Saturday, April 15, 2017

The technique of confusion

We see the technique of confusion working in the musical field. Rock music, disco, acid and punk rock music and their other sisters and brothers are there to create confusion - confusion in your musical sense, distortion in your mental field, distortion in the natural arrangement of the cells and atoms of your brain, distortion in those areas of your mental field which are oriented and polarized toward great visions, creativity, service, labor, and striving for greater achievements.
These fields are distorted by confusing music, and the followers of such music find themselves less and less interested in achieving moral and spiritual heights and serving humanity in its effort to solve the world's problem; they sink into apathy, goallessness, drugs, and they reject the values needed for the survival of humanity.

The same confusion is contrived and sold widely in the field of color and painting. So-called modern art is presenting us with confusing forms, forms that distort our sense of beauty and create a deep confusion of artistic values. The same confusion is proliferated in certain movements of dances, such as when you see girls and boys throwing themselves to the ground, rolling, screaming, and moving chaotically. Nature is geometrical, measured, arithmetical, ordered, rhythmic, and cyclic; but here you have movements and motions that are the reflections of chaotic emotions, thoughts, and inner conflicts.

Art has certain high aims: to sublimate, to uplift, to expand the human consciousness, and to create harmony and certainty.

People may defend such confused arts through their own philosophy, but one must wait and do years of research to find out that the exponents and followers of such music, dances, and paintings gradually lose their health and happiness. They lose their friends, and without a science of right human relationship they slowly descend into depression, hopelessness, failure, and even suicide.

Confusion is also created in religious and psychic fields. People everywhere are channeling "higher powers" and broadcasting their experiences. Most of these messages are shallow, funny, or contradictory. People are speaking in tongues, and tremendous chaos is created in the minds of the average person. Only the healthy ones found an escape from this trap by rejecting all that is given by such lower psychics.

This is the situation. They read your aura and your past lives, and the goal is to create confusion in you. After you are confused, you fall victim to the hands of those who are using such psychics and channels.

Confusion is an effort to destroy principles and ideas which people use to build their lives. Such an action is taken without presenting better principles and better ideas. Confusion is not easy to impose at once upon the minds of people. It is promoted gradually through doubt and by undermining spiritual standards, moral principles, and values.

Confusion causes paralysis in certain areas of our senses and nervous system. In confusion, right and wrong are equal, or both do not exist.

-Torkom Saraydarian

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