Friday, February 22, 2013

Drugs damage the mechanism of "translation"

Question: Some people say that if they use a certain amount of marijuana or some drugs, they understand the future and Infinity better than those who have never experienced marijuana and drugs. What is your answer?

Answer: The future problem of people who use drugs is that they will have some access to astral and higher mental planes, from which they will receive emotional, astral energy and certain beams of light from the higher mental plane. This in itself does not present a problem except when the drug user has burned certain centers in his brain and mind. Then he will not be able to handle the energy coming from the emotional plane or correctly translate and use the light coming from his higher mind.

What will happen is that common sense, laws, and the moral principles of daily life will not mean anything to him because the light will prove them not valid from the viewpoint of the abstract mind. He will not be able to make right use of energy, but with it will reject violently all imposition put upon him from the environment regarding laws, principles, rules, moral guidelines, etc. In such a mind, the higher concepts are rejected by the lower mind as hallucinations and the lower, realistic concepts are rejected by the higher light as nonsense. As a result, drug users will hate to follow the rules of life for their environment and they will break the laws when it seems safe to them to do that.

They also confuse themselves by taking a simple rule and stretching it to higher dimensions until it makes no sense to them, or by taking an abstract concept and trying to make it tangible to such a degree that the abstract concept is totally lost.

In the mental plane there is a mechanism which is called translation. Translation relates the abstract and concrete minds, and makes the concrete concepts meaningful to the abstract mind and the abstract concepts meaningful to the concrete mind. Also, it makes one see the abstract indications of a concrete thought, and tangible and practical applications of an abstract thought.

Drug users damage their mechanism and lose their balance between their two minds. The continuity of circulation of meaning from one mechanism to another is disturbed, and the person acts in extremes. Often he is abstracted, and other times he is identified with material values – which a minute later do not make sense to him.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Leadership. vol.4


Laetitia said...

Hi Elena. I see your blog does not get many comments. Yet, your quotes from Saraydarian are extremely enlightening. You wrote this one just the day when I was in need of such information, having been asked why I didn't approve of Ayahuasca experiences. I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog, as I know that studying Ancient Wisdom and trying to share it can be quite a lonely endeavour.

Bobby M. said...

Laetitia - can you elaborate on Ayahuasca and why you don't approve? I know someone who was in Peru a few years ago and had a supervised experience with it, and seems fine. I too believe drugs should be avoided, but wish you would provide more details to your initial post.