Monday, June 24, 2013

Abortive works - Doing things perfectly

Inner perfection is achieved by trying to make our actions perfect. If we do not try to make our actions perfect, the inner potentials cannot manifest. We can take the inner potentials under our control only when we learn to manifest them in their perfection.

Manifestation makes the Unmanifested One exist. This is why we must do things perfectly in our daily life as much as we can, remembering that in every work done perfectly a part of our greatness is manifesting and taking existence.

The wheel of incarnation turns again and again and brings us there where we were if we do not learn our lessons. And the greatest lesson is to do things perfectly as far as we can.

This means that most of our suffering, pain and problems are the result of our actions that were not performed consciously, wholeheartedly, and under our whole attention.

People are often absent during their actions. Their bodies, emotions, and thoughts work mechanically, but they are not there. Actions under such conditions produce abortive works.

Each time one has an abortion, he not only destroys the form for which he worked for a long time but also damages his psychic mechanism, and he is forced again and again into similar circumstances to have a perfect “baby.”

Thus not only are physical abortions facts, but also abortions of many other kinds. For example, you do not perform your duty, you escape from responsibility, write a stupid letter, do the cleaning halfway, type with ten mistakes, you do not sew your skirt in a good way, you do not repair machinery as needed, you failed to defend a friend in court, failed in your office of presidency, you failed to put all the beauty with which you are equipped into your book, you do not do perfect editing, you do not put your whole heart into your job, or you failed to educate your children and make them the best human beings. These are all abortions, and you will be forced to go back and tread the same path with a better walk. This is what life is.

Some people hesitate to engage themselves in certain jobs, with the excuse that they cannot do them perfectly. This is not what we are talking about. Perfection is reached by doing things with the intention to do them perfectly. Intention is a very important word here. Even if you fail, your intention to succeed will lift you to a higher level.

Those who do things carelessly, with no intention of doing them perfectly, will lower their efficiency and face more problems.

A Great One once said, “I must see you in all your works.” The inner beauty must shine in al our activities, and this is what it is trying to do in the course of evolution – to help you to be in your manifestation that which you are in your unmanifested state. The approximation of these two poles takes ages because the distance between them is not a short one.

This distance is the Path, is the life span of the Monad, on which he must travel and evolve and unfold until he meets Himself at the end of the Path – like the snake that bites its tail and makes itself perfect – as a circle without a beginning and an end.

A half-done work creates karma, and karma forces us to do it again.

My Mother used to say that our duties are our debts. By paying our debts, you release yourself from your duties. Hence, do things as well as you can.

The feeling of satisfaction and joy which we have after doing something with all our heart and might is the greatest healing power that Nature gives us.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Law of Decay

People think that to enjoy the life it is better to deceive oneself and impose the idea that things do not decay and life will proceed in the garden of youth, prosperity, reputation, and happiness. Actually such an attitude contains the seeds of all future disappointments and unhappiness.

Children must learn from the age of three that new things will be old and disappear. All forms of life will decay eventually and vanish. They must learn to detach from forms and life in a state of consciousness which is not disturbed by such changes. Teach them how to adapt themselves to change, to decay, and to the renewal process without identification. They must learn that there is no condition that will not pass. If they learn this fact, they will feel deep joy that comes from the realization that they are, in a sense, the Changeless One.

If the Law of Decay is taught to children, they will be protected from the hundreds of shocks they will have during their life and avoid dire consequences for the future. Most psychological and physical problems are the effect of shocks: shocks related to change of conditions, health changes, age changes, death, separation, and so on. Teaching the Law of Decay will build the observer in them who is above all changes of decay and disintegration.

A new generation of people who is aware of the Law of Decay will be a generation with freedom, non-attachment, peace, understanding, respect for the forms that they recently have had and non-attachment to the forms which are ready to be old and disappear.

Greed, materialism, separation, and attachment are the causes of wars, are the causes of increasing taxes, are the causes of psychological and physical diseases.

The Law of Let It Go must be intelligently explained in the light of karma and reincarnation, and it must be emphasized that there is no permanency in the Cosmic Physical Plane. All is subject to change, decay, and annihilation. A culture and civilization based on such a fact can produce superhuman beings who know how to live in the Universe. The Law of Decay opens the vision of future regeneration to those who stand detached in life.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The killing must stop. You must not play with the law of nature

The one that chooses to destroy, will, one day, be slain by his own destruction. The one that chooses to victimize the innocent, will, one day, be the victim of his own weakness and will face the strength of innocence and goodness. Know that one day, when the sun will set, the gloom of your darkness will come to haunt you, with no promise of any sunrise tomorrow. The memory of each slaying will flash before you, and you will face the torture of the past in your present with a future that shakes and tremors with the fear of the unknown punishment that lies ahead.

