be happy"; but the others are snoring and they are thinking that they are advanced disciples.

Advanced disciples, advanced human beings are those beings that demonstrate labor without expectation.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Dark forces create the urge for tobacco and drugs

Dark forces create the urge for tobacco and drugs. Smoking tobacco or marijuana dulls the pineal gland and the sensitive cells around it that transmit communications from the Solar Angel. It is a very slow process, but eventually the damage reaches large proportions. Chewing tobacco kills the hemoglobin of the blood and opens the person to the invitation of awful devices.
People do not really realize the damage that has been done to our nation through the spread of hallucinogenic drugs. Between 1960 and 1980 close to an entire generation was destroyed. Drugs remain in the brain for years. It sometimes takes as long as twelve years for a person to finally come to his senses after he has used drugs.
The future lives of drug users will be very horrible if they do not take drastic actions in this life to rid themselves of drugs and their effects as much as possible.
If you have used drugs in the past and you want to purify your body of them, drink lots of cranberry juice, run two or three miles daily, and sit in hot water up to six hours, with intervals of rest. If you analyze the tub of water afterward, you will find particles of the drugs are floating in it. This treatment becomes even more effective if baking soda and salt are added to the water.
If you have used drugs in the past and have been clean for seven or eight years, take a bath once a week in valerian root tea. Add two or three cups of very strong valerian root tea to your hot bath and try and stay in the tub up to twenty minutes. This is especially helpful for those who have suffered nerve damage because of their past drug use.
-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The human soul from the moment of conception is attached to the embryo through the life-thread and slowly penetrates into the body as the embryo grows. At the fourth month, the human soul finally anchors and focuses itself in the pineal body of the embryo. This is why abortion is a crime against the human soul.

We are told that when the embryo is destroyed and its life-thread cut by abortion, the incarnating human soul either tries to obsess the mother and create psychological disturbances in her or wanders in the etheric plane for many years unable to proceed on the path of his evolution. Such souls when incarnated again, have a deep-seated phobia of death which runs, like a thread, throughout their life.

In this modern world a married or single woman can find many excuses for having an abortion, such as the financial situation, or they have too many children already, or a child will interfere with their careers, and so on. But why must the child be the victim? Why are all these points and excuses not considered and taken care of before conception? A child must not suffer death because of the carelessness of his or her mother. And there will always be some couple or some individual who will welcome the child into their home.

Can you imagine if a child has the possibility to take the mother to court for killing him!

-Torkom Saraydarian
Woman, Torch of the Future

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The esoteric definition of the term "future"

Those who really think about the future and about their future achievements literally bring into their sphere of their consciousness the fire of their Spirit. They create a fire in their own soul.
The common meaning of the term “future” is thought of as “tomorrow” or “a few million years later.” In esotericism, however, “future” means “the presence of the Spark in our soul, the One Who is everlasting, the One Who is infinite.” When one contacts this Spark through his effort, striving, vision, thinking, speaking, concentration, labor, or service, he brings that light into formation and plants it in his own sphere of mind and brain. He becomes the future because he has now identified himself with a part of himself that is everlasting.
-Torkom Saraydarian 
Spiritual Regeneration

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jungle psychology

Ten million years ago maybe we lived as animals, maybe half human, half animal. Our "inner mechanism" video taped all that happened to us, especially all what we caused to happen. Imagine what a life we lived in the jungles and in jungle psychology. These video tapes are still in the process of evolution.

Suppose we were a starving wolf in the past and we made all possible efforts to stay alive at the expense of others. This exact image is still within us in a metamorphic form. It is possible that the metamorphic form of the wolf can be our tendency to exploit, to desire, to manipulate people and nations in intense hatred, greed, etc.

We fail to see how our animal images manifest and act sometimes in our childhood, sometimes in our adulthood in various occasions when we imitate animals in our actions, feelings, thoughts, and goals. Until we get rid of such images, we will not act on a purely human level. Humanliness is not yet a realized and factual event. It is still a vision.

- Torkom Saraydarian
The Mystery of Self-Image

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dark Forces waste your time

The dark forces use many other activities which occupy or waste our time. For example, watching television for several hours a day is a common practice. If those hours were accumulated you would have had enough time to study to become a doctor or a teacher. But the dark forces do not want you to do anything worthwhile. They want you to waste your time and energy. It does not take much effort on their part to do this because suddenly you realize that you are fifty years old and have no time to study to become something better. It is finished because they kept you occupied.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dark ones degenerate the images of Great Ones

Dark ones degenerate the images of Great Ones. For example, I once attended a play about Goethe, where Goethe was presented in such a ridiculous and dirty way that no one in the audience would want to read what he wrote. A recent movie about Mozart depicts him as a disfigured, ridiculous, and dirty man, who just happened to write beautiful music. The dark ones used Mozart’s great music as a trap to impress in you an ugly image of his personality. You will never again have the same image of that artist because of the way they destroyed his image. In another film, the Virgin Mary is depicted as an ugly prostitute. It was terrifying to see this sacred symbol of purity so horribly defiled. Another film depicts a saint engaged in homosexual activities. That saint has been worshiped for hundreds of years, and now they are presenting him as a homosexual. Anyone who hates homosexuals will now hate that saint. And the evil one responsible will say, “I did it! I created disrespect for a worshiped image.” As if asleep, people pay millions to view these dramas and films which encourage them to create more and more damage to the human race.
This is a technique that the evil ones use. Who are they? Not a particular nation or tradition is responsible, but people found in all nations and all traditions.
Try being a teacher and you will see how very difficult it is in this day and age to deal with children. It is a very difficult duty. You must be a psychologist to do it. There are lots of disturbances in the psyches of children because of the movies and television shows they watch. Television and films are wonderful instruments for education, however, if they are used properly.
-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The dark forces work through the controversial issue of abortion

The dark forces work through the controversial issue of abortion. Abortion is the result of the activities of the dark forces. Abortion must never be performed unless the mother’s life is in danger. Dark forces are especially against those souls who are spiritually advanced. Evil forces work to prevent advanced people from taking incarnation. They want to send an advanced soul to the Subtle World so that there are fewer soldiers of Light to fight against them on the physical plane of the planet. In the future we must not even think about abortion, but find solutions to avoid it.
Question: What about China’s current efforts to limit population problems with abortion? What about birth control in general?
Answer: Birth control is all right, but the best method is discipline and natural methods. Even so, you are still trying to limit the number of people being born on the planet, which includes advanced people as well as premature incarnations. This planet could hold another two hundred billion people, if we lived correctly. But because we do not live correctly, there is not adequate space or food for them. If we lived according to the doctrines of Christ, Buddha, and Krishna, we would have plenty of life’s necessities. Actually, humanity is currently wasting ninety percent of its natural resources. If we look at the situation scientifically, we waste for the most part; we are involved in greed, competition, jealousy, and the “mine-yours” psychology for the most part. Animals know their sexual purpose more than we do. We are perverted and brainwashed. We look upon sex as a daily necessity, like eating. Once our glamors and illusions are gone, sex will be regulated so that it will be used only in need. We will eventually come to realize that sex is necessary only to bring a child. How can we reach this awareness if our mechanisms are distorted and disturbed? We must accommodate and compensate until we reach the ideal. We do not need it, but we crave it because our movies, newspapers, parents, loneliness, and propaganda urge us toward excessive sexual activity. If we attain a natural, clean consciousness, however, we need much less sex than our current habits. It is a waste. The fluids involved in sex are Cosmic substances which are given to humanity to connect the Intuitional Plane to the human being. When this substance, this precious energy, is wasted, it cannot do the work for which it is intended. The best policy is to use common sense and be as clean and pure as possible.
When I first came to the United States I was surprised to find that twelve and thirteen-year-olds were having sex. A person should not have sex before age eighteen, and then it must be in marriage.
There is some tolerance that we can allow to a certain degree, but not too much. We not only tolerate following our own sexual urges and drives, but also we encourage others to do so. Eventually, however, a time comes when we see how we misuse ourselves and others. This is the moment that we crush our sexual glamor and stand in light. Of course we regret what we did in the past, but we think about the future and plan our life to handle our energies more creatively.
In Atlantean times, syphilis, gonorrhea, and AIDS were so widespread that they destroyed that civilization. The safest route is purity. Have sexual relations only with your husband or wife. Be very careful that you do not indirectly force your marriage partner into unhealthy sexual practices. In everything you do, use your higher concept, your higher intelligence. Using this method you can more easily detect the hands of Satan sitting in your sacral center controlling you.
-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Emotional control

Question: I have seen where people need to be emotional and have a cry to work out their problems. Can you comment on that?

Answer: That is what our psychologists told us and they misled us. They say, if you express your anger, hatred, and so on, it is exhausted. They do not understand what anger, fear, irritation, excitement, laughter are. So they give wrong advice to us, and we learn in the wrong way. There are schools now in Los Angeles and everywhere where you can go if you are hating someone. You start cursing, saying every kind of ugly thing. Then you are released. Ten months later you are in an asylum. That is a wrong method because every anger, every depression, every emotional thing is an energy characterized by your momentary conditioning, emotional, and mental states. But the bottom line is that energy is wasted. You do not need to waste it. You can see this, for example, in some people, You cannot even understand if they are angry or happy. They are very stoic. You are not going to waste your emotions. Any excitement or emotional state or condition you have is a tremendous amount of energy which you can use for creative and sublimating works.

You are going to use that energy to put in the machine and turn the machine, instead of letting it go. You can do it. You can make it and let it go, but you see what is happening. When you are cursing, when you are angry, you are already polluting all your aura with anger, with hatred, with the jealousy which you are expressing, and then in your turn you are hypnotized by your own voice and expressions. For example, stand there and say, “I am angry, I am angry,” and believe what you are saying. Eventually you will not be able to control your anger. It gets out of hand. They are false psychologists, psychiatrists who brought all this trash to us.

I was with a psychiatrist who said, “Come and attend my classes in an asylum and see how I am doing.” A lady came to see him and she was very angry at her husband. The doctor was going to heal her from that sickness and he said to me, “Just sit in that corner and watch us.” The lady sat by him and he asked, “How angry are you at your husband.” She said, “I am very angry.” He said, “This pillow is your husband. Now do anything you really want to do to your husband and forget that I am seeing you. You are totally alone.”

She took the pillow. She started to chew the pillow. She became so monstrous. Then the doctor said, “Quiet, Quiet, that is enough. You killed him already.” “Did I? Did I?”

The doctor asked me, “How do you like it?” “It is fantastic. You prepared a criminal and you really made her practice what she is going to do.” “What do you mean?”

Six, seven months later she did the same thing to the husband and killed him. That was that kind of psychiatrist. What are you doing? If I tell you, “I hate you. I hate you,” the emotional body is built in such a way that I really hate you because I believe what I am saying. But, on the contrary, you can say, “I really do not like you, but I am trying to love you. Eventually I will find a way to have a more loving relationship with you instead of hating you.”

Absolutely I am not with all these people who teach violent ways and means to heal people or make them laugh and scream. It has totally the opposite result.

If you become angry, sit down and drink a cup of water or run around the block. If you are angry, run; if you are depressed, run. Do something so that you use that energy for something beneficial, not just for exhausting and blasting Nature.

Question: What happens when you do not show emotions?

Answer: I did not say do not show emotions because actually you cannot prevent emotions from existing and coming to the surface. But I am saying, “Do not put fire on them, oil on them and amplify them one hundred times more than is necessary.” You did something wrong. I feel very bad for you, but I do not star yelling, “I feel bad about it. You are this, that!”

Question: I know someone whose daughter died and he never cried. Everyone thought there was something wrong with a father who did not cry. He was very solemn and calm.

Answer: There should be some outlet but not artificial and an exaggerated outlet. That is what I am talking about. For example, you exaggerate your emotions so much that you get lost in them. Then it turns into hypocrisy to show off  and different things.

What we are talking about is exaggeration, and having control over your energies. The other day I was watching television. The son of a seventy-year-old man and woman was killed in Desert Storm. The mother was very beautiful. The man was very sad, saying, “What can we do?” That is what happened. Their grief was very normal. Then they showed another story of a woman who had lost her husband. She was screaming and rolling all over the place. What is this comedy? Why are you doing that?

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership Vol.5

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Do not think negatively about others

You must never think evil of anybody. Thoughts such as “I wish that person would fall down and die” or “I wish that you would lose everything you have. I hate you. I don’t want to love you” must never be thought or verbalized. Any expression of this kind builds a thoughtform which goes to the person and hits him. The damage that you send the person is recorded in your “account”, and you will pay for it at the time of judgment. If you committed two tons of damage, you will have to pay with it for interest. There is also a system of taxation in spiritual realms, so be clever and intelligent and do not think negatively about others.

Gossip is the result of wrong thinking. Slander is even worse. Malice is very bad, and treason is the very worst. Do not occupy your mind with these things., You will pay for it severely. That is why Christ said, “Bless those who curse you and slander you.” By thinking this way you do not become involved in karmic debts. Just say, “God bless you,” then remove yourself from the situation. If you curse, you react in the same manner as those who curse you. You both will be debtful.

In the Bible it is written, “Revenge is Mine, sayeth the Lord.” No person must take revenge upon another. Revenge must only be taken by God, meaning that karma will take care of it.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Monday, September 30, 2013


Consider nationalism. Let us say that a young man is a citizen of a particular country. If he is put in the same grinder for five hundred years he will say, "This is my nation" when he emerges. You can say to him, "You are now an esoteric student; now you are a disciple, an initiate. Think in terms of one humanity. Forget about your race and your nation. Be part of one humanity." But at the end, when he is dying he will say, "Bury me in my national cemetery." You could not make him universal; you could not give him Cosmic consciousness. You could not destroy the tumor that tradition, religion, or nationalism instilled like a capsule in his mind. This is the way that evil forces perpetuate separatism, war, revenge, and destruction.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The dark forces try to destroy your conscience

When a person severs his relationship with his Solar Angel, he cuts his communication with his conscience. If you sell your conscience, you cannot operate as a soul anymore. You become a machine in the hands of the dark forces.

The conscience is the presence of the Solar Angel within you. The dark forces make great efforts to impress your mind not to pay attention to your heart, to your feelings, or to your conscience. They say, “Just do it. Why should it bother you? It is only ten cents that you stole. It is not a big deal. You made that girl pregnant and then you deserted her. What’s wrong with that? Everyone does it. You became angry with your wife and said terrible things to her. These things happen every day. You gossiped? Well, why are you bothered about that? Everybody gossips.” These are subtle examples of how they operate.

Through such methods, the dark forces begin destroying your conscience so that you no longer have any contact with it. They attempt to close off your conscience so that you do not feel bad about having negative thoughts, feelings, speech, and motives. They say, “Don’t feel bad about your actions. You did it, and now it’s finished.” They may even lead you to a psychologist or psychiatrist who eventually takes your conscience away from you, someone who will say, “You did it; it is finished and gone. Why worry or feel guilty?” You eventually become a zombie who thinks all of his sins have no impact or that they have been forgiven. Or a person goes to a priest and asks that his sins be forgiven, and the priest gives him absolution by saying, “All the sins on earth and in heaven are now forgiven you.” Why not tell the person, “You did it wrong; don’t do it again. I am glad that you are worrying and in a panic about it.” This is the action of light. The other that hides and covers your conscience is the action of darkness.

