Friday, October 31, 2008

The goal

"It is very interesting that once a person contacts his goal, he has no other choice. It may happen that his goal causes him lots of pain, suffering and difficulty in life, but it does not stop him from doing what he wants to do. The goal increases his willpower and he keeps going on, no matter what happens in the world of his personality.

Each suffering and each victory on the path reveals the goal more clearly, increases the willpower to bless obstacles, increases the joy; and as the person goes forward toward the goal, he eventually becomes the embodiment of that goal. He becomes an ideal to those who look to him as a guiding light. He does not try to impress his image in them but he evokes striving in them toward their own goals."

Symphony of the Zodiac, T. Saraydarian, p. 269

Taking recourse in Light

"You are prepared to run here and there seeking help and remedies for your inner malaise, and yet you never take recourse in the light, this light in which you are immersed. Yes, when you feel tired, discouraged, and disappointed, try to think of the light, this light which impregnates the entire universe. Concentrate on it and imagine that it circulates within you; not only will it purify your psychic organism, but, to some degree, your physical organism as well. As a result you will feel soothed, regenerated, and, as you recover your taste for life, capable of taking up your activities once again.

The most effective method for taking in this light is to give thanks to God and to bless His name. That is why you must get into the habit of repeating several times a day: 'Thank you, thank you, Lord, thank you for life, thank you for the light. May your name be blessed throughout eternity.'"

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Organ Transplants

Reprint from the book: Other Worlds
Chapter 14 "Organ Transplants"
By Torkom Saraydarian

Each human being is charged by what he thinks, feels, and does, and no two human beings are alike. Their organs are the exact mirror of their consciousness and the sum-total of their sphere of vibrations or aura.

To take an organ from someone and plant it in the body of someone else is a dire mistake. This is because that organ carries the weaknesses and the virtues of the person and gradually creates chaos in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies of the surviving person. If the transplantation is successful for a short period, it may change the personality of the victim in the long term.

The transplanted organ carries to the person not only the physical germs of the dead person but also the astral and mental germs, plus the karma of the person and the defects of his subtle bodies.

Very soon people will realize that transplantation can become a hot business, and behind the doors of hospitals people can be butchered to take their organs and sell them for a great price. Greed has its own ways. How will one know if a patient was not killed intentionally to make certain his organs are available for the secret bazaars of the hospitals?

If a person is killed deliberately for his organs, his soul knows it, and after he dies he will want to punish the doctor and the person who paid for his organs. This punishment works by way of obsessing or possessing the recipient and the doctor. Such an act will also delay the evolution of the obsessor, the one whose organ was used.

If one gives his organs deliberately, after he passes on he will be etherically attached to the person who has his organ because his etheric body will be stuck to the live organ in the person. Such an attachment will cause confusion in the consciousness of the person who received the transplant. Eventually he will lose his personality because the etheric body of the donor will come and attach to his etheric body. As a result, the evolution of the one who gave his organ to another person will also be delayed.

The attachment of the etheric body of the dead with the living person will create various complications in the chakras and eventually, in the corresponding organs. For instance, there is a silver thread between the soul and the heart. In changing the heart, the thread links the new person to the soul of the previous owner. This linkage attaches the released sol to the problems of the new owner. The medical profession will see astonishing changes in the psychology of the survivor. These changes will work against the evolution of both the new owner and the one who gave the organ.

When an animal heart is transplanted, the patient will either die within a short time or his Chalice will be damaged by the new animal heart. Being the product of an animal-consciousness, the animal heart will exercise great pressure on the opening Chalice an delay the person’s spiritual evolution for many incarnations. A karmic debt to the animal concerned also adds to the delay.

The most hideous transplantation is related to the heart, animal or human. The heart is the physical organ of the Chalice, and every Chalice has its own development. Some petals are unfolded; some are dormant. When the Chalice is more unfolded, it releases greater energy to the heart, which either assimilates it (if not damaged by the strain of negative emotions and evil acts) or is disturbed by it, developing various organic troubles.

Physical hearts cannot be interchanged because of the uneven development of Chalices. If you transplant a heart that cannot transmit the pressure of the Chalice, the transplanted heart will not survive.

The heart controls the memory. It is the heart that kindles the brain and creates consciousness. In transplanting the heart, one creates chaos in the mechanism of consciousness. When the life thread in the heart contacts the consciousness thread in the brain, memory and consciousness are produced on the physical plane. In transplanting the heart of another person, you are putting in a differently set mechanism whose life thread is in the Spark of the departed soul. What will happen?

If the heart survives, the Spark of the patient will try to withdraw his life thread from his dead heart and plant it in the new heart. The heart will have two life threads, two flows of life energy, which will overload the heart and develop confusion in the memory and consciousness. In addition, the living one will be affected by the experience through which the departed person’s soul is passing.

This will be a psychological mess.

The visible human heart is surrounded by an etheric and astral heart. The heart is not only a piece of flesh, but it also has a sphere of subtle energies that are connecting links between man and spatial centers. Medicine is very ignorant of all of this, and with a hammer and a shovel it is engaged in repairing the most delicate mechanism existing in the world.

The heart can be regulated and cured by working to develop virtues and paying the debts of karma. The heart can be regulated and cured by increasing the psychic energy and using it creatively. The heart can be protected by decreasing the poison in the air, food, water, and earth. As long as pollution and fear are increasing in the world, transplantation of the heart is like the effort of a fly who thinks he can push a dead car on the road.

