Sunday, July 28, 2013

Enemies of Light hate beauty

Wherever there is ugliness, there is also the presence of dark or Satanic forces. It does not matter if that ugliness is your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your plans, or activities; whether it is found in the movies, on television, in announcements, dramas, or history. Wherever there is ugliness, you must feel that it is a fight against beauty. Beauty is the presence of God. Beauty is the path through which man is going to reach perfection. Beauty itself is the symbol, the image of our future perfection, inspiring us to go toward the Source.

When you catch yourself in a moment of ugliness, immediately stop because you are opening a path for evil to possess you. You are weakening your own defenses and the evil ones rejoice at this opportunity.

Most science fiction and adventure films we see today are psychologically prepared to destroy beauty and express ugliness in the minds of people. Every time you see ugliness represented as being beautiful, be aware that dark forces are within it. There is ugliness in drugs, in alcohol, and in crime. Dark forces fight to increase ugliness because when ugliness is increased, it instantly retards the possibility of your development and unfoldment.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark Forces

Friday, July 26, 2013

The future is the ultimate attainment

The future is the ultimate attainment – whatever you think that attainment is in any moment of life. The future is the highest attainment of people all around you.

For average people the future can be tomorrow or fifty years later. It can be a pleasure waiting for them, or a plan to be fulfilled or an accomplishment to be reached. But these are not future. People who think in these ways, throughout many incarnations, finally figure out that the future is beyond all these.

Buddha spoke about the future to some of his disciples. He said that in the future they would be Buddhas, thus polarizing their consciousness to that attainment. But this attainment is reached through a life lived in failures, in successes, in defeats and victories. The human soul matures through all these experiences and eventually discovers that all his relationships and events must be used for the attainment of the future. All his accomplishments must be performed for the future. All his emotions must be dedicated to the future. All his thoughts will be concentrated toward the future. Nothing in his activities will draw him back to the past.

The future-oriented consciousness is a firm consciousness. There is commitment, concentration, devotion, dedication, and total surrender to the future. Doubt, confusion, remorse, defeat, failure, depression all belong to the past. They cannot pass to the world of future.

Daily you can hear the conversations of people. Mostly they talk in terms of the past, for the past. To shift the tendency of being occupied with the past is very difficult. Most of our emotions are anchored in the past. Most of our thoughts are impressed by the past and present. Shifting to the future needs Herculean labor, and it is the sign of those who are ready to enter the path of future.

For average man only the past exists. The present is the pool in which he swims, dressed in his swimming suit of the past. The future is essential for only a few years because of his pains and pleasures or fears of death.

The thought of future is a panacea for all ills and pains and sufferings because it shows how they are momentary events in comparison to the future.

All life is the battle of two forces: those forces that work for the past and those forces that work for the future. For instance, political events are the result of these battles.

In all fields of human endeavor we see the tragedy of these battles. Even in the religious field, which is supposed to be preparing people for the future, its leaders work for the past. By occupying themselves with the past, the future glory cannot manifest in that field. Religion commonly is not a progressive field or new revelation but the story of the past. This is why the world cannot progress. Tradition, religion, political idealism, past-oriented philosophies drag us to the past instead of to the future.

Future is the victory over glamors, illusions, and maya. Maya is identification with matter. You become one with the matter side of life. This is the heaviest identification that one can develop.

Future is emancipation from all that limits you in the three worlds. It is in a sense an advancing freedom from all limitations – a kind of nirvana which keeps you all-expanding.

The future is pursued on the path of joy, through joy. A time will come when pain and suffering will cease, and joy will be the driving power to the future. The closer you get to the future, the more joy you experience.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The contact with your Inner Guide will expose all your ugliness

A real Teacher not only encourages you to strive or tells you that you are essentially Divine. He also tells you how obnoxious you are at times and how full of vices and wrong motives you are. Then, when you become a soul-directed personality, your Teacher will lead you to your Inner Guide, Who, from that date on, will take care of your progress.

When you have the privilege of coming in contact with your Inner Guide, you will not have an easy time of it because His Beauty will expose all your ugliness; His Purity will bring to the surface all your moral dirt; His love will reveal to you how much hatred you harbor; His Light will show you how very dishonest you are.

Such revelations will sometimes lead you to the “dark night of the soul.” Once I heard my Teacher saying to an elderly man, “Learn how to stand erect in the winds of the outer world so that you will be able to stand erect in the gales of the inner world.”