One must really suffer with his conscience without exaggerating the situation. Through exaggeration, the dark forces totally destroy your conscience by making it overly sensitive. For instance, you think that with every little mistake you make you are going to end up in hell. This can lead to insanity because you are in a panic and think that you are condemned to hell from then on. I visited a mental hospital and talked with two Christian girls who had been committed. One of them said, “I am going to burn in hell because I kissed a boy. My priest told me I was going to hell.” The other girl kept repeating, “I have lost my soul; I have lost my soul.” “Where did you lose it?” I said to her. “You are here, talking with me. You are the soul, understand?” Evil forces can magnify your mistakes and sins in a way that you lose your mind.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Groups which are on the way to disintegration

When a group or organization is stuck in an "old age," Masters drop it after a few warnings. That organization becomes a hindrance for thousands of people for many years.

If you look at the groups which are on the way to disintegration, you will understand how Masters withdrew Their attention and, for a few years, these groups became obstacles on the path of advancement. Not only did They withdraw Their attention from churches or other organizations but also from religions because the hardest thing for a religion is change. We have so many religions on the path of decay with social consequences.

Masters can help build new groups and new organizations if They have people who are keeping in step with the Hierarchy.

The Hierarchy is an advancing light, whether humanity advances or not. They do Their best to help humanity, but if Their help is not assimilated, they leave humanity alone - which sometimes is the greatest disaster for humanity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Eyes of Hierarchy

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Do not take the joy of others

Dark forces fight against joy. They hate joy, but they inspire hilarity in people. Hilarity is senseless and purposeless happiness. They hate joy because joy is Divine essence. Joy is from God. When Christ says, “I give My joy to you, “ He is sharing His Divine blessings. Satan hates this. He wants people to be sick, depressed, beaten, angry, hateful, jealous, revengeful. He wants people to criticize each other, to separate from each other, to always sit on the fence, so to speak. This is what Satan wants. So whenever you see that you are taking joy from a person, you are under the influence of the dark forces.

Joy is not happiness. Joy is Divine satisfaction; it is beauty. For example, I was listening to two men talking at the dinner table. The older man, who was eighty, was telling the younger man, “You know the God you believe in does not exist. There is no God. There is matter, there is pain and suffering; there is death. That is all there is.” The young man looked at him and said, “Do you really think so?” “Yes, my son,” he said, “this is life. Believe what I am telling you.” The older man took away the joy, the subtle joy of the young man’s awareness that God exists. Do not take the joy of others and destroy them.

Another example is when a young girl says, “I want to be really pure when I marry,” and a so-called friend says, “You are stupid. I was fourteen when I had sex with many boys and became pregnant. It is so delightful.” The girl replies, “No, I don’t want to do that.” See how the friend is taking the joy of purity from the young girl?

In still another illustration, a young man in the army says, “I don’t want to kill people,” but his commander says, “You must kill. Here is the science of killing.” Eventually the soldier becomes a professional criminal, even though originally he did not want to kill.

Do not take the joy from people if they have joy. On the contrary, increase the real joy in others, not their superficial or cosmetic joy. Taking the joy of people is like extinguishing a fire by pouring water on it. Increase the joy of other people. When you take the joy of others, your joy will be taken from you and dark forces will replace it with their gloom.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Enemies of Light hate beauty

Wherever there is ugliness, there is also the presence of dark or Satanic forces. It does not matter if that ugliness is your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your plans, or activities; whether it is found in the movies, on television, in announcements, dramas, or history. Wherever there is ugliness, you must feel that it is a fight against beauty. Beauty is the presence of God. Beauty is the path through which man is going to reach perfection. Beauty itself is the symbol, the image of our future perfection, inspiring us to go toward the Source.

When you catch yourself in a moment of ugliness, immediately stop because you are opening a path for evil to possess you. You are weakening your own defenses and the evil ones rejoice at this opportunity.

Most science fiction and adventure films we see today are psychologically prepared to destroy beauty and express ugliness in the minds of people. Every time you see ugliness represented as being beautiful, be aware that dark forces are within it. There is ugliness in drugs, in alcohol, and in crime. Dark forces fight to increase ugliness because when ugliness is increased, it instantly retards the possibility of your development and unfoldment.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Friday, July 26, 2013

The future is the ultimate attainment

The future is the ultimate attainment – whatever you think that attainment is in any moment of life. The future is the highest attainment of people all around you.

For average people the future can be tomorrow or fifty years later. It can be a pleasure waiting for them, or a plan to be fulfilled or an accomplishment to be reached. But these are not future. People who think in these ways, throughout many incarnations, finally figure out that the future is beyond all these.

Buddha spoke about the future to some of his disciples. He said that in the future they would be Buddhas, thus polarizing their consciousness to that attainment. But this attainment is reached through a life lived in failures, in successes, in defeats and victories. The human soul matures through all these experiences and eventually discovers that all his relationships and events must be used for the attainment of the future. All his accomplishments must be performed for the future. All his emotions must be dedicated to the future. All his thoughts will be concentrated toward the future. Nothing in his activities will draw him back to the past.

The future-oriented consciousness is a firm consciousness. There is commitment, concentration, devotion, dedication, and total surrender to the future. Doubt, confusion, remorse, defeat, failure, depression all belong to the past. They cannot pass to the world of future.

Daily you can hear the conversations of people. Mostly they talk in terms of the past, for the past. To shift the tendency of being occupied with the past is very difficult. Most of our emotions are anchored in the past. Most of our thoughts are impressed by the past and present. Shifting to the future needs Herculean labor, and it is the sign of those who are ready to enter the path of future.

For average man only the past exists. The present is the pool in which he swims, dressed in his swimming suit of the past. The future is essential for only a few years because of his pains and pleasures or fears of death.

The thought of future is a panacea for all ills and pains and sufferings because it shows how they are momentary events in comparison to the future.

All life is the battle of two forces: those forces that work for the past and those forces that work for the future. For instance, political events are the result of these battles.

In all fields of human endeavor we see the tragedy of these battles. Even in the religious field, which is supposed to be preparing people for the future, its leaders work for the past. By occupying themselves with the past, the future glory cannot manifest in that field. Religion commonly is not a progressive field or new revelation but the story of the past. This is why the world cannot progress. Tradition, religion, political idealism, past-oriented philosophies drag us to the past instead of to the future.

Future is the victory over glamors, illusions, and maya. Maya is identification with matter. You become one with the matter side of life. This is the heaviest identification that one can develop.

Future is emancipation from all that limits you in the three worlds. It is in a sense an advancing freedom from all limitations – a kind of nirvana which keeps you all-expanding.

The future is pursued on the path of joy, through joy. A time will come when pain and suffering will cease, and joy will be the driving power to the future. The closer you get to the future, the more joy you experience.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The contact with your Inner Guide will expose all your ugliness

A real Teacher not only encourages you to strive or tells you that you are essentially Divine. He also tells you how obnoxious you are at times and how full of vices and wrong motives you are. Then, when you become a soul-directed personality, your Teacher will lead you to your Inner Guide, Who, from that date on, will take care of your progress.

When you have the privilege of coming in contact with your Inner Guide, you will not have an easy time of it because His Beauty will expose all your ugliness; His Purity will bring to the surface all your moral dirt; His love will reveal to you how much hatred you harbor; His Light will show you how very dishonest you are.