Medical people know only the physical body and the physical world. They have no idea of the subtle bodies and the Subtle Worlds. That is why the vivisection of animals and now the transplantation of organs have become twenty-first century businesses.

Any organ taken from a body has an etheric and astral counterpart. When an organ is replaced in a certain body, its etheric and astral organs [or counterparts] will reject the new organ, as it is built by the influence of a different psychology. That rejection will cause death to the person, but will not affect the income of the hospitals and doctors!

Instead of transplantation, science must try to find the causes of diseases and eliminate them. Presently, science is digging its own grave.

It will not be surprising to see surgeons on the battlefields digging for the organs of wounded soldiers and trying to rush to the big hospitals in the world to receive their rewards. Consider the serious implications.


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Solve all your problems through meditation

Solve all your problems through meditation. Exchange unprofitable religious speculations for actual God-contact. Clear your mind of dogmatic theological debris; let in the fresh, healing waters of direct perception.

-Lahiri Mahasaya

'Sex freedom'

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 1939. "No amount of argument can make what is commonly termed 'sex freedom' anything else but license for gratification of lower desire. In a more highly evolved race...promiscuous sex relations would be as rare then as are true marriages at the present time.

Fiery World I, 646. Mental disease is caused by numerous other excesses. Smoking, drinking, sexual overindulgence, lack of sleep, overeating, irritation, a wearying depression, envy, treason, and many horrors of darkness cause the overstrain which is ascribed to mental labors.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seeking fulfillment outside ourselves

When an individual seeks fulfillment outside himself, he fails; if he seeks it within himself, he is successful in obtaining it. The divine principle within us is always accessible and always responsive. Pain is felt only as long as attachment or aversion to outer forms remains. Ultimate relief from pain can come only by the effacement of the ego, by the elimination of that which reacts to one thing as pain and to another as pleasure, and whose memory and conditioning sustains the recognition of the dualities of joy and grief.

-Sai Baba

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Automatic writing

Most of the automatic writing is caused by the astral shell of a disembodied human being. Mediums attract such shells who control their hands and give messages according to the degree of development of the soul who left the shell. The majority of these messages have no value and if continued for a few years, one can see how confused the messages become.

It is also possible that a very advanced living person, with the permission of the medium, can occupy the medium's body and use his hand for certain messages, if the medium is not clairaudient or clairvoyant or if the message requires, because of its nature, writing through the medium's hand. Such messages are highly advanced. They have integrity, continuity, pure logic, and deep information about the particular subject. These are very rare cases. They happen when there is a dire need for guidance, and there is a unique medium whose body is pure enough to bear the high tension resulting from being occupied by an advanced soul.

Most of the automatic writings are useless or even less than mediocre. Sometimes the medium can write better things than his "guide" or "spirit." But often mediums are so enslaved with the obsessing "spirit" that they cannot see the mediocrity and the nonsense of the message. Instead of automatic writing, people must go deep into their own inner divinity. In every human being there are treasures which must be brought out into expression.

Some mediums wonder how a shell can know a person's secrets. Suppose the medium has a customer and he wants to test the "spirit" by asking it the customer's father's name. The spirit correctly tells him his father's name and is admired for the "knowledge." For esotericists this is a very simple matter. Because the customer knows hid own father's name, he impresses the shell and the shell reflects the name into the brain of the medium and the medium transmits it to his customer.

What is an astral corpse which is sometimes called an astral shell? An astral corpse is a living elemental which is in the process of disintegration. This process takes time. The more earthly elements the corpse has, the longer it lives. Earthly elements are hate, fear, anger, jealousy, revenge, greed, malice, etc. These are elements which keep it alive or nourished and make it attractive to the sphere of earth. The purer the astral body, the shorter it lives. An astral body may explode and vanish in a second when the soul leaves it on the astral plane.
This semi-living entity operates fully when in the vicinity of human beings, affecting their astral body and trying to control it. Some of them are even absorbed in the astral body of a human being, causing violent and abnormal emotions in the person.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Breakthrough to higher psychism)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Laziness, rest and psychic energy

We are told that one of the corrupting agents of psychic energy is inaction, laziness. When we withdraw into inaction and laziness, psychic energy dissipates and leaves our physical and emotional mechanisms in fatigue, in an exhausted state. People think that rest is inaction and laziness, but the real meaning of rest is equilibrium. In rest you use a different muscle of your body, a different vehicle of your constitution to balance your mechanism and charge the parts that need energy. Whenever the mechanism is balanced, psychic energy regenerates the whole system.

One of the secrets of health is to know how to turn on various parts of the whole mechanism rhythmically.

Psychic energy passes from one person to another through their handshake and other contacts, even through eye contact.

Psychic energy condenses in our nerve channels and emanates through our palms and fingers. People can heal others, if they have enough psychic energy, not only through their hands but also through their eyes.

All true psychic powers are the fruit of psychic energy.
Without psychic energy one can perform "miracles" but not the miracle of enlightening, transforming others, and revealing in them the sleeping Divine Presence.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't treat people like expendable throw away things

There is truth in our relationships when we are on the higher path. We are honest with our loved ones. We don't treat people like expendable throw away things. If you live in truth then much of the problems of this world would cease to exist. We would not go to war in the name of one God against another God when we really want to acquire the things of the enemy. And this leads to the second part of my message...Simplicity.