The killing must stop, or more of your blood will be shed for every drop of blood you spilled in vain! You must not play with the law of nature. Yes! Each animal that sacrifices the beating of his heart for the simple desire of taste, will, one day, plead its justice in the court of God! Every animal that you killed, will leave his stain of blood on your hands. It is you, that I blame for giving the butcher his occupation. It is you, that I blame for allowing those who raise animals only to brutally kill them, one day. It is you, that I blame for encouraging others with your bribe of money to incur sin of killing the ones that cannot defend themselves against the power of your evil. By ingesting a poor animal, you have spoken of your own superiority over them. You have proven to Me that your kindness and compassion is only selective and not for all. With every platter of sinful food, you have refused to recognize My omnipresence in all, at all times. You have left the God within you starving, and the one that has been left with no food, has not been able to function or reveal Himself to you.

Always remember, that the ones that cannot speak and cannot defend themselves are always in My protection. The one that gave up his life for you will surely come back to Me, but be afraid, My dears, of what will happen to you. How can the mind be silenced with peace, when it walks today with several accusations of brutal murders? All that you ingest will manifest in your behavior and attitude. Your pride of superiority will bend, when one day, you too, will behave like an animal that lacks control and is attached to the leash of his own karma's. Food is the fuel that allows your body, which is the instrument, to function at its fullest potential. If a wrong fuel is fed to the machine, the machine will only begin to malfunction. Similarly, the instrument that is given to you to reach God, must be kept pure, or else, it, too, will malfunction, and eventually, break down with physical and mental disorders. Can you reach the destination, My dears, when the car is out of order? Even for the perfect driver, without the help of a car, his journey will be long, unsure and in discomfort.

Wash the blood off your hands with your tears of repentance and your promise of purity. Say "no" to the ingestion of flesh, and prove to Me that you are human and will not allow the destruction of another's instrument for the vanity of your desires. Fight, to enforce the rules of Mother Nature, and let mother earth provide you with every meal that will nourish your soul with love for all creation. Respect every life that takes birth in any form, and sacrifice your all, to sustain and protect each one of them. Your mission must not differ from My mission - i.e., protecting the innocent and being courageous to lead and transform the wicked. All will change, in time, but you must make the change, now!

-Sai Baba
Living in the Presence of God (Vol I/Pt I - 68) 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sliding backward on the path

On the path of discipleship there is a law to which many do not pay attention. This law states, "Whoever stops on a step of the ladder, he not only breaks the law but also violates the rights of other people to proceed."

People enjoy life with relationships, dreams, and activities on the same level they have achieved. They read books on the same level. They meditate with the same form of meditation and on the same level of the mind, and eventually their life becomes a fenced field in which they feel happy and make their followers happy.

There is a grave danger in such a form of life. The disciple must move forward in his contacts, level, and creative service, or else he can turn and become an obstacle for himself and others. Eventually he works against those who are progressing ahead.

There are people who enter into the portion of the path for which they are ready. They work and labor for a few years and then seek shallow waters to enjoy their tired personality. They remain wise people, but spiritually they retrogress and become a bad example for others.

Once you lose the conquered territories of your spiritual striving and walk back toward your former states of consciousness, for a long time you remain sliding backward on your path. If you are lucky, life leads you into crises and painful conditions to turn you toward the future. The lost territories cannot be regained with easy effort, and often the price you pay is enormous. It is at this stage that you lose your vision.

There are also some travelers who travel on the backs of others. These are the private secretaries, co-workers, or spouses of the leaders or teachers who, because of their closeness, assume that they know everything and do not follow the disciplines. They slowly are left behind in their evolution, and when the time comes to be called for advanced promotion, they cannot meet the challenge or accept the positions, being unable to meet the responsibilities.

It is important that close co-workers of leaders spend more effort to walk on the path of spiritual discipline because they are the ones who will carry the torch of the Teaching ahead when the leader withdraws from his labor.

It is vanity to think that when you are with advanced people you are advanced and you do not need proper discipline to surpass and transcend yourself.

There are also leaders who, after a few accomplishments, sink into satisfaction and do not pursue striving and discipline.

All spiritual work requires unceasing, continuous perseverance to surpass oneself and to create larger fields of service on higher and higher planes. This is why no leader must be satisfied with his progress and achievement because he slowly prepares the seeds of destruction, apathy, and inertia.

The path is found only by a moving light. Wherever the point of light stops moving toward a future achievement, a person turns in a short while into a point of darkness.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership Vol.5