Such revelations will sometimes lead you to the “dark night of the soul.” Once I heard my Teacher saying to an elderly man, “Learn how to stand erect in the winds of the outer world so that you will be able to stand erect in the gales of the inner world.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Sunday, July 21, 2013


My Lord,
throughout centuries,
man built prisons around woman
in many countries
and even counted her
a slave or inferior
or equal to a rib.

Man exploited her beauty,
her motherhood,
and made her the slave
of his home
or the victim
of his lust
and kept her
in the darkness
of ignorance.

Many, many heroic women
were able to destroy
such chains,
and gain freedom of speech,
freedom of labor,
freedom to serve and to learn
in any field
of human endeavor.

They were able to demonstrate
their talents in all fields,
thus enriching the treasure of our life
without violating
the sacred duties
of their motherhood.

But some women
managed to escape
not only from their prisons
but also from
their duties and responsibilities.

To escape from
God-given responsibilities and duties
does not mean
to achieve freedom.

Some children are left
to prepare their own breakfast,
to dress themselves
and go to school...
and come back
to no daddy or mommy.

They have fun:
fun of drugs,
fun of sex, or
fun of crimes.
Or they put a pillow
under their heads
and watch violent or demoralizing
television shows.

Often they fall asleep
carrying all this trash
through their dreams
until their mommy,
who gained her freedom,
comes home
smelling of alcohol
and tobacco,
throws a blanket over them,
and goes to sleep.

I am not exaggerating, Lord.
I saw it with my own eyes,
and someone told me
she was a leader
in Women’s Liberation.

Isn’t it true
that we cannot achieve freedom
by violating our real duties
and responsibilities?

And all of these problems,
O Lord,
increase day and night
because of our many
corrupted TV programs,
movies, and
base literature.

Through them we learn
how to steal,
how to kill,
how to destroy,
how to hate,
how to take revenge,
and how to involve ourselves in sex
before Nature makes us ready.

And there is no force
that can prevent
the preachers of crime
from demonstrating their techniques
in films
or dramatizing them
on radio.

And You know, my Lord,
this is all done
in the name of freedom
and culture
and a big income.

Don’t You think
that man is his own

-Torkom Saraydarian
Dialogue with Christ

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Selling one's soul to the dark forces

If a man becomes a clear channel for a dark force, he is part of their army. We read in Faust, for example, of a ceremony in which a man signs a document with his blood, selling his soul to Satan. In medieval history, there are thousands of similar stories in which people have sold their souls to evil. For example, an evil one would say, “You want a pretty girl? Then sign your soul over to us, and we will bring the most beautiful girl to you.” People in these stories also sign away their souls for wealth, power, or to destroy a nation. The dark forces say, “We will do it for you, but you must give us your soul.”

These examples refer to the renouncement of your Solar Angel. Once you renounce your Solar Angel, you join the dark army. Your Solar Angel then leaves you because you “sold It” to the dark forces. The Solar Angel does not belong to the dark forces, but your agreement with Satan makes your Solar Angel leave you. Once your Angel is gone, you are at the mercy of the dark forces.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark forces

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dangers of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga was used many millions of years ago to create greater synchronization and attunement between the physical and etheric bodies. But because of the progress of the race in this direction, Great Ones discontinued Hatha Yoga and even indicated that it would be harmful to the health of the individual to practice it. Hatha Yoga makes the physical body excessively cling and stick to the etheric body and hardens or crystallizes the astral body. People in such a condition will eventually have trouble with their health, emotions, and communication. At the time of death they will have difficulty in withdrawing from the physical and astral bodies.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Real admiration changes people

Real admiration changes people. If you are always sour and critical and pitying, you make your friends smaller. And because your friends become smaller, you become smaller. You are as great as your friends are great. Make your friends, husband, wife, children greater, and you will be greater. You can make them greater if you water and take care of all the beauty that they have. That is what admiration is.

Admiration is fertilizing, watering, bringing sunshine to the sprouts that are within our hearts. You can go to some houses and see poverty and unhappiness and failure. The first thing you are going to look for is this: Is there admiration in this house or not? If there is no admiration, everything falls down.

Friendship falls down if it is not built on admiration. You can love a girl, a man, but if it is for self-interest or selfish motives, the relationship will not work for long. If you really admire a person, if you really stand with him or her, it will work because admiration is also the cement of unity. Whomever you admire stays with you – not only stays with you but blooms.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Monday, June 24, 2013

Abortive works - Doing things perfectly

Inner perfection is achieved by trying to make our actions perfect. If we do not try to make our actions perfect, the inner potentials cannot manifest. We can take the inner potentials under our control only when we learn to manifest them in their perfection.

Manifestation makes the Unmanifested One exist. This is why we must do things perfectly in our daily life as much as we can, remembering that in every work done perfectly a part of our greatness is manifesting and taking existence.

The wheel of incarnation turns again and again and brings us there where we were if we do not learn our lessons. And the greatest lesson is to do things perfectly as far as we can.

This means that most of our suffering, pain and problems are the result of our actions that were not performed consciously, wholeheartedly, and under our whole attention.

People are often absent during their actions. Their bodies, emotions, and thoughts work mechanically, but they are not there. Actions under such conditions produce abortive works.

Each time one has an abortion, he not only destroys the form for which he worked for a long time but also damages his psychic mechanism, and he is forced again and again into similar circumstances to have a perfect “baby.”

Thus not only are physical abortions facts, but also abortions of many other kinds. For example, you do not perform your duty, you escape from responsibility, write a stupid letter, do the cleaning halfway, type with ten mistakes, you do not sew your skirt in a good way, you do not repair machinery as needed, you failed to defend a friend in court, failed in your office of presidency, you failed to put all the beauty with which you are equipped into your book, you do not do perfect editing, you do not put your whole heart into your job, or you failed to educate your children and make them the best human beings. These are all abortions, and you will be forced to go back and tread the same path with a better walk. This is what life is.

Some people hesitate to engage themselves in certain jobs, with the excuse that they cannot do them perfectly. This is not what we are talking about. Perfection is reached by doing things with the intention to do them perfectly. Intention is a very important word here. Even if you fail, your intention to succeed will lift you to a higher level.

Those who do things carelessly, with no intention of doing them perfectly, will lower their efficiency and face more problems.

A Great One once said, “I must see you in all your works.” The inner beauty must shine in al our activities, and this is what it is trying to do in the course of evolution – to help you to be in your manifestation that which you are in your unmanifested state. The approximation of these two poles takes ages because the distance between them is not a short one.

This distance is the Path, is the life span of the Monad, on which he must travel and evolve and unfold until he meets Himself at the end of the Path – like the snake that bites its tail and makes itself perfect – as a circle without a beginning and an end.

A half-done work creates karma, and karma forces us to do it again.

My Mother used to say that our duties are our debts. By paying our debts, you release yourself from your duties. Hence, do things as well as you can.

The feeling of satisfaction and joy which we have after doing something with all our heart and might is the greatest healing power that Nature gives us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Law of Decay

People think that to enjoy the life it is better to deceive oneself and impose the idea that things do not decay and life will proceed in the garden of youth, prosperity, reputation, and happiness. Actually such an attitude contains the seeds of all future disappointments and unhappiness.

Children must learn from the age of three that new things will be old and disappear. All forms of life will decay eventually and vanish. They must learn to detach from forms and life in a state of consciousness which is not disturbed by such changes. Teach them how to adapt themselves to change, to decay, and to the renewal process without identification. They must learn that there is no condition that will not pass. If they learn this fact, they will feel deep joy that comes from the realization that they are, in a sense, the Changeless One.

If the Law of Decay is taught to children, they will be protected from the hundreds of shocks they will have during their life and avoid dire consequences for the future. Most psychological and physical problems are the effect of shocks: shocks related to change of conditions, health changes, age changes, death, separation, and so on. Teaching the Law of Decay will build the observer in them who is above all changes of decay and disintegration.

A new generation of people who is aware of the Law of Decay will be a generation with freedom, non-attachment, peace, understanding, respect for the forms that they recently have had and non-attachment to the forms which are ready to be old and disappear.

Greed, materialism, separation, and attachment are the causes of wars, are the causes of increasing taxes, are the causes of psychological and physical diseases.

The Law of Let It Go must be intelligently explained in the light of karma and reincarnation, and it must be emphasized that there is no permanency in the Cosmic Physical Plane. All is subject to change, decay, and annihilation. A culture and civilization based on such a fact can produce superhuman beings who know how to live in the Universe. The Law of Decay opens the vision of future regeneration to those who stand detached in life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The killing must stop. You must not play with the law of nature

The one that chooses to destroy, will, one day, be slain by his own destruction. The one that chooses to victimize the innocent, will, one day, be the victim of his own weakness and will face the strength of innocence and goodness. Know that one day, when the sun will set, the gloom of your darkness will come to haunt you, with no promise of any sunrise tomorrow. The memory of each slaying will flash before you, and you will face the torture of the past in your present with a future that shakes and tremors with the fear of the unknown punishment that lies ahead.

The killing must stop, or more of your blood will be shed for every drop of blood you spilled in vain! You must not play with the law of nature. Yes! Each animal that sacrifices the beating of his heart for the simple desire of taste, will, one day, plead its justice in the court of God! Every animal that you killed, will leave his stain of blood on your hands. It is you, that I blame for giving the butcher his occupation. It is you, that I blame for allowing those who raise animals only to brutally kill them, one day. It is you, that I blame for encouraging others with your bribe of money to incur sin of killing the ones that cannot defend themselves against the power of your evil. By ingesting a poor animal, you have spoken of your own superiority over them. You have proven to Me that your kindness and compassion is only selective and not for all. With every platter of sinful food, you have refused to recognize My omnipresence in all, at all times. You have left the God within you starving, and the one that has been left with no food, has not been able to function or reveal Himself to you.

Always remember, that the ones that cannot speak and cannot defend themselves are always in My protection. The one that gave up his life for you will surely come back to Me, but be afraid, My dears, of what will happen to you. How can the mind be silenced with peace, when it walks today with several accusations of brutal murders? All that you ingest will manifest in your behavior and attitude. Your pride of superiority will bend, when one day, you too, will behave like an animal that lacks control and is attached to the leash of his own karma's. Food is the fuel that allows your body, which is the instrument, to function at its fullest potential. If a wrong fuel is fed to the machine, the machine will only begin to malfunction. Similarly, the instrument that is given to you to reach God, must be kept pure, or else, it, too, will malfunction, and eventually, break down with physical and mental disorders. Can you reach the destination, My dears, when the car is out of order? Even for the perfect driver, without the help of a car, his journey will be long, unsure and in discomfort.

Wash the blood off your hands with your tears of repentance and your promise of purity. Say "no" to the ingestion of flesh, and prove to Me that you are human and will not allow the destruction of another's instrument for the vanity of your desires. Fight, to enforce the rules of Mother Nature, and let mother earth provide you with every meal that will nourish your soul with love for all creation. Respect every life that takes birth in any form, and sacrifice your all, to sustain and protect each one of them. Your mission must not differ from My mission - i.e., protecting the innocent and being courageous to lead and transform the wicked. All will change, in time, but you must make the change, now!

-Sai Baba
Living in the Presence of God (Vol I/Pt I - 68) 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sliding backward on the path

On the path of discipleship there is a law to which many do not pay attention. This law states, "Whoever stops on a step of the ladder, he not only breaks the law but also violates the rights of other people to proceed."

People enjoy life with relationships, dreams, and activities on the same level they have achieved. They read books on the same level. They meditate with the same form of meditation and on the same level of the mind, and eventually their life becomes a fenced field in which they feel happy and make their followers happy.

There is a grave danger in such a form of life. The disciple must move forward in his contacts, level, and creative service, or else he can turn and become an obstacle for himself and others. Eventually he works against those who are progressing ahead.

There are people who enter into the portion of the path for which they are ready. They work and labor for a few years and then seek shallow waters to enjoy their tired personality. They remain wise people, but spiritually they retrogress and become a bad example for others.

Once you lose the conquered territories of your spiritual striving and walk back toward your former states of consciousness, for a long time you remain sliding backward on your path. If you are lucky, life leads you into crises and painful conditions to turn you toward the future. The lost territories cannot be regained with easy effort, and often the price you pay is enormous. It is at this stage that you lose your vision.

There are also some travelers who travel on the backs of others. These are the private secretaries, co-workers, or spouses of the leaders or teachers who, because of their closeness, assume that they know everything and do not follow the disciplines. They slowly are left behind in their evolution, and when the time comes to be called for advanced promotion, they cannot meet the challenge or accept the positions, being unable to meet the responsibilities.

It is important that close co-workers of leaders spend more effort to walk on the path of spiritual discipline because they are the ones who will carry the torch of the Teaching ahead when the leader withdraws from his labor.

It is vanity to think that when you are with advanced people you are advanced and you do not need proper discipline to surpass and transcend yourself.

There are also leaders who, after a few accomplishments, sink into satisfaction and do not pursue striving and discipline.

All spiritual work requires unceasing, continuous perseverance to surpass oneself and to create larger fields of service on higher and higher planes. This is why no leader must be satisfied with his progress and achievement because he slowly prepares the seeds of destruction, apathy, and inertia.

The path is found only by a moving light. Wherever the point of light stops moving toward a future achievement, a person turns in a short while into a point of darkness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership Vol.5

Monday, May 27, 2013

Does our Inner Guide always answer our questions?

It is possible that the Inner Source seems to reject our questions, without answering them. It does not, but it appears so

a. when we are not worthy for the answer
b. when we are not ready to understand it
c. when our sky is too clouded with our "crimes" or karmic liabilities.

In such conditions the answer comes but instantaneously disappears. Such answers are not lost; they exist in space and help others with the same questions.

When you present your questions, the following points must be remembered:

1. You must have no doubt that you will get an answer.
2. Your question must not have strings tied to them.

You should not condition the forms of your answers by your desires or by your speculations. When you formulate your expected answers within the form of your questions, you do not receive pure answers. Your expectations create disturbances, both in the answering and the receiving process.

Sometimes we even attract a great amount of fear to our questions. Our fear prevents the answer from reaching us in its purity because we feel the answer will be destructive to us, prevent us from going in a certain direction, or demand a great amount of sacrifice from us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Start with being human, End up being divine

Conquer all your enemies,
With one weapon I have endowed you with,
Love! Love! Love!
Love rises above anger.
Love stalks over greed.
Love crushes away jealousy.
Love stamples over pride.
Love succeeds over hatred.
Love erases restlessness.
It is a sure winner over all other weapons.
Just have faith in My love for you,
And stay patient and await My arrival,
To pour all My divine love on you.
Fill yourself with it, emanate it to others.
Give up being a demon,
Give up being an animal.
Start with being human,
End up being divine.

-Sai Baba
(Sai Darshan, Part 2 - 4)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Givers and takers

People who are interested in receiving or taking go to those places where they receive physical, emotional, and mental elements. But when they are saturated, they withdraw because they think there is nothing more to take.

These kinds of people go from group to group, from one ideology to another to receive. But their ability to receive is limited by their mental or spiritual capacity. Once they reach the water mark of their evolution, no group or ideology is able to give them anything they search for. From this stage on they isolate themselves and live for their pleasures or for their worldly plans.

The secret is that they live as parasites, and their whole urge is to receive, not give. Those who do not give cannot grow and expand their consciousness. When they stop giving, they reject other sources of wisdom, because it does not make sense to them.

We often see that such people become members of a group until they are saturated. Then they stop being members of that group. Their relationship with the group deepens if they change the direction of their consciousness from receiving to giving.

Real spiritual growth starts the moment when people join a group to give rather than to receive. What they may give is their

-physical service
-emotional support

The more they give, the more they expand their consciousness, and the more they see the importance of group labor, group discipline.

Those who quit their group feel that they have nothing to give to the group. Actually they do not know about their feeling. It is subjective and unconscious. This feeling creates in them rejection and indifference toward the group, because they have reached a state of crystallization in which they have nothing to contribute. If they analyze their attitude – their crystalized or saturated level says to them that they no longer need the group.

All progress is based on givingness. Join a group. Be a friend to someone. Meet people ONLY as an opportunity to serve, to sacrifice, and to give. Then that group or person becomes a source of everlasting interest for you. To whatever you give, that becomes the object of your interest.

It is known that all those who create problems in a group, quit the group, or slander the group are those people who came to the group for their own personal interest or profit, on any form or level.

That is why in all mystery schools there was a rule not to admit those who were characterized as self-seekers, full of ego, selfish receivers – but to admit those who give and give on all possible levels, even themselves. Such people eventually transform their whole life.

One day my Teacher was talking with a new student. His questions to him were:

“Did you help your father, mother, or brothers and sisters in any way? Tell me all your stories about how, and when?”

“Did you help any man or woman in anyway, anywhere? Tell me stories.”

“Is there anyone who is very grateful to you?”

“Or anyone who owes things to you?”

“Did you give anything to anyone which was dear to you?”

“Did you share something with someone? What, how, where, how much?”

I was surprised at such questions, but my heart was in joy. Later, I approached my Teacher and asked, “Were these questions important?”

“Yes, yes,” he said. “The nature of man can be known by such questions. We do not need those who are parasites, but those who are givers. Givers can walk the path. Receivers misuse the path. They become sources of troubles. The path is nothing else but giving.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Privileged people

Are there no privileged people in the world? There are. But those people are not privileged by anybody, by anything, but by themselves. Their karma in the past, their service and labor in the past pushes them so much ahead of people that we call them privileged people.

Who are these people? These people are those who in the past exercised right thinking, right speech, right actions, right relationships, and in their successive incarnations occupied a privileged, moral state of consciousness, beingness, and higher positions where they worked, but they never tried to give privileges to others and make them privileged people around them or in the field of their service. Because of this fact, no one can make a person privileged, but only he himself with his honesty, nobility, purity, and merits.

One becomes privileged by his inner Self, not from anybody else. One can gain certain rights only by the blessings of his Self.

Any privilege given from anybody outside of himself is temporary and in the end it turns into a source of problems.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol. 5

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What is your real worth?

Ask yourself, "What is my worth? What is my value? Is it my money? Is it my body? Is it my appearance?" They are very important. Don't think that I am not giving value to these things. Your money is important. Your richness is important. Your house is important. The health of your body is important. But what is your real worth, which means, when you leave the body, what remains? That is your worth.

What you have done to others is your worth. How much have you given yourself to people? It is not how much you have received but how much you gave to people, how much you have done for others.

To be worthy means that you can be more useful in the hands of God. How much worth do you have? That much.... God can use it. It is your virtues, it is your talent, it is your genius, it is your dedication, it is your holiness, purity, it is your pure intentions, your creativity that are used by the big hand of Nature, that Great One.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ, vol.1

Monday, May 06, 2013

Sculpting our nature

Once a sculptor was working on a marble statue. He would start chiseling on the stone early in the morning at sunrise and work until midnight, never stopping to eat or rest. When someone asked him why he would not rest, the sculptor replied, "Rest is not for a creative person. Only dead people rest."

We must have this kind of attitude with ourselves in order to change ourselves. We must constantly chisel our nature, working as hard as we can to save ourselves. We must work so hard that the Great Ones notice us and say, "He is working so hard to pass through transfiguration; let Us help him."

How do They help us? They create more troubles for us, give us more duties and responsibilities, and put us in conditions where we become embarrassed with ourselves; unless we see how ugly and ignorant we are, the door of transformation will not open for us.

You must go to the bottom of the ladder and see where you are, then step by step climb the ladder of perfection. Whenever you see something in your nature that needs chiseling, you must be merciless. Unless you are merciless, you cannot perfect your statue.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Evil entities

How did these evil entities come into being in space? Some people living on this planet are criminals; they stay drunk on alcohol or use drugs day and night. They steal, they kill, they are traitors. They are enemies of human freedom. They are strongly pornographic. When these people die, they are exactly the same as when they were in the human body. It is not the human body that gives them their negative qualities but their emotional and mental bodies that urge them to act this way. Just because the physical body is left behind, does not mean that these people turn into angels. They have the same urges, drives, and appetites as before. But because they no longer have a physical body, they no longer have the vehicle through which they can come and do the same things they were doing before. The only method by which they can fulfill their urges and drives is to possess and obsess people. In this way they use the bodies of other people as the vehicles for their own sensations and pleasures.

This kind of evil is very strong and creates a tremendous amount of pollution. Once such an entity sticks to your aura, it enters like a drill and makes room for itself. The quality and condition of your aura determines where it will locate itself. For example, if the entity is sexually abusive, it will come and enter into your sexual aura, your sacral center, and activate it to such a degree that it becomes impossible for you to control your sex drive. Or, if its intention is to break up your marriage and establish disunity, it will make you impotent or totally reject sex. Both of these extremes are created by the same kind of entity. The dark ones are against normality. If they take your normality away from you, they succeed in their endeavor, because abnormality is against your own progress.

If your heart is acting evilly, it is possible that an evil entity has blocked the heart petals so that divine grace, beauty, and compassion cannot manifest. You become possessive, aggressive, and destructive. You bring destruction around yourself. Now the enemy can do whatever it likes. For example, if the dark forces want war, they enter your brain and make you a war monger. You begin thinking, “We want war! We want to destroy them!” But if you tell the enemy or its agents, “Come, we will take you to the front lines,” they will escape because such entities do not want the ones they possess to die, so that darkness can continue to spread its pollution. It is very tricky. If we could write a book about all the ways and means that the dark forces operate, it would be like an encyclopedia of sicknesses.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is your creative work bringing more sanity, causing greater healing and cooperation? Is it enlightening the minds of the human race?

Go deeper into your creative experience. Ask yourself if your creative work is a personal satisfaction or psychological release, or a forced labor for material needs. Or is it planned creative action, through which you are trying to cooperate with the Great Nature to achieve its continuous birth, the continuous manifestation of its true Self. Through your creative work are you trying to release the imprisoned seeds caught in glamors, illusions, and maya, to free the hidden beauty in each living form?

Is your creative work bringing more sanity, causing greater healing and cooperation among people and nations? Is it enlightening the minds of the human race?

Is it helping to improve our political, economic, and social conditions; or is your “creative work” an expression of your inner wounds, depressions, obsessions, and a means of satisfying your greed, hatred, fear, and pride?

A creative artist has a compassionate heart – full of wisdom and the spirit of sacrifice. The heart of a true artist is in tune with the hearts of all manifested lives.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do you remember why you were born?

When does the real leadership start? We are told in the Teaching, and some people have this experience, that the leadership vision or revelation is given to you in every life before incarnation. Before incarnation your Solar Angel reveals the whole revelation and purpose in one second and then closes it. According to your development and awakening of consciousness, the time limit becomes half a minute, half an hour or one second.

What is in that revelation which is given to you? In that revelation your duties and responsibilities are given to you in the name of dharma. Dharma is given to you before you take birth, and when you have birth, according to your evolution, either you remember one percent or one hundred percent of that revelation, or you totally mix it with your glamors, illusions, and pleasures and forget about it. But if you remember, you have that wind in your sails. You always have that energy coming into your sails, and your boat is going toward the ocean. You have that energy. No matter what happens to you, you reach your destination through the waves of the oceans, sleet, rain, showers. You have that powerful energy behind you.

What is that energy? It is a one second revelation of your dharma that you remember. Do you remember why you were born? Not many people do. If you remember one little piece, you have that energy with you because that revelation is a source of engagement with a great voltage.

If you do not have that memory, you are lost. In what you are lost? You are lost in your personal life, family life, business life, social life. You are lost.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.4

Monday, April 15, 2013

What is an artist?

The word "artist" is not usually defined in a proper way. An artist is a person who brings the Plan and Purpose of the Great Life into objectivity, thus building a bridge between humanity and its Source.

In this sense a politician can be a great artist when he tries to rule and to lead humanity to its highest good.

An educator can be a great artist when he tries to bring to birth the divine potentials in his students.

A philosopher can be a great artist when he tries to bring into our life the meaning and purpose of existence.

A scientist can be a great artist in the sense that all his discoveries are the laws and principles by which the Great Artist of the universe works. Science reveals the architecture within the beauty.

A religious man can be a great artist by trying to reveal the love and virtues of the Soul, and by building a ladder of ascent towards the ideal.

An economist can be a great artist in creating those ways and means by which the wealth of the planet can be enjoyed by all, and the standard of living can be raised to a new dimension for all.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

Saturday, April 13, 2013

To spread beauty is a heroic task

To spread beauty is a heroic task. The army of ugliness is powerful. This army is composed of those who are in the trap of their maya, glamors, and illusions and are heavily loaded with karma. It is composed of those also who are consciously and unconsciously serving the involutionary forces, the dark brotherhood, whose intention is to retard the evolution of humanity. This army is well organized and has a powerful influence on money, politics, justice, and commerce. They use all possible means to fight against any organized beauty that is intended to lift up humanity as one race.

Their ugliness is expressed through literature, movies, nightclubs, houses of prostitution, gambling, drugs, acid and rock music, through many paintings, drawings, and illustrations.

Beauty opposes all these and indirectly hurts the business of the army of ugliness.

Ugliness fights:

-against purity
-against law and order
-against human rights
-against unity
-against culture and true education.

Whenever you see the distortion of beauty-stay away-because ugliness is malignant and it degenerates your system, your symphony.

-Torkom Saraydarian
The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Personality leadership

When people are placed in or elected to a higher position to exercise leadership, they create many complicated situations if they were not trained in the leadership of their own personality.

Our personality is a group of three elementals who are inclined toward the involutionary path. The human soul has to shift the tendency toward the evolutionary path. This is the leadership related to personality.

The physical body has the tendency toward inertia, apathy, laziness, automation, or mechanicalness and habit.

The emotional body has the tendency to fall into agitation, excitement, into fear, anger, hate, jealousy, and to exercise slander, malice, and treason.

The mental body has the tendency toward fanaticism, greed, ego, vanity, and separatism, which manifest through many unpleasant thoughtforms and actions.

Now the human soul has to shift these tendencies and, as a leader, direct the elementals toward his own light, love, and power.

If a person is not trained in such a leadership, whenever he is put into a position of family, group, national, or global leadership he creates immense problems in his field because the vices and involutionary inclinations rule him and use his position to bring greater damage and distortion in the field in which  he is working.

A person’s vices and involutional inclinations become more disturbing and devastating elements as he carries them with him into higher positions and larger fields of responsibilities. That is why before one is trusted to a leadership position he must be graduated from the school of personality leadership.

When you are not ready for the position you are in, that position does not bring joy and fulfillment into your life. You feel inside of you that you do not fit, and this situation brings tension and irritation into your life. You complain and fight with people around you, put pressure on them so that you prove your failing leadership.

In true leadership you must feel fulfillment, joy, and happiness. A true leader is a manifestation of higher principles and plans, intelligently adapted to the level of people around him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.4

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Financial security and meditation

It is difficult when you are in bad shape financially, but it is ironic to know that lack of financial security is the result of uncoordinated, chaotic thinking, or lack of thinking. Regular meditation, even during financial crises, is the only source of impelling energy which keeps your mind in balance, forward looking, courageous, and discriminative. With persistent meditation practice, one paves the way for his financial security.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.4

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purposeless People

Purposeless people are those who have many goals, but they do not adhere to any of them, for example:

1. They do not have the power of concentration.
2. They themselves are not impressed by the right purpose.
3. They are told about their goals by various entities, each presenting a different tasty goal.
4. They jump from one “purpose to another “purpose,” wasting their energy, time, and life.

Let us take each of these statements and try to understand it.

1. They do not have the power of concentration. The power of concentration is the ability of the mind to hold itself in a specific direction or a goal until that goal is accomplished.

When this ability is lacking, it is because the person has no mental discipline. He may also have a karma by which he is led from one goal to another without the accomplishment of any one goal. Or it could be that this individual goal was harshly criticized and another goal was presented to him.

One of my Teachers used to say that it is better to accomplish one small goal than to hallucinate about many fantastic goals.

Changing goals too rapidly, without serious reason, creates a mental dizziness, and the mind develops a habit of not staying with any goal. In the Ageless Wisdom such people are called “butterflies.”

2. They themselves are not impressed by the right purpose. The reason that people do not have stable goals is because they have not yet sensed the permanent purpose in their intention, or they do not have a powerful intention in their life.

If you have no intention to go to New York, you do not have to have any preparation or any goal to go to New York. And if you have in your mind intentions to go to many cities, but you cannot decide which one you want first, you create an unstable condition in your mind. Instability of mind is lack of purpose or goals.

If you sense the purpose of your life, you create a plan and set goals and systematically work to achieve your purpose.

If you do not sense your life’s purpose, create one and work for it as hard as possible. Do this not only to achieve your purpose, but also to discipline your mind in concentration and to develop perseverance.

Without a purpose you drift here and there without projecting roots, and your life becomes very superficial, a life running on the surface without depth.

3. They are told about their goals by various entities, each presenting a different tasty goal. This is sometimes unconscious and sometimes “conscious.”

There was a very talented woman who could have done great service for humanity, but she became the football of various entities, each of them kicking her in different directions. The curious thing is that these entities were cooperating with each other to prevent her from any focus or concentration in any direction and by permanently changing her goals with very subtle and palatable reasons.

Every time this poor woman visits me, she presents fantastic plans and fantastic goals with great enthusiasm. But a few months later, before she starts working on her goals, her goals change.

In the next visit she gives gigantic reasons why the former goals and plans were not going to work, and why these new goals and new plans are the right ones which are going to bring her lots of money and opportunities for service. This has been going on for ten years, and she has not done anything completely and she has no money in the bank.

One feels sorry for such a talented and charming girl, seeing her drifting from one goal to another to obey so-called “spirits” or her nonexistent “intuition.”

“By the fruits of them you will know...”

4. They jump from one “purpose” to another “purpose,” wasting their energy, time, and life. The important thing is to see how much time and energy are wasted for so many years without any accomplishment.

A real purpose is just like a magnet which brings together all your efforts and challenges you to achieve your purpose. Confusion, hesitation, and vacillation are symptoms of a decaying brain.

Frustration is a method used by entities to try to lead a person into failure. Frustration is caused by permanently changing a person’s goals, or by presenting him with goals for which he is not ready. Imposing goals on people for which they are not ready makes them frustrated, or it develops a tendency in them to run after many goals in order to have security from their frustration.

The following are rules that can be applied to create concentration and focus. They are simple but far reaching in their effects.

1. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and concentration, and try to complete it before you start doing something else.

This needs discipline, and it is often very beneficial to go and work for a boss and follow his instruction to create a “sense of continuity” in you.

2. Do your own duty instead of trying to do the duties of others.

If you do not focus yourself on your own duties but try to be interested in the duties of others and interfere in them, you soon lose the opportunity to have roots. You become rootless. You see many rootless plants carried here and there by the wind.

Doing your own duty creates roots. What are roots?...Stability, focus, concentration, sense of responsibility.

3. Create a purpose and three goals to achieve that purpose. Write about your goals and know them as factually as possible.

Set the steps to reach your goals, and do all that is possible to fulfill your goals.

After fulfilling your goals, see how close you are to your purpose.

Once you accomplish your three goals and achieve your “purpose,” you will feel very strong, self-confident, focused, and concentrated.

Now you can create another “purpose” and do the same thing. After achieving these “purposes,” you are a man or woman who can be successful in the world.

During the period of working with your goals to try to achieve your set “purpose",” you will have intuitive moments in which you will be conscious about a Purpose which transcends all your so-called “purposes,” but such a flash will be so fast that the next moment you will lose it.

Periodically the flash of the ultimate Purpose of your life will visit you until your brain one day catches it for a few seconds.

Your glory will start from that moment of realization of your Purpose, and you will enter into the path of success.

An unstable mind and an unstable life are a great waste. They are sources of confusion and instability for others.

People who change their goals often and run after new goals without accomplishing their former goals and achieving their “purpose” eventually turn their back on their purpose. They often hate it and become enemies of those who have a similar purpose. Those who are frustrated become the traitors of those who show signs of having a similar purpose to their own.

A person who was changing his church every year eventually told me that all churches were useless. Another person who was changing his political ideology every six months came to the conclusion that all ideologies were nonsense. Another person who was reading every kind of book eventually gave away all his two thousand books. Another person complained that all branches of the Ageless Wisdom had no substance, and he became a materialist.

The reason for all this is that such people have never touched the essence of the things they tried, or they were not ready yet for studies which they wanted to master.

Too much undigested food makes the stomach reject all kinds of food.

There are a few Teachers who know the rules of the Path, and they like to train students to practice focus, concentration, perseverance, and stability.

Daily we can exercise these virtues in the smallest of our deeds, developing them bit by bit, and eventually turn into stable persons.

It is not an error to study many branches of one subject, but if it is done superficially and without dedicating enough time and interest, you remain on the surface and one day lose your life under a great wave of the unmastered subject.

There are also some people who pretend that they have higher goals so that they can function in groups dedicated to certain high goals. Such a pretension is based on a selfish or personal goal. When these people achieve the goal, they quit their growth, and take themselves away from the path of discipline.

For example, there was a man who joined a certain group. Eventually, he acquainted himself with a pretty girl who was very modest and careful. He carefully discovered what she liked and tried to show her that he liked the same thing. He bought for himself the books that she liked. He began to tell her about his meditations which she had done for years. He spoke about his evening review and how it helped him to shape his life.

Eventually he started dating her. At first they would occasionally be absent from classes. Eventually they disappeared.

Years later I met her in a shopping center. She looked like a witch – unclean and with improper dress. We had a talk. “What happened to you?” I asked. “I thought he was a human being with the same goals. We got married. But he left me without money and with children to support.”

I have seen this happen again and again.

When people pretend to have goals, they attract those who have goals. Later, if they are unstable, they cheat them and make them forsake their goals.

My Father used to call such people, “Coyotes who steal chickens.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.4

Friday, February 22, 2013

Drugs damage the mechanism of "translation"

Question: Some people say that if they use a certain amount of marijuana or some drugs, they understand the future and Infinity better than those who have never experienced marijuana and drugs. What is your answer?

Answer: The future problem of people who use drugs is that they will have some access to astral and higher mental planes, from which they will receive emotional, astral energy and certain beams of light from the higher mental plane. This in itself does not present a problem except when the drug user has burned certain centers in his brain and mind. Then he will not be able to handle the energy coming from the emotional plane or correctly translate and use the light coming from his higher mind.

What will happen is that common sense, laws, and the moral principles of daily life will not mean anything to him because the light will prove them not valid from the viewpoint of the abstract mind. He will not be able to make right use of energy, but with it will reject violently all imposition put upon him from the environment regarding laws, principles, rules, moral guidelines, etc. In such a mind, the higher concepts are rejected by the lower mind as hallucinations and the lower, realistic concepts are rejected by the higher light as nonsense. As a result, drug users will hate to follow the rules of life for their environment and they will break the laws when it seems safe to them to do that.

They also confuse themselves by taking a simple rule and stretching it to higher dimensions until it makes no sense to them, or by taking an abstract concept and trying to make it tangible to such a degree that the abstract concept is totally lost.

In the mental plane there is a mechanism which is called translation. Translation relates the abstract and concrete minds, and makes the concrete concepts meaningful to the abstract mind and the abstract concepts meaningful to the concrete mind. Also, it makes one see the abstract indications of a concrete thought, and tangible and practical applications of an abstract thought.

Drug users damage their mechanism and lose their balance between their two minds. The continuity of circulation of meaning from one mechanism to another is disturbed, and the person acts in extremes. Often he is abstracted, and other times he is identified with material values – which a minute later do not make sense to him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership. vol.4

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Do not flatter others. Flattery is forbidden in the Teaching of Great Ones. Flattery and bribery create deep cleavages in human relations. Right human relations cannot be built on a false foundation.

Flattery creates personality reactions. Flattered people do things which otherwise they would not do. They feel this fact eventually and try to reject the will of the flatterer. This is the moment that the flatterer loses his prestige and his dignity in the eyes of the one whom he tried to flatter.

Flattery is an effort to control other people and use them for selfish interests. Do not flatter your friends. Tell them you respect and love them, that you stand by them, but do not flatter them. Bribery and flattery sometimes imprison many souls in their net of selfish interest for a long time. But when the fact is seen the relations end.

One day a girl asked me, “Do you think that there is a girl in the world prettier than I am?”
“I think,“ I said, “that you proved that you are ugly because you want to be flattered.Flattered children are the most dangerous children. They cannot adapt themselves neither to school nor to society. They become addicted to flattery, and if no one flatters them, they become sick or crazy.

From the beginning, parents must try not to flatter their children if they want them to be sane and successful. If children do something good, their parents must tell them, “That was good.” If they do bad things, their parents must tell them, “That was bad.” Flattery builds an unreal, artificial personality that later takes ages to break and clear away.

Do not tell your children that they are great talents or that they are going to be great and important persons. This is the wrong way to talk. Tell them that there are great potentials in them, as in other human beings, and if they strive and work hard, they can awaken their potentials and become prominent members of society. Let them know that they must achieve through their own efforts. You cannot create right human relations with your children through flattering them. Many children even hate the things they want to do when they see that they were flattered into doing them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.1