Sufi legend: the lost horse

Many years ago in a poor Chinese village, there lived a peasant with his son. His only material possession, apart from some land and a small straw hut, was a horse he had inherited from his father.

One day, the horse ran off, leaving the man with no animal with which to till the land. His neighbors - who respected him greatly for his honesty and diligence - came to his house to say how much they regretted what had happened. He thanked them for their visit, but asked:- How can you know that what has happened has been a misfortune in my life?

Someone mumbled to a friend: "he can't accept reality, let him think what he wants, as long as he isn't saddened by what happened."

And the neighbors went off, pretending to agree with what they had heard.

A week later, the horse returned to the stable, but it was not alone; it brought with it a fine mare for company. Upon hearing this, the villagers - who were flustered since they now understood the answer the man had given them - returned to the peasant's house, in order to congratulate him on his good fortune. Before you had only one horse, and now you have two. Congratulations! - they said.

Many thanks for your visit and for all your concern - answered the peasant. - But how can you know that what has happened has been a blessing in my life?

Disconcerted, and thinking he must be going mad, the neighbors went off, and on the way commented: "does he really not understand that God has sent him a gift?"

A month later, the peasant's son decided to tame the mare. But the animal unexpectedly reared up and the boy fell and broke his leg.

The neighbors returned to the peasant's house - bringing gifts for the wounded boy. The mayor of the village offered his condolences to the father, saying that all were very sad at what had happened.

The man thanked them for their visit and their concern, but asked: How can you know that what has happened has been a misfortune in my life?

They were all astonished to hear this, since no one could be in any doubt that the accident of a son was a real tragedy. As they left the peasant's house, some said to others: "he really has gone mad; his only son might limp forever, and he is still in doubt about whether what happened is a misfortune."

Some months passed, and Japan declared war on China. The Emperor's envoys traveled throughout the land in search for healthy young men to be sent to the battle front. Upon arrival in the village, they recruited all the young men except the peasant's son, whose leg was broken.

None of the young men returned alive. The son recovered, the two animals bred and their offspring were sold at a good price. The peasant began visiting his neighbors to console and help them, - since they had at all times been so caring. Whenever one of them complained, the peasant said: "how do you know it is a misfortune?" If anyone become overjoyed, he asked: "how do you know it is a blessing?" And the men in that village understood that beyond appearances, life often has other meanings.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Acquiring psychic powers

No one can claim that he is a true psychic unless he uses all his powers and abilities for the service of humanity and for the fulfillment of the Hierarchical Plan.

All psychic powers that some individuals have cultivated by mechanical ways and means will increase the suffering and pain on earth, if the foundation of their power is not the unfoldment of the Divine Presence in them. This unfoldment expresses itself as pure intelligence and an all embracing love and the power to keep the personality in line with the spiritual goals.

It is very interesting to know that higher psychic powers are concealed in higher mysteries. They cannot be taken by our endeavors, or efforts, but they can be given to us if we are able to stand at the portals and knock on the doors. Those who give us the higher powers at the time of our initiation into higher mysteries meet in council, check our past records, see our future, and only then, if agreed, bestow higher powers upon us. To have higher powers means to be connected with higher centers of energy.

This is exactly the opposite of the cravings of those who sit and wait for psychic development and prepare many future incarnations for themselves full of pain, suffering, and frustration.

In the real spiritual evolution, you cannot enter into the higher mysteries until you are considered worthy by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the Head of which is Christ.
This does not mean that we will wait and not strive. It means just the opposite. We must purify our physical, emotional and mental life, engage ourselves in sacrificial service, prove to ourselves that we are deeply interested in the welfare of one humanity, live a creative life, and expand our consciousness through meditation and service - and soon we will find ourselves led to the door of the Mysteries. At that stage the electrical network has been organized in us. They will turn the switches on if we are worthy to pass through the gate. It is very interesting to know that at the gate we will be enlightened to such a degree that we will see for ourselves if we are worthy to enter.

One may ask, "How did the followers of the left hand path, such as the Black Magicians, develop psychic powers?" The answer is that the Black Lodge, seeing that some people cultivated enough indifference to the sufferings of humanity, bestowed on them the astral and mental equivalents of machine guns, poison gases, chemical weapons, atomic bombs, powers that can violate privacy, insecticides, pesticides, and other such powers and taught them how to use these.

The point I want to stress is that the powers of the Black Magicians are not the result of their unfoldment. But the power of the White Magician is the extension of his True Self. The White Magician wins. The White Magician earns his powers. The Black Magician receives them. The White Magician does the work with his own powers. The Black Magician works with the power of the Black Lodge and its servants. That is why, when the Black Lodge takes away the power from a Black Magician, he becomes an ordinary man, but when a White Magician develops his powers, no power can take them away. His powers are parts of the Self.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Breakthrough to Higher Psychism)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Using our senses and psychic powers

In order to use our senses for the highest service, they must operate in the increasing light of our intelligence, love, and willpower.

Senses can operate by themselves, or they can be used by other forces. For example, our senses can operate automatically, responding to the stimuli coming from the outer or inner world. They can operate by the force of accumulated impressions within them. They can be operated by certain entities - etheric, astral, and mental - or they can even be operated by evil entities or forces.

