Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stability is the foundation of every kind of success, creativity, and progress

Stability is the foundation of every kind of success, creativity, and progress. If we do not cultivate stability, we cannot reach spiritual maturity. You must have a healthy and stable body, stable emotions, stable mind, stable heart, stable friendships, stable respect for others, stable progress, and stable cooperation. If this stability exists in your life, you have a runway and your airplane can fly.

There are higher stabilities. There is stability in meditation -- your mind is stable. Why can you not meditate? You cannot because your are unstable. How can you build spiritual mansions when there is no stability?

There is no stability because your heart has seven vipers:
1. Fear
2. Anger
3. Hatred
4. Jealousy
5. Revenge
6. Slander
7. Treason

And there are five devils in your mind:
1. Vanity
2. Ego
3. Separatism
4. Greed
5. Showing off

When these twelve exist within you, there is no stability in your consciousness.

If a very advanced psychiatrist were to examine the public, maybe eighty percent of them would be admitted to a mental institution. There is much mental instability. Instability is a contagious disease. To be free from this disease, you must have right motives in your mind. Let us say that you married a person with the right motive. You have a child with the right motive. You love your wife with the right motives. You love your friends, your Teacher, and everything that you are related with. This creates stability in your mind. If anyone has a wrong motive in a relationship with any person, with any job, or with anything, he will never have a stable mind. Your motives must be pure and correct -- absolutely open and sincere.

Our heart also needs stability. A heart can be stable if there are no guilt feelings. Sometimes you put blankets and lots of jewels on your "dead"body to pretend that you are beautiful. This does not create stability.  Any time you have guilt feelings, you destroy the stability of your inner and outer heart. Of course, you can see these things if you are totally sincere with yourself. If you are not playing hide and seek with yourself, you will succeed in seeing these things. When you play hide and seek, it is impossible to build stability in your heart.

A stable man is a giant, a leader. He is a source of joy and strength because he is together, integrated, and stable. A stable person is a refuge. He stands on his principles, on his directions, and in his visions.  You cannot move that man or that woman from their stability.

-Torkom Saraydarian
Virtues & Values vol.3

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