Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The agents of unreality

It is very interesting to discover that many agents of unreality are allowed to be on the path, just to mislead people and to direct them to the path that leads to the domain of unreality.

Such people know all the vocabulary of the Higher Teaching but do not have a realization of the Teaching. They are failures. And because they are failures, they have never touched the sacred rock of reality. In their hearts they do not believe in the existence of reality. Their pleasure is to mislead people in talking the language of reality to them and in advising them to follow the paths which take them away from the domain of reality.

These people are like "drug stores". They have all kinds of goodies to sell. Whatever you need you can buy from these "stores".

Some books written by such people or lectures given by them are like "drug stores."They have all their goodies just to sell or to appear that they are in business. Such books and persons do not change our state of consciousness or lead us to the reality latent within us. Instead, they keep us busy buying their goodies, which never contribute in discovering our own reality.

Those who only know the "language"of reality are many, and they have their business on the path. Such business people are the most dangerous tests on the path for a disciple to overcome.

A disciple must not only fight against unreality in himself but also fight against the embodiments of unreality on the path.

A victory over such people on the path leads disciples into higher dimensions of reality.

Reality is the expanding Self, going from glory to glory.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

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