One of our duties is to make our senses belong to us and not let them be used by outer stimuli or entities. If our senses are under the control of "strangers," then how can we refine them and use them for the service of humanity?

In unfolding our psychic powers, we gradually become free. We are no longer trapped by entities who are blind and unintelligent in the etheric, astral and lower mental planes and who often obsess and possess people, making them believe that they are higher psychics. The truth is that such mediums not only damage themselves but also mislead others and build a heavy karma for themselves in future lives.

Psychics must be highly educated and intelligent persons; they must even have advanced degrees from universities. They must study and expand their consciousness through steady and continuous meditation.

Every psychic must develop his love nature. Unless he is an embodiment of love, higher psychics powers like those which Christ had cannot unfold in him. Christ is in every one of us because He loves us.

The smallest lack of love, the smallest sign of the lack of love, is like a hole in your vessel while sailing the oceans. In the open seas your vessel will sink because of accumulated actions taken without love or against love.

Every psychic must be tested for his willpower before he is allowed to work with people. A psychic who has no control over his powers will be defeated by these very same powers.
What happens when you have certain psychic powers, but do not have control over them nor upon your bodies? The answer is that different entities use your mechanisms instead of you. Every power that is not under your control can be used by other forces, entities, even beings antagonistic to you. Such entities will mislead you and delay your evolution by leading you from place to place, and by engaging you in different labors that contradict your basic plan and vision in life.

You remember how Christ ordered the winds and waves of the sea to calm down - and they did. This was evidence that His will power was cultivated to such a degree that it was totally under His control. He did not use entities to do things. He had thousands of Angels around Him but did not use them. He did everything with the power of His Father - the presence of the Most High with Him.

What all psychics must strive for is not to depend on entities and spirits but to depend on the divinity that is within them.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Breakthrough to Higher Psychism)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sufi saint

One day, the Sufi saint prayed to God.
"Oh God, You are so wonderful. You have created marvellous things in this world. Yet, in this beautiful world created by You, there is so much misery, suffering, pain, violence and what not. Why don't You do something about it?"

"I have done something," replied God. "You have done something? Where is that? What is that? I don't see it," said the Sufi saint in reply.

God then slowly whispered, "Son, I created you!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you want to know if you truly love others?

"For most human beings, to love means to ask, to demand, to require. Yes, literally! This is how people conduct themselves with the Lord, and also with those they claim to love: they pursue them with their demands and, no matter what they receive, they are never satisfied.

Do you want to know if you truly love others? Then, here is a simple criterion: do you feel grateful to them? If you ask nothing of them, if you are moved to thank them in words - or merely in your thoughts - simply because they are there, because they exist, then yes, you can be sure that you love them. Otherwise, describe your feelings however you wish, but this is not love."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Astral corpses and higher impressions

The purer is our nature, the clearer will be our reception and translation of impressions coming from higher sources. A person whose physical, emotional, and mental bodies are full of hindrances and impurities will change the nature of an impression and even misuse it, hurting himself and others.

Many physical, emotional and mental sicknesses are the result of contacting higher energies but not being ready for them. Unreadiness means your mechanisms are not able to record and translate properly the incoming inspirations and impressions and are therefore mistranslating them. This is a major cause of the illnesses of psychics.

Another cause of illnesses for psychics is astral corpses. Some mediums contact such corpses. When an astral entity dies in the astral plane, he leaves his astral body in the astral world, and this corpse is slowly attracted to the physical plane, especially through mediums. This astral corpse contains all its impressions while it was on earth. These impressions are like tapes which play back through the mental recorder of the medium. The medium thinks that it is an entity that is talking to him or impressing him, but it is nothing but an astral corpse.

The computer of the medium's mind automatically puts these tapes in playback position through associating certain of his own thought-currents to these tapes.

Such a corpse does not stay too long and decays in the astral body of the medium, contaminating him with various sicknesses. Also, it smells very bad, and the medium cannot understand how that malodor emanates from his own body.

Astral corpses also are carried by the dark forces to the rooms of those who do not have a clean life, and there they gradually decompose.

Mediums must be very careful not to hook such corpse because the price they pay is very high.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Psychic senses

Psyche means human soul. Each of us is a psyche, a human soul, and the powers of the soul are our own powers.
The soul, the human soul, is located on various levels in our constitution. The higher the level or plane the soul is on, the more evolved he is and the more psychic powers he has.
If you are focused only in your physical body, you have physical powers which are your senses.

Your five senses are psychic powers, powers of the soul. The Spark builds these senses over millions of years during each racial period in which you incarnated many, many times. In the first Race your hearing was developed. In the second Race your touch was developed. in the third Race your sight was built; in the fourth, taste; in the fifth, smell.

Just as you have senses on the physical plane, you also have senses in the emotional body, in the mental body, and in higher bodies.
Real psychic senses are emotional and mental senses, and higher psychic senses are the senses of still higher bodies.

Our physical senses are not yet used to serve humanity. A very small amount of people use their senses to do this. Most people use their senses for their own survival and pleasure. A day will come in which people will use their senses for the service of all people.
We must take the time to think how our senses can be used for others as tools of service.
Every time our consciousness is focused on a higher plane, the senses and centers of that plane come into action, evolve, and bloom - provided that they are used properly.

