Monday, December 24, 2018

Preparation for Christmas

What are you going to think about and meditate on? First, have wholesale forgiveness. As long as there are grudges in your emotional body, tension, memories in your emotional body that are tense and attached, you cannot release yourself to raise yourself up to the higher levels of consciousness. The first thing is wholesale forgiveness. "She did, he did, they did, they did not..." Forgive them.

In heartfelt forgiveness you will see that your heart palpitation is different. You are calmer and more beautiful, and your blood circulation is very good. In any unforgiving action, thought, or expression you pt a tremendous tension in your blood stream and the circulation is retarded. But if you forgive, you will see that you are releasing these materials.

Why is that? Scientifically every state of consciousness corresponds to a chemical substance, and the state of consciousness directly influences your blood. This has not yet come to the scientific observers, but they are very close to finding it. Every state of consciousness corresponds or creates of manufactures a kind of element, a chemical substance that directly goes into your blood. This chemical substance is created from your etheric body, emotional body, and mental body. They take this substance and make it negative, change the ions and atoms and dump it into your physical body through your veins and blood. That is what creates malfunction in our bodies. The first source is etheric, not physical. People try to heal the body with chemistry and different things. It is impossible. The healing comes from above, and that is so very important to know.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Teachings of Christ vol.1

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