Wednesday, January 09, 2019

When people mix...

Our aura not only conditions the health of our threefold personality but also the chemistry of the people with whom we are related and the chemistry of the objects we use.

Shaking hands is an exchange of chemistry and the creation of a new compound. During an intimate relationship the two auras produce a new chemism within each person with positive or negative results. Some relationships, either very high or very low, burn out the fuses of your centers because of their chemistry.

People create chaos in their aura by mixing their aura with many men or many women, especially if the partners are not really healthy or do not have beneficial chemistry.

When people mix with a complicated, contradictory chemistry, it takes a long time to clean the mess and free the human soul from his entanglements. In olden traditions, kissing was very rare because of the chemistry the kiss produced. All our chemistry may change with one hug or with one kiss or handshake.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Cosmic Questions vol.1

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