It is interesting to know that our vision is not one hundred percent active. People do not know that they can improve their sight, their vision. The eyes of a simple man and the eyes of an artist are not at the same degree of evolution. This is true for all our senses.
Senses evolve. Our hearing can evolve, our smell can evolve, but unfortunately we have no courses in universities on how to evolve and refine our senses.

Also, we can improve our subtle senses, the senses in the astral and mental planes. Senses evolve and refine in proportion to our expanding consciousness and psychic purity.
To refine means to make our psychic powers operate in their higher gears or in their higher potentials on every plane of our constitution.
Refinement requires that everyday we gradually transcend ourselves, making our senses improve and work at their highest capacity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Breakthrough to Higher Psychism)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Psychic powers

Some people are proud of their astral or etheric powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience, but they do not know that these powers are inherited from the animal kingdom. Most animals are astrally clairaudient and clairvoyant. This does not make them superior to man. Some clairaudient and clairvoyant people thing they are superior to their fellow beings!

Astral clairaudience and clairvoyance in animals are important powers for them. In human beings astral or etheric clairvoyance and clairaudience are hindrances and problem producing factors because these interfere with the intellect and prevent it from growing and unfolding. In addition, human lower psychic powers are used by astral entities to bring more confusion to people's lives.

This is why great Teachers advise us not to be captivated by our lower psychic powers but to devote ourselves to cultivating our intellect, then our Intuition, steadily trying to expand our consciousness with scientific education, meditation and service. Service especially makes us realize how limited we are and how much knowledge and intellect we need to enable us to serve humanity.

When we begin to cultivate our mind, we see that lower psychic powers slowly disappear, but other higher powers come onto the horizon of our being. These are the mental and Intuitional senses and powers which, as we eventually unfold, lead us toward superhuman evolution.

To sum up, to be higher psychics we need to cultivate our intelligence to the highest degree we can. We must cultivate our love-wisdom and develop our will-power to gain mastery over our lower self. Then we will use all our talents, our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our actions for the service of humanity.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Breakthrough to Higher Psychism)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

There is only bliss everywhere

The entire world is pervaded with bliss. There is no trace of sorrow anywhere. But you may not agree with Me. You say, "Swami, you do not see sorrow, but we see it everywhere." Whether you see or I see, there is only bliss everywhere. As you think of only sorrow forgetting the bliss, you find only sorrow. But I don't find sorrow anywhere. I see only bliss, bliss and bliss alone.

When we are the embodiments of Divinity, how can we ever be afflicted with sorrow? You are afflicted with sorrow because you don't realise the temporary nature of the world. Whatever you see and experience is only the reflection of God ".

-Sai Baba

Responsibilities of women

Women not only have a unique role to play with their family, but also a unique responsibility:
  1. to protect life
  2. to protect the right development of life
  3. to evoke the highest latent in man
  4. to protect beauty
  5. to protect peace and harmony
  6. to protect the agelong fruits of the labor of humanity
  7. to protect the Teaching from degeneration
  8. to encourage the best in all fields
  9. to strive towards the future
  10. to learn and teach the laws of sacrifice and service
  11. to produce the highest survival techniques
  12. to inspire creativity in all fields
  13. to reveal the future possibilities of life after death
  14. to explain the law of love and compassion
It is very beautiful to see women fighting for women's rights, but it would be even greater if women would form a new group, a new organization, which would reveal to humanity the responsibilities of women and fight to restore those conditions in which women would be able to perform their responsibilities.

People have begun to work seriously against pollution, attempting to safeguard the life in the sea, the life in the air, the life in the forest, the life in the vegetable kingdom - trees, flowers, bushes - safeguarding the life of humanity.

What a great thing women have to do, preserving life, protecting life. If they engage in such a task they will make tremendous strides in the world protecting life, instead of organizing dances until morning, going to bingo clubs and sitting for many hours in front of the television set. Women can organize groups and organizations that make their voices heard all over the world declaring that life must be protected. They will affirm: "Man does not know the damage he is doing to life, and therefore we will not let him continue polluting the world. Woman is the protector of life." But if we have women who are not educated and open to such principles, to such responsibilities, then it is useless for them to bring children into our world because their children will work against life.

Woman has a certain magical, mysterious way in which she evokes the best in a man. Woman is more advanced physiologically and spiritually than man, but the best the woman can bring out of the man is the best the woman has in her. She is just like a magnet, for when she touches a man, when she talks to a man, when she smiles at a man, that man feels he is getting more sublimated, more transformed because of her contact. When we speak of contact, we are not speaking of "technique." For example, one day I met a teacher who was teaching the girls how to be "magnetic", and she was saying, "Walk like this, look like this, and fix your hair this way." She was really technically teaching them. Then I asked her, "Have you had any results?" "Curiously enough," she said, "there were results but they did not last." This is what I wanted to know. Why isn't it lasting? Because it is artificial, a technique.

A woman must have greatness in her to bring greatness out of others. Woman must build that greatness, build that beauty, build that creative mechanism within herself so that her creative magnetism pulls the beauty out of man. If a man has the magic hand of a woman, the magic love of a woman, he will be transformed. Many, many medical expenses can be spared, many legal expenses can be stopped if the man has an understanding, compassionate, loving woman who is highly educated and highly transformed in her inner being.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Woman, Torch of the Future)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A wasted word is a wasted energy

... There was another interesting custom. The children were trained at home to speak only when needed. The parents used to say that a wasted word is a wasted energy, and nothing distorts the mind more easily than words used without purpose or for babbling and yakking. When an individual was much too talkative, people would consider him or her empty of real values or full of dishonest motives.

-Torkom Saraydarian
(Woman, Torch of the Future)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sexual Abuse and Its Effects - Torkom Saraydarian

It is an esoteric fact that waste of sexual energy burns certain parts of the mental mechanism. No one else can determine for you how often it is healthy for you to have sex; only the physical and psychological results reveal this to you.

Those engaged in higher creative work and abstract thinking must conserve sexual energy. They will then notice how creativity, understanding and higher inspiration are developing successfully. If sexual energy is saved or economically used, it helps to develop the personality.

Sexual energy is spread throughout the aura. It creates the magnetic mechanism which secures higher impressions. If this substance is weak, disturbed, or even absent, impressions are not correctly secured, and with incorrect reception, confused interpretation results.

I remember a person who came to my Teacher in the monastery and asked for help. “My mind is not together,” he said. “I am becoming lazy, diffused, forgetful and irritable. I have many problems.” The Teacher looked into his eyes and asked, “How many women do you love?” “Three,” he answered. “You need to stay in the monastery for six months to restore your brain,” the Teacher said.

The man stayed in the monastery after making arrangements to take care of his family. He attended classes and participated in sacred dances, sports and labour. The Teacher did not let him have a moment’s rest from 5:00 am until 10:00 pm. The results were amazing. He became a new man.

I remember the Teacher saying to him, “Excessive sex disturbs the rhythm and harmony of your mental atoms and you hallucinate instead of think. It even causes visual deceptions. The section of your mind that records events mixes the events of the past and present and you experience mental chaos. You develop hypocrisy an eventually you hate yourself.”

Intercourse is a process of fusion with a person of the opposite sex. This fusion is physical, emotional and mental. When you fuse with someone else, you share each other’s karma. One person’s karma becomes two people’s karma through sexual relations, which can be good or bad. That is why you must have sexual relations with only one partner so that you do not load yourself with the karma and pollution of many others. Sexual relations multiply our karma and sometimes make us indebted to the other person forever. Their karma ties us to them until we pay it.

The Teaching says it is best to have only one wife or husband. In this way a couple can gradually build real fusion or unity on all levels. This is the goal of marriage.

The average person is not able to be truly strict in his sexual behaviour. It is better for a person on the spiritual path who is dedicated to a great service to have fewer burdens and debts. We must not forget that advancement on the path and expansion of our field of service is in direct proportion to the degree of our karmic debt. Often people who are ready to enter higher levels of consciousness are prevented from doing so by past karma and are chained to a routine life.

Having multiple sexual partners increases your ties. Often these ties prevent you from having freedom to advance in service. Those who stay together for longer periods or even for many lives, evoke deeper beauty from each other. Those who are married and have affairs with others create serious complications in their families, especially in the lives of their children.

Those who want to go forwards on the path of spiritual evolution must be very discriminative in their sexual life. Sex is a powerful and precious energy which must not be wasted. Intercourse must be an effort to contact the highest within each other and to provide vehicles for incoming souls or for precipitating higher ideas and visions.

Masturbation is an abuse of sexual energy. Masturbation is very unhealthy for men, women and children. It creates a tremendous pressure in the grey matter of the brain; the pineal and pituitary glands are affected, and mental concentration is weakened.

If a person feels an urge to masturbate, an excellent remedy is to wash the sexual organs or to douche with acidophilus. Acidophilus stops sexual stimulation because it disinfects germs and microbes that create artificial sexual stimulation. Even children who want to masturbate should wash with acidophilus.

There is a great difference between intercourse and masturbation. In intercourse the man’s aura and the woman’s aura mix, and their etheric, emotional and mental counterparts slowly adjust with each other, filling the reservoir with the creative sexual energy used during intercourse. In masturbation, the reservoir of energies which creates and replenishes the sexual energy is not formed. In masturbation, one draws upon his reserves and wastes them. So much pressure is put on the grey matter of the brain from the depletion of energies brought about by masturbation that lack of concentration, lack of daring and creativity, and even insanity can result.

In healthy sexual intercourse, the man absorbs the woman’s energies and the woman absorbs the man’s energies. The energy which is absorbed replaces the secretions released during intercourse. That energy creates etheric energy which recharges the blood. In masturbation there is no exchange or absorption of energies; there is only loss. Furthermore, during masturbation a person creates sexual thoughtforms which are difficult to eliminate.

Another form of sexual abuse which is very harmful is oral sex. Oral sex destroys the aura’s equilibrium and harmonious vibration. If a woman gives fellatio to the man, it causes her to absorb the man’s energy without returning any. There is no etheric and astral exchange in this way.

In some medical books I have read that semen is a tremendous nourishment for women in oral sex. Women may benefit, but men eventually collapse. Men develop serious diseases when they lose energy without replenishment. One doctor cited the case of a man who became very nervous, lost weight, and eventually lost control of his mind because of oral sex.

Oral sex can be very dangerous for the woman, as her mouth absorbs any germs or disorders from the man’s physical organs and sex center. Also, because the throat center has a different, higher vibration than the sex center, it can become damaged from this incorrect merging. Men also absorb germs and damage their throat centers by engaging in oral sex.

Never let any man kiss your genitals or your breasts. Gum disease or decaying teeth carry infection to your organs or breasts. The breasts absorb germs and viruses from bleeding gums which weaken the woman and make her susceptible to disease. For similar reasons women should never let men touch them with unwashed hands during sexual relations.

Oral sex is a sign of retrogression, of going towards bestiality. It creates terrible interference between the throat and sex centers when they are forced into intercourse. In oral sex the throat center mixes with the etheric sex center and creates tremendous complications. Putting one’s throat center in contact with the sex center of another, lowers the frequency of the throat center and creative energy is lost.

In animals the throat and sex centers form a single unit, one not yet differentiated into two, as in the human being. This means that oral sex does not hurt animals while it does hurt human beings. The human throat center is the blooming of the sublimated sex center; it is the higher counterpart of the sex center.

A woman who practices oral sex pollutes her throat center with the low, coarse vibrations of the sex center, creating imbalance in her system. If a woman is highly advanced creatively, an artist or a singer, a year or two of oral sex may cause serious problems in her sexual organs. Most women I know who have had hysterectomies have practiced oral sex.

Oral sex alters the auras of both partners. The man becomes more feminine and the woman becomes more masculine. This happens because in oral sex the woman channels to the man the female principle and the man channels to the woman the male principle.

Certain ways of kissing are also very damaging. When you kiss by sucking each other’s tongue and the insides of the mouth, you infect yourself with microbes. All the germs and weaknesses of the body are carried in saliva. Some eye diseases stem from problems in the sexual organs. Through such kissing, blood diseases are also transmitted. Sometimes tuberculosis microbes are dormant in the organs and are transmitted to others and become active.

Men sometimes have intercourse but do not ejaculate as a method of birth control, or because they think they are saving their energies. This is a very harmful action. When a man’s penis is stimulated, the body creates excess seminal fluid to be used in the orgasm. When this fluid is not released, it accumulates and puts pressure on the testes and other glands. This accumulated pressure throws the whole body out of balance, causing the etheric counterpart of the sexual organs to swell etherically.

I spoke with several men who had their testes removed because of tumour or cancer, and all said they had practiced withholding ejaculation for a long time.

Some people think that a way to increase energy is to enjoy sex without orgasm. Such sex does not increase the etheric energy; on the contrary, the pressure on the sexual organs becomes so intense that after a few years those organs start to degenerate. Those who have intercourse without orgasm dig their own graves.

A certain group I knew experimented in this kind of sex. At first they felt very good. I told them to wait for two years before forming a conclusion. At the end of that period many of them had developed tumours and other sexual problems. Any abuse of Nature causes disease. We must learn not to exploit Nature.

Most weakness is not caused by lack of energy, but from excessive energy or congestion. We think we can fool Nature and draw pleasure from it without using energy, but we cannot fool Nature. If a man does not want to ejaculate, he should not become sexually stimulated.

Intercourse in the early morning is also very damaging. Many heart problems stem from early-morning intercourse. When you have sex in the morning your energy is exhausted, but you must get up and go to work, handle problems and deal with daily stress. Because you are exhausted you become irritated more easily.

If you have a headache in the morning after having intercourse the night before, it is a sign that something is wrong. There can be many causes for it, so you must find the right one. The headache could be caused by lack of energy. The sexual act is related to the liver, the heart, the brain, the spinal fluid and every chakra.

In the mental body there is also a sex center which is related to everything that you are. This center can be damaged in various ways and cause impotency or a feeling of sexual rejection. For example, if during intercourse you are shocked by bad news, an explosion or some kind of interference, this center closes up and is often damaged. If your partner creates jealousy, irritation, or disturbances in you by talking about other women or men while you are having sex, the sex center in the mental body becomes damaged. If the damage is serious enough, you first feel sexual repulsion; then you develop impotency or frigidity.

Many people now claim that it is healthy and natural for parents to have sex in front of their children. Such behaviour is very destructive for the children’s future. When a child watches his parents have intercourse, he does not become stimulated at that time because his sex center is closed and there is no response from it. But the image or thoughtform of sex is stored in his mind. Later, when the child’s sex center starts to become active, that sexual thoughtform will rush to the center, obsess it and urge him to have sex because of the image of his parents’ sexual intercourse. This happens anywhere between the ages of ten and fifteen and it is one of the causes of premature sexual stimulation in children. When such children become sexually mature, they feel so much pressure from the images accumulated in them that they are not able to control their sexual urges.

Rape is another form of sexual abuse. A man who rapes a woman is drinking a cup of poison. When a man forces a woman to have sex with him, her aura becomes poisonous for him. All the irritation, imperil, negativity, and karmic poisons in the aura of the woman enter the aura of the man. The rapist becomes even more sick mentally; he starts to fail in his business and he becomes a greater problem to society.

