Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Discipline of speech

No one can advance on the path of perfection without severe discipline of speech and silence.

The Great Ones do not trust the secret keys of Nature to those who cannot use their tongues constructively, discriminatively, and are unable to keep silent.

During the period in which we learn how to keep our tongues under control, we master gradually our vanities, touchiness, show-offs, and fears and develop discrimination, listening, intuition, and strict watchfulness.

Every word that we utter creates a corresponding color, smell and note in our aura and in space. If these notes, colors or smells are not of high quality but are chaotic, disharmonious, and stagnant, the higher forces refuse to contact the man.

A disturbing speech is a discord and creates disorders in the organism and eventually sickness.

The sphere of solemnity is affected by noise, loud speech, silly jokes, ugly expressions, the clapping of hands, or by making jerky movements.

Man has a very important sense within himself. This sense can be hurt and stop functioning if a man continues with speech devoid of beauty, goodness, and truth. This is the sense which instantaneously lets him know right from wrong. It is not related to logic, thoughts, or reasoning. It is there like our eyes and ears to warn us from danger, but because of wrong speech and wrong acts, it becomes dull. Only in very rare occasions do we feel its warning.

As we increase our discipline of silence and right speech, the sense regenerates itself and comes into action. This is sometimes called "straight knowledge"or the "Voice of Silence" or the little voice of guidance within our heart that speaks to us when there is silence. Occult silence is a condition in our aura where there is utmost harmony and rhythm.

This voice is the guidance of the Transpersonal Self within us, and we can increase Its guidance only by listening and acting accordingly.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

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