-Torkom Saraydarian
Education as Transformation vol.2

Sunday, July 21, 2013


My Lord,
throughout centuries,
man built prisons around woman
in many countries
and even counted her
a slave or inferior
or equal to a rib.

Man exploited her beauty,
her motherhood,
and made her the slave
of his home
or the victim
of his lust
and kept her
in the darkness
of ignorance.

Many, many heroic women
were able to destroy
such chains,
and gain freedom of speech,
freedom of labor,
freedom to serve and to learn
in any field
of human endeavor.

They were able to demonstrate
their talents in all fields,
thus enriching the treasure of our life
without violating
the sacred duties
of their motherhood.

But some women
managed to escape
not only from their prisons
but also from
their duties and responsibilities.

To escape from
God-given responsibilities and duties
does not mean
to achieve freedom.

Some children are left
to prepare their own breakfast,
to dress themselves
and go to school...
and come back
to no daddy or mommy.

They have fun:
fun of drugs,
fun of sex, or
fun of crimes.
Or they put a pillow
under their heads
and watch violent or demoralizing
television shows.

Often they fall asleep
carrying all this trash
through their dreams
until their mommy,
who gained her freedom,
comes home
smelling of alcohol
and tobacco,
throws a blanket over them,
and goes to sleep.

I am not exaggerating, Lord.
I saw it with my own eyes,
and someone told me
she was a leader
in Women’s Liberation.

Isn’t it true
that we cannot achieve freedom
by violating our real duties
and responsibilities?

And all of these problems,
O Lord,
increase day and night
because of our many
corrupted TV programs,
movies, and
base literature.

Through them we learn
how to steal,
how to kill,
how to destroy,
how to hate,
how to take revenge,
and how to involve ourselves in sex
before Nature makes us ready.

And there is no force
that can prevent
the preachers of crime
from demonstrating their techniques
in films
or dramatizing them
on radio.

And You know, my Lord,
this is all done
in the name of freedom
and culture
and a big income.

Don’t You think
that man is his own

-Torkom Saraydarian
Dialogue with Christ

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Selling one's soul to the dark forces

If a man becomes a clear channel for a dark force, he is part of their army. We read in Faust, for example, of a ceremony in which a man signs a document with his blood, selling his soul to Satan. In medieval history, there are thousands of similar stories in which people have sold their souls to evil. For example, an evil one would say, “You want a pretty girl? Then sign your soul over to us, and we will bring the most beautiful girl to you.” People in these stories also sign away their souls for wealth, power, or to destroy a nation. The dark forces say, “We will do it for you, but you must give us your soul.”

These examples refer to the renouncement of your Solar Angel. Once you renounce your Solar Angel, you join the dark army. Your Solar Angel then leaves you because you “sold It” to the dark forces. The Solar Angel does not belong to the dark forces, but your agreement with Satan makes your Solar Angel leave you. Once your Angel is gone, you are at the mercy of the dark forces.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Battling Dark forces

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dangers of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga was used many millions of years ago to create greater synchronization and attunement between the physical and etheric bodies. But because of the progress of the race in this direction, Great Ones discontinued Hatha Yoga and even indicated that it would be harmful to the health of the individual to practice it. Hatha Yoga makes the physical body excessively cling and stick to the etheric body and hardens or crystallizes the astral body. People in such a condition will eventually have trouble with their health, emotions, and communication. At the time of death they will have difficulty in withdrawing from the physical and astral bodies.

-Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Real admiration changes people

Real admiration changes people. If you are always sour and critical and pitying, you make your friends smaller. And because your friends become smaller, you become smaller. You are as great as your friends are great. Make your friends, husband, wife, children greater, and you will be greater. You can make them greater if you water and take care of all the beauty that they have. That is what admiration is.

Admiration is fertilizing, watering, bringing sunshine to the sprouts that are within our hearts. You can go to some houses and see poverty and unhappiness and failure. The first thing you are going to look for is this: Is there admiration in this house or not? If there is no admiration, everything falls down.

Friendship falls down if it is not built on admiration. You can love a girl, a man, but if it is for self-interest or selfish motives, the relationship will not work for long. If you really admire a person, if you really stand with him or her, it will work because admiration is also the cement of unity. Whomever you admire stays with you – not only stays with you but blooms.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership vol.5