Sexual abuse has the following effects on the physical body:
1. Sexual abuse causes the body to lose its immune system, its defence mechanism against disease. As soon as you see that you are absorbing germs, refrain from sex so that you can refill your reservoir.
2. Sexual abuse weakens the nervous system and makes you shaky. Test whether you are having too much sex by stretching out your fingers and seeing if they tremble. Another test is to see whether you can stand on one foot without leaning, wobbling or moving at all.
3. Sexual abuse makes people lazy and sleepy and leads to inertia. When people complain that they cannot find a job, I ask them how often they have sex. Once they abstain for three or four months, usually the right job is waiting for them.
Whenever you want more sleep, it is usually because you lack energy. Sleep is the body’s automatic response mechanism to save energy. Tiredness is not always caused by waste of sexual energy, but wasting sexual energy is characterized by tiredness. Laziness is another effect of wasting sexual energy. When you conserve sexual energy, it is easy to wake up early, get chores done quickly, and do all the things you need to do. You have enthusiasm and interest, not only for your own activities, but also for your spouse, family and friends.
Enthusiasm and interest are operated solely on the fuel of sexual energy. If you do not have the fuel of sexual energy, you are an interesting or an interested person.
4. With sexual abuse the colour of the body becomes pale and the tissue around the eyes becomes dark; the voice becomes hoarse, lower and unclear, and it loses its energy. Singers immediately notice the effects of sexual abuse. I knew a great voice teacher in the Middle East who had a special soprano student with an outstanding voice. One day the student told the teacher she was going to be married. The teacher told her, “I hope you will be moderate in sex because if you are not, you may lose your voice.” The woman married a young man, did not follow her teacher’s advice, and gradually lost the outstanding quality of her voice.
Singing is related to the sex and throat centers. To be a great singer does not mean that you can never have sex, however, you cannot waste your energy and continue to be a great singer.
5. Sexual abuse leads to impotency at an early age. I have counselled thousands of people and most of their problems stem from impotency and frigidity. These are two of the major causes for divorce. Usually when I inquire into the background of such people, I find that they started having sex when very young.
Every real genius and server of humanity has control over and sublimation of his sex drive. A well-known Russian ballet dancer once told me that he had sex with his wife only once a month or once every two months. “It’s because I can’t dance if I have it more often,” he said. The energy and the elasticity for dancing come from the accumulation of sexual energy.
6. Because of sexual abuse, weaknesses develop in our relationships with others. Those who can live together the longest are those who economize their sexual energy. The ties of relationships slowly weaken and dissolve when sexual energy is wasted.
7. A person who abuses sex may have weak or retarded offspring, or offspring who have a strong inclination toward sex at an early age.
Whatever you are, you will produce the same kind. Such energies are so embedded in your aura that you will pass these same urges and drives on to your children. A normal child does not even think about sex until age sixteen or seventeen.
8. Sexual abuse leads to sickness and problems in life.
9. If a person’s body is still growing when he starts to abuse his sexual energy, his body will not reach its full height. A child who abuses sexual energy will often stop growing after age sixteen. This is a very serious condition, when we consider that normally a young woman can grow until age twenty-seven.
10. Sexual abuse weakens the eyesight.
11. Sexual abuse weakens the heart and may lead the person to heart disease.
12. Sexual abuse may lead to cancer. The cells of the body work overtime to replace the energy drained by sexual abuse.
13. Sexual abuse may lead to various others organic difficulties.
14. Those who abuse their sexual energy live twenty to thirty years less than they normally would have. I know may men who died young, in their thirties and forties, as a result of wasting sexual energy, particularly through masturbation.
15. Sexual abuse damages the pineal, pituitary and carotid glands.
The emotional effects of sexual abuse are:
1. nervousness
2. the urge to gossip
3. nosiness
4. irritability
5. destructiveness
6. indifference to responsibility and duties
7. desire to steal and an inclination toward crime
8. jealousy
9. selfishness
10. pessimism
11. a sense of isolation and wanting to be alone
12. hatred for the beauty in others
13. sneakiness
14. loss of magnetism of the aura
The mental effects of sexual abuse are:
1. loss of moral principles
2. no drive for achievement
3. lack of striving to know, to serve, to lead
4. mental diffusion
5. no higher goals
6. no contact with the Inner Guide
7. attempting to exploit people
8. misleading others
9. development of hatred and separatism
10. lying
11. vanity
12. showing off
13. various complicated mental problems and insanity coming to the surface
The spiritual effects of sexual abuse include the following:
1. The person is prevented from contacting higher spiritual energies. Celibacy is important before expansion of consciousness and initiations.
2. The knowledge petals lose energy and cannot unfold. As a result, wisdom is lacking on the three levels of the personality and the person falls into confusion. (The knowledge petals are found in each personality vehicle as a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom). When these petals are burned by sexual abuse, the person hears voices from the etheric and astral planes and no longer has control over his own speech.
3. The person can become obsessed.
4. The throat center becomes damaged.
5. Creative energy decreases in the mental body and the person cannot formulate or evoke higher concepts.
6. Ugly imagination develops.
7. The aura becomes polluted and contact with the forces of Nature is hindered. The aura is the mechanism of impressions. Only a pure aura is magnetic enough to allow the person to be approached by devas or Masters.
8. Telepathic communication stops.
9. Karma drastically increases for the person.
10. Relationships become very complicated.
11. Their children’s future is ruined.

When a person wastes sexual energy, he depletes love energy. This leads to depression, failure, destructive activities, irresponsibility, degenerative diseases, and even suicide. With a mind bereft of health, sanity and balance, the person introduces anti-survival directions into the seven fields of human endeavour. Politics becomes corrupted. Education is reduced to manipulation. Communication becomes a science of cleavages. Art falls into prostitution. Religion turns into fanaticism. Economics creates deficits and depression.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Sex, Family and the Woman in Society