Sunday, March 27, 2011

Summits create crises

Do not ever attempt to make people conform to your religion, church or ideology. Leave them alone; let them decide their own path. You teach them the Teaching of discrimination and enlightenment through service and meditation. Once they are enlightened they will find their own way that fits them.

Do not interfere with their karma. Show them summits of achievements, and let them strive. Summits create crises. Crises eventually bring a person to the right path, to the summit. Discipleship is the response to the summit.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol1, p.174

Monday, March 07, 2011

Karma and the Solar Angel - Torkom Saraydarian

The karma of a person and the plan of the Solar Angel do not conflict because the Solar Angel bases Its plans on the karmic records of the person and the potentials that he demonstrates. But it so happens that due to various influences, a person may do unexpected things that create conflict with the plan of the Solar Angel, and he may fail to fulfill the plan.

The plan of the Solar Angel is to help you overcome past vices and wickedness and help you develop your potentials. It is always the plan of the Solar Angel to prepare you in such a way that you take part consciously in the Divine Plan. Let us remember that the Solar Angel is a member of the Hierarchy and cooperates with the Hierarchical Plan.

When disciples are accepted, they are mostly under the control of the Hierarchy, which acts as the collective Solar Angel for humanity.

The Hierarchy may prepare a disciple to perform sacrificial deeds and die. But such a disciple is always conscious, whether he is in or out of body. After he dies, he does not succumb to the lower hells, as do suicides, but proceeds to higher planes with greater enlightenment.

Sometimes a disciple sacrifices all his time and energy with self-forgetfulness to help others, but in so doing he does not slow down his own spiritual progress. When he dies, special Teachers take care of him, teach him, and help him assimilate in just a few years all that he would have learned and assimilated in the life span that he sacrificed for humanity. Total righteousness exists in the Higher Worlds, and you are paid back for a cup of water given to a thirsty soul.

Sometimes fanatics appear to be like heroes or disciples. The difference is that they are following the direction of obsessors or possessors or following the dictates of their glamors and illusions. Most fanatics do not have continuity of consciousness.

The Hierarchy presents the Plan to disciples and leaves them free to work with the Plan. The Hierarchy even leaves them free to choose how they will exercise their ingenuity.

Those entities which are totally dedicated to genocide, terrorism, and destruction are those people whose Solar Angels have left them. Such people can be very vicious and bestial. In human history there is evidence of people obsessed with such entities. These are people who butchered others and tried to destroy whole cultures or civilizations.

There are two kinds of people who do not have Solar Angels:

1. Those who in previous manvantaras achieved individualization by the power of the Divine Spark within them

2. Those who were endowed with Solar Angels on this globe but lost them

Some people who do not have Solar Angels came to this planet from space to continue their education. They demonstrate a strong mentality with great intellectual powers. They are materialists who use separatism and factions. They are scattered throughout all nations and work with selfishness and separatism. They create the crises necessary to awaken the thinking of average people. They do not belong to a single religion or nation, but are from all nationalities. They are recognized by their selfishness, cunning intellect, power of manipulation, materialism, and totalitarian attitudes. Sometimes they are born into families among those who have Solar Angels.

Those who lost their Solar Angels are primarily destructive people. If a chance were given to them, they would burn the world and enjoy its destruction. Fortunately, these people are rare. A contemporary example is Hitler and his seven evil coworkers. Hitler was not possessed by a disembodied human being but by a member of the Dark Lodge.

You read in mythology and legend about people who denounce their souls and make a pact with Satan. There is some truth in this. When a human being becomes totally inhuman and loses his Solar Angel, he becomes an agent of the dark forces and uses his intellect, knowledge, and resources to bring destruction to Earth.

Those people who evolved without Solar Angels and eventually individualized or developed "I" consciousness or ego consciousness, were inhabitants of other or previous solar systems. Their Spark very slowly unfolds Itself with the help of great Masters Who act as Solar Angels for a large mass of people. Through Their methods, the focus of consciousness of people was eventually drawn into the lower mental plane where "I" consciousness developed, and they realized that they were separate, thinking human beings.

To undergo further evolution, these people came to Earth to develop their love nature. If they fail to overcome their separatism and materialism by cultivating inclusiveness and spirituality, they will be counted as failures in the next manvantara. Who knows what destiny awaits them.

Sometimes people without Souls develop their love nature through the experience of incessant pain, suffering, isolation, revolution, war, and destruction - unless they take deliberate action to develop their heart nature and compassion.

Those who developed without Solar Angels and are now living on Earth are those who attach fanatically to teachers, ministers, or leaders sometimes with total blindness. The reason for this is that they use their teachers and leaders as "solar angels" of sorts. These people are usually fanatical devotees. Of course, one can highly respect his teacher, follow the wisdom imparted by him, and still have a Solar Angel. The differences between these two kinds of devotees are instructive:

-One is exclusive; the other is inclusive.

-One separates; the other synthesizes.

-One obeys blindly; the other obeys con- sciously and with his free will.

-One destroys for the sake of his beliefs; the other tries to understand the beliefs of others and to find beauty in them.

-One is materialistic and totalitarian; the other is idealistic, practical, and purely democratic.

-One collects and stores; the other dis- tributes and shares

I was once asked what happens when a man without a Solar Angel marries a woman who has a Solar Angel; do their children have Solar Angels or not? The answer is that any soul who has a Solar Angel is born with It. The soul who does not have a Solar Angel is born without one. If two people who do not have Solar Angels marry one another, they tend to attract children without Solar Angels. If by chance they have a child who has a Solar Angel, their life will not be easy with that child. The child will eventually leave them, after making numerous attempts to open their heart qualities and inclusiveness. It is also possible for two people who have Solar Angels to have a child who does not have one. These parents will have similar problems; the child will eventually leave them to join those who do not have Solar Angels.

People without Solar Angels have a very strong tendency and urge to be together for protection. They go into business together and share various interests. It is very strange how people without Solar Angels stick to each other better than those who have Solar Angels. Perhaps this is because the Solar Angel works to create synthesis and fusion, rather than grouping.

Fortunately, people without Solar Angels are not a single nation; they are in all nations, in all churches, in all organizations - pursuing the same goals: materialism, totalitarianism, and separatism.

It is important to remember that all those who strive can reach perfection. Those who do not have Solar Angels can achieve the Fourth Initiation and beyond, just as people who have Solar Angels can. It is also possible for a person who has a Solar Angel to fail to reach the Fourth Initiation, or Arhathood. The path toward perfection is open to all.

People without Solar Angels must unfold their heart and cultivate compassion, inclusiveness, and intuition. People with Solar Angels must cultivate reasoning, logic, practicality, and other mental qualities, and strive toward perfection.

Both types of people eventually meet on the Intuitional Plane as brothers. Both of them at this stage do not have Solar Angels, and both of them are in the Light Supernal.

People who do not have Solar Angels think that they are the Solar Angel for the personality, which is comprised of billions of lives divided into the mental, astral, etheric, and physical planes. These billions of lives must proceed on the path of their evolution through the light shed upon them by the human soul himself.

A person who does not have a Solar Angel has a hard time understanding the subjective dialogue which goes on between a human soul and his Solar Angel. Such people have a different psychology and do not experience the intervention of a Solar Angel.

The intervention of the Solar Angel is very subtle. It is not direct or imposed but, because of the very presence of the Solar Angel, with all Its glory, beauty, and wisdom, the person, no matter what he does, at some level measures himself by the standards of the Solar Angel and feels happy or guilty. He feels guilty if he does not meet the standards of the Solar Angel. He feels happy when he cooperates with the standards of his Solar Angel. There is always a dialogue or inner connection between the two poles.

In the case of those who do not have a Solar Angel, they do right or wrong without having an inner reaction or response. Those who do not have a Solar Angel have an orphan psychology. They feel as if there is no one to whom they belong. They do not experience an inner pressure to which they complain or rejoice. They create substitutes. Their wives or husbands carry a heavy load of their complaints and are forced to rejoice with them in the smallest success they have. And if they do not find any substitute, they sink into deep depression.

If they are of average consciousness, they always need someone to tell them what to do. They need constant encouragement to move forward. If they are advanced, they are totally indifferent to praise or rebuke. This is why they can donate ten million dollars without the joy of giving, or commit a serious crime and feel as if nothing has happened. You cannot scold these people. No matter how deeply you try to insult them, they do not feel the slightest impression on their skin. All of this does not mean that they are bad people, merely that they are different from those who have Solar Angels.

People without Solar Angels often act like little children; dependency is very high in them. This is why those who do not have Solar Angels often rule, manipulate, and exploit those who do. In 4 | a sense, an average person who does not have a Solar Angel is more immature than an average person who does. They have a cunning mind, and find ways to cheat those who have Solar Angels, manipulate them, and by so doing, help awaken them to progress.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Karma and Reincarnation