Saturday, March 31, 2012

The modern definition of God

The modern definition of God can be understood as One Who talks through our conscience, through our love, through our creativity, through compassion and goodness.

For some advancing human beings, the God idea is an idea of power, compassion and Light. God is

-The power of the planet
-The power of the Sun
-The power of Cosmos
-The power of the Milky Way
-The power of that around which our Milky Way revolves

The idea of God is relative to your expanding consciousness. The more you expand your consciousness, the more inclusive is your God. There is One God, but Centers in the One God gradually can be approached.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.2

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ambitious people who want to climb upon the shoulders of others are used by dark forces. To reach their goal such people surrender into the hands of destructive forces to secure themselves and to succeed in their job. Of course dark forces benefit from such fools. They help them climb toward the goals of their ambitions, wiping away as much as possible those who were working in constructive labor. 

Ambition is the result of a poison in the brain which increases as it manifests, leading the ambitious person to take nonsurvival and self-destructive steps.

Ambition must not be confused with the spirit of progress and striving toward higher usefulness. A person should strive, have great goals, try to have better positions, better knowledge, better relationships. But all these must be done not at the expense of others but to fill a vacancy in the chain of coworkers and to help others to climb on the ladder of their service. When the spirit of striving is captive of the ego, vanity, and separatism, it turns into the poison of ambition.

An ambitious person demonstrates from childhood the existence of this poison in his nature. For example:

  • In gatherings, they push away others to have a better place to stand or sit.
  • They are the first in line to eat.
  • They decorate themselves with the plumage of others.
  • They show off.
  • They answer questions not directed at them.
  • They put their nose in the business of others.
  • They appear that they are defending the rights of others.
  • They protest against anything hat they think hurts their interest.
  • They use bribery and flattery to advance.
  • In their character, they have various phobias, but they show off as if they do not have fear.
  • They attack people when they are sure they cannot be detected.
  • Before they take your position they pretend they respect you, but after they take your position they insult you.
  • They are very smart in not losing any opportunity to occupy new territories.

Ambition sometimes appears as enthusiasm. The difference can be seen when you realize that enthusiasm is inclusive, selfless, and sacrificial, but ambition is separative, selfish, and demanding or imposing.

When ambition increases, it creates mental imbalance which shows itself through various defects of character. Such people fall into cyclic depression, hopelessness, and suicidal moods. The only thing that helps them temporarily is the poison created from exercising slander and treason. This poison eventually unites with the poison of ambition, leading the body and psyche of the person into disaster. It is this period of degeneration that is the most dangerous moment in the life of such people. They become revengeful, destructive, and malicious.

Ambition ends in self-